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Oct 26, 2006
Blair, Nebraska
MF35 Utility (gas)
Our house and outbuilding were destroyed by a tornado last Friday. My wife and I were home with four of the kids and thankfully there were no injuries. The MF35 Utility survived, despite the building around it being blown away, with the lights broken off and the loader control valve for the Davis 99 loader cracked. Anyone have any suggestions on where to find a replacement valve?
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Wow. Glad you made it through.

When we had a disaster here - 1000 year flood - we were lucky that our Kubota TLB was not damaged much. We sure used it hard the next few years. If I had to do it again, the one tool I'd want is a backhoe with a thumb.

Front end loader valves are universal.
The things to check are, that the replacement has a similar gallon per minute rating and uses the same hose end threads. Apparently Davis are in the 17 to 25 GPM range. Some valves also have a detent on one spool and a power beyond port. Those are optional unless your tractor is using Power Beyond (if so, the valve will have 7 hoses, not 6). And you will want to order the Power Beyond sleeve with the valve.

Once you get the valve in hand, it will only take an hour to mount it.
A good source for valves is:
Hydraulics |

I'll see if I can find any into on the Davis.
Here's a link to a manual:

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