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Oct 26, 2006
Blair, Nebraska
MF35 Utility (gas)
Hey guys, I recently posted in the Hydraulics forum but haven't gotten replies yet. I'm hoping that by posting here in the MF forum, I can direct some attention to my post over there (click here).

My loader valve needs replaced. See the other post for details. Thanks!
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There's no reason any open center two spool valve won't work for you. Provided it's rated for whatever pump flow you're dealing with, or at least close.

That said, you might find that buying the $63 valve may not be much of a savings when you see the price of the "no problem" BSPP fittings as compared to ORB.

The single acting aspect can be easily dealt with by connecting one of the valve work ports to the sump return. You say you need to add that anyway for a new valve, so that only adds a short hose and few more fittings.
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Thanks Harry, I appreciate the reply. Not sure which way I'll go yet but I'll post here if & when I make progress with a new valve.
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Hi twosocks90. I was wondering if you got you control valve issue resolved. I have a MF 35 Utility with the MF/Davis 99 Loader and the control valve just stopped working. I checked and the hydraulic fluid is making it to the control value but nothing happens when I pull on either control lever, so I'm guessing the control value, which is 61 years old at this point, has finally given up the ghost. Any help on how you fixed the problem, is very much appreciated.
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Hi Greg,

I bought a new valve but have not installed it yet.

I am no expert but I have not seen a valve fail like that. Have you disconnected the output lines from the valve and seen what happens when you move the control lever?

I disassembled my valve a couple times over the years. They're pretty simple inside. It might be worth doing that.

If you have the front mounted hydraulic pump, directly on the crankshaft in front of the radiator, it's possible the key on the shaft has sheared. In that case, you'd get a little flow from the pump but not enough to operate anything. That happened to me when I reinstalled the pump without realizing the key had fallen on the ground :)
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On our old JD of similar vintage to the MF35, I permanently mounted a T fitting and a pressure gauge on the input to the control valve. Cost about $30. That tells at a glance how the pump is doing. Like a lot of older hydraulics, it seems to run about 1200 psi.