1. P

    Workmaster 75 Fuel/Power issues

    I recently began having problems with my Workmaster 75 feeling like it was down on power. It's mostly noticeable when I'm pulling equipment on on an incline. It has a hard time keeping up RPMs and if I'm in a higher gear range it really struggles. I contacted the dealer who came out and did a...
  2. H

    code problems

    I have a L S XU 6168 its a 2019 with 230 hours it has two codes F11 F31 i put two new fuel filters on it still has the codes no throttle lever or pedal however it run great it will move you just cant give it throttle PS were can i get a code reader for this tractor Any help would be...
  3. S

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    Recently replaced the fuel pump on my 07 Branson 3510i and now I can not get above 1200 rpm
  4. NicholasII

    Suzue M1200 KE70 fuel injection pump issues

    Hi all, First of all, i'm very glad to have found such an active community discussing even the most niche of tractors :) I'm sure that with the help of you guys, any issue can be fixed. A little history on my little Suzue, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. The previous owner told me it ran...
  5. C

    Brass fitting safe to use with diesel

    Branson 3510i, plastic nipple on the left side fuel tank broke off from the tank. Dunno how it happened...guessing snow/ice chunk might have caught it when I was snow blowing. Anyways, got the tank removed and looking to make a repair. Was thinking I'd drill the hole out, tap it/thread it and...
  6. N

    How to flush / unclog Kubota L3301 fuel system

    While working the other week I had my Kubota L3301 died while running. When trying to restart it turned over but would not fire. After letting it sit for a few mins it would restart and have the same issue intermittently. After investing, I found out the fuel line from the tank to the petcock...
  7. L

    Satoh S650G Problem

    Bought a Satoh S650G the other day and while unloading it it ran low on fuel. Refueled with good gas and now it will just crank, fire, run a second and die. But then after about 10 tries of this it ran fine enough to load up a brush hog on a trailer. Shut it off and it did it again. Any help is...
  8. landruma

    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    My 2019 M5-111 (tier 4) last month had catastrophic engine failure, 1,200 hours, from the diesel high pressure fuel pump. I only use gas station diesel in 5 gallon containers used only for diesel. Cost estimated $17,000. I wonder how many other Kubotas are having this issue. KTAC, Kubota...
  9. Dmacleo

    Oil & Fuel  grr fuel leak GC2400

    break out of these posts not sure why they show post title like that. https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/threads/what-have-you-done-with-to-your-gc-series-2300-2400-1700-tractor-today.419677/post-6214846...
  10. F

    Ford 3000 diesel 3cyl losing prime when sat

    Hi, I have a Ford 3000 3cyl diesel from 1967, UK build, with a Simms fuel pump priming problem. I've owned it around 2 years, and throughout that time found the fuel system will lose prime if it's not started for some time. Started once a week there's no problem, but at around 2-3 weeks between...
  11. P

    Yanmar FX32D fuel filter

    It's probably time to change the fuel filter on my Yanmar FX32D. I see that Hoye has a filter for that tractor, but it looks like it's going to be too big. I measured the glass that it fits into, and it measures about 3" tall and 1.75" wide. The Hoye website has one that is 3.5" tall and 1.9"...
  12. G

    New holland Tz24DA Question

    First of all Hi to everyone I'm new here so if I screwed up be nice I learn quick.... I have a simple question: On the tractor above should there be some kind of gasket or seal between the filler neck and the fuel tank? Mine was "glued" on(and the glue failed) which I initially thought was a...
  13. westbay6

    How To: Massey Ferguson 165 Universal Fuel Sending Unit

    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here (can't include link because I'm a new-ish member, but just search eBay or where ever). Unfortunately the fuel sending unit on this tractor had...