1. B

    Bent the loader mount on my 2515h

    Well I bent the loader mount on my 2515h enough that I couldn’t pull the left side pin to remove the loader. The dealer was able to get it bent back enough that I can remove the pin with some effort, or so he said. I don’t have it back to try it yet. I guess it got bent when I hit a buried rock...
  2. Aden2112

    Tractor or skid steer? Just bought 150 acres.

    I need help figuring out what to buy! Please tell me what YOU would do! And how YOU would approach this project. We just bought a 150 acre farm (all crop land). All of it is rolling hills - nothing terribly steep, but not flat either. In the next year or so, I need to: 1. Cut and grade an...
  3. S

    Fland FL45 wheel loader

    Any know how to adjust the clutch? Wish I could find a service manual. Nothing available online.
  4. S

    Fland tr45 wheel loader

    Any know how to adjust the clutch? Wish I could find a service manual. Nothing available online.
  5. S

    2021 Mahindra 2660 PST Cab 2660CL loader

    I purchased this from Mahindra Auction failed dealer inventory and I knew it had a few parts missing the dealer had robbed w 118hrs never titled. My hand throttle control roll dial is dead no response and i suspect they robbed a part. The foot throttle is working fine. I can tell the cover has...
  6. Gasifier

    Kubota Tractor, Loader, Backhoe & 3 attachments. HST & 4x4

    2000 Kubota L3710 (37H.P.) Hydrostatic Transmission & 4X4 Locking rear differential. Rear and Mid PTOs Kubota Loader (Removable) Woods BH90 Subframe Backhoe (Self contained hyd. & removable.) 60” JBAR Brush Hog 72” County Line Landscape Rake 84” McKee Bros. Dual Auger Snowblower Three...
  7. Mud2Money

    MT 573 loader pressure specs

    Hey everyone , does anyone have loader pressure specs for the 573 ? I’ve lifted a full skid of concrete and could barely curl it but it did. While getting water today I only had 225 gallons and it was struggling to curl that roughly 2k. I need to check the reliefs and see if a nut was left...
  8. Suburban Plowboy

    Grease Questions for Kubota with Loader

    I have several things to ask about. 1. My Kubota L3710 has an L681 loader. The forward/reverse pedal is causing the tractor to fail to start. I am told it needs greasing. Is there a zerk down there somewhere? I haven't been able to find it. 2. I'm supposed to grease the loader control lever...
  9. W

    Front end loader

    I am looking for a front end loader that will fit a Yanmar YM2002D. hopefully one that will not break the bank
  10. Mikeslagle47

    Satoh S-630 looking for loader

    Hello! I recently acquired a 1985 Satoh Bull S630 Diesel and am looking around for a possible loader for it
  11. H

    GC1725 FEL (FL1805) Pin Rattles Out?

    FL1805 has anyone had issues with the loader pin rattling out? In case there is a question about what pin I mean it is item 5 on the image. I've had this happen a few times, luckily I've always been able to find it.
  12. O

    Loader In Free Fall, Ford 770A

    Pushed the loader control lever forward and it releases, free float to back drag. Problem is, no release.... had to back all the way to the tool area. Any solution ideas?
  13. G

    New YT235C Loader Hydraulic Leaks

    After months of waiting and a comedy of errors on the dealers part I finally have the YL310 front end loader and 3rd function kit installed. After fixing all of the hose routing issues (due to a terrible installation) I parked the tractor assuming it was ready to go. I came out a few days later...
  14. M

    1974 Ford 2000 front end loader

    I have a 1974 ford 2000 tractor and I’m looking for loaders that will fit. I saw that the Ford 771 and 772 fit. But, I was wonder if and other brands or series will fit?
  15. C

    Pricing Help Needed For Loader and Mower

    I have a BX2660 and no longer need the mower which is a 54" fine cut deck and also no longer need the loader which is a LA243 I believe. I have no idea how to price these things for sale. I only need my tractor now to tow my log splitter around in my yard. Both the mower and loader are in...
  16. S

    Loader  JD750 with 67 Loader - Bucket Replacement

    I put a new bucket on my dad's JD 750 with 67 loader last weekend. I struggled to find a replacement that came with the same 4 pin mounts like the original, so I had to do it the hard way. I bought a new 60" utility tractor bucket designed as a replacement for compact tractors. I thought what...
  17. J

    John Deere 755 loader question

    Hey all. Looking to buy a JD 755/855. I think either would suffice for my needs. However, I cannot locate one where they dont want you to rob a bank for it. However, I did find a JD 40 loader. Would a 40 loader fit a 755? What is the difference between the 40, 52 or 70 loaders?
  18. S

    67 Loader Cylinders

    Anyone replace the cylinders on their 67 loader? If so, what did you use? Just got done putting a new bucket on my dad's 750 with the 67 loader, checked the bypass pressure and it's at 2300 psi, so the lack of lift is probably the cylinders bypassing. I'd pull them off and rebuild them, but by...
  19. J

    B3200HSD Loader Lever Block and curl control ball link replacement.

    B3200HSD Loader Lever Block and curl control ball link replacement. Big ask -- hoping someone can tell me how to actually replace a failed part. PIA in terms of space and access. The ball link (part of loader lever control assembly) that controls my loader curl failed. The screw that goes into...
  20. F

    Tyres for a Massey Ferguson 35 with front end loader

    Hi, I have a MF35 with a front end loader fitted which requires new front tyres. I was looking for some thoughts on what type of tyre to choose, particularly around the choice between tri-rib or implement (which have a much lower tread profile. It currently has implement tyres on the front but...
  21. 650gSatoh

    National loader #16 Hyd control valve problems

    Hi Guys, I have an old Satoh tractor which has the above FEL on it. One thing after another keeps braking on the old girl but she is fine for my uses.The bucket lever has always been slow and harder to push in to dump the bucket, than curling it up. It has finally given up the ghost and now is...
  22. K

    Yanmar 1500d loader hoses

    I had my loader cylinders rebuit and I didn’t mark my hoses because i thought it would be easy to tell which hose went where, but now realize the hoses are not right. Is there a diagram that shows which hose goes to each port on the cylinders?
  23. S

    Bought MT2801D - 4DQ30C 1490cc 4cyl engine - ''Auto Laser" front loader - Mitsubishi R1613S rotary tiller

    Hi folks! Just bought an MT2801 with FEL and few implements. My first post!!!:giggle: Great Forum and tons of information! Foreign reader for many years, and very grateful for knowledge provided by so many members. I am not very familiar to write in english ,so apologize for any funny or not so...
  24. P

    Bent Loader Rod (Mahindra 2545)

    I did something dumb, put too much load on my loader with the cylinders fully extended. I bent both of the lifting cylinders, to the point that they are spewing oil around the seals when they retract. What are my options here? I was going to see if I could get a generic cylinder replacement but...
  25. S

    Great Bend 220 loader parts.....seal kit

    The cylinder on this loader is beginning to leak. Have been told that the seal kit (original part num 40873) ,is no longer available. Does anyone know of a parts source that I could check with or a substitute seal kit for this model? Maybe a re-builder? Thanks...Mike
  26. B

    Loader curl stopped working on left side

    I was doing some work today with the Grapple and all of a sudden my loader was crooked. When I checked it the left side cylinder for curl was loose on the loader. The other right works and the bucket will curl, but no mater what position it is in the left side cylinder is loose and I am...
  27. T

    M9540 loader question

    Recently picked up a 2010 Everyting runs good but had a question on the loader, is it normal to have to rev the rpms up in order to lift the bucket up ? It operates as Normal except seems I have to rev it up to get going. It is strong and can lift a good amount of weight just didn’t know...
  28. P

    Kubota LA203 Loader Problem

    Hello all, ive got a Kubota BX1850;with the LA203 loader. All of a sudden the loader has decided it doesn’t want to lower all the way down. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  29. M

    2610h front loader zerks/grease fittings.

    Question: Does anybody know the size of the zerks on the upper pins on the BL110s loader? Been looking all over the net and can’t find a size or even a part number.
  30. T

    MF35 + Davis 99 loader valve

    Our house and outbuilding were destroyed by a tornado last Friday. My wife and I were home with four of the kids and thankfully there were no injuries. The MF35 Utility survived, despite the building around it being blown away, with the lights broken off and the loader control valve for the...
  31. G

    Ford 7410 loader on a Ford 6600 Tractor?

    Greetings, I have been on the hunt for a loader for my 6600. Today, I found a 7410 loader that's on a 4630 Tractor. The bolting pattern looks similar in the pictures. Any idea if the bolt patterns are the same between these two tractors? Thanks for looking.
  32. R

    770 front loader hydraulic lines tie in

    I have a ford 1700 tractor that i want to install a front loader on. Picked up a 1710 parts tractor for the loader. I beleive i have everything i need for the front loader , i just need to figure out where to tie in the main supply and return lines on the 1700. Do i need an adapter to hook up...
  33. 1

    Electric-Hydraulic Loader Issue

    Kubota L3830 with LA723 and a Bobcat 68’ Combo Bucket. The 3way bucket control is a button on the loader joystick. Press the button on the end of the joystick and the bucket opens or closes. The button is hot wired so it works with the switch on or off. When it is working and the engine off...
  34. V

    Bush Hog/Freeman 4000 loader mounts for a 1970 Ford 4000 3cyl diesel mounts needed

    Good morning everyone, So I have acquired a Freeman 4000 loader for my tractor but it did not come with any mounting brackets so before I tried to make them horribly I wanted to see if anyone on the forums happened to have some or all the pieces needed tucked in a corner of their garage or...
  35. timbatrader

    Electrical Problems with a chinese loader

    Using my chinese loader in a riverbed yesterday loading gravel very bumpy and getting bounced about a lot which seems to have caused an electrical problem the machine would not start after I had shut it down a small click but not enough juice to turn the starter after a bit of testing seemed to...
  36. J

    225E front end loader

    I am looking for the part of the service manual that details replacing the valve controller.
  37. M

    Titan Trac Loader II durability?

    Looking at a Kubota L4802 with these on it and wondering what people know about them. I’ve always used R4 industrial tires for their puncture resistance because I’m out in the woods mostly and worry about little stumps, etc. The R4s have always worked for me but I have a feeling it’ll cost me a...
  38. C

    Stuck loader joystick

    So I just installed a WR Long 3rd function on my DK6010SE HST cab w/5521 loader. Now the damn joystick is frozen in place; will not move up, down, or to either side. I'm hoping the solution is something dumbly simple that I'm overlooking, and not done major malfunction in the loader valve...
  39. MadJack

    Lost 3-point lift when I disconnect the Loader?

    [this subject is on a 1986 Ford 2110 fwd/diesel] So I am changing lout the old and tired 2-spool valve, to a new 3-spool. Of course, I didn't have all the parts on hand mostly because my working on tractors knowledge is limited to the past few years. Anyway, I checked the fitting and...
  40. IH3444

    1971 International 3444 2000 loader bucket cylinders

    Have the 1971 International 3444 Industrial TLB which is an absolute beast of a machine for its age. The front loader cylinders are leaking. I have the kits to repack the seals. Was wondering if anyone has found replacement bolt on cylinders in case the seal kits don't work. I've searched...
  41. S

    John Deere 430 Loader Hydraulic Hoses

    I have a hose on my loader that just started leaking, so I figure it's time to change out all the hoses. Are the cheaper (Ebay, China) hoses working for people? If not, what's a good resource for procuring pre-assembled hoses?
  42. sam smith

    LA351 front end loader

    Looking for LA351 front end loader attachment for my Kubota B2400.
  43. Captnrex

    Massey Ferguson GC1725MB TRACTOR/LOADER/BACKHOE S/E Michigan

    Selling my (June) 2022 Massey Ferguson GC1725MB Tractor including a WOODS GSS54P Grading Scraper and a Loader pallet fork attachment for some light pallet moving I did. Was mostly used for flattening gravel driveway, digging, and moving materials but didn't use it as much as I was originally...
  44. C

    Mt 226he loader lift

    Traded my tym t25 in for a ls mt226he. Says its supposed to lift 1900lbs to half lift, bucket is 66in wide. I am assuming in the 8 cuft range. Yesturday i was cleaning up muck that i clean out from my pond, a nice mixture of wet clay and vegitation. There were times i had to back out of the pile...
  45. Rod in Forfar

    CaseIH 255 loader is still strong, but lowers roughly after a day moving fill.

    For almost two years my 1989(?) CaseIH 255 has worked very well around the property, used primarily for snow blowing and pushing in winter and bush hogging around 25 acres of trees in summer. When I bought it the hydraulic pressure was too low, so I adjusted it up in keeping with the...
  46. S

    Want to put loader on my MX5100

    I'd like to put a loader on my MX5100. The dealer said he can get the loader but not the front setup so I can have the SSQA on the loader. I can get the loader but it has to be a pin-on bucket and not SSQA. Does anyone know if this sounds right? He said the front SSQA bracket just shows as N/A...
  47. D

    Yanmar 336D front loader hydraulic issue

    I recent purchased this tractor that had been in a field for years. went through and changed all fluids, filters, screen and cleaned out the insides. The front loader is slow and shakes lifting, going down is fine. Same happens when I curl up. Curl down is fine. Plenty of fluid and all new quick...
  48. 3

    4035 loader not dumping

    I have a issue with my loader not dumping. The curl/dump has always stuck so I would have to wiggle the joy stick to get it back to neutral. I bought the tractor from my FIL and he bought it new currently it has about 150 hours. The hydraulic on the fel has always seemed weak because it...
  49. fred saas

    loader float

    eKretz, please let me know how to set the float on my NH 445C loader. I can't get the bucket out of the mud. Would it damage anything if I just forced it with my 20-ton bottle jack? Should the control linkage be in a certain location? Fred
  50. fred saas

    NH 445C how do I set loader float mode?

    NH ford 445C, how do I set loader float mode?
  51. B

    John Deere 245 Loader options

    Good evening everyone, new guy here. I recently bought a JD 2350 with a 245 loader. It has a quick-attach bucket, but not like the hook and pin QA I am used to. Mine has two square vertical spring loaded pins that lock the bucket in place. Attachments for this style seem pretty hard to find, and...
  52. NibbanaFarm

    Landscaping Loader Recommendations

    Greetings Tractor men. I have some areas in my yard where the ground has settled over the years and tree roots are coming up. It's gotten to the point where I can't mow over them with my CC lawn tractor. Some large roots sticking up maybe 3 inches or so. I have a nice property and nice...
  53. Hay Dude

    Best large frame skid loader with tracks & hi-flow

    Without deference to brand loyalty, does anyone have a clear preference to a certain brand of skid loader and why? Just now starting to look. Would prefer pre emissions. Definitely want a tracked machine. Gravitated towards Deere (like a 333) and CAT (like a 297), but would buy any well known...
  54. E

    John Deere 410, 419, 420, 430 and 460 Loader Cylinder Repair

    Here is a PDF for how I did it. I hope it helps you.
  55. M

    Connecting hydraulics for a Westendorf loader on a NH2120

    Just purchased a used Westendorf loader to mount on my NH2120. The NH has an existing 2 spool remote control assembly on it (diagram attached). 3 lines run in to the valve assembly and 4 lines run out to the implement. The Westendorf has an 2 lever control mounted to the loader with 2...
  56. P

    Building a Loader for MF240

    Anybody got information or deign for building a loader similar to the MF 232 loader? The only ones available are attached to tractors, and I have the tractor. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  57. S

    DK5310 loader bolts

    What are the torque specs for the loader bolts on the DK5310 with the KL5520 loader? I can't find that information anywhere. I torqued them to 150ft lbs as they were quite loose and the loader was making some noises. Thanks for reading..
  58. J

    Front Loader

    I was pushing a tree with my New Holland workmaster 75 hp which has 550LU loader. Some how the quick attach on right side came of and now would not fully retract about 5 inches on right side. Please help.
  59. emata

    Montana 2740 loader cylinder size

    Anyone with a montana 2740 know or can measure length of loader cylinder? Rebuilder lost my cylinders so need replacement size. I have bucket cylinders still attached so just need length pin to pin in collapsed position of loader cylinders.
  60. J

    2008 Case IH Farmall 31 Tractor Loader Cab and Mower

    Im looking at a 2008 Case IH Farmall 31 tractor with loader cab and belly mower, owner says it has around 400 hours and runs fine. Its been sitting for sometime outside and currently the battery is dead and owner claims he hasn’t had time to use it and is looking to sell. Wondering if anyone has...
  61. D

    After Market Front End Loader 1978 MF 230

    Greetings, I am looking to get a Front-end loader kit for 1978 MF 230 2WD Diesel Tractor. I live in Washington State.
  62. G

    Loader  dk55 and KL551 counterweight

    Have a dk55 with the cab. In the manual it states the full capacity is about 2800lbs for lifting. The problem is, when we attempted to lift about 2,000 lbs, the rear wheels about came up off the ground. They have fluid in them but now we are thinking we need to add a counterweight to the 3 pt...
  63. U

    FORD 555 (B?) Loader/Backhoe drive issues.. Takes a long time to get moving. What is causing this?

    Ford 555B Loader Backhoe takes a long time to get moving. If anyone has answers that'd be cool. If the tractor is cold, even when put into forward, and with the rpms raised (or not, doesn't matter).. doesn't move. I've watched my father sit on this thing for 10 or 15 mins waiting on it to...
  64. T

    T754/cabelas LM75 loader

    I have a 2016 Cabelas LM75 that did not come with a loader. It does have the joystick. I came across an old Woods LU126 loader but no mounts. Woods said the mounts were TYM made but I can’t tell if they will fit this loader or not. Anyone know if that loader mounts on the stock TYM loader...
  65. G

    Deere 4010 Compact Utility Tractor Loader

    Will a 120E or a 120R fit on my 4010 Compact Utility Tractor?
  66. elsievo

    Replace Besko Loader valve with Chief 3-spool on a T254

    I have a Besko 2-spool loader valve on my 2014 vintage T254. It is real loose again and the lift/curl positions are more oblique than straight (just up/down side to side) It has been that way since the day I bought it used. I have taken the cover off and tightened the bolts which help with the...
  67. L

    understanding my front loader hydraulics

    I bought a front loader (used) for my Zetor 7245. I am trying to understand how it functions as the system is not straightforward. There are four valves, three of one type and a fourth that's different, that I would like to understand what they are for. I drew a (crude) schematics based on...
  68. R

    Loader  Correct o-ring size for loader quick coupler

    Or Kubota LX2610's LA535 loader needs a new o-ring in the 1/4 in Parker 60 series female quick coupler. As far as I can tell, it is a 11/16 x 9/16 x 1/16 o-ring. Can anyone confirm this; most hydraulic sites don't list the actual dimensions. Thanks
  69. F

    Front-End Loader  Adding a loader to a Ford 4000

    Greetings everyone! I have a 1965 Ford 4000 tractor that I've owned for the past 15 years, and it has served me quite well. I use it for snow removal / driveway maintenance, and I've always wanted to add a loader and need some help to get there. What make/model should I be looking for? Thanks!
  70. B

    1025R hydraulic issue

    Removed the front end loader from 1025r. Re-installed 2 hours later. Now, when I try to tilt the bucket down, it comes up. Hoses are connected properly.
  71. nisaacs

    Flatproofing loader tires?

    TyrFil™ Flatproofing – Carlisle TyrFil™ Anyone ever use this stuff? How do you replace the tires when it is time? I can see some pro's and con's. My biggest con, is it adds weight. I bought a compact wheel loader and my requirement was 11-11.5k operating weight, to keep it legal when I haul it...
  72. F

    Weak loader on kubota b7200 with 1640 loader

    I'm trying to figure out the location of relief spring on the valve and what kind of shims I need. I think I have found where the spring is, on the top. But there's also one on the bottom. My primary issue is break out force on the curl, it doesn't do what it should. It's a 1986 tractor, so I'm...
  73. confederatemule

    CS2220 with SL2420 Loader

    Am I the only person who has a problem with the loader and bucket assembly being sloppy? It seems to have a lot of slack in every pivot area. When I back drag with the bucket is when I notice it the most. There seems to be a lot of slack where the loader arms connect to the loader frame that...
  74. Larry Wolffe

    Loader for a 1105 Massey

    I hope I am in the right place. I bought a piece of property that I want to develop so I bought a 1979 1105 Massey. It has a blade and frame for it but I also need a loader. I am not finding one for that model but I was wondering if I could buy almost any loader and make it work. I am not a...
  75. Logan98

    Steiner 430 loader bucket

    I am new to this website, so please let me know if this post needs to be moved. I am searching for a big loader attachment that fits my Steiner 430 Max. I believe the LD 300 model will fit, but I am open to any other models that fit as well. I live in Ohio, but I am willing to drive or pay for...
  76. H

    Stuck loader joystick: talk me through how to diagnose/fix?

    The curl function on the joystick of my Branson 4225h is stuck. I'm not experienced at fixing stuff; can anyone comment on my reasoning before and suggest where to look next? (It's my week for breaking stuff...including the truck I could use to take the tractor to the dealer/mechanic, so it's up...
  77. 1911diehard

    JD300 Rough Start and Stalls when moving or using hydraulics

    Hello, I recently purchased a JD300 backhoe/loader. First industrial heavy equipment I've purchased. Issue is, when I need to start the backhoe, I need to pull the choke in and out and in and out and "pumping" the choke while turning the key for like 5 to 10 seconds to get it started. Once...
  78. R

    Bobcat Ct2025 fl7 aftermarket bucket curl cylinder size?

    Let's just say things happened, just can't have nice things and now I need a new bucket curl cylinder for a bobcat ct2025 with the fl7. I'm not sure how to measure to get an aftermarket but if I can figure it out I know it would be about 1/4 the price of bobcat, also my local dealer isn't great...
  79. M

    Massey Ferguson 1760M

    60hp 580 hours Power Shuttle Transmission 12F/12R (3 ranges, 4 speeds) DL135 Quick attach loader Skid Steer Quick Attach 4 in 1 Bradco bucket ($6k new) Loaded rear tires 3rd Function hydraulics 1 rear hydraulic remote Heat/AC cab with radio Soft start PTO Front and Rear work lights 3...
  80. N

    PT425 with bucket, 60" mower, bush hog, mini hoe, forks, and hitch adapter $15k

    PT425 with bucket, 60" mower, bush hog, mini hoe, forks, and hitch adapter I believe it is a 2013, has the robin engine with ~1200hrs, other than the bucket, the attachments have been used very little. Located just north of Charlotte,NC I believe it is a 2013
  81. C

    2013 Kubota BX2360 for sale - loaded with bagger and loader

    Fairbury IL $13,875 Serial #: 66033 - Industrial Tires - Diesel with grill guard - 3Pt - 540 PTO - 60" Mid-Mount Deck - LA243 Loader with snow and hay edge - 3 Bag Collection System Drive: MFWD HP: 23 Hours: 1460 Loader: Yes Transmission: Hydro Retiring hobby farm - other attachments for sale...
  82. L

    How old a tractor would you go if you require a front end loader?

    I've seen some of the older tractors with a front loader. They look rickety. I don't expect old to look brand new, but since I require a front loader, how old a tractor with a loader would you consider. For the sake of argument, please suppose the tractor itself is in good working condition...
  83. K

    Loader for Massey 50 - Massachusetts

    I have a loader that came off my 1959 Massey Ferguson 50 for sale. The bucket is rusted out, but it is repairable. It does need some TLC. I could scrap it, but I would hate to see an old, rare piece of equipment get scraped. I am not sure if it fits any other models. Located in Massachusetts...
  84. sajurcaju

    SOLD Cub 812 loader $1250

    Cub model 812 loader for sale. The loader is in excellent condition, with little use. The loader works great and you can try it out on our tractor. Location: Lovell, Maine Only the loader and associated mounting hardware is for sale, NOT the tractor.
  85. siccboost

    John Deere 110 TLB cranks but wont start

    so she cranks but wont fire! I found she isn't getting fuel because after some testing without luck I finally decided to put gasoline on a rag and cover the intake with it and she fired right up. This tells me it is getting everything but fuel. I noticed I wasn't hearing the click as usual from...
  86. A

    Hinomoto remote / loader

    I have a Hinomoto E324. I have seen pictures of them with a loader. I am looking to at least install a rear remote to run log splitter and maybe a haybine. Do anyone have one who can send me a picture or where it is plumbed into. I know there are more that one way to do it but would like to see...
  87. jaymak

    L4740 HST 4WD with LA854 Loader, HD Bucket and BH92 Backhoe for sale. 145 hours!

    Kubota L4740HST 4WD w/ 145 hours and industrial tires 50 hour service completed LA854 Loader Quick-Attach Front remote valve 72” HD bucket with removable toothbar Construction Attachments adjustable pallet forks Kubota BH92 Backhoe w/ manual thumb and 16” bucket 6’ Taylor Way box blade...
  88. sparker133

    John Deere 485 backhoe for sale

    2013 John Deere 485 backhoe for sale. In great condition, not used much. The backhoe pry has about 30 to 40 hours on it. Works great, pin are tight, some scratches on the paint as expected. Bought a Deere 4320 back in 2016 and the backhoe came with the machine. We bought a mini excavator and no...
  89. K

    Quicke loader question

    Hi, I’m wondering what this symbol is, I’ll attach a photo below. It has a toggle switch at the back of the joystick. Thanks. It’s on 2012 MF Q31
  90. H

    FEL Options for Kubota L4330

    Anyone know the aftermarket loader options for a Kubota l4330
  91. G

    CT28 loader parts

    I have a McCormick CT28, built by LS, with an L105 loader. I need the sleeve that bolts onto the control valve which the cable runs through. I also may need the cable that runs from the valve to the joystick. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  92. P


    Hi! Does anybody have any tips, techniques, or ideas on how to keep horse manure from freezing to the bucket on a backhoe? Wicked hard to chop it out if it gets frozen….(and it usually happens EXACTLY when you need the backhoe for something else, right!?!?) 😉😂 I’ve tried putting a layer of...
  93. D

    can't get arms to raise up on my CAT skid steer

    i have a CAT skid steer model 232b2. i haven't been able to get the arms to raise up on it. with machine running parking indicator lamp does not come on. when i am pushing the button to release the parking brake, the seat belt indicator light starts flashing. machine will move, but i cannot...
  94. Ishkatan

    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    What kind of chain hooks work well with the RK37 bucket? Recommended Tooth Bar for RK37 bucket? ( The web site says the bucket is 61".) The RK37 bucket seems a bit light weight so I am wondering if a particular brand/model chain hook works really well with it or if it needs reinforcing. I...
  95. A

    2016 Mahindra 2540 shuttle (*SOLD*)

    **SOLD*** $16000 2016 Mahindra 2540 Synchro Shuttle Shift with loader. 1 Rear Remote 40hp, Ag tires (front and rear filled) Tooth bar added to bucket, not used yet. Cupholder/Charging port from a 2638 added to right rear fender. All lights converted to LED. This one has the much nicer air...
  96. Z

    1835M Power Steering Concerns

    I have an 1835MHC that I bought this past spring. It is used 80% of the time for mowing. I generally leave the loader off for easier trimming next to objects and only attach it when I need it. I have noticed that with the loader installed that my power steering loses quite a bit of power...
  97. ptsg

    Homemade loader for Branson tractor

    Hi there So after owing a Kubota B7000 with a loader I've built, I know how versatile a tractor with a loader is and the amount of things that it allows for us to do. Since this new tractor didn't come with a loader, mostly due to the price that would add. This lead me to search for an used...