kubota bx23

  1. T

    Tractor (BX23 for example) on trailer - how to chock?

    The biggest tires x2, diagonals 2x, all four corners 1x?
  2. T

    BX23 '1st clutch' slips out...?

    Yeah, I know there's no operator clutch, but listen. Around 600 hours. I'm mowing, say 2 hours steady, wet grass, motor not 'hot'. On 'quick' turns, I lose steering, mid pto, and drive - comes right back. Tried high and low 'gear' - still happens, less if I just slip around corners (?). Gotta'...
  3. P

    Kabota BX23 parts

    Hi there Does anyone know where I can buy Kabota plastic bodywork from in Europe please ? Does anyone know where I can oder body parts for my KabotaBT23 un Europe? please
  4. A


    My 23 is not stopping when I take my foot off the pedal. As soon as I touch the brake pedal it stops immediately. Currently it kinda runs on. What is the adjustment on this. Much obliged for any help.
  5. T

    BX23 Cream colored hydraulic fluid after 2 exchanges

    As above! Sequence Had a mowing at remote field. Topped up fluid with 'trusted', nearly empty 5 gal can. Saw clear fluid, stopped. Didn't separate in sample jar, just weird to me. Finished with opening new 5 gal can. Did mowing job, no problem. Returning machine, noticed leaking hose on backhoe...
  6. M

    BX23 Kubota

    How do you stop the tractor from running when the switch won’t turn it off?
  7. A

    2003 BX23 sell price

    My wife and I are considering selling the place and moving to an area where I would not have need for the BH. This is not imminent but… I bought his machine in about ‘12 for a good price. There was a grower out here who thought it best that he depart the area right pronto and I bought the 200 hr...
  8. T

    BX23 Steering fault

    Noticed on my last 'road trip' that my BX23 ignored first few (partial) turns of steering wheel. Let's say the road curved left a bit, and my casual corrections were ignored, startled me, and a big left got it done. Do I start with the steering wheel valve or lower stuff? All is 17 or so years...
  9. T

    (BX23 stabilizer) Cylinder piston interior seal technique

    So I spent 20 minutes or so trying to fold the (all plastic, no spring) seal into an outline of a 'C' that would fit inside the bore. It kept twisting down the bore into an elongated oval. So, I found an appropriate socket, filled most of the bore, and it twisted up the first try - though not...
  10. T

    BX23 BT600 Cylinder rebuild parts

    are ridiculous! I had done my FEL myself one at a time so I didn't notice as much, but these X4, X1 are really adding up. I was gonna' get the ones I needed and a spare, so far it's $800 for a few o-rings, slides, and seals - wow! So, rant over, base BT600 Boom/Dipper/Stab/Stab seem to be same...
  11. T

    BX23 Brake questions

    I have a little apply noise, so researching before I dig in. In parts, I see 2 axle packs of discs that operate by, let's say cams, from the foot linkage. Does replacing these REQUIRE pulling transmission up and out? All the way? I see a piston operated clutch pack. I'll guess this system...
  12. T

    BX23 new rear tires

    So, punched a hole, in my original, R-1, near dry rotted tire, between bars, close to sidewall, so rather curved there. It 'ran', created crack, etc. - not really much tire between bars. Tried tubes - no luck, went with new tires. Dealers said R-1 NOT whole goods anymore, pushing R-4s. Also...
  13. K

    Price for a new BX23S

    Thoughts on this price for a new BX23S from a local dealer. The package includes: 2021 BX23S, LA344 loader w/quick attach. 48" bucket w/bolt-on cutting edge. BT603 backhoe w/12" bucket and mechanical thumb. Land Pride BB1248 48" box scrapper and 3 point linkage kit. Out the door w/o tax was...
  14. N

    BX23 hard starting

    My bx with the fuel cutoff solenoid plugged in is very hard starting, as soon as I unplug it fires up almost instantly, doesn't matter if cold or hot. I have replaced both the solenoid and relay still same problem. Any ideas where to go next?
  15. N

    Kubota bx23 hard start

    My bx with the fuel cutoff solenoid plugged in is very hard starting, as soon as I unplug it fires up almost instantly, doesn't matter if cold or hot. I have replaced both the solenoid and relay still same problem. Any ideas where to go next?
  16. C

    Are New Bx23s still unobtainum?

    Tried sending a message to a local dealer asking for a quote, got nothing but silence. Are these things still impossible to get?
  17. T

    BX23 (XX?) Light Upgrade

    OK - My turn/hazard flasher failed. (I resoldered all the back side stuff - remained failed.) As you know, it's $100 now. So, researched VA code, wiring diagram, my use - and decided 'turn signals' were useless on a daylight-travel only tractor. I also concluded, what are they called, twinker...
  18. T

    BX23 D905 Block Drain

    I wasted a lot of time looking at other BX's - so for archiving: On a BX23 with D905: Block drain is RIGHT side, towards radiator, under 905 casting mark, 2 'plugs' in vertical line, upper one internal hex (looks like pipe plug) lower one hex head BLOCK DRAIN with copper washer. As we have...
  19. P

    Mid mount lift on BX23 issue.

    I got my BX stuck a month or so back. I pulled it out, but now, there is an issue with the MMM raising and lowering. I can't get the mower to lower very much. I dropped the deck, thinking maybe something was twisted from being pulled out, but the arms all seem fine. I tried putting the deck in...
  20. T

    BX23 Lift Pump

    I was looking to get a spare, mine says U-SHIN, they show a pic but not a number. Messicks' "Kubota" pump was $139, most by picture on Amazon are $20. Is there a quality difference, anyone source U-SHIN direct?
  21. T

    BX23 Fuel Issue Help...

    Ok, was running just fine. Tank got low. Engine burbled once, I cut it off and went for fuel. Got Kroger car fuel, no fuel buddy! On restart (no burble), after a while (10 minutes?), lost high RPM power, hi rpm burbles, etc... got through the day. Threw in Diesel 911 per NAPA recommendation, no...
  22. T

    BX23 Front Axle Seals - NOT 'pivot'

    But the actual front (stubby) axle seal at the 2 bearings in the gear cover. I bought these seals along with a pivot set - turns out that was easy after these - https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200898125_200898125 Are the axle seals and bearings a press job? Failure rate? I see no...
  23. M

    '04 BX23 Hydraulic Fluid Leak Near Drain Plug

    I have an '04 Kubota BX23 and I started noticing a small drip of hydraulic fluid coming from the drain plug. I ordered both a new plug and gasket (actually a washer I guess). Installed them just fine. Snugged them up but did NOT overtighten them. I continued to notice the small drip form on the...
  24. M

    '04 BX23 Leaking Hydraulic Fluid Near Drain Plug

    I have an '04 Kubota BX23 and I started noticing a small drip of hydraulic fluid coming from the drain plug. I ordered both a new plug and gasket (actually a washer I guess). Installed them just fine. Snugged them up but did NOT overtighten them. I continued to notice the small drip form on...
  25. W

    Kubota BX23 leak

    I bought a Kubota BX23(TLB) a few days ago. yesterday I was trying to get some stumps pulled before the storm. it was going good until the tractor started leaking from the front/mid section. I didn't notice it at first as I was sitting facing the back using the backhoe. I stopped and tried to...
  26. B

    New BX23S Owner / Electrical Question

    Hi, I'm in the process of purchasing a BX23S. It'll be my first tractor. Used for some minor landscaping tasks around my property. It will be used mostly for snow clearing so I'm getting the BX2822 55" commercial blower with hydraulic chute. We have about 500 feet of asphalt driveway shared...
  27. L

    bad fuel on the bx23.

    If I leave my tractor running will it drain the battery if it sits there for 12 hours after it runs out of fuel ? I'm trying to purge the 5 year old fuel that is in it because it is hard to start at 40F and it is smoking a lot. Any thoughts ? Larry in NH
  28. B

    Kubota BX23 3 point bleed

    I have a new to me 2005ish bx23 and my back is loving it! Everything else works great (hydrostat/fel/backhoe attachment). I just got a 3 point hitch setup and a land pride grader, put it all on and discovered that my 3 point hitch won't stay up (it bleeds down really fast). I have turned the...
  29. T

    BX23 Floor Replacement

    Greetings I知 in a heck of a mess. I own a 2004 BX23 (serial 67062) that has a rotted-out floor. The part number is K2561-95510. I have placed orders with two suppliers only to receive a call back a day later indicating they don稚 have the floor in stock. I have also called four other dealers in...
  30. A

    Good little Gold mining project for the BX23

    Went over to a friends place the other day. It had been a rental for a few years and there is a small creek, dry this time of the year, about 15' off the side of the house. In walking the place I asked what the piles and dams in the stream were. Turns out the tenant did some gold mining and...
  31. buckeyefarmer

    Price Check  Price on BX23, 2005

    Looking for price to buy a BX23 with loader, BH with 12” bucket, front blade, 60” deck. 1585 hrs. Kept indoors. One owner. Year either 2004 or 2005.
  32. A

    BX23, neighbors and the treasure split

    I don't have friends but the BX23 does. I am happy to help neighbors with the tractors. They took more gold out of Nevada County, where I live than any other area of CA. So, we are always on the hunt when digging on the place and my place shows on maps from 1860, so you never know. I can hardly...
  33. G

    BX23 (older model) service

    Hi I知 doing a complete service on my BX23 and I have a couple of questions. I have read through the John Thomas service thread. Most of the info is for the newer BX tractors but much of the info is the same My screen for the transmission oil is not like the one that has the small bolt and...
  34. M


    I bought an '04 BX23, who meticulously maintains his equipment. No problems. Then after a few months, I noticed hydraulic fluid leaking (very, very slowly) from the transmission oil pan drain plug. I drained the system, bought a new washer/O-ring and refilled the system with genuine Kubota...
  35. M

    DRAIN PLUG - '04 BX23

    I bought an '04 BX23, who meticulously maintains his equipment. No problems. Then after a few months, I noticed hydraulic fluid leaking (very, very slowly) from the transmission oil pan drain plug. I drained the system, bought a new washer/O-ring and refilled the system with genuine Kubota...
  36. P

    BX23 side step up attachment

    I am looking for a left side step up that is a bolt on. I am trying to see if Kubota made one. I have owned this BX new from 2004. Getting older now and have been looking for a step up. I was looking to adapt my own creation but the steel is very thick on the frame for me to drill through so I...
  37. P

    Backup mirror for 2004 BX23

    I have tried to mount a mirror various places with no satisfactory results. I tried on the roll bar and maybe mounting on the hood or either side of the hood. If anyone has attached a backup mirror I'd love to hear where you installed it and how. I am 71 and have a difficult time turning my head...
  38. E

    BX23 Ujoint / new vibration question

    Hello to all tractoring dudes. I am reaching out to our collective knowledge base to get some answers regarding a repair/operation issue involving my 12 year old 800 hour BX23 TLB. Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to include as much background data as possible. The slope of my property...
  39. E

    BX23 Ujoint / new vibration question

    Hello to all tractoring dudes. I am reaching out to our collective knowledge base to get some answers regarding a repair/operation issue involving my 12 year old 800 hour BX23 TLB. Sorry for the long story, but I wanted to include as much background data as possible. The slope of my property...
  40. ametcalf

    BX23 Stability

    Need to stabilize BX23. We started a project to let wood chips rot down into top soil. We live in an area where the soil has a high clay content. One time my wife needed to send a raspberry root sample to the university during a dry spell and I literally had to chisel it out of the ground with a...
  41. A

    Questions on an older BX23

    Hello all , I'm looking at a very clean BX23 , garage kept 1300 hours , with mower deck turf tires . I'm buying from a place where the fellow buys trade ins from dealers and auctions ect . He buys the really cleans ones , goes over them ,fluid changes ect , I don't mind paying a premium for a...
  42. T

    Current spray paint info, for old BX23...

    As above, I have an inherited BX23 from 2005 or so. Looking at tractor and paint chart - Kubota Paint Chart I seem to have yellow paint showing under orange in a number of places, was expecting to see Yellow Repair Primer listed - but only Grey - good under all colors and types? Would my...
  43. T

    BX23 Backhoe newer bucket replacement

    I was in the middle of a stump (I just love stumping) at MIL's and pulled the back out of my 12 in. original bucket. Piddled around on the web and found OK pricing but shipping OMG! Called my dealer, he had a newer 8 in. ordered for someone who never showed up, at better than whole goods, but it...
  44. M

    Trouble Pulling Hills (BX23)

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker first time poster. I have a 2004 bx23 950 hrs. I have been noticing lately that I don't have the normal power when mowing hills and driving up my driveway. It seems to be excessive whining and has become more and more prevalent. And yes I am using low speed. These...
  45. S

    BX23 HST pedal no pressure

    I have an issue with getting no pressure to the HST pedal (pedal is just limp and not working, can be freely moved up and down by hand) It's a BX23, approx 1300hrs. Just did a service (Engine oil, fuel filters, transmission oil and filters) The tractor ran fine, reconnected the MMM, mowed for...
  46. P

    WTS: Kubota BX23 TLB with 54" mower (Pittsburgh area)

    WTS: Kubota BX23 TLB with 54" mower. About 770 hours. Still being used and runs great. Little dirty at the time of the pics but cleans up well. Aftermarket skid plates with it. Rear plate is installed, the front plate comes with it but I don't have it installed right now (can't have it on with...
  47. R

    New BX23S Owner With Questions

    Hello everyone, I now have 72 hours on my BX23S. On my recent project I noticed a couple of things that I wanted to ask if I should contact the dealer for warranty work or if they are "normal" tractor things that you see with use. 1. My driver side loader lift cylinder has a small leak that...
  48. T

    BX23 seat parts, free

    for pickup, will trash later this week. I disassembled original seat (to pull vinyl back in line), decided not to repair - it is repairable, but time constraints this week. So if you need metal back, lined internal pad, vinyl cover, closing trim - come and get 'em. (Last metal clip split.)...
  49. F

    BX23 Front Axle Clicking

    The front axle on my 10-year old BX23 has decided to start clicking when the wheels are turned to the left and/or the right. I topped off the axle fluid and it still does it. (Hard to see the level of the clear fluid on the tiny dipstick.) To my laymen's ears, it sounds mechanical -- like bad...
  50. F

    Used Amsoil 5W/40 for BX23 oil change and now smell a little burning oil

    Two weeks ago I changed the oil on my BX23 (750+ hours on the clock) and had to use some Amsoil Signature 5W/40 (I use Amsoil in my Ram 4500 Cummins) because I was out of Kubota 15W/40. Now I smell burning oil every once in a while. No smoke, just the smell. Should I switch it back to the...
  51. J

    2017 Kubota BX23 - Snow removal

    So, I am a newbie to tractors in general and to the forum. I know there are quite a few post on here regarding snow removal for Kubota Sub compacts. I am looking at the landpride/kubota quick tach plow options, they all seem to be designed for 25hp or more. So i specifically want to...
  52. W

    BX23 Advice Needed

    I recently bought a used 2004 Model BX23MLB, S/N 6657x with a 42 Silver Edge rotary and a 4' boxblade for 9.5k . It was garage kept with 448 hours and everything seemed to work fine with no apparent leaks. Subsequent to purchase I learned I should have checked the HST cooling fan and I've now...
  53. C

    New BX23S :D

    I have been looking at tractors for far too long and finally broke down and purchased! Delivery is this coming week. I was toying between the B2301 and BX23S and finally decided on the smaller of the two. It was an extremely tough call - I loved the power of the B, but couldn't quite get passed...
  54. K

    Kubota BX23 hydraulic issues

    We received this tractor used about 2 months ago. It had been run low on hydraulic fluid. It has no visible leaks and the fluid is clean. Today we put 2 quarts of fluid in. This took away the abnormal whine. (Not the typical hydrostatic drive sound.) The loader's hydraulics are still sluggish...
  55. F

    Oil & Fuel  BX23 fuel tankwill only fill with 3.5 gallons

    Ran out of diesel in my BX23, had just filled it up the day before. Used most of the day but it runs quite a while on a tank. Thought it might be a filter, disconnected the line into the bottom filter and no diesel. Inserted a long piece of stiff wire into tank and it came out wet. Filled up...
  56. Johnkn

    Anyone trade a BX25D for a new BX23S?

    Anyone make this move? Thoughts? My 2014 only has 75 hours, I have most of the BXpanded upgrades and wheel spacers, etc. that I would keep, my current tractor also has the dealer installed Land Pride grapple which makes the tractor in my opinion. Thinking of trading in on the new BX with new...
  57. B

    Kubota BX23 won't turn off...new twist

    I have a 2005 BX23 that lives outside. It has developed the common problem where it won't shut off when you turn the key off. But there is a new twist to the problem that I have not been able to find in any of the discussion on the subject. When I manually shut down the engine using the lever...
  58. A

    BX23 hydraulics

    Last time I ran the 23 it operated perfectly. A few months ago I changed the hydraulic fluid, cleaning the filter etc. Fluid is clean an tops at the dip stick. Started it up and tried to lift the FEL or BH and no joy. I shut it down and relieved the pressure on the system. Disconnected the...
  59. S

    New BX23S

    Good morning, new member here. Had my BX23S delivered late yesterday. It was too late to do much on it, but hopefully that will change today. Having 15 tons of washed gravel delivered to start working on some retaining walls. Supposed to get either rain or snow later today so I will keep posted...
  60. T

    Loader  BX23 Cylinder leaking LA210 - rebuild or buy new?

    Hi Kubota experts. I shut my BX23 down today when I noticed hydraulic fluid was streaming straight down from the curl cylinder on my LA210 front end loader (FEL) Has anyone expericed removing this cylinder and was it difficult? It looks like the steps are to lower the bucket releasing any...
  61. T

    BX23 brakes

    I'm not sure how to ask, but.... Is the hydraulic braking an inherent function of the mechanical design, or a function of applying and releasing the same brakes I apply with my foot? If I wear the foot brakes out completely, will the hydraulic brakes be gone? By hydraulic brakes I mean the no...
  62. J

    Backhoe  BX23 Backhoe Dolly

    I have been thinking of making a new dolly for my BX23 backhoe. I have a wooden one made of 2X4s and plywood. The problem is that it is too high. It makes it difficult to remove the backhoe without hitting/bending the back fender. I was thinking if I made a metal one out of 1x square metal...
  63. Ryansweatt2004

    Kubota BX23 backhoe bucket rebuild

    Hey everyone, just figured I'd share with you my recent project. My neighbor and tractor buddy did a number on his BX23 backhoe bucket yesterday while digging out an old half rotted stump. Mind you after 11 or 12 years of being used and abused for digging rocks and stumps the bucket was heavily...
  64. T

    BX23, RCK54-22BX, GCK60-BX ?'s

    I couldn't think of a better header... So - I have that equipment and some ?'s! 1. For various positions... Why on earth did Kubota supply, for some of the clevis pins, those snap rings? 2. For my mower... Why do they spec the front of the mower to be lower? (Almost counter intuitive...) 3. I...
  65. P

    Finally towed the BX23

    First time towing the Kubota BX23 with FEL and BH (2700# dry weight) today. I figure the gross weight of the trailer with payload was 4500-4600#. I took it slow. Wasn't sure of what to expect pulling with the Tacoma. In the end, I was pretty impressed. I upped the boost setting on the control...
  66. General Lee

    Here it is....New BX23S

    Some may have seen a couple recent threads of mine regarding Pricing and the backhoe capabilities .... Brought it home today First Stump Third stump..... Check out the tap root on that little sucker I removed 3 stumps in about 30 minutes. Nothing to crazy. Would have been faster if...
  67. Old Red

    New BX23s

    Good morning everyone, just posting up what followed me home from the dealer yesterday. Got the 3rd function remote, 48 inch LP BB, and backhoe. This is my first SCUT. Going to use it on the rental properties and around house. Been interested in one of these things for years.
  68. General Lee

    New BX23S Price Check

    Hello all - Looking at a new BX23S w/ loader, BH and 60 inch MMM. was given a quick quote of 21, 250. I stopped in the dealer for a tractor part and inquired on the BX23S. Curious what you guys think of that price? If I can get comfortable w/ the numbers I'd be trading in my BX1870.
  69. T

    Price Check  2004 BX23 450 hours

    Hi TractorByNet. I have a good running BX23 with 450 hours. Was thinking of trading in for a L3301. The dealer who services the tractor threw out they go between $9500 and $11,500 without seeing the unit. Said he would give at least $9500 and that with only 450 hours that's nothing. Go...
  70. T

    BX23 tire advice

    2005 or so BX23.... OE tires/wheels were Ag/Angled bar: front 18 8.5 8 rear 26 12 12 I want turfs for lawn care, from reading it seems current supply is same except larger front wheel front 18 8.5 10 rear 26 12 12 dealer is offering turfs in older sizes.... front 18 8.5 8 rear 26 12 12...
  71. A

    Hydrostatic tranny fluid Vol on a BX23

    My service manual for my 2660 says 3.1 gal. Is the HST on the 23 the same volume? guess I had better pick up that manual as well.
  72. A

    BX23 service

    I have a BX2660 and a BX23. I have had only dealers service on the 2660 and while I have had the 23 for a while it has had little use. I have the service manual for the 2660 and am going to pull the 500 hour on the 23 myself. Will the 2660 service manual be an adequate guide for me? Much obliged...
  73. T

    BX23 Battery Tender Connection Location

    As above... I have the print, but it doesn't have a wiring location diagram. I have 2-10 in. connectors w/o fuses, and 24 in. connectors w/fuse. I would rather find a protected place under/near the hood than under the battery grille (easier to get to in snow). I expect connectors not long term...
  74. H

    wheels and tires from a BX25 to a BX23

    Can I put BX 25 wheel assemblies on my 2005 BX23 with no issues? Not sure I can still get them but if nothing else I need to by new front tires before he snow flies. I am running the stock AG tires on mine still
  75. C

    Bx23 blinker bulb

    Can someone please tell me what the non-Kubota part number is for the blinker bulb? Kubota's part number is 37410-52720 20W. The bulb is stamped Stanley 12V 20W. It's a single contact bayonet base bulb. Bulb is approximately 11/16 dia. x 1-1/4 long. I want to replace them with LED's, so I...
  76. B

    Kubota BX23 Bagger

    looking for a bagger for my Kubota bx23
  77. B

    Kubota BX23 Bagger

    After reading the countless threads im still left in the dark as to which grass catcher/bagger will fit a Kubota Bx23. So if someone could please clear the air as to which bagger fits a bx23 (gck-23bx,gck-60 etc)
  78. D

    Bleed the Kubota BX23 Fuel System

    Kubota BX23 - fuel gauge failed - ran out of fuel - refilled and won't start. What is the proper procedure to bleed the system?
  79. H

    BX23 radiator failure

    My radiator decided to start leaking at the joint for the top tank. Is another plastic/metal radiator all that is available for these. $300 is a little steep for a little radiator that is part plastic.
  80. rich bx

    Mowing  would an RCK48-15bx mower deck fit the bx23

    I have a bx23 that I need a mower deck for. THe 2 deck models this tractor specifies are the rck54,60-2bx models But I see the bx2200 and the bx23 will take the same model mower deck, but I guess newer (mine bx23 is a 2007) model bx2200 might have shipped with this other rck48-15bx deck? Does...
  81. R

    Broken propeller shaft on Kubota BX23

    I've seen many posts here regarding replacing the propeller attached to the drive shaft, but none on replacing a broken propeller shaft. Mine broke inside the HST and I would like to know how difficult it would be to repair.
  82. S

    Backhoe  BX23 back hoe removal

    Hello, I purchased a used BX23 with around 950 hours on it. I have used it a good deal to pull stumps and dig foots for a shed. I have been trying to remove the backhoe and the unit will not come off. I follow the instructions and the top mounts will not release. I believe they are rusted or...
  83. D

    BX23 Not Starting Without PTO Selector In Rear PTO Position

    I just got my BX23 back from the dealer, who replaced the HST unit, and now I find that it will not start/crank unless the PTO selector lever is in the Rear PTO only position (all the way forward). This position does depress the switch under the tractor. What is really confusing me, is that I...
  84. L

    72" finishing mower behind BX23

    Have an opportunity to pick up a used Land Pride DR 1572 inch finishing mower. Has anyone ran something of this size behind a BX? I'm sure it would struggle, but would love to hear any feedback. Cheers Roger
  85. rdsaustintx

    HELP Please! BX23

    Hi. Was troubleshooting power loss on my BX23. It is the battery cable. But I pulled two main fuses to test continuity. They are on the right side of the engine bay, near oil filter at bottom of the cowl. Here's my problem: I don't remember which fuse came from which socket. One fuse is 50A...
  86. 07wingnut

    BX23 HST fan is bald

    Hello all, I am new to this forum if skulking about is not taken into account. Just got a BX23 kubota and while cleaning it up, noticed that my HST fan has no blades. How serious is this for the HST and how hard is it to replace?
  87. P

    Bx23 just got a 2750D Snowblower

    Hi, I just got a like new 2750D snowblower off of Craigslist. Can someone tell me the correct parts that I will need to attach the snowblower to my BX23? I know one is the quick Hitch but does anyone have the correct part numbers so I know what to ask for when I call my dealer? Thank You!
  88. B

    used 2005 bx23

    Newbie here currently in the market for a TLB found a 2005 bx23 with 940 hrs comes with mower deck, asking $12500 just trying to get a ballpark of pricing i feel this is a bit high. any input greatly appreciated thanks bones08
  89. P

    Oil & Fuel  BX23 Transmission fluid level check

    Hello, I recently bought a used BX23 with about 600 hours on it. The seller last had it serviced about 80 hours ago with a dealer at which time they replaced all fluids and filters. I found the transmission fluid was low, off the dipstick. I pumped new UDT into the transmission; it took about...
  90. T

    Bx23 turf tires and chairn

    I want to put snow chains on my bx23 turf tires--I cant tell if i need spacers or not, or if so, how thick. Anybody running chains on bx23 turfs without spacers?
  91. D

    BX23 Won't Start

    Bs 23 will not start. Have power and it will start if you jump the starter. Think it is the lever switch. How do I check that for sure?
  92. R

    BX23 Stop Solenoid Function

    I recently purchased a 2005 Kubota BX23. It's not received the best of care, and the electrical system has had lots of "field modifications". It appears that essentially all safety switches have been cut out of the loop. When I first started using the tractor, it would intermittently stop...
  93. L

    Kubota bx23

    i have a kubota bx23. I had a hyd fitting leak. Changed the fitting. Was low on hyd fluid so I changed filter and oil. Now my attachments ( bucket , backhoe) will not work. They are very slow. What do I do.
  94. U

    BX23 Loader Joystick lost dump detent???

    New it had to happen someday... my first BX issue. Started up the BX today for some chores and found the joystick would drift to dump with almost no effort. At first I didn't realize the loader was dumping by itself... my hand was not on the joystick. I'm guessing whatever the problem it has...
  95. U

    Measured BX23 remote hydraulic flow

    Last night I finally hooked a hydraulic flow meter to the remote ports on the back of my BX23 with 750 hours on it. At full throttle, it's 3.75 GPM. The only references I ever found were that the system made 5.5 GPM, but it always seemed like my hydraulic projects ran slower than expected...
  96. Berniep

    BX23 stalling, must be the feul sending unit rust thing...wrong!

    Havent been around here in a while but when my tractor started acting up the first thing I did was search here. The symptoms matched exactly the folks who found rusted fuel level sending units. Stalling, sputtering and such. Seat switches check good with an ohm meter. I could see trash in the...
  97. P

    Adding a valve to rear of Kubota BX23

    I am looking to add a valve to control a single ended cylinder by connecting to where the hoe normally attaches and has a bypass line connected when the hoe is not attached. I believe this to be a power-beyond circuit and would need an appropriate valve. Has anyone done this? Which valve was...
  98. M

    Any reason on not to buy a BX23?

    A friend of the family has a 100 hour bx23 for sale, she did not mention price yet but I know its a older model is there anything I need to worry about with that model? Thanks IS there a older model than a bx23 like a bx22? It could be that model, any problems with either?
  99. S

    bx23 bt600 install/remove pgs

    Hi could somebody post or send link with the bx23/bt600 hoe install/remove instructions. Couple of pages in owners/op man but can't find my orange binder with it wsm parts cd in it. durn thanx Pat all the youtube vids seem 2b4 bx24/25 which is different
  100. A

    BX23 power loss

    I have about 450 hours on the machine and it has recently lot power on the drive train. I had a heck of a time getting up a slope that It has been up many times without issue. Suggestions?
  101. A


    MY bx23 is having a tough time these days, seems i have lost all breaking power to the wheels, when i attempt to push into a pile the tractor will not break traction, the wheels will not spin. usually the engine will stall out, but not now.....looks like the fluid was low, and i did not change...
  102. D

    BX23 HST FAN

    Installed my new fan today. Every blade was gone off the old one. Went real well thanks to a post I read on how to do it. One hour from start to finish. This person said to use a ratchet strap to pull back the driveshaft from the coupling after unbolting it. Had just enough room to wiggle that...
  103. R

    Kubota bx23 shimies in forward and reverse

    I have 2004 BX23 (I bought new)with 802 hours. When I start out from a dead stop and push the foot petal hard to go forward the tractor has a very noticable viberation or shimmie in both high and low. The front end loader and backhoe works fine, I used the FL to move a lot of snow this winter...
  104. D

    Snow  BX23 with BX2750

    I'm looking to buy a BX2750 blower with a 2751 hitch on it. Don't know the number of the mid p.t.o. But I think the mid pto is too long - 14 7/8". The unit was on a model 2670 tractor. Someone told me that all the long driveshafts that go from the p.t.o. off the tractor to the splined shaft on...
  105. T

    bx23 front axle bolt

    I'm looking for the front axle pivot bolt nut torque spec, can't seem to find it and don't have a manual. The tractor has 796 hours on it and there's an intermittent/inconsistent clunk coming from the front end, and I figure it's coming from there. It's doesn't seem to be related to 2wd/4wd or...
  106. C

    Kubota BX23 troubleshooting rough running engine

    I've had a recurring problem on a 2003 BX23 with about 400 hours on it where the engine will go into this mode where it runs very rough, and barely idle regardless of the throttle setting. Sometimes it will die but will usually start again and run rough. Eventually it will clear-up and run fine...
  107. Sodo

    Weight of BX24D with FEL and Backhoe (also BX23, BX25)

    I found some of this on orangetractor forum. Some is edits from TBN members. 1520 - Tractor 628 - BH Backhoe 22 - 8 inch BH bucket 375 - FEL Loader 132 - FEL bucket _________________ 2677 lbs TOTAL weight This info was surprisingly difficult to find in all the specs sites I looked at...
  108. C

    Kubota bx23

    I saw used a used bx23 for sale on craigslist. Checked it out and it looks to be pretty clean and in good shape with the exception being the air cleaner bracket is broke. I know that is common. It has 1100 hours. He is asking 11,900. Is it worth it? I have the bx2200 and would love the...
  109. P

    Mowing  Kubota BX23 Mower Deck

    I have a Kubota BX23. As I understand it the correct mower deck would be a RCK6022BX or a RCK5422BX. I have an opportunity to purchase a RCK54T23BX. Does anyone know if this deck will fit a BX23? Thank you for your help
  110. G

    Flashing light on bx23

    I have an old orange flashing light ( the kind with a rotating reflector) that I want to use on the bx roll bars when I am moving snow. Any suggestion as to where I should take the power from? I was hoping there was something under the seat but I don't see anything? Also, do you think a magnet...
  111. R

    BX25D vs BX23?

    New to the forum, I've read a lot of good insight so far - Thanks! Little back ground first - small property but a lot of 'projects' over the next two years that a small machine would come in real handy (at least I've convinced myself of that, and I think the boss is on board). I've looked at...
  112. C

    Loader  BX23 Control Valve part numbers

    I have a BX23 and had to order new kits for the control valve detents. Not sure if that's the right verbage or not. But it's the things that screw into the bottom of the control valve that has springs and things inside. The one that controls the loader arms fit and worked perfectly. The...
  113. Poopdeck Pappy

    BX23 - Pricing Help

    I'm going to look at a BX23 TLB with about 300 hours on it. Looks good in the pics, but haven't seen it in the flesh yet. Seller is asking $12,000, which seems a little high to me. What are your thoughts on pricing on one of these.
  114. 2Bad4u

    48" Blade Box for BX23

    Many people here have recommended getting a BB for an upcoming BX2370 purchase versus getting a ballast box. The rear ballast is needed for the FEL and front mounted snow blower. Having a BB for maintaining a 1 acre property, garden, and driveway would also be very useful. Considering the Land...
  115. D

    Mowing  What size bush hog is best suited for use on a BX23?

    I'm the trail master for the local snowmobile club and we currently use a walk behind bush hog. As a lot of our members are getting a little long in the tooth we are thinking of upgrading to a tractor mounted bush hog. No more wrestling with the walk behind.:scratchchin:
  116. M


    Just rolled over 1900 hours on my BX23, only things that ever broke were a result of operator error. Mr B
  117. W

    BX23 loosing power after 10-15 mins of use

    I have a BX23 that is loosing power after 10-15 minutes of use. Sometimes it is so bad that it wants to stall trying to move the tractor. 1. I replaced both fuel filters. 2. There is good flow on the tank side of my first filter (just ask my shirt!). 3. I added fresh diesel fuel from a...
  118. H

    Oil & Fuel  Loss of power fixed on bx23

    Make a long story short my BX23 has been randomly losing power, then running fine again over the last year. Not much of a pattern to it just whenever it felt like it, but it got real bad last month. Most of my searching here said replace the fuel filters. My neighbor told me to replace the fuel...
  119. Tollster

    BX23 hydraulic seepage under the seat

    Curious if its common at all to get any seepage from fittings at all under extended use? I have a BX23 TLB (330 hrs) and have been using it pretty good for the past 3 weeks. I notice about 5-6 drops of fluid on the ground after using the BH under the rear PTO output shaft. I gave it a look and...
  120. D

    BX23 backhoe

    I am new to the Kubota family. I just purchased a BX23 and so far love the "toy". I am stumped on the backhoe removal. I read the instructions and still can't remove. Searching Youtube and other forums with no luck. I find advice on the BX24 and 25 which are different. Does anyone have advice...
  121. T


    I have a leak on my front axle I don't see what keeps the bearing and gear on. I disassembled it to change the upper bevel spindle seal and it stayed together. Did any one else have to change one??? tom
  122. D

    BX23 value

    A 2005 Kubota BX23 with; 250 hours, bucket,backhoe, 4' Woods box blade (which I won't use), 4' scrape blade, 42" Woods bush hog. Tractor seems to be in great condition. I want it mainly for the backhoe and bucket. I see 2 very minor leaks on the bucket fittings to tractor. It does not have a...
  123. D

    Kubota BX23 Clicking sound

    I just purchased a 2005 Kubota BX23 with 250 hours. Needing a machine to relieve my back. I read the do's and don't's on different forums to educate myself as much as possible. Anyway, the seller assured me the tractor was in great condition and I did run it before purchase. I got it home and...
  124. Tollster

    Insurance  Insurance for my BX23?

    I have an 04 BX23 we want to take to our property and leave it there for about 2-3 weeks a year max, the property is unimproved consisting of 13 acres or very rural land. I would like to get some insurance on it to protect against vandalism. Where can I find something like that for a reasonable...
  125. U

    Legendary BX23 Longevity Video

    Found this video of a BX23 with 2400 hours Kubota BX23 Takes a lickin', Keeps tickin' - YouTube
  126. B

    BX23 How Do You Release Hydraulic Pressure On Back Hoe?

    I am having numerous problems with the hydraulics on my BX23. Originally all the valve stems were leaking from the Nabco control box on the back hoe. I was told by the dealer that this happened because lines were not connected fully and correctly which might have been the case. The told me to...
  127. L

    BX23 Key won't turn

    Hello all. I was filling a hole today and jumped off the seat real quick to grab something and my Kubota BX23 died and now I cannot even turn the key to start it back up. I have checked the safety switch under the seat and it seems to be operating normally. The tractor is sitting on a hill...
  128. U

    BX23 transmission cooling fan 1 hour fix

    I just figured out how to replace the cooling fan for the BX23 transmission cooling fan. It should take an hour tops. You use a rachet strap on the drive shaft. Maybe someone already though of it and posted it. All my searches found hours and alot of work. Getting the strap in the right place...
  129. A

    Bought a BX23 today....;)

    Got just a fantastic deal on it! 335 hrs and annual service receipts. Hadn't run in almost a year, but it started right up with a jump and ran smoothly. Needed to pump up one front and one rear tire. Had a minor fuel leak at the fuel filter. Seat is shot and drive shaft linkage coupling is...
  130. F

    BX23 3 point hitch problems

    I have a BX23 and the three point hitch arms are stuck in the up position. Has anyone had this problem before? I bought the tractor used and just got the backhoe off don't know how long it has had the problem. After looking a little deeper the control for the arm speed is frozen, is there an off...
  131. F

    BX23 3 point hitch problems

    I have a BX23 and the three point hitch arms are stuck in the up position. Has anyone had this problem before? I bought the tractor used and just got the backhoe off don't know how long it has had the problem.
  132. P

    BX23 front lug bolt thread size?

    I damaged one of my front hub thread and bolt installing the wheel and need a tap to clean the threads up. Does anyone know the thread of the bolt? I am thinking 14 X1.5? TIA
  133. S

    Backhoe  BX23 Backhoe Coupling Problem

    I'm reinstalling backhoe after using three point lift and can't get hydraulics on backhoe unit operating to allow bachoe unit to mate with tractor. I've got the hoses connected and was successfully starting to raise the backhoe unit to allow the tractor to back into final position, when I could...
  134. A

    Seat for a BX23

    Anyone have an idea of what a new seat for a BX23 would cost? I'm looking at one right now and the seat is shot. Thanks!
  135. S

    Snow  BX23 hydro oil freezing

    Hi OK I know I prob need to change sudt/filter. When below 20 F must have water in sudt as nothing works (3PT,FEL,STEERING,movement). Have bought a motor oil dipstick oil heater for SUDT dip hole. Question will just idle let sudt heat up in 1/2 hr or so (no load). . When cold works 20-30...
  136. J

    BX23** suden stop

    Doing the 500 hour service on my BX2350 and while it was down I was also going to tackle the sudden stop problem. There was a thread some 6 months or so ago which described the cause of the problem and an adjustment for correcting. I was sure I had copied/bookmarked and saved multiple references...
  137. mccash40

    Oil & Fuel  Serviced my BX23

    Using the pictures provided by Messicks, I was able to change the fluids in my BX this weekend. Everything was where the photos said they would be and I was able to finish in about an hour. I am not that handy with machinery, so I was one proud dude when I sat down at the dinner table. Thanks...
  138. R

    BX23 muffler problem

    I have a BX23 8 years old with 950 hours. The muffler has broken out from the inlet end. I think there is too much weight for just three bolts. Has anyone come up with a home made clamp to help hold the muffler to avoid another break out?
  139. tjferns

    kabota bx23

    When I loaded the tractor on the trailer I heard a bubbling sound coming from the back of the tractor,what I saw was the breather was spitting out hydraulic oil all over. I stopped by the dealer and asked them about it, they said that it was getting vapor locked and I need to put in another air...
  140. G

    Bx23 3 point thitch lever

    My 3 point hitch lever has started to stay in the "up" position when I raise the mower deck. Usually when the deck reaches the top of it's range the lever would automatically return to center. It now stays in the raise position and you can hear the hydraulics straining. I took it to the...
  141. H

    Buying Advice  2008 Kubota BX23

    What would be a good price on a 2008 Kubota BX23? It has a FEL and a belly motor and appears to be in good condition and has roughly 220 hours on it. I am looking to see what a good ball park deal would be for this set up. Thanks and I appreciate it!
  142. L

    BX23: need to get to the interlock switches for cranking.

    I can no longer crank my tractor. I can hot wire it easy enough by shorting the relay to the +12 volts. One of the interlock switches under the seat seem to be bad. How do I get to them. There are 3: 1 for making sure the pedal is centered. 2 for making sure gear box is in neutral 3 for...
  143. T

    BX23 steering quit

    I have been having steering issues with my BX23 for some time now. I have been dealing with the temporary loss of steering. Now, the tractor won't steer at all.Quit on me yesterday, I let it sit last night, now still no steering. Any ideas on what it could be? I have 386 hrs. There is a minor...
  144. S

    Bx23 hydraulic steering failure?

    I tried searching the forums and found nothing on a BX23 steering problem as I will describe. I am not very familiar with forums so please steer me. My BX23 performs well at slow driving speeds however when traveling faster there is a lot of play in the steering and at maximum speed it is almost...
  145. L

    What is BX23 fuel consumption while running a PTO generator ?

    The reason I'm asking is I've got a lot of fuel oil for heating purposes but I usually run a pellet stove. So far I've always been able to get gasoline and I run a EU2000i generator 24 hours a day for heat and light. But to bring up water and other things I need a bit more power. And if I ever...
  146. timswi

    BX23 Noise Question

    My BX makes a clicking noise (sounds like a few pieces of gravel hitting the mower deck) for the first 30 seconds of run time when it's cold...After that the noise is gone...Doesn't seem to be valves and it sounds like it's coming from the front of the engine...The air filter bracket is fine adn...
  147. R

    Connecting a Starter relay kit to BX23

    Can Anyone help. I have a 2005 BX23 I recently have had trouble starting it. I've checked all safety switches and after reading som threads i decided to intall a relay bypass kit AM107421. My problem is: Where do i connect the red wire? Is it to the side of the starter or to the lug behind the...
  148. T

    BX23 Backhoe Flush

    Hi all - I did all my fluids last year with major accessories off, and have only mowed and bagged since. It made such a difference in the transmission! Anyway, do not want to contaminate this now fine working assembly! I managed to manually flush the loader before re-attaching it. How would I...
  149. F

    2004 Kubota BX23

    I joined to get any information I can on the 2004 Kubota BX23 that I am considering buying.
  150. J

    Price Check  Trade-in value of BX23 with implements

    Lately I've been thinking of upgrading from my BX23 to something larger with more capability. I've been looking a little at the B3200 with backhoe and loader. Kubota now has the 5 year 0% financing - so that's helping to make this more enticing. But I'm wondering what my BX23 might be worth on...
  151. E

    Price Check  mower deck BX23 needed

    I just purchased BX23TLB and started looking for mower deck. If you have one Ohio and states near I would like to know. Thanks
  152. L

    Price Check  Buy a Kubota BX23 Used for 13.9k?

    Hey everyone... I know that nobody can judge the quality of the BX23 I'm looking at, but I'm hoping to get some quick opinions on this deal being offered. It's a 2006 BX23 with 600ish hours. It comes with the Kubota snowblower (front) and the tiller (did Kubota brand one in 2006?) and some...
  153. L

    Price Check  Buy a Kubota BX23 Used for 13.9k?

    Hey everyone... I know that nobody can judge the quality of the BX23 I'm looking at, but I'm hoping to get some quick opinions on this deal being offered. It's a 2006 BX23 with 600ish hours. It comes with the Kubota snowblower (front) and the tiller (did Kubota brand one in 2006?) and some...
  154. P

    Dirt Moving  BX23 and Woods GBC48 Box Scraper

    Hi I have a Bx23 and am looking for a box scraper. I found the above mentioned Woods model for sale locally used in nice shape. Is it appropriate for my tractor and what is it worth? Thank You! Paul
  155. escavader

    will my bx23 haul a 5ft box scraper?

    As alot of you know i have the weight of my cab ,loaded tires and ag tires so i should get good traction.The dealer where im looking at a used [once ]sundown box blade[5ft] said my tractor wouldnt have a problem.Its a good looking unit,with dbl blade in back.I know most say stay with a...
  156. A

    Backhoe  Help! BX23 Backhoe won't come off, already used search

    I can't get the backhoe off my recently purchased used and "stored inside" *cough*BULL*cough* BX23. :( I have used the search and see this is not an uncommon problem but even trying all the suggestions I found, I can't get it to disengage from the tractor. I have gotten the spring pins on each...
  157. escavader

    box blade for my bx23?

    I would like to buy a box blade to groom logging roads etc in my atv club.iM LOOKING AT THE COUNTY LINE AT TSC.Can i handle the 5 footer ok,mostly gravel roads and mabey an occasional parking lot .Is this brand ok? ALAN
  158. K

    Oil & Fuel  BX23 Transmission Strainer Cleaning

    Hi out there, I'm ready to change the trans. fluid/filter on my BX23...seems straight forward on my owner's manual....all, except the Transmission strainer, which is recommended to be removed and cleaned....looks like I'll need to remove the left rear tire:confused....any pointers on...
  159. K

    Hst fan bx23

    So i decided to take a look under my bx23 today and noticed my hst fan is obliterated. All of the fins are gone and judging by how old the cut marks are this happend a while ago, like a hundred hours at least. I've read a lot of posts about how long it takes to replace the fan and I frankly...
  160. K

    torque for the oil drain bolt of a bx23

    first post to the website.......ready to change the oil for my BX23.....manual doesn't have actual torque value for the oil drain bolt.......I'd like to have that value and use my torque wrench if I knew what it was........any help???...thanks
  161. timswi

    BX23 Fuel Guage ?

    My '04 BX23's fuel guage is starting to act up...Sometimes when idling at drops to "E" then comes back up without any tractor movement..It sometimes does this while driving it as well... I'm being very lazy, but I figured I'd ask the experts before I try to figure it out... Kept in a climate...
  162. M

    BX23 PTO

    Hi, new member here. I just bought my Dads BX23 with FEL, backhoe and mower deck. It's got just under 500 hours and I've started doing the maintenance that it needs. The air filter bracket is broken, but from reading here thats not exactly abnormal. Anyway, the biggest problem is that the...
  163. A

    3-Point Hitch  BX23 using 3-point hitch for BX2200? Help!

    I bought a BX23 last weekend and it did not come with the three-point hitch. Based on searching this forum, I know the BX24/BX25 hitch kit will not work on my Kubota. I have located a complete three-point hitch that fits a BX2200 but it is across the state. Luckily, I am traveling out there...
  164. K

    BX23 battery location

    Hi folks, I'm new to this site and am really enjoying it. You are all very helpful! I purchased a used Kubota BX23 and left the flashers running (all day) after plowing snow this morning. After sitting out all day in the cold, the left flasher is flashing every two seconds, and the switch is...
  165. A

    WTB: Kubota BX23 3-point hitch kit

    Just got a BX23 but the seller couldn't find the 3-point hitch kit. My understanding is the BX24/25 kit is different and doesn't fit the 23, so I need the kit from a 23. Dealer price is ~$450 for all the parts. Let me know if you have one you will part with!
  166. T

    Tipping Point on BX23

    I just had a pond put in and am trying to get the back of the dam seeded. The steepest part is 22 degrees. Going across it, I have found that when I reach around 12 degrees my inner ear starts telling me, 'LOOK OUT!'. Going straight up and down I get the warning at about 20 degrees. Does anyone...
  167. B

    Where can I buy a Wallenstein Thumb for a BX23?

    Do they have a web site? I can't seem to find one! :confused2: Looked on Ebay! No Wallenstein. Wrong spelling of Wallenstein?:confused: Where oh where can I get one?
  168. Tollster

    Part numbers for BX23 fuel fliters

    Can anyone give me any insite on changing my filters out? I think I pinch the line,then swap both filters out, turn the key on but don't start it,then loosen the injection line nipples off the cylinders to bleed the air.once I see fuel,I tighten them back up? Do I have to relieve any pressure...
  169. ametcalf

    BX23 homemade grapple

    Well, I finished my grapple and we are using it a lot as we clean up fence rows and a wooded area. We are also moving old piles of rotted wood chips and piles of composting leaves. I originally built a wooden grapple with the idea of taking it to a welding shop and have them make a duplicate...
  170. K

    Price Check  Kubota BX23

    New to the forums, I'm looking to sell my Kabota BX23. I'm actually not sure what year it is and was curious what I should list it for on craigslist. It has 850 hours on it and has been well maintained. I think I'll list it for 12,000 with a little room to negotiate. Thoughts?
  171. T

    Weak loader on BX23

    I had a BX22 in the past so I'm familiar with the limitations of the loader, my father has a BX23 and this morning I was over to help him remove his MMM. The easiest way for me was always to but the BH stabilizers down, and lift the front with the loader and pull the deck out from under. Come to...
  172. ametcalf

    Hydraulics for BX23 grapple

    Here is a drawing I made on how I plan to plumb the hydraulic lines to my home made grapple. (There are pictures of a wooden prototype that I made posted on the Build-It Yourself forum. The thread is titled, "Wooden BX23 Grapple.") The two main components I plan to use are: 1) Double selector...
  173. ametcalf

    Wooden BX23 Grapple

    My wife said with a thread title like that everyone will think I am crazy. Let me explain my reasoning. While I own a welder, I am not a welder. I want to build a grapple for my BX23 but I wasn't sure of the dimensions, especially the placement of the ears to hold the tines and the hydraulics...
  174. ametcalf

    BX23 Brush fork

    The broad array of projects on TBN inspired me to try and build a brush fork and a grapple for our BX23. Here is the brush fork. The tines are 3' pieces of 3/4 inch rebar and they are held together with 1/4 inch by 2" flat stock. I have an old Lincoln stick welder but I am not a welder. I can...
  175. jgheck

    BX23 HST light stays on. ???

    I have a BX23 and the HST light on the panel stays lit. I can't find any information in the operators manual on this. I think it is a thermo switch for the Hydrostatic transmission. I don't know where it is located though. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem or knows where the...
  176. G

    BX23 loss of power at wheels

    My BX23 is sick. I was back-hoeing a larger parking spot for a friend and when I went to use the FEL to move the dirt I loosened with the backhoe, the transmission wasn't up to the task. It was in 4 wheel low and as I went into the pile, the transmission would make a loud-kinda fluttering...
  177. F

    BX23 Fan Belt Replacment ... How?

    Tried doing a search and could not find anything on how others here replaced their fan belt on the BX tractors ... but how in the heck do you do it? It looks like you have to remove the drive shaft to get the fan belt around it! What kind of a design is that! I notice that the drive shaft...
  178. P

    Price Check  2004 BX23 Used Pricing

    I am contemplating selling my little BX23. Purchased new in 2004, it has less than 200 hours on the meter and has been stored indoors its entire life. Only real wear and tear is the paint on the bucket. I've been stuggling to find a resource for determining how much it might be worth, so I've...
  179. jgheck

    3-Point Hitch  BX23 3Pt hitch problem! Need help again!

    I was able to solve the problem with the sticking 3-point hitch lowering speed knob. I now have a bigger problem and need your help. I removed the backhoe and I can not keep the 3 point hitch to stay in any set position. It always falls down. It raises and lowers Ok, but will not stay in any...
  180. jgheck

    3-Point Hitch  BX23 3Pt hitch problem! Need help

    I need help again. I finally freed up the 3pt hitch lowering speed control. That works fine now. I put on the 3pt hitch and a back blade. The problem is it will not stay up. I can move it up but it goes right back down. It will not stay in a set position even for a minute. I know there will...
  181. jgheck

    3-Point Hitch  Kubota BX23 3-point lowering speed knob frozen

    I have a BX23 and the 3-point lowering speed knob will not turn. Have any of you had this problem? It is the control below the seat, looking at the seat it is the control on the left. I could use some help on this. Thank you for any advice on this.
  182. T

    reading BX23 hyd schem

    Hi all, I have a question, and I did try to find answer first.... In the BX23 HS ( http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/kubota-owning-operating/109279-bx23-transmission-needing-replacement.html ) the valves in area (4) have a different appendage. Both the 3 and 4 position valves have, as...
  183. T

    BX23 Pressure Relief Test

    Hey all - got the $14 gauge from Grainger and went to look at hookup pics (Tommu56?) and they're gone. I'm thinking... if I plumb it, Tee'd in line in the FEL, then operate a cylinder until relief operates (noise) - wouldn't it be exactly the same as if I just deadheaded it (the gauge) inline...
  184. A

    BX23 - Sophie's choice for the winter

    I have a BX 23 TLB with a 48" Sitrex finish mower. I cannot get everything into my shed for the winter, so have to make a choice. My plan is to leave the loader outside on a blue stone patio, but covered. Anything I should do to it first? Is there much risk to doing this? Thanks as always -...
  185. D

    FEL control jammed/stuck BX23

    Was just using my FEL when the up down lever jammed the bucket roll function (L,R on the stick) works fine but the lever will not move forward/back. The lock lever is in the unlocked position. Anybody have any ideas before I tear into it?
  186. D

    HST fan/propeler shaft boot, cv joint BX23

    1. Pop plastic floor mat buttons to loosten rubber mat and remove the battery cover then clean (hose down) seat pan area under mat as well as other dirty parts. 2. Unhook battery - terminal ( safety to prevent possible short or any chance of motor turning over when working on propeler shaft)...
  187. A

    BX23 Problem...

    Bought a used (270 hours) BX23 and just put a Sitrex rear 48" finish mower on it. I was mowing a field yesterday and intermittently, the tractor would start to run very rough and feel like it was going to stall. I'd dis-engage the PTO, drop the throttle to idle (which was very rough) and wait...
  188. D

    BX23 adjuster knob removal

    I amm tearing into mine to replace the propeller shaft boots. Got the seat, HST pedal, and mat off. How do I remove the cutting height control dial and the 3pt hitch lowering speed knob preferably with the shaft still attached so I can get the floor pan up?
  189. D

    BX23 propeller shaft forward boot replacement

    Know this subject has been addressed again and again but I still haven't been able to get my head wrapped around it yet! I tore the propeller shaft boot on the engine end. I got the new $2.00 boot. Can I unbolt the 3 bolts in the front of the propeller shaft, drop it down slide the flange off...
  190. R

    where do you check the hydraulic fluid on bx23 2005 model

    I just bought kubota bx23 with 298 hours and it had no leaks. But now after putting 14 hours on it is leaking fluid. I was going up and down a hill with dirt, working hard I guess. I have look in the operators manual but I cannot find where to check the fluid level. I am finding difficult to...
  191. A

    A neglected BX23

    I just found a 2005 BX23 with 265 hours for $10,000. The guy didn't give it much love, basically just greasing things, changing the oil, and filter and recently installing a new air filter. It was stored outside and he'd never had the backhoe off, so it took me about three hours to remove it and...
  192. L

    BX23 fuel line size & where do I get it.

    Local dealership gave me .25" fuel line. Now that's got to be the wrong size. What size should it be and where do I get it ? Also, does anyone have any suggestions where I can get small screw clamps for the hose ? the ones on there are a nice size.
  193. T

    BX23 heavy duty HST fan

    Well after seeing all of the trouble that this little fan causes when broken I had a few made from NYLON thicker than stock and with a outer support ring to make the blades much stronger. What do you guys think? :cool:
  194. C

    My BX24 has an engine labled BX23

    Anybody ever heard of this? The local dealer says it's a BX24 tractor by serial number. They explained that they thought it was probably ok as the engines in a BX 24 and BX23 are the same. I bought it used and of course the previous owner never noticed. Everything else on the tractor says BX24
  195. 2

    BX23 front wheels

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the the front wheels off a BX25 would fit the BX23? The BX23 are 18X850X8 and i believe the BX25 are 18X850X10. Thanks Mark
  196. A

    Backhoe  BX23 Bachoe won't come off

    Just bought a 2005 BX23 with 267 hours that was not treated lovingly. I wanted to take the BH off (evidently for the first time) and followed all of the instructions in the manual. When I got to step 5 "Slowly raise the boom and hold at full height (approx. 5 second) to disengage the mount...
  197. T

    BX23 trade in value?!

    Hi all I am trying to trade in my BX23 and implements on a new B3000 and rtv1100 (yeah, I'm really into the cabs now!), and I was surprised how little the dealer offered me for it. The BX23 is a 2005 model with 300 hours on it and is in good shape. Comes with the TLB package, Kubota MMM and...
  198. L

    BX23 BX2750 chain and sprockets question

    I have a BX2750 snow blower I am purchasing. It has has a bad sprocket drive. The bad parts are: sprocket chain and driveshaft / sprocket. Kubota parts didn't show one of the sprockets. Are all 3 parts part of the BX2750 snow blower ? I have to buy the rest of the parts to put this on my...
  199. L

    BX23 Question about the hydraulic lines to the backhoe

    When you remove the backhoe you have two hydraulic lines on the tractor. One is male one is female. Is there any reason not to connect them together to keep the dirt out ? I'm talking about the ones on the tractor, not the backhoe. I somehow think bad things will happen.
  200. jgheck

    BX23 Kubota ?

    i recently purchased a Kubota BX 23. I would like to pick up a single bottom plow for it. Does anyone know if a Brinley plow designed for an older cub cadet can be adapted to use on this tractor?