kubota b7800

  1. Kevin Staton

    B7800 Dynamo Replacement

    I'm replacing the dynamo on my B7800 after the bearing locked up and much squealing and smoke was released (belt). I have the new dynamo but have a very simple question. The two wires coming from the dynamo are the same sky-blue color and have the same bullet-type connectors as do the wires on...
  2. twodogs

    B7800 front axle leaking

    I have a B7800 that has been leaking hydraulic fluid from the front axle. I had it in to the dealer a few times, and it is still leaking. The first visit was a seal replacement, and it leaked within a day or two or getting it home. They took it back and put a 'speedy sleeve's in, and it...
  3. H

    FEL from Kubota B2710 to B7800

    There’s an LA402 front end loader for sale that will come off of a Kubota B2710. Will it fit directly on my B7800? Tractor data says the at they both take an LA402 FEL but I’m wondering what else I will need to fit it to my B7800. My B7800 has never had an FEL on it. Thanks.
  4. twodogs

    Adding LED work lights to B7800

    I received some LED work lights as a gift to add to my tractor. I have 2 rectangular, and 2 square, but I don't plan on using all 4 at this time. I think I will mount the rectangular on my front bumper, and the square on my bracket for the slow-moving vehicle triangle. Rather than add new...
  5. C

    Need backhoe subframe front-mount fabricated. Kubota B2910 / B7800. Suggestions?

    I found a Woods backhoe subframe for my B2910 Kubota some time ago. However, it did NOT come with the needed FRONT MOUNT. I contacted Woods and they were kind enough to provide this engineering drawing of the front mount. I'm no welder. Where would you guys go to get something like this...
  6. T

    B7800 O-ring replacement on hydraulic tube to trans.

    I have a 2007 Kubota B7800. The tube that carries hydraulic fluid between filter housing and trans. is leaking. A diagram I found shows the tube having 2 o-rings on each end. Hoping to find someone who has changed these out before and can give me some guidance on replacing these o-rings. Thanks.
  7. C

    B7800 Replacement Seat - Where to find one

    I've found several that say they fit Kubota tractors, but, drilling down into the details cannot find B7800 anywhere (save for some 'universal' seats with a plastic base and nutserts to olt it to the tractor). Black Talon Highback Kubota Tractor Seat — Black, Model# 530000BK Looks as if it...
  8. C

    B7800 Fuel Gauge / Fuse? Sender?

    Anyone know where to look to see why it's not reporting as one might expect? And, is there a way to search this thread that I'm missing?
  9. B

    Looking for Used Front Wheel for B7800HSD, part no. 32721-5054-0

    I bought my Kubota B7800 13 years ago with 300 hours on it. It's been an amazing workhorse. I need to replace one of the front wheels. It's 14 inches and is fit with tires 23x8.50-14. I can get a new rim for $203 at Messick's Equipment but want to see if I can find a good, used rim. Thanks
  10. Mudder

    Follow up with fix- B7800 no fuel stop solenoid activation. Crank, no start.

    After months of intermittent crank but no start with no fuel stop solenoid “click”, finally fixed it by replacing the relay, ACA12115 (CA1a-12V-A-5) located inside the dash and beside the tachometer cable. Checked all grounds and even got a new battery. The solenoid passed a bench test with...
  11. tractort-roy

    Trying to start kubota b7800

    I have b7800 that has been sitting for a couple years I'm trying to get it started but I think I have air in fuel lines. I have new battery new fuel filter I drained the fuel tank and have new fuel but can't get fuel to injectors. I read that there could be a primer pump or a bleed valve but...
  12. Mudder

    B7800 dash panel removal? Stop solenoid removal tip.

    Well the 2004 B7800 crank but intermittent no start issue returned (no solenoid click heard on key start position). Removed the stop fuel solenoid and it fires right up, and can stop the engine by manually depressing the fuel cutoff plunger contact inside with a finger. Supplied 12v + to one...
  13. D

    B7800 wont start

    Tractor will not start, it was working fine, got off for a couple minutes and got back on the battery and oil light not coming on, the egnition clicks, turn a little more glow plug light comes but won't turn over/start
  14. A

    Kubota B7800 oil maintenance kit

    Ordered subject kit from Messicks. It came in with 3 oil filters. 1 engine oil and 2 hydraulic?
  15. Mudder

    B7800 crank but no start - basics first fix

    The dreaded crank but no start, with good starter rpm spin but no usual audible “click” from electrical components. Although the battery has been on a Ctek smart charger showing fully charged, I still reverted to a Noco jump pack first to just to rule out a good 12v indication but insufficient...
  16. Kevin Staton

    Kubota B7800 Cranks but won't run

    My tractor has done this twice now. It starts, runs for about a minute and then dies. Afterward, it won't run. It will crank but won't run. Had been having issues with the fuel cutoff switch (no click on key turn) so I replaced it. Started and ran fine several times after. I went to use it...
  17. U

    Kubota B7800 hydrolics sound like it's cavatating.

    I have no power steering, weak and Shakey loader, and 3 point. Also low power in low won't even go on high. Is it my pump or could it be something else?
  18. T

    Glow Plug Location B7800

    Hi - I rolled my B7800 1 month ago on it's left side. Had it back up on it's side within an hr. Oil level still at the full mark on the dipstick. I want to pull the glow plugs and crank it over to make sure all oil is where it should be, but wondering if anyone had a picture of where the...
  19. L

    Correct front blower for B7800?

    I am looking at a b2782a blower and b2791a sub frame for by B7800. I'm nit sure these will fit. The seller is only asking 750 for it. Which seems like a deal, unless it doesn't fit. Any thoughts?
  20. Mudder

    Thanks Forum, B7800 restarted - safety switches

    Don’t usually post as others have more knowledge and ‘04 Kubota 7800 has been dependable, but forum research today on crank but no start issue was most helpful on safety switches troubleshooting. Searching found old posts, with some inoperable service manual links (ie, WSM.) Any fresher B7800...
  21. S

    B7800 - Fuel bowl running out of fuel

    So my temperamental B7800 is doing its thing. I have had it die on me a few times, and this morning I got it running, ran well for a couple passes with the belly mower, and then puttered and died. I got off right away and saw, as suspected, the fuel bowl was 1/2 empty (note the fuel tank is...
  22. S

    B7800 - Annoying engineering flaw

    The muffler sits up on an exhaust pipe that ties into the exhaust manifold. There is virtually no support for the muffler, so the joint where the exhaust riser is welded into the muffler takes all the vibration. Well, after 800 hours the metal alongside the weld in the muffler failed. Had my...
  23. S

    Kubota B7800 - hard starting, lots of smoke, low idle

    Hello all, I need some help diagnosing this problem. Started a couple of months ago, but seems to be getting worse. When I go to start her, she smokes black smoke and has a very low idle. As she warms up, after about 10 minutes, she seems to operate normally and have expected power. Checked...
  24. R

    After rain B7800 will not run?

    Tractor was working fine we had a large amount of rain since the last time i used it. The tractor will start but die in a min with a lot of black smoke leave it sit for awhile and it will start again but die in a min. It cranks fine just refuses to start. I took some of the fuel out thinking...
  25. R

    B7800 FEL leak

    How hard is it to fix a leak on one of the FEL arms? It does not leak all the time it depends on the position of the arms.
  26. M

    B7800 Propeller shaft seal leak?

    How the heck do you get the shaft out, then how do you change the seal? This is the seal around the spline that the prop shaft connects to, below the cap/plug?
  27. S

    Recent record....I have run my G1900 and B7800 three times in a row without breakage!

    Between me hitting trees, pins popping out and dropping anti-scalp wheels under the mower deck, a failed alternator, leaky bucket cylinders, mouse damage this winter, I have been getting on my equipment with my fingers crossed each time. Hope I did not just jinx myself.....
  28. S

    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I have had this happen a few times, to include about 1 hour ago. I was back blading the riding ring, and about 1 hour into the job the tractors idle dropped to almost nothing, it sputtered for a bit, and then died. I tried to restart a few times, and it would not get going. I checked all the...
  29. T

    2004 B7800

    Hey all, Wife and I just bought 7 wooded acres and are going to need to maintain a 500’ long dirt driveway. We’re in Massachusetts so snow removal is going to have to be done. Looking at a 2004 B7800 as my first tractor. It looks to be in decent shape. Comes with a brand new quick attach...
  30. C

    Quick attach bucket conversion for b7800

    Ever since I bought the tractor I’ve been dreaming about making the front loader a quick attach. I finally took the plunge - no more hanging forks off the bucket or bolting on a light material extension! I wanted to keep the bucket as close to the pins as possible and keep the weight down. The...
  31. S

    Tire chain clearance B7800

    My B7800 does not have clearance for tire chains. Does anyone know of 1 inch spacers that I could install between hub and wheel for chain clearance?
  32. F

    Rear hyd on Kubota B7800!!!

    I haven’t posted in a decade. But my latest purchase warrants a post as is the most useful item/add-on I have purchased to date. it’s a Third function valve diverter that is nearly “plug and play”, a few bolts, some zip ties and in business!!! I did get the top link also as it was free shipped...
  33. tallman8251

    08 B7800 Possible Purchase

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster.. So, Looking to get a small tractor for property. I am considering an 08 Kubota B7800. What should I be aware of? Anything specific to this model? Was also curious as to if this would take a front mounted Blower? Thanks for the Help in advance!
  34. Fug1000

    Snow  Kubota B7800 I want a front snowblower and subframe but my local dealers are unsure of what I need.

    I've owned my B7800 since it was new in 2007. My original dealer no longer sells Kubota. I would love to have a front snowblower but so far when I call the dealers closest to me, they have no idea what to sell me. They can't tell me anything. They can't tell me if the newer front blowers for the...
  35. S

    Need Kubota B7800 Kubota decal location

    Can someone tell me where this decal goes on my B7800? I blew it off with my pressure washer and have no clue where it should go. Any help appreciated and a picture would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  36. R

    B7800 gets hot after about a hour.

    When using the bush hog after about a hour or hour and a half the tractor gets hot. The radiator is clean and full, air filter is clean what would cause this? I think the bush hog is to much for it it's a 5 foot bush hog and i am going really slow 2,3 mph it seems to only get hot when i cut...
  37. H

    Kubota B7800

    My Kubota B7800 has pins to lock the mowing deck in the up position so I can use the 3 point hitch without having to remove the mowing deck e.g. a box blade for grading my gravel driveway. Is there a way to lock the 3 point hitch in the up position so that I can mow without taking off the box...
  38. P

    b7800 hsd spline shaft

    I have a 2007 b7800 hsd, it only has a 1000 hours on it, the spline shaft that runs from the back of engine to the front of transmission with a collar & a roll pin on each end, sheared the roll pin in the front, & tore up the splines on the shaft, cannot find anyone who has had any problems with...
  39. orezok

    Second repair on B7800

    This tractor has be maintenance free beyond belief. The first repair was a leaking rear axle seal a couple of years ago. Pretty minor and cheap. Today I was trying to pull a T-post out of the ground using the 3 point and TNT. This particular post was put in 16 years ago in soil that is...
  40. V

    Wanted Kubota B7800 or 2910

    I'm looking to buy either the Kubota B7800 or the B2910. Must be low hours. Thank you. I will pay top dollar. Garaged tractor preferred. I will pay up to $30,000 for the right tractor. Thank you. V7Sport73@hotmail.com
  41. B

    Using B7800 with over seeder

    I have a Kubota B7800 and want to acquire a 48” over seeder and am looking at the OS1548. Will the B7800 be ok with that over seeder or are there other recommendations by anyone. I am new to this, own the tractor and need to over seed around 10 acres. Thanks
  42. R

    B7800 hydraulic check?

    Where do you check the hydraulic fluid on this model? I don't have the book.
  43. R

    B7800 needs a new seat.

    Where can one buy aftermarket seats?
  44. D

    How to Release Kubota B7800 Left Rear Brake

    My B7800 left rear brake is stuck and will not allow tractor to move. i had pressed the pedal so many times and still stayed down. wont come up. This happened because the tractor was sliding down backward and i applied the brake hard. it was going uphill and it was muddy. Any help is...
  45. orezok

    B7800 neutral centering problem

    My B7800 has been failing to return the rocker pedal to neutral lately. I pulled the damper and it was very stiff, possibly inhibiting the neutral holder from centering. The neutral holder appears to be located within the center tunnel and can barely be seen through a small hole from...
  46. G

    replacement tires kubota b7800, b2710, b2910

    Need to replace front 7-12 tires on my Kubota. For me given my location, 7-12s can be had however, shipping is way expensive along with tire price. Is there an alternative that will fit the 7-12 rims? Is it a problem if I choose to go with 23x8.50x12 tires on my old 7-12 rims? Looking to...
  47. S

    Manuals B7800

    I just bought a B7800 HSD. I ordered an operators manual, parts manual and work shop manual. I just received my manuals and I could wait till Monday and ask the Kabota dealer where I bought the manuals but I would like to open them if they are correct. My work shop manual front cover has...
  48. P

    Double-check on B7800 under-Seat sensor

    My B7800 often stalls / engine stops while I'm moving, in gear, WITHOUT the PTO engaged. I had thought that the seat sensor was only for when the PTO was engaged, because it seemed to work that way at first when I bought the tractor (used). I had to replace the very worn seat (bought from...
  49. R

    Battery for b7800?

    Anyone know what size battery a b7800 uses? I need to replace it in my dads tractor since he can no longer do it and he lives far away. Looks kinda hard to access it in the pictures I致e seen.
  50. G

    B7800 removing and reinstalling engine panels

    Hi guys What痴 the trick to removing and reinstalling the front and side engine panels ? They use a spring like clip and arrowhead looking deals on the panels . I posted a couple of pics to show what I知 dealing with. Thanks
  51. whistlepig

    Comfortable seat for B7800.

    My B7800 is twelve years old and I'm twelve years older. Looking for a more comfortable seat that's not too hard on this old back.
  52. G

    B7800 Question

    Bit of a newbie to working on a tractor, but I'm trying to do a lot on my own and learn as I go. Had an issue on a B7800 last weekend and was wondering if anyone has any advice. Tractor has been getting a little slow to start. I read some postings on here and figured it might be my switches...
  53. P

    2008 Kubota B7800 w/ 60" MMM, Loader and optional Landpride box blade

    2005 Kubota B7800HSD-F w/ 1310 hours Just serviced Have every receipt for services or upgrades Upgraded 3pt links Upgraded seat EVERYTHING WORKS!!!! 2005 Kubota LA402-1 loader with 60" bucket New welded on cutting edge this year 2005 Kubota RCK60-27B mid mount mower Several sets...
  54. L

    Kubota B7800 won't start

    Kubota B7800 won't start, battery fully charged, glow plug light comes on but will not engage starter. suggestions
  55. orezok

    The maintenance on my B7800 is getting out of hand

    After almost 16 years of ownership, Two years ago I had to replace a seal on the rear axle and now the neutral safety switch on the rocker pedal is acting up. This is a ridiculous amount of maintenance. Think I will get rid of this dog. :D:D:D
  56. J

    B7800 Front Axle Rebuild

    Hello all, I知 extremely new here. I知 having trouble finding a service manual download or any solid information on rebuilding the front axle on a Kubota B7800. It痴 for a farm I work at and it has the front loader attachment. The problem was the 4x4 went out in it. The front axle still goes but it...
  57. DieselBound

    Confirmation on B7800 valve adjustment specs and procedure

    First time to do this... I've got 0.145mm to 0.185mm as the adjustment spec on both(?) intake and exhaust: reference here; I found this in a thread here on adjusting B7800 valves, but there's no clear model spec and I don't feel comfortable accepting this blindly. Can folks verify that this is...
  58. G

    B7800 - AG Tire Size

    Just became the proud second owner of a B7800 with FEL and mmm. Have a couple of questions. First and foremost needs a new tire on the front. The manual says to use a 7-12 for AG. These are hard to find and pricy. I noticed the owner has on 6-12 AG tires. Seems to fit well so I知 wondering if I...
  59. J

    Front axle spindle broke today on my B7800

    I have abused this tractor for 15 years. I use the loader to Max capacity often hauling my wood racks and spreading a lot of rock. Surprised something hasn't broke before now. Anyone else ever see a broken spindle?
  60. S

    Can I put a better seat on my B7800?

    Is there a better seat out there for my B7800 I mow the lawn with? Anyone switched seats for a smoother ride? It's killing my back.
  61. T

    B7800 stalled, can't start it (safety interlock ?)

    posted this here but maybe this is a better location. I stalled my Kubota B7800 this morning and the normal restart procedure isn't working. I imagine I tripped some safety interlock but I can't figure it out. I had my tractor idling, neither PTO engaged, in low gear. I was on the ground...
  62. T

    help needed re stalled Kubota B7800

    I stalled my Kubota B7800 this morning and the normal restart procedure isn't working. I imagine I tripped some safety interlock but I can't figure it out. I had my tractor idling, neither PTO engage, in low gear. I was on the ground next to it and wanted to back it up 12", so I reached over...
  63. twodogs

    B7800 Stalls

    I have a B7800 that has recently been stalling while it runs. I just changed the fuel filter, but it is still occurring. If I let off of the throttle while moving/cutting, it self-corrects. Any thoughts?
  64. Kioti Dave

    b7800 front drive shaft replacement

    Has anyone replaced the front drive shaft on a B7800 without splitting the tractor? My 7800 shaft broke at the u-joint right at the transmission. Want to replace, but don't want to split the tractor. Can this be done, or am I in for a big time job?
  65. R

    slow to build oil pressure at start up B7800

    I have a 04 B7800 with about 450 hours on it. I mow with it about 4 times a year and use the loader to to move things around maybe once a month at most, it doesn't get a lot of use. I change the engine oil every couple of years. Recently on cold start after setting overnight or longer it...
  66. DAP

    Fuse Box Location B7800

    Can someone help a B brother out? Snowin like cats and dogs and I had to replace a work light (what a pain!). She's still dark and I think (HOPE) its just the fuse. I've never visited my fuse box in 500 hours but need to now. Is it on the driver side firewall accessible after taking off the...
  67. G

    kubota b7800, bh75 hoe, adding hyd thumb

    hi ive added a hyd thumb to the hoe. teed into the p and t lines to supply a 1 spool valve. now hoe controls very sluggish, also thumb. when hoe controls and thumb operated at the same time, speed of all is normal. 1. did i pipe correctly and 2. when the added spool valve is in neutral is it...
  68. DAP

    13 Years in: B7800

    Well, this past October was year 13 for my B7800. My R4s aren't once what they were, but still tract well in snow. They are still holding much of their original beet juice and have never needed any air. The seat (replacement version) sux as bad as the first, but still keeps me in place. The...
  69. M

    Kubota B7800 Fuel Solenoid

    Hello, I'm helping a friend troubleshoot an intermediate problem with his fuel solenoid. It seems to arbitrarily de-energize. We took the dash apart and jiggled wires on the dash and near where they go under the fuel tank. We were unable to find anything definitive. When the solenoid was...
  70. K

    Buying Advice  B7800 mid mount mower

    Hey everyone. I am looking for some advice. I have a B7800 kubota with mid PTO and I am interested in getting my hands on a belly mower, and preferably a bagging system to go with it. I seem to be struggling to figure out exactly which model is right for my tractor. It appears that the Kubota...
  71. K

    Mid-Mount Mower  Kubota B7800 Belly Mower

    Happy Monday everyone. I am looking for some advice. I have a B7800 Kubota with mid PTO and I am interested in getting my hands on a belly mower, and preferably a bagging system to go with it. I seem to be struggling to figure out exactly which model is right for my tractor. It appears that...
  72. D

    B7800 vs B3200 and other questions

    Hi everyone, new member here and first post. I'm in the market for a compact or maybe a subcompact tractor and have been reading a lot on this forum trying to learn all I can. Of all the tractor brands Kubota has always been my favorite and I always wanted one (although I am also still...
  73. R

    Kubota B7800 HST Right Brake Lever Stuck

    The right side brake lever is 'frozen'.. Completely immovable. Any suggestions on freeing this up? -- Or should I just 'tear into it' -- This came about gradually.. Having to pull the brake pedal up by hand at first.. Now just stuck. Thanks In Advance for help!!
  74. B

    B7800 Water pump replacement questions

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I have owned my B7800 for about a year now and the water pump has started to leak. I plan to replace the pump myself and was curious if anyone on the board has done this job? I searched and couldn't find a DIY or writeup on the...
  75. R

    Kubota b7800

    Found a b7800 with 500 hrs. HST with FEL. Guy says its in excellent condition. $11,500. What you guys think about the tractor in general an the price?
  76. R

    B7800 price check?

    Found a b7800 with 500 hrs. HST with FEL. Guy says it痴 in excellent condition. $11,500. What y誕ll think about it?
  77. T

    Kubota B7800 bogging down then will die.

    So, my brother was operating out B7800. It bogged down then died. He cleaned the fuel filter and it still would not run. He bought a new Kubota fuel filter put her back together and it ran good. I took her out to do some brush hogging. It ran great for about 20 minutes then suddenly it bogged...
  78. M

    B7800 Blue Book Value

    I'm looking for help. I'm looking at a 2007 B7800 with LA402-1 loader, B2782 front blower and RCK60-27B MMM with less than 600 hours. I'm hoping someone can help me with a Tractor Blue Book value. My bank valued the whole package at $10329. That seems low to me...I'm hoping to get some data to...
  79. K

    Trouble with starting B7800

    B7800 will not start. It is either the clutch safety switch of the ignition switch. How can I find out which. I can hold clutch in and either work the ignition switch or just hold it and finally will turn over. If it is the clutch switch, how can I get to it.
  80. R

    Lighting upgrade Kubota B7800

    I purchased some cheap LED work lights from Ebay. four of them cost $28 first one failed after ten minutes of use, then one by one all four of them failed within a matter of a few hours of use. they have a two year warranty, seller agreed to replace them providing I send pictures or a video...
  81. T

    B7800 Neutral Safety Switch Issues...

    Howdy! Anyone ever had their tractor stall when engaging forward and reverse? Starts and runs fine...until you hit the pedals...then it dies. Can anyone help me locate the wires to the neutral SS so I can disconnect and use the machine? Just no dang time to mess with it right now! TIA!
  82. S

    Kubota B7800 Fair Price?

    We are selling our house and I have no need for my tractor anymore. It is a 2004 Kubota B7800 with bucket and under mount mower deck and turf tires. Not sure how useful the mower will be to the potential purchaser but I don't want to sell it separately. It has lived outside most of it's life...
  83. R

    B7800 Oil Leaking At Front Axle Bracket

    I have a pretty good gear oil drip coming from behind the front axle pivot bracket where the front of the axle attaches to the frame. I seem to recall reading on here that there is an o-ring or seal or something back in there and it was a fairly easy fix? I am having no success with a site...
  84. easygo

    Please Help! My B7800 is blowing a fuse, shutting down. Tractor stuck outside :-(

    My B7800 is 13-years-old with 1100 hrs. The tractor shut down after I used it for two hours. I found the 5 Amp fuse that protects the key switch was blown. I replaced fuse, turned on the engine and it shut off after a couple of seconds. Same fuse blown. The third fuse didn't even operate the...
  85. S

    Need B7800 owner to tell me where this decal goes.

    I was pressure washing equipment recently and blew off a decal. I'm pretty sure it came off the B7800. Unfortunately, I don't have the whole decal. Here's what I have. What I need is for someone to tell me where it came from and, if possible, the number printed on it so I can order...
  86. L

    B7800 rear remotes hook up.

    BAS8N wanted to see my set up for my B7800 and I could not see how to add picture in the PM. I have show some of this before so it's mostly for BAS8N, but maybe you might pickup some ideals. Picture #1 & 2 is the plate for the valve. The valve on there now was changed to a 2 spool late. The...
  87. P

    Mowing  B7800 vs L3430 both about 35HP

    I am in the process of buying a 44 acre farm. The current owner has a Kubota L3430 with about 2000 hrs on it. I have a B7800 that has 300 hrs on it. I have a loader and a box blade and a 6 ft belly mower for the B7800. The L3430 has a loader, and bush hog. I think 6ft wide, also hay spike, and...
  88. B

    Kubota B7800 Front Axle Chatter noise

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the forum. I have a B7800 HST with 950 hours on it, and recently had to rebuild the front end axle pivot point bushings. After reassembly, I am having chatter or noise from the front axle. I have adjusted the pivot point pressure bolt but didn't fix the noise. I also loosed...
  89. R

    B7800 Suspension Seat

    Hey Everyone! I'm new hear and not very tractor knowledgeable. (I bought out B7800 for primarily lawn maintenance and light duty around the property.) Hail damage destroyed the original seat. (A blessing, if you ask me!) I was going to go with this seat (as recommended by the dealer we got...
  90. U

    Hello kubota b7800 here

    Thank you all in advance!
  91. S

    b7800 will not turn over with the switch.

    I am working on my b7800 it has 85 hours on it.it will not turn over with the key switch,but with key on you can jump the starter and it will turn over and start. I felt it was a starter problem,replaced the starter ,still the same.have checked all the safty switches ,seat pto, not in...
  92. B

    Kubota B7800 Axle Removal

    Hi folks I am new here. I have a B7800HST with 900 hours. The front axle pivot began squeaking/squawking very loudly. I decided to rebuild the pivot point replacing the busing and seals. I got the axle case removed from the tractor, got the front, axle bracket removed, but can't get the rear...
  93. C

    Pricing for Kubota B7800

    I need a little help so I don't make a costly mistake. I'm shopping for a CUT and found a 2003 Kubota B7800 with loader, 275 hrs, always garaged that is very nice shape. I know these machines are a bit dated so need to know what would be a fair price, considering resale and what new models can...
  94. R

    B7800 over heating?

    Tractor will over heat if used for more than 15 min even if it's just idling. radiator is full and the radiator fan spins, screen is also clean. Any other ideas as to why it's over heating? Has around 300 hrs on it.
  95. S

    How to know MPH travel speed with B7800 hydro?

    I need to use a B7800 hydro trans Kubota to spread some fertilizer and I need to know my MPH travel speed to spread the correct amount. It's not that I need to a specific number, I just need to know a number and then can adjust the rate of spread to work with the ground speed. Anything in the 5...
  96. Y

    3-Point Hitch  Lower link / lift arms on Kubota B7800

    I have a on going issue with the length of the lower lift arms. The distance between main swivel holes is 24". I have added Pats quick connect which puts the center to center distance at 27". I purchased a tiller several years ago, and had to shorten the drive shaft to be very short, with...
  97. jodebg

    Looking at a B7800 and have some questions?

    Looking at a 2008 B7800 with: 131 hours R4 tires FEL Pat's easy hitch 3ph quick adjusters (in place of the stock threaded adjusters) garaged used for 3ph garden attachments-tiller, brush hog, plow, cultivator and seeder bucket-like new, rarely used Paint is in nice shape. SERVICE: Engine oil...
  98. jodebg

    Odometer Problem on a Kubota B7800

    Looking at a 2008 B7800. Owner says the tachometer reads a lower rpm (appr. 1500 rpm's) when he is running the engine at pto speed. Is there a fix for this? Will the tractor have clocked less hours than it would have if the tachometer read the rpm's correctly?
  99. P

    B7800 Joystick flopping around

    We're getting big snows here, and I'm using my baby to clear snow from the concrete driveway--third time today. Halfway through, my joystick stopped working on the up/down. It just flops around, up and down. The side-to-side is fine, and the curl of the bucket works no problem. But now I...
  100. B

    Kubota B7800 hood latch reassembly problem

    If there is anyone who has a B7800, would you mind sending me a picture of the hood latch assembly from the underside? I had to repair my headlight wiring which required removing the metal plate on the underside of the hood, making it possible to remove the headlight assemby. Now I cannot get...
  101. O

    B7800 4x4 2007 how to remove front drive shaft

    my b7800 makes a GRRRRRRR noise coming from drive shaft dealer took it apart about 5yrs back said was full of weeds . must not have been a big job. I live 1hr away from dealer and called when I got home said was fixed .told me the cover over the shaft was stuffed with weeds. its doing it again...
  102. G

    B7800 and post hole digging question

    I hooked up a post hole digger auger and the drill spins fine but it won't dig down into my soft dirt .what am I doing wrong ? My setup looks good does t it ?i push down on the lever but it won't dig down for some reason . I've attached a pic of my set up
  103. jodebg

    Trying to locate the 3ph Pressure Relief Valve on my B7800

    I need to locate the 3ph PRV on my B7800. I have accessed the Kubota illustrated diagram, but somhow I am still not seeing it on the tractor. Hoping someone knows where The PRV is located on this model.
  104. S

    What model replaced the B7800?

    What model was the replacement for the B7800? And was there a replacement for that model? I haven't been paying attention over the years. I have a B7800 but might be interested in one with a loader but no mower. Mine has a mower, but no loader since a loader with mower would be awkward when...
  105. G

    Finding year make of my Kubota b7800

    Hey guys I just bought a pretty much brand new Kubota b7800 a while back with 50 hours on it .use it for my yard and building bmx jumps ,mowing the field etc .where do I find the year it was made?
  106. C

    B7800 leak at side cover of HST

    Hello everyone. New guy here. just had some issues with my 2006 B7800 while out mowing the other day. Noticed the tractor was not going as fast while mowing. I found that is was faster in reverse than forward. I stopped mowing and creeped back to the garage to find low fluid and a leak at the...
  107. C

    B7800 with backhoe 4690 install

    I just purchased a 04' b7800 tlb. Purchased from widow and didn't get much info on how to install bh. I installed by common sense just to transport, but looked at manual and even called dealer. He didn't seem like much help. He didn't know we're spacers went and said I didn't need special...
  108. S

    Mid Mount Mower from a B7800 on a B3030 (RC72-27B vs RC72-30B) MMM

    I am in the market for a mower for my B3030 and have come across a few reasonable offers for mid mount mowing decks off of B7800s (I think the model # is RC72-27B). I could get these for less than a decent used RFM. Has anyone tried hooking up a RC72-27B in place of an RC72-30B? Sales guy at...
  109. C


    Getting ready to run two hoses to the rear of the tractor B7800 for a backhoe. I want to do it so the connections are connected together when the hoe is off the tractor.Does the red labeled hose go to rear and the Power beyond hose from valve run to rear and connects to each other when not on...
  110. R

    Kubota B7800HST Front Transmission Drain Plug

    Does anybody have a part number? Even my dealer can't find it. Thanks.
  111. M

    2003 kubota b7800

    I have never owned a tractor but now I find after buying 3 acres I need a tractor. I found a Kubota b7800 for 3000 what I need to know if it is big enough to do the work I need it for. can anyone tell me if it is big enough to till a garden hall and spread rock in my driveway.
  112. H

    B7800 short out problem

    The plastic headlight bulb sockets deteriorated in the Florida heat. Easy to buy the socket sets but I wanted to convert to LED with more lumens. I figured out an inexpensive but much improved build but in my final testing I crossed the two wires blowing the fuse. No problem....replaced the...
  113. orezok

    B7800 grease fitting

    The owners manual for my B7800 indicates that there is a grease fitting for the front axle pivot point. I've never been able to find it. Has anyone else located it?
  114. jodebg

    B7800 Kubota ever have a 32 hp 3 cylinder diesel?

    Just came by a Kubota B7800 for sale. The owner listed it with 32 hp 3 cylinder diesel. All the B7800 that I have seen are 30 hp 4 cylinder engines. It also appears to have larger diameter from rims. Did Kubota make this model with these features?
  115. jodebg

    Kubota B7800 FEL Lift Capacity?

    If my memory is correct, the Kubota B7800 FEL lift capacity is around 775 lbs? Hoping someone can correct me if that is incorrect and also guide me to where I can reference this information. Thanks
  116. T

    Kubota B7800, Injector problems - I think!

    Well boys Ive done it this time... I was brushhogging on an incline, came to a fallen tree on the ground, tried to back up, couldnt. Tried to pull forward maybe a foot. Started to slide towards the ditch and like slow motion, I rolled over onto my side. Called a buddy he came over got me turned...
  117. B

    Price Check  2008 Kubota B7800 LA 402

    I have a 2800 Kubota B7800 with a front end loader and 5 ft. snow blade attachments, power steering, 4-wheel drive, and a cab. At the age of 91, I will no longer be farming, and would like to sell it. It has only 166 hours on it, and I have had no problems whatsoever with it. It has been...
  118. O

    Kubota B7800

    Need assistance please. Tractor would not start and did all the general electrical checks and found that the fuel shut off selonid was not working. When I pushed the "plunger" in the tractor started, however I had to manually pull the plunger out to get it stopped. Item replaced with new and...
  119. R

    Buying Advice  2005 Hubota B7800 for sale

    Hello All, I just joined the forum and appreciate the opportunity to seek your advice ion ricing. I'm looking at a 2005 B7800 with the 450 hrs. the LA402 Loader, B4672 Backhoe, auger and 48" scraper. The unit appears to be in good condition although the loader to bar is a bit deformed. The...
  120. P

    Kubota B7800

    Hello and Happy Fathers Day. My Kubota B7800 has been a great little tractor. it is just now starting to show signs of wear and tear and I cannot go in reverse without pulling up on the brake handle located under the steering wheel. Is there an adjustment I can name to correct this problem?
  121. P

    Kubota b7800

    Hello everyone, hope you are all well. I own a Kubota B7800 that has been trouble free the last 10 years. I maintain it religiously and it has 672 working hours. I started it up today, let it warm up, pressed the pedal to move forward and my tractor stalled. I restarted it and tried again and it...
  122. J

    B7800 clutch seal leak

    I recently discovered a hydraulic oil leak on my B7800 around The drive shaft coming out of the clutch. After researching, it appears the seal is damaged. Damaged was caused by brush hogging tall grass which got wrapped around shaft and then damaged oil seal. Its a design flaw, from what the...
  123. R

    Fuel issue B7800

    Kubota B7800 won't start. Changed fuel filter was dirty. Tried to bleed injectors no fuel coming out of injector. Could it be the injector pump?
  124. P

    Oil & Fuel  B7800 fuel filter stuck in bowl

    Any ideas? This is the first time for me to change the fuel filter, and the filter seems jammed into the translucent bowl. I'm afraid to whang on it because I don't want to break the bowl. Searched for this topic in the forum but nothing springs to the forefront. PCP
  125. O

    B7800 200hrs like new puff of blue smoke ,no power

    tractor is in excellant condition, was mowing grass felt under powered watched the exhaust and I,d see a small puff of blue smoke , cleaned fuel filter put about three oz of sea foam in tank , mowed grass a bit, but still not right ,RPM,s will only tach 2k. I,m handy and can check things out, I...
  126. D

    04 Kubota B7800 Value

    Unfortunately I must sell my Kubota B7800 30hp. It has sure served me well these last 11 years. I have a loader, 72" belly mower, 72" rear mount snow blower and a back blade for it. It all must go. The tractor has 550 hours on it. I have all the maintenance records all done by the book. It...
  127. B

    Kubota B7800 power steering and 3pt problem

    I purchased a couple weeks ago a 2005 B7800 HST. When I purchased it I did a full fluid and filter swap in both the engine and HST. It has about 280hrs on it now. I installed a lawn for my sister and used a 2340lb pto driven soil conditioner. The tractor got a bit hot, not the engine but the...
  128. P

    Kubota B7800 starts runs well but will barly move forward or backward.

    Changed fuel filter, cleaned air filter, motor will run well and accelerate. However, when depressing forward or reverse the motor will stop unless I very gently depress and the tractor will just barely move.Help!
  129. N

    Mowing  Kubota B7800

    Well, Im still new to this so bear with me. I have a Land Pride 5ft. Bush hog and I cut my hay field with it. I don't have the equipment for baling myself and I haven't found anyone who will bale it and give me a cut for the hay, so I cut it. I need help setting the height on my bush hog. It's...
  130. jodebg

    How to repair a Frozen Loader Control Valve-Kubota B7800

    After 2 years of owning my Kubota B7800 with a frozen FEL control valve (most of the cold season) I decided to correct the problem. For those of the TBN members who suggested that there was water from condensation in the lower housings-they were correct. I had no luck finding instructions or...
  131. jodebg

    Engine cutting out...Kubota B7800

    I was operating my Kubota B7800 yesterday and noticed that the engine briefly cut out. Once as I was backing up, and once while I was beginning to accelerate up a small grade with a load. Can there be a problem with the seat switch? Not sure if the former owner bypassed the seat switch?
  132. C

    Loader  LA402 loader quick attach for B2910 or B7800 with Kubota factory parts SSQA

    I have seen a couple of threads over the years about this subject, but had a hard time finding good evidence of fit... here is my effort. I have a B2910 with a LA402-1 loader. I have envied the folks that had a factory solution to SSQA (or skid steer quick attach) because of the ease of...
  133. N

    Kubota quick attach for b7800

    Well, I've searched and searched... But can't find a seller for a pin on style quick attach system for my b7800. I want to swap between forks and bucket easily, and my searches come up with nada. Any help? Yhanks!!!!
  134. L

    Canopy  Wiring Canopy Lights on B7800

    Need a little help. Getting ready for the miserable season and thought i'd add some LEDs to my machine. I found 2 wires under the seat taped to a split electrical cover. One has a bullet push in connector and one (black) has a ring connector. When i put a test light on the wires with the...
  135. R

    Price Check  Selling Kubota B7800 HST

    Hello everyone, My dad recently passed away, and my mom is wanting to sell his tractor. So I'm trying to do some research to get an idea of a fair price to ask. We have had a few people already ask about it. I know very little about tractors, so any guidance you all can provide would be greatly...
  136. N

    Kubota B7800...

    ...cranks and idles fine. Press on the accelerator and it cuts out and wants to die, or cuts out and catches again in froward or reverse. Not good for the PTO I suspect. Could this be the fuel filter or the switch on the pedal? Thanks for any help.
  137. N

    Value of my (future) b7800

    Hello All! First time posting, and looks like a great place! While this may be taboo to put in the Kubota section, I was wondering of the value of a future B7800 I am about to get. You see, its part of a house/land package I close on at the end of the month. I grew up in PA, all of my family...
  138. T

    B7800 front axle seal

    So I recently purchased a 2007 B7800 with 270 hours on it. Lucky me, about a week later it decided to start puking fluid from the front axle bevel seal. I ordered the $50 piece of rubber, looked at a couple posts, and started tearing things apart. After much cursing I managed to remove that...
  139. orezok

    B7800 engine injector setting

    First, I guess the drought must be over. :laughing: :laughing: We had rain yesterday, a whole 0.3 inch, the first in about 6 months. Anyway, since the ground had a little moisture, I decided to widen out my property line fire breaks. They were about 25' wide but I wanted more. It is fire...
  140. jodebg

    How do I determine the model year of my Kubota b7800?

    How can I determine the model year of a B7800? They were made for several years and would like to know when mine was manufactured.
  141. T

    B7800 Air Filter

    Tried to replace the air filter that I bought from the dealer but it's about 5/8" to long and I can't get the air filter cover back on?? Been back to the dealer a couple of times with the actual housing and they couldn't get it to fit either. Anybody have the same problems or solution!! They...
  142. S

    Left B7800 key on for two days and it still started.

    After setting up the electric for my sprayer late Saturday I neglected to turn the key off and forgot about it. When I went out today to spray I noticed the key was on and the idiot lights were glowing. It would have been a hassle to start since the barn has no electric. Anyway, it started. To...
  143. L

    B7800 Bagger

    I have a B7800 with the Kubota belly mower and would like to put a rear bagger on. No tow behind any ideas?
  144. G

    BX to Zero turn to b7800 to b2620 journey.

    So wanted to give my 2 cents on the ever popular bx vs. b debate on here and give you my personal experiences. I started with a BX 2230 loader/mower and loved it. Sold it because I got a great deal on a zero turn (Kubota zg223) and already had a b7800 for loader work. Well the zero turn was not...
  145. jodebg

    Stock horn button on Kubota B7800?

    Going to install a horn on my B7800. Looks as if there may be a horn button as part of the stock light switch?? Anyone know if this is and how to remove to wire to a horn?
  146. R

    My Kubota B7800 will not start

    Help, My B7800 will not start. I have jumped all safety switches, checked all fuses. I lost dash power originally and changed the fuse. Then the solenoid would click but not start. Now the solenoid does not click When I jumped the two posts on the solenoid, the solenoid spins but starter...
  147. B

    Kubota B7800 intermittent no start

    i have been having trouble starting my Kubota b7800. if i keep working the forawd reverse pedal for the hydrostat i can get it started. is there a safty switch that can be adjusted and where is it located i don't see it around the pedal area
  148. T

    New Kubota B7800 owner in NH on 50+ acres

    Howdy all. I'm Travis. A few months ago I moved from the city to a 50+ acre hobby farm in NH. I purchased a B7800 with 350 hours from the previous owner (along with a cone spreader, back blade, Blizzard 54" snow thrower, and a log splitter (Honda powered, not PTO). Over the last 3.5 months...
  149. C

    Minnesota  WTB Kubota tractor (B7800,B2910,B3030,B2920)

    Looking for a decent used Kubota tractor in the 30hp range, must be HST. Strong preference for 4 cylinder engine. No loader is preferred, but will consider. R4 tires best, then turf. 500 hours or less? (I will consider any hours) Garage queen not necessary, but no worn out junk either. 500...
  150. E

    Price Check  Kubota B7800HSD reasonable price?

    Greetings all! New to the site, but have loved everything I've read so far. About to pull the trigger on a 2010 B7800 tractor in almost new condition. 70 hours on the clock, includes: LA402 front end loader, BH75 backhoe, post-hole auger, box scraper, and spring-tine field rake. Machine is...
  151. B

    2008 B7800...good deal?

    So I've mostly been looking at buying a new tractor but recently found what I think might be a great deal, what do you guys think? It's a 2008 Kubota L7800 with 90 hours on the clock. 4 wheel drive, hydrostatic drive. Comes with a Curtis enclosed cab and front mount snowblower. It doesnt say...
  152. N

    Kubota B7800

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and a new owner of a 2008 Kubota B7800. So far I love this tractor. It cranks every time but it seems to drag a bit on the starter. Can't read the cold cranking amps on the battery and was wondering what I need for a 30 hp. Don't want to keep straining the starter. Thanks.
  153. J

    Backhoe  Help identify Kubota subframe kit, may be for a B7800? BH75 backhoe

    Can anyone please help me identify this subframe kit? I believe it is for a B7800, for a BH75 backhoe. Anything else it can be used for? BH76 or BH77 Original owner thought it was a BH4965 for a B2920. Picture in one of the manuals looked like it was correct. I took a chance and bought it...
  154. D

    B7800 with exhaust stack, and muffler removed

    KCENDER said "Very good looking job on a nice modification,definitely better than the factory setup.Would look really good with an exhaust stack on the other side." on the post where I modified the intake and air filter on my B7800. So I did it, removed the muffler and tail pipe and replaced...
  155. S

    TnT from b7500 to b7800

    Some one local is selling a TnT gearmore kit rams hoses 2 spool valve for $500 Only concerned it wont be enough for the 7800 senice it was for b 7500 should I buy it anyways?
  156. T

    Kubota B7800 No Power At Fuel Stop Solenoid

    Tractor will crank but will not start. There is no power getting to the fuel stop solenoid so there is no fuel going to injectors. Fuses are good, seat and pto switches are good. Can't find any breaks or damage to wires. What am I missing in the circuit that can cause this problem?
  157. jodebg

    How can I remove the clear plastic guage cover on my Kubota b7800

    Want to remove the clear plastic cover that straddles over the steering column, covering the gauges, tachometer, etc.. I pried carefully with a screwdriver in the 2 slots on the top of the cover and it did not seem to come off. What is the proper technique?
  158. M

    Mahindra MAX28 vs Kubota B3030 vs Kubota B7800

    Looking at some used compact tractors (Mahindra MAX 28, Kubota B3030 and B7800, they all have loaders and backhoes, all hydro's, and around the same hours and price. I have both Mahindra and Kubota dealers near by. How do they compare? How's the loader lift weight compare? How do the backhoes...
  159. D


    I, with the help of Brian at Fit Rite Hydraulics - fitritehydraulics.com, am in the process of installing top and tilt on a Kubota b7800. If I can do this anyone can! After installing a suspension seat from Northern tool (100.00, great buy, recommend) I gained some room to allow me to mount the...
  160. jodebg

    Will a 72" Ratchet Rake fit correctly on 60" B7800/30hp tractor?

    Hearing good things about the Ratchet Rake attachment. Found a slightly used 72" model. The good folks at Ratchet Rake said it was too big and heavy and not designed for use on a smaller/lower hp tractor. Anyone use the 72" on a 60" bucket??
  161. jodebg

    How can wire brake lights onto a rear carry-all using a Kubota B7800?

    Making a carry all for my tractor that has a trailer hitch mounted on it. Thought it may be a good idea to add both brake lights onto the carry all and a brake light into the hitch receiver. Wondering how to wire this?
  162. D

    Kubota b7800 rework

    Hi everyone, I have just joined, although I have owned several kubotas, and a case tractor, I currently own a Kubota RTV and have just acquired a Kubota b7800 with hydrastatic transmission and front loader. Which I am currently modifying to what I want. I have purchased and sold several tractors...
  163. G

    Snow  b7800 front blower issues/turning

    We have a b7800 with front mount blower, and a rear sander with a cab. We blow a long curvy driveway with elevation changes. So far it hasnt been as good of an expirience as expected.... I much prefer my l3200 rear mount but I digress. Besides blowing through shear pins at an alarming rate...
  164. Sodo

    Woods Backhoe on a B7800 (is Kubota BH better?)

    Looking for advice regarding a Woods BH70-X backhoe. - Does the Woods 4-point frame hold it as good as a Kubota backhoe? - Does it install and remove as nicely as the kubota backhoe? - Does the Woods backhoe frame get "in the way" or cause any problems? - Any other comments regarding the Woods...
  165. M

    Used Kubota B7800

    I found a used B7800HSD with loader, backhoe, cab, and snowblower. Just over 1000 hrs. looks in decent shape, has turf tires in the rear and industrial tires in the front. They are asking $17,000. for the whole package. Are there any issues with this model that I should know about? Is that a...
  166. M

    Kubota B7800HSD

    I found a used B7800HSD with loader, backhoe, cab, and snowblower. Just over 1000 hrs. looks in decent shape, has turf tires in the rear and industrial tires in the front. They are asking $17,000. for the whole package. Are there any issues with this model that I should know about? Is that a...
  167. S

    Is there a block drain plug on the B7800?

    In changing the anti-freeze in my B7800 I can't seem to find a block drain plug and the owner's manual has no mention of it. Just the radiator drain that doesn't seem to do a thorough job. That seems odd. Anyone know if there is a block drain plug on the B7800?
  168. jodebg


    Just purchased this 2004 b-7800 with 422 hours. Thinking of using Rotella T6 Full Synthetic motor oil. Will switching to the full synthetic cause any problems? Any other oil that you would advise using on this 30hp 4cyl.?
  169. S

    B7800 owners--Do you like your front end loader?

    My B7800 is really just a dedicated lawn mower but I do spray with it and use a couple of attachments around the house. It does not have an FEL because I have other tractors that do. Now I wonder if I should get an FEL for it. What has changed is that my wife needs more help gardening and...
  170. R

    Kubota B7800 wiring and service manuals

    Please help. Picked up a rear snow thrower and want to hook up rear light, as well as do a little bit of tlc to tractor. Thanks
  171. twodogs

    B7800 seat tracks

    Has anybody had to replace their seat tracks? The top rails of mine broke about a week ago. I don't understand why as I weigh 175 & my tractor stays in a garage. That said, I ordered parts & expect them today. I was taking the slides apart last night & cannot separate the top from the bottom...
  172. T

    Kubota b7800

    Does anyone have the part no's for the 3pt. link arms? Many thanks

    B7800 diagrams

    Couple people asked for this B7800 manual that I hope is attached.
  174. D

    Which grading scraper for B7800.

    Hi! I just have a (hopefully) simple question for the expert. I have a 350' hard packed gravel/dirt driveway and if full of pot holes and a big grassy hump in the middle. I have been trying to figure out how to fix it for a while as it continues to get worse. So, I have been eyeballing a...
  175. O

    kubota 2007 B7800 4x4 tranny makes a loud winning noise when speeded up . hydro tra

    going down the road .top speed the tranny wines loud ,back off and the noise stops . start going fast again it starts. sounds like a relief valve or something . question? easy fix?? how ?? . I.m handy and the kubota shop is booked two months out. noise sounds like its coming from mid tractor...
  176. B

    Looking at 2003 b7800 help=

    I am looking at a 2003 Kubota tractor hydrostatic transmission with Woods 7'6" frame mount backhoe and LA 402 loader. 642hrs on tractor-I can pick it up for around $11,000- Is this a good deal and what should look for when checking it out- thanks!!!!
  177. J

    B7800 Kubota Replacement Seat

    The seat on my 2006 Kubota B7800 is falling apart. It was never very comfortable and was sloped way to far forward anyway. I would love a recommendation on a replacement seat that is comfortable, perhaps with arm rests and is easy to install. Any recommendations.......thanks in advance.
  178. S

    kubota B7800 manuals

    I am a new owner of an older B7800 tractor in need of some of the ops and maintenance manuals. Any odea where to find them on line, or for purchase? -Scott
  179. whistlepig

    B7800 valve adjustment.

    My true blue B7800 is due for a valve adjustment at 800 hours. Today it turned over 795 hours. I'm trying to decide if I should haul it to a dealer or buy the manual and do the valve adjustment myself. I have done all the other maintenance for the past 795 hours. I have done valve adjustments on...
  180. S

    Comparison of Deere trans fluid and SUDT2 in B7800 HST

    When I wanted to use Deere trans fluid in my B7800 HST a couple years ago, I couldn't find anyone that had done it and could tell me what to expect and if it was a good idea. So I went ahead and did it and changed my trans fluid and replaced it with Deere trans fluid. After those couple years...
  181. S

    B7800 inner air filter is mesh? Toss or clean?

    I'm doing the annual oil change, etc on my B7800 and was all set to change the inner and outer air filters. The outer is basic paper but the inner is a sort-of mesh screen and I wonder if this inner screen is a disposable or not? Anyone know if I just toss it or am I supposed to clean or blow it...
  182. S

    Can I use SUDT2 in B7800 HST?

    I picked up some SUDT2 for a HST change in my B7800 since I thought UDT was good, SUDT better and SUDT2 best. Go with the best I figure. Also thought that SUDT was being phased out in favor of SUDT2. Can anyone confirm this so I can make sure I do the right thing? Is SUDT still being made and...
  183. S

    B7800 mower deck wheels have replaceable bushings.

    I broke off a grease fitting on my B7800 six ft belly mower on wife's darned rocks (ouch) and in the replacement process discovered that Kubota uses bushing inserts in the wheels of the mower. What a pleasant surprise since a lot of makers do not.. One of my bad feelings about the mower was...
  184. scaredychicken

    B7800 tractor with FEL (2003 yr)

    there is a classified ad nearby, and the offer is a 2003 model yr B7800 (first year of model) with LA402 FEL, 30 hp, hydrostatic trans (HST), 4WD, diesel, loaded rear agri tires, 3 pt hitch, PTO, walk thru deck, clean condition, low hours, and if the photo is accurate / current - appears almost...
  185. J

    Mid-Mount Mower  WTB Belly Mower for Kubota B7800

    Looking for belly mower, 60-72 inch, for Kubota B7800. Live in Kansas City. Payment via Pay Pal or credit card. 913-687-1654 or lostboys65@yahoo.com
  186. S

    Cost to add FEL to B7800?

    I have a B7800 with 6 ft belly mower that is really just a lawnmower with benefits. Lately I've been thinking of adding an FEL to it so the wife could use it more around the yard. It's small size is a real plus. What do you suppose a loader would cost me?
  187. R

    Relocate seat on Kubota B7800

    A recently acquired B7800 is a little short of leg room causing discomfort. The adjusting rails on which the seat is mounted do not got back far enough to alleviate the problem. Is anybody aware of an aftermarket kit or what options may be available to get a little more room without...
  188. O

    B7800 makes a winning noise

    2007 B7800 4x4 makes a RRRRRRRR noise some times when moving fast , [to me sounds like a relief valve ] but I have little experience , I did change the hydro oil and filters ,no metal parts. dealer can,t look at it for a month . [I like my dealer there just busy]
  189. N

    Busy little B7800

    over this past winter, i have been skidding firewood out of woods with my b7800 and fransgard winch, getting ready for the next firewood season. just figured i would share with everyone what these little tractors and 3ph winches are capable of. all what is in the pictures was done since dec...
  190. kootenai

    Backhoe  Bl4690 bh compatibility to a b7800?

    I am looking at a used b7800. A dealer has a bl 4690 backhoe, he says it will fit but have low clearance. Does anyone know anything about this model and it's compatibility?
  191. A

    Is a B7800 compatible with a BT650 backhoe?

    Hi, I have a B20 tractor with a BT650 backhoe and was considering upgrading to a B7800. Is it possible to use the BT650 on the B7800 or would I need to get a new backhoe? Thanks!
  192. N

    oil leak on b7800 v1505 engine

    noticed small drop of oil this morning on floor from b7800. followed oil trail back up tractor front axel to oil filter to what i am guessing is the oil pressure unit plug on side of engine. (whatever that plug into the side of the engine is next to the oil filter with wires out of it) it had...
  193. K

    B7800 quit while running and won't restart

    I'd been running the tractor doing chores for close to an hour - everything normal. Stopped to load another bucket of firewood to move to the house, so stopped, put it in idle, and locked the parking brake. Just after I got off the machine, it quit, and wouldn't restart. Dash lights come on...
  194. T

    My Kubota B7800 won't start

    My Kubota B7800 stopped running whle idling. Now it turns over but will not start. I've cleaned the fuel filter and still won't start. Any ideas?
  195. G

    Alternator upgrade for my B7800

    I have a 2008 B7800 that I just recently purchased. I have read on internet reviews that the B7800 has a headlight problem that they are next to useless unless you get a Alternator upgrade kit. My first question is, Is this condition for all of the year models of the B7800? If so I have heard...
  196. K

    Oil & Fuel  kubota b7800 hsd

    no power to fuel cut solenoid. two wire connector shorted. engine wont run.
  197. S

    b7800 no down pressure on feL

    my front end loader is acting funny a little jerky and or no down pressure (as in dont want to lift front tires off ground) any ideas to look at or is my control valve gone?
  198. J

    Problems with my Kubota B7800

    Hi all. Even though this is only my second post, I read and learn so much from these forums. I have a 2006 B7800 which I love dearly. The other day, the engine started cutting out as I was using it. If I stop quick enough, it will keep running. Otherwise, it would stall. My first thought was the...
  199. J

    Problems with my B7800

    Hi all. Even though this is only my second post, I read and learn so much from these forums. I have a 2006 B7800 which I love dearly. The other day, the engine started cutting out as I was using it. If I stop quick enough, it will keep running. Otherwise, it would stall. My first thought...
  200. L

    post hole digger for Kubota B7800 30 HP

    TSC is offering a cat 1 post hole digger and 12" auger although I do not know if it is the correct unit for our tractor. Someone told me I need a specific high and narrow boom with a 36" auger for this size tractor. The sales person at TSC was not knowledgable enough to answer my questions. What...