1. B

    Buying Advice  Used JD 1025R

    I'm considering getting a tractor. I've noticed in my area there are many used low hour JD 1025R tractors at dealers and on Facebook marketplace. Some have as little as 5 hours on them. Is this the same across the US? What are your thoughts on why there are so many used 1025R tractors...
  2. Brown Dog

    JD 5115M Open Station Heat Shield

    I’ve tried to buy one of these heat shields from JD & parts guys can’t find it listed so I’m getting my machine shop buddy to make me one for my other 5115M that doesn’t have this option. I took my old one off to go by.
  3. R

    Jd 5045e question

    I have a 2012 jd 5045e 4wd with 9/3 transmission. The center hump between your feet gets really hot and I was wondering if there was an insulated cover or something to shield the heat.
  4. Suburban Plowboy

    How to Fix JD 430 With Leaks on Top of Injector Pump

    My 430 managed to develop a new problem, and I made it worse. There are three rigid fuel lines going into the top of the injector pump on the port side of the engine. The center line, part number AM876210, was slowly dripping diesel where it went into the thing it goes into, which may be a...
  5. M

    How good/bad is the Frontier/JD SB1174P inverted blower?

    I am looking around for a snow blower for this winter. For sure, I will need one. My soon to be regular driveway will be 1500 ft long and gravel in Northern Minnesota. My tractor is a JD 3039R. I'm looking at a SB1174P Frontier inverted blower that is 74" wide. The 3039 is "rated" for...
  6. C

    Welding JD 1275 Hay wagon front right weld on steering linkage

    I took my borrowed cousin's jd 1275 hay wagon to a field to be be filled by towing behind a kick baler. The jersey extended the tongue all the way and cranked it at 90 degree angle ripping the shearing the main pin and breaking off the arm bar that steers the wheel. I can't weld it unless it's...
  7. B

    JD 5093 implement operation and RPMs

    I have noticed that my farm loader (bucket), snow plow are very sluggish when machine is at idle RPMs. Is this normal? I serviced the hydraulic system, changed out all filters including the strainer and still have the same sluggishness. If i crank the RPMs up to 15K, the implements seem to...
  8. J

    JD Electric mulch kit wiring

    I will be putting an electric mulch kit on a John Deere x370. I was told by a technician that the wiring from the control motor on the deck can.get snagged on heavy leaves or stick and pull the wiring out. Anyone have comments on this? John
  9. H

    JD 7200 Planter NEED HELP

    We have a "new to us" JD 7200 max Emerge 4 row planter. We are in the process of getting it set up to plant corn and are having a hard time. Whenever with raise the planter the marker arms drop, and when lowered, they fold up... the complete opposite of what we need. Additionally, one of the...
  10. R

    JD 5055e Loose Wires

    Going through heavy brush my 5055e stopped running. The ignition fuse was burned and when I looked under the tractor there were two wires, one red, one white loose. I replaced the fuse and twisted the wires together and was able to run the tractor. Do these wires go to the PTO lever as a...
  11. B

    JD 4010 compact tractor, hydraulics seem to cut in and out

    Greetings I have a 20 year old 4010 compact tractor, reasonably good shape has been serviced regularly. I noticed this past year the FEL doesn't seem as strong, the power steering, once in a great while, will cut out and won't move. Yesterday the FEL just flat quit raising when I was lifting...
  12. W

    JD 4720 ehydro pressure

    Hello. New member here. I have a JD4720 tractor with a cab. If I pull the transmission dipstick when it’s warm, there is a large release of pressure. I don’t think this normal. Is there a vent that could be plugged? If so, where is it located. Thank you.
  13. T

    Buying Advice  JD 5090E

    Looking to buy another tractor. Looking at a 2020 JD 5090E (assembled USA) and 2022 JD 5090E (made in Mexico). Both have low hours. Any recommendations?
  14. J

    JD E120 Transmission does not engage

    JD E120 does not go forward or backwards. Do not hear any whirling or grinding sounds just does not move. Tractor can be rolled forward and backward whether the bypass rod is engaged or not. When it’s engaged, there is a little ticking sound as it rolls backwards. From previous car experience...
  15. D

    JD 2305

    Hi, I have a john deere 2305 tractor and the back u joint needs to be replaced. Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the shaft? It looks like the whole thing has to come out but I can't seem to get the flooring off so that I can see from the top. Thank you so much in advance from any advice...
  16. P

    JD 447 BH on CT2025

    I'm on the brink of buying a CT2025 and want to have a backhoe, however this is where it get complicated. :) My brother in law has a JD447 backhoe (3pt) that I can use/have however I want frame mount it to the 2025. Has anyone purchased the Bobcat "subframe" brackets and modified it and...
  17. D

    Looking for JD 4610 power reverser owners in Northern California

    I am requesting someone in the Northern California area near Auburn allow me to compare one or two items on your tractor with mine. My tractor was disassembled and I am trying to piece it back together. I didnt disassemble it, I just own the tractor and Im trying to get it up and running again...
  18. D

    2002 JD 4610 help request

    I bought a used 4610 while deployed overseas, my handyman back in the states ended up blowing the engine (connecting rod thru the crankcase) Long story short when I returned home two years later the tractor was in pieces, I had the engine completely rebuilt, Ive been trying to piece it all back...
  19. J

    JD 2030 hyd problems

    So my 3 point quit raising. I looked inside filler hole and seen fluid leaking from lift cyl. I pulled rock shaft housing and put new seal in cyl and put back together. Started tractor an 3 point not doing nothing. I put a gauge on pump. Started tractor an only reading 1400# in idle. Ran rpm up...
  20. Tx Jim

    JD's new parts site??

    Anyone tried using JD's new online parts site? I can only determine how to access very few different model parts catalogs. I know change is difficult the older one gets & I'm OLD! I thought the last change to JD parts was bad but JD really performed a Dandy Change for me when I attempt to look...
  21. C

    JD 4310 PTO & MFWD solenoids

    First question. What is the default connection to the front axle if there is no power to the solenoid? Locked or unlocked?
  22. M

    JD X749 starter solenoid without power

    Hey everybody, My JD X749 w/ Yanmar engine is giving me fits. The starter has been finicky for about a year being reluctant to turn over. It seemed if I finessed the key as I was tuning the key it would finally engage. Assuming it was the switch I changed it out without success, and continued...
  23. Catenary Kid

    JD 3720 fuel gage inconsistent with idiot light

    Troops, Took the sort-of-new-to-me tractor for a spin around the back 11 yesterday which is all standing on edge, some of it pretty seriously. About halfway through my traipse, the low fuel idiot light came on and the fuel gage started acting posessed, reading from 3/4 to 1/4 with stops in...
  24. Williy


    Just listen to the warranty etc willy
  25. C

    JD X580 mower deck won't engage

    My JD X580 mower deck won't engage when I pull the yellow knob lever. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not but when it stopped working I looked underneath & saw that one of the deck leveling bolts (left side when sitting on the mower) had broken so I replaced that along w/ the concave washer &...
  26. R

    2005 JD 3320 Yanmar 3TNV88-M Engine

    Recently purchased a clean, low hour, underpowered 2005 JD 3320 with a Yanmar 3TNV88-M engine. Wanting to increase fueling a little for more power as most engines have more potential of course when they leave the factory. May someone have some input to offer before I dive into this project as a...
  27. F

    JD 110TLB intermittently wont move

    Greetings all, I have a 2004 110TLB, lately, the pedals forward and reverse have been unresponsive. Sometimes forcing the reverse up enables the forward to move, sometimes not. Ive sprayed the potentiometers with WD-40. Didnt seem to do much. help.
  28. H

    2006 JD 1600 Turbo WAM

    I was mowing yesterday and I caught a branch and wedged in between the blade and mower deck on the right wing and it stopped that motor from spinning. I removed the branch and and it worked fine as it should. 15 minutes later I went through some thicker grass and it tries to bogg the motor...
  29. N

    JD 4110

    Purchased this little 20 HP YANMAR mule at auction with 694 hours. Even the engine paint looks new. After servicing and changing filters I mowed some very tall spring grass and compared to our X734 with a 25 HP Kawasaki there is no comparison to its ability to mow with diesel “torque”. No leaks...
  30. M

    JD 5400 Hydraulic power issue

    I can raise my bucket and tip in and out, but have no "power" to lift front tires off the ground. I replaced the pump (truth is I wanted one on the shelf anyways), no affect. Everything else looks good, no leaks, fluid/filter good. Kinda thunkin it may be an internal seal somewhere that...
  31. 5

    JD 2030 Remote Hydraulics Question

    Hey everyone, I picked up this 2030 at an auction recently and I have a question about the rear remotes. Looking at what is on the tractor and comparing with the few pictures I can find online, there are controls for these remotes, correct? If you look at the pictures, the lines run straight to...
  32. S

    JD 855 SCV replacement with aftermarket

    Hi, I have a JD 855 1987, i have some problem with the SCV, but to replace it, it's like 3000$. I found it dont have return hose, directly bolt and return on transmission housing. The question is, can i remove it, block the return hole and install an aftermarket flow divider and control valve...
  33. john15nlt

    Need help identifying model of this JD 2 row planter

    Can anyone help with model of this planter
  34. Tx Jim

    JD 7820 low fuel pressure

    I'm attempting to help my neighbor with a 7820. He changed fuel filters during routine maintenance, started engine & backed out of his shop. Engine stopped operating & low fuel pressure code appeared on instrument panel. He has checked to be sure fuel tank is venting, fuel filter is sealing...
  35. B

    Water in JD 3320

    We've recently had a good amount of much needed rain. Unfortunately, the fuel filler cap on my 3320 wasn't tight and a quantity of water entered the fuel tank. It was only detected upon the engine ceasing to run shortly after starting it. The engine is Yanmar's 3TNV88 with 200 hrs on the...
  36. N

    1994 JD 755 2WD

    I was looking for a JD 4110 and Found a JD 755 with less than a 1000 hours and looks like it has been very well maintained. I know owners who love the 4110 but none of them knew much about the 755. I have a couple questions: Can you still get parts for this machine? What’s the reliability of...
  37. C

    Hello my name is CLTOMIC JD 870 starting problem

    I have an old version of the cranking system that I have been using to check the starting system. But my tractor is a 1995, and has a B in the serial number instead of an A, so I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of where I might get a new version of the cranking diagram? Some of the wires on...
  38. V

    Which model JD 345 & questions

    Hello, Picked up a 1999(?) 345 with 1535 Hrs. for $2000 from a JD rep. He had no manual so, is this a standard, GX, GT or other ? Now, my brother in law says, I need to replace the oil pump and gears before they fail ? Seller claimed the engine was never apart and also, never serviced the...
  39. A

    JD 5400 Service manual

    Picked up a nice older 5400 JD but I need to do a couple things to it. Would anyone happen to have a PDf of the service or tech manual handy. Thanks
  40. L

    JD 850 with oil on the brake shoes..

    How do you pull the oil seal? Should I just screw in a sheet metal screw and attempt to pull it out? Need to drain the transmission fluid first? Where can I find replacement seals and are the brake shoes no longer any good since they been soaked in oil?
  41. rob0075

    Buying new JD 5075E or Kubota M4D-071

    I'm getting ready to buy either a 5075e or a M4D. Currently own a JD 4052r and a Kubota B2601 so I'm not necessarily loyal to either brand, both dealers are rather close and seem good to work with. I've really looked at both tractors and each has things I like. I've heard a lot of people...
  42. J

    JD 4044R

    My front end loader joystick will only raise and lower no side to side movement doesn’t return to center position also.
  43. G

    JD 5045e warning beeps when under load with full throttle

    Driving me crazy! Warning triangle on dash display with ! keeps showing up without really pulling it down...up a hill or any change in the load. Manual gives same good old response-call your dealer. Warning for all: I bought this new from a major dealer in another state and my local dealer...
  44. S

    Looking for new JD model

    Hello...new to the forum. I own a 2005 John Deere LX280. Been a great mower for almost 20 years. Has about 700 hours on it. Was looking for a new model that's as close to this model specs as possible (size, hp, deck size, reliability). What are your suggestions? I'm guessing the 300 series...
  45. M

    JD 5075E Shifter Lever will not go into 3rd or 4th gear

    Hey y'all, new here. Was hoping to find some help with my 5075E. Was out running it a couple days ago and it was shifting into all the gears and acting normal and then randomly one time I went to go back into 3rd from second (just going down the road, no implements running) and the shifter lever...
  46. S

    JD 2350 hydraulic leak

    A friend had a hydraulic leak on his 2350 and after removing the hood we discovered split/rotted small hoses running from what I assume is some sort of surge tank just behind the radiator. The tank is about 8" diameter or so and has a T fitting on top with barbed nipples where the two lines...
  47. pvi

    2011 John Deere 1600 series 2

    hey guys, im new here. hopefully I came to the right place to find some help. I just bought. used 2011 1600 series 2 with 2600 hours. hours didn't really bother me as the machine didn't look beat up and id only be using it 5-6 hours a week, 6 months out of the year. I used it Monday for the...
  48. S

    Need parts for jd 80 corn planter

    Need help finding seed spacing sprocket
  49. B

    Side by Side or 4x4

    My wife and I have been looking at getting a side by side for running up and down the mountains in southeast KY. It seems the cheap ones start at about 8000 and they go up from there. The JD Gators can easily be 25000. Even used the resale seems fairly high for what it is. My daughter was...
  50. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  51. F

    JD 1050 - LABOR COST for cleaning and reinstalling injectors?

    I have a JD 1050 (I believe it is 20 + years old) with a 3-cylincer Yanmar engine. The JD dealer replace the fuel injector pump (that I bought) and now wants to 'clean' the injectors. The estimate he game me seems way too high. Does anyone know how many hours it would take to install the three...
  52. R

    HELP needed- JD 770 not starting

    My 1996 JD 770 tractor is not starting. i get no lights or anything. checke battery-it's good. i checked the fuses and after pulling them all-it did start. then, a few days later the same exact thing happened. i quickly tried the check the fuses again and this time it didn't help. any...
  53. Gittyup

    JD X739 for Sale

    2017 model. 540 hours. 3pt hitch. 54" snow blade and quick hitch adapter. 54" mower deck. 4WD and 4 Wheel Steer. Tow-hitch included. Nice, well maintained tractor. Pickup only at zip code 21784 (Maryland). Price is $8500 firm.
  54. powerplusdude

    1996 JD 6200 Fuel Pump/Tank Filter

    1996 JD 6200 Open Cab: I refuse to believe that I have to buy a whole new fuel pump to get a new filter/strainer that is installed on the end of it. Dealer wants over $100 for a new fuel pump. I would think the filter on the end would only be a few dollars and should be a separate part. Does...
  55. S

    JD 3320 Lights on but starter does not start

    Dash comes on and lights up, error panel says "neutof" but starter does not start All lights in dash on, headlights come on bright Battery is JD battery new in December - I have not tested the battery Cleaned battery posts and the connection on tractor from battery to tractor for both - and +...
  56. H

    Big Parts Opportunity

    Friends, and elderly gentleman in our church passed away and the contents of his property are being auctioned on January 26th at his home in Raleigh, NC. He was quite the collector and liked JD equipment. Items at auction include: 1961 JD 1010RU, 40HP 1955 JD Model 70 Diesel 1974 JD 830A 1952...
  57. P

    JD 2210 HST cranks but won’t start.

    I got this Tractor as a barn find only 85 hours. It hasn’t been turned on in years. When I go to turn it on all it does is crank. I emptied all the fuel out of it and replaced it with new. Still does the same thing. All the fluids are full. I pulled off the injector lines and they had fuel but...