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I have a Case Jx 95 that keeps melting the power steering fluid tank. This is my 2nd one in 2 weeks and 3rd one in the last two cutting seasons . Has anyone had this problem?
Hey Sonny, are you still working the soil with that S650 Bison? I've just rejoined TBN after a couple years and saw a kinda recent post of yours. You and I used to be on MBN years ago, but I left when that site started going away and new guys took over. I'm now retired and in central Florida. Hope you are well, Stan Bennett, formerly from Michigan
STAN old buddy! YA still have the old s 650, but it kinda gave up on me so I now use a IH 340-u as the replacement.
I am one of the 3 owners of MBN and if you havent joined up, ---- sure would love to have you back on there! Also if you could pass the word to others, that would be great!
I know it is not the same as way back then but we still have feelings and memories of the good times!
Thanks for messaging me!!!!
hello, i found an old thread about an air ride seat conversion kit for a kubota? I am buying a 5240. is this something that you produce? I would be interested. thanks, Ricker
I was reading. Thread about Mahindra 3525 and someone needing a wiring diagram could you email me a copy please.