wheels and tires from a BX25 to a BX23

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Feb 26, 2012
Taylor Mill , KY
Can I put BX 25 wheel assemblies on my 2005 BX23 with no issues? Not sure I can still get them but if nothing else I need to by new front tires before he snow flies. I am running the stock AG tires on mine still
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If the bolt pattern is the same, as well as the backset, the distance from the mounting plate to the edge of the rim, the answer is yes. If they are of a different size, and you have all 4 wheels, there should be no issues. The problems come into play when the diameters are not matched, such as using a larger front wheel than your tractor originally came with, and you continue to use the original rear tires. When you put the tractor into 4 wheel drive, with mismatched tires, one axle will be out of sequence with the other axle, which will put a lot of strain on the tractor, and will eventually cause a failure of a component, usually in the differential. Once again, if you are using all 4 wheels from the BX25 on your BX23, there will be no issues. Just don't use a half of a set.