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Does anyone know of a John Deere 2 cylinder diesel engine that is a match for a Yanmar 2TR20A-X? My Yanmar block is cracked and I want to swap it out with another engine so I can sell the Yanmar YM240D. Everything on the tractor works fine. I just need a different engine that will match.
Re Bed rest post... Actually, I've seen exactly that scenario; NASA sponsored Bed Rest project. $20/day, no getting up, all the reading material, TV 24/7, food anytime furnished.

Purpose: To determine requirements for long space travel. And no, I wasn't a participant but I did keep to cost records posted.
i just read an old post you put up about the ewg farm subsidy . dang. i had no idea. Half a trillion dollars in past 25 years... incredible. thanks for the info
Lineman North Florida
No problem, a lot of people don't like people knowing just how much money that the government doles out to them, when you type in your state and county it lets you see how some of your neighbors are able to high roll like they do.
Mostly small farms here in north georgia The farm i grew up gathering hay on now is a subdivision for ugly wanna be cabins-heartbreaking. I tried to buy it but the old farmers son sold it for $10,000 an acre. Only people up here driving $80,000 pickups are real estate agents and custom home builders. They all lost their asses in the 07-08 housing crash. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.