1. W

    Kioti PTO issue

    My kioti tractor had issues starting and found out it was the safety control circuit. I put a new one in and all of a sudden I can only start my tractor if my Rear pto is engaged. I have checked all fuses and even put a new safety module in just incase the other was faulty. I took my dads rear...
  2. W

    Kioti ck 20 s instrument panel

    My panel stopped working after a recent repair by someone else any ideas what could b wrong
  3. T

    KIOTI DK4210 starter

    Is there something that prevents a KIOTI DK4210 from starting? I can heard the started relay pick but starter doesn't turn.
  4. T

    Kioti 2019 dk4210

    What is a 2019 KIOTI DK4210 with 6 hours worth??
  5. D

    Kioti CX 2510

    Are the CX 2510 HST filters different for the open station and cab tractors for this model
  6. DakotaP

    TYM 474H Cab or Kioti DK4220SE HST cab?

    I think I’ve narrowed it down to two tractors that I’m pretty set on. I have 7 acres of land that we are clearing a large portion of and developing and going to be building two homes, a shop and a pond. Possibly some paid bush hogging services on the side for extra cash. I live in south...
  7. W

    Kioti Tractor cx2510 pto issue

    My kioti tractor had issues starting and found out it was the safety control circuit. I put a new one in and all of a sudden I can only start my tractor if my Rear pto is engaged. I have checked all fuses and even put a new safety module in just incase the other was faulty. I took my dads rear...
  8. TXBeeMan

    Kioti 4010 HST grinding from rear wheels

    Howdy everyone. I have a Kioti CK4010 HST that after sitting for about a month has a grinding noise coming from rear wheel area. I checked 4x4, PTO and rear dif lock and have them off. Weird it worked great when i mowed last time and parked it. Now statted it and grinding. Any ideas on what it...
  9. montgomerylee

    Kioti CK30 HST dashboard lights

    Why Kioti has to make such a secret of the panel lights is beyond me. I have not found the answer via Google, so does anyone know what the light below the headlight display means when on (red)? It is a circle inside with a jagged line across the center.
  10. B

    Kioti 2410 wont start

    I have a Kioti CS2410 which will crank but not fire. I have replaced fuel filter and fuel pump. Taken hose off at fuel injector and when i run the pump, diesel flows. I have no smoke when it cranks. Not sure where to go from here
  11. L

    Kioti - Flashers / Blinkers / Indicators permanently on NX4510

    Hi, I wonder if I could get some advice. The tractor is kept dry in a garage. One day when I turned it on the flashers started working without the switch being used. If I un-plug the rocker switch, they still flash. If I unplug the bulbs by the ROPS and remove the switch, the display panel still...
  12. A

    2003 Kioti DK35 radiator

    Dealer just ordered me a new radiator, quoted me a price of $2000. radiator only?
  13. L

    Kioti CK2610HST

    I have owned this tractor which I bought new for a couple of years. I am trying to do the 200hr service on it. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to open the air filter compartment. I am very ignorant of mechanical work but I am great at Googling! Yet, nowhere can I find the same type of...
  14. D

    Kioti deal or no deal price?

    For anyone thinking about a CK3520SE
  15. Oakfield1862

    Kioti has officially discontinued the NX Line - still worth buying?

    Hi, I'm currently shopping for my first tractor. I'm looking for something in the 45-60hp range and have been settling in on the Kioti NS or NX line - probably with a shuttle shift. I just saw a comment from a dealer that Kioti officially discontinued the NX line a month ago. I was shopping...
  16. D

    what to look for in a diesel muffler? (Kioti LB1914)

    In the market for a new muffler for a 1991 LB1914. OEM replacement is $400 and I'm not paying that. With the heat shield removed, the muffler is about 13 inches long by about 3.375 inches in diameter. Peering into the bottom end of the muffler (where the elbow that bolts to the exhaust...
  17. Bootlick

    2022 Kioti CK2610se PTO will not disengage

    2022 CK2610se cab 600hrs I have been searching all over for a solution. I will try to explain my pto issue. I hope someone has a solution -When I start the tractor pto remains off -place tractor in gear Low/med/high pto engages pto light comes on -PTO will remain off if the auto pto function is...
  18. T

    Kioti LB 1914 transmission

    I had the transmission rebuilt with a lot of new parts summer of 2020 and now it is stuck in 4th gear. Since 2020 I just tried to not use 4th for extended time as that was what seemed to cause it to stick. I was always able to take gear shift cover off and use a crowbar and leverage the fork...
  19. F

    Pull behind roller/compactor for Kioti DK6010SE tractor?

    I have some land where we have a slope that we need to back fill to get up to level with the grade around the house to extend the usable area. I'm thinking I am going to need to add soil in lifts and do some compaction so the new fill doesn't just slough off. Buying or renting something seems...
  20. Sierraau

    New Kioti Backhoe leaking

    I have a new Kioti 2485 backhoe on my 7320 Kioti with probably 20 hours on it and I am getting a constant stream of hydraulic fluid dripping/streaming from the sideways articulation point of the backhoe. It's not obvious where it is coming from - perhaps a blown hose that goes to the boom? It's...
  21. T

    2017 Kioti Nx5510 cab with backhoe SOLD

    Nice tractor upgraded to a 95hp for farming Well maintained 900 hrs hydrostat, aftermarket led lights, AC, heat, blue tooth with Kioti backhoe 18" and 12" buckets 2 remotes 3rd function WR long kit for grapple etc loaded ag tires Titan tires great shape stance is set wide 82.5"
  22. W

    Whats the difference between model numbers on 2014 Kioti DK45

    I know the 45 is the horsepower but what is the rest of it mean? DK45C DK45CHSE DK45CSE DK45HSE DK45SE
  23. S

    Kioti Horn wiring

    I need some input on horn wiring for 2013 Kioti DK45 se. Replaced the horn with a universal automobile horn, but it just keeps blowing the fuse when switch is pushed. I had to replaced the plastic connectors with individual female terminals on both the horn and diode wires. Diode tested...
  24. O

    KIOTI CK2610 fluid advice

    Hi, I made a post about purchasing a 2610 and we finally agreed upon a price and brought it home this past weekend. Any good recommendations for fluids? I wanted to change all of the filters and fluids to start off on the right foot. It has about 106 hours and I wanted to give it the 50/100...
  25. B

    Kioti lb 1914

    How do I get the right side tie rod end of the tractor
  26. B

    Kioti CK3520SE vs TYM (Branson) 3620H

    Kioti CK3520SE vs TYM (Branson) 3620H Advice for purchasing (long!) Hi folks, I’m asking for a little advice. I’m close to pulling the trigger on a new compact tractor, and I’m down to the KIOTI CK3520SE and the TYM (Branson) 3620H. I’m a new tractor owner, but pretty handy with equipment...
  27. Kefren69

    Kioti ck2510h code 22

    Hello My kioti ck2510h shows a code 22. That said i cannot understand wht it means with the term ´glow lamp’. I cannot find in the repair manual any glow lamp. Any idea ? Thanks
  28. C

    Using a Kioti LK3054 for hay baling

    Looking for recommendations on haying with a Kioto LK3054. I've had the LK3054 for 16 years and it has been great for clearing brush, maintaining gravel driveways, removing snow, pulling a manure spreader, and pulling stuck-trucks from mud. We are looking to start hay-making on our 3-5 acres...
  29. M

    CX vs CS?

    We have decided we want to buy a Kioti but the husband and I are debating which model. He likes the CS2220 and I think we should go a step above for 6k more and get the CX2510, future proof a bit. We do own a Ford 8N that is my husband's passion project and never working right but he's convinced...
  30. BaznastyDave

    Cleaning up an old dead Oak, Stihl & Kioti

    Used the CX2510 to clear a widow maker in the back yard. In the vid you can hear it bog down, soon as the 200 hour service is done, I'm going to turn it up to 35HP.
  31. M

    Online source for Kioti parts ?

    Hi Anyone know of an online Kioti parts dealer? Dealer I bought my Kioti stocks few parts. Other than Kioti oil and fuel filters he has to order parts for me. Besides the time delay, I get charged the shipping and handling to his dealership location, then add on several hours of my time to...
  32. S

    Trailer Type Selection Help. - Towing 4WD Tractor with FEL and Flail Mower (4700 pound total weight)

    Looking for help in selecting a trailer type to purchase with the following inputs - Current Tractor Kioti CK27HST with FEL (tires not loaded estimated tractor and FEL weight 3800 pounds) and 65 inch 3 point mount Flail Mower (900 pounds) = total weight 4700 pounds for tractor/FEL/Flail mower...
  33. M

    2023 Kioti CK 3520 (gear) info

    Does this tractor have independent (split) braking and a foot throttle? Basic info that I can't find online anywhere. Thanks!
  34. B

    Tiller implement limits for a Kioti LK3054

    I am interested in getting a rototiller for my Kioti LK3054. The tractor has a rated engine HP of 30HP, but is limited at the PTO to 25HP. I am finding conflicting information online about HP capacity and a tractor's ability to pull a tiller and I'm hoping someone on here might be able to speak...
  35. GoodWorksTractors

    2019 Kioti RX6620 Tractor For Sale

    Save $10,000 compared to new pricing! A 2019 Kioti RX6620 Synchro Shuttle tractor with 315 hours on it. With its 66 horsepower engine, this open station unit comes equipped with the quick park KL7320 loader w/ SSQA bucket, a rear remote plumbed to the front for grapple control, a Category II...
  36. Lunchbox765

    Kioti LK2554 fluid glass eye question??

    just purchased a tractor and the hydro/tranny fluid was milky I also notice the glass eye was milky. I changed fluid and the glass eye is still milking is there anyway to clean it or replace? I tried to slide something down next to the gears and clean it but failed
  37. BaznastyDave

    Replacing Driveway Culvert with the Kioti CX2510

    Little 1hr project. Kept having an overflow with spring floods.
  38. W

    Kioti cs2410 front diff oil change

    Good day, I decided to change the oil on the front differential. Followed the instructions in owners manual. Seemed pretty straight forward. Does it take a while for the oil to make it over to the opposite side of the fill plug? I was told that when filling with new oil, unplug drain on opposite...
  39. Y

    kioti hydraulic filters

    I have two kioti hydraulic oil filters T4125-38021 , unopened and still in bags ... The dealer sold me these and they were incorrect for my model kioti tractor, I didn't know until maintenance time. The dealer is 1100 miles away and hasn't responded to my request for exchanges
  40. L

    Kioti 2022 CK3510CHSE Cab, Excellent Condition, 53 hours, With 5' Brush Cutter

    Kioti 2022 CK3510HSE Cab. Perfect condition. 53 hours. KL4030C Loader, 3rd Function Valve installed. Air Conditioned Cab. Hydrostat with 3 ranges, 4x4. 5 foot Titan Brush Cutter included. Priced to sell. $28,000
  41. D

    Advice Needed: Choosing a Flail Mower for My Kioti CK3530

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm Dan, and I'm relatively new to the tractor community. I've been loving my Kioti CK3530 tractor for the past few months, but now I'm looking to expand my equipment with a flail mower attachment. However, I must admit, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed...
  42. T

    Pulled the trigger on a new 2024 Kioti Dk4720 SE cab

    I was a kubota guy my whole life. I currently own a septic business and we use my U-35 mini excavator a lot and love it. I just purchased a 50-acre farm on a foreclosure. Never thought I would be going Kioti but more bang for the $, more features and more power. I am paying cash for my new...
  43. E

    Land Pride pd10 on Kioti ck2610

    Will Land Pride pd10 post hole digger work on Kioti ck2610/20 with a 7" extension. I am wondering if pd10 is a good match for ck2620 or if I should buy something else. I'd like to get the land pride pd10 with 7 inch extension because I found a used one for a good price. Pd10 comes with a 30"...
  44. M

    Kioti CK3510H (2017) Injection Nozzles

    Due to contaminated fuel, I need to replace all 3 injectors. OEMs are about $900 each. I had the same issue with the IMV valve and was able to find an inexpensive replacement. Any help on locating a reasonably priced injector would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  45. AirOpsMgr

    DIY installation review of a Kioti Rear wiper kit on DK5310SE

    Howdy y'all, figured I'd post my experience with the DIY installation of the Kioti rear wiper kit for the DK/SE series tractors (kit number DKA141), in my case, on a DK5310SE cab model. Hope this helps others that decide to add it themselves. Overall, not difficult if you have basic tools, 2...
  46. G

    Comparison  VIN. NUMBER

    What is the year of my tractor. kioti DK5010 vin. number TR81-00039(002496)
  47. 790greene

    Kioti ck4020 lights

    I recently purchased a Kioti ck4020. It is the manual transmission, non SE model. I'm looking to add lights to the Rops. I was told that there is a plug under the dash to add a switch to. I am not sure if that is correct for this model. The guy who told me that had the SE model. I was hoping...
  48. C

    Kioti ck2620 vs ls mt226he

    Currently have a tym t25, been thinking of selling and getting somthing a little bigger and with better dealer and parts support. I had multiple issues with the t25 when i got it home and it was brutal to get parts and work done on it. Was looking at the kioti ck2620 seems like a nice unit...
  49. S

    Kioti dealer....

    Looking to buy a Kioti DK4720SE HST. In the past bought the other orange tractors. Best deals at the time were Barlow and Messicks. Even with trucking cost was $1,000 +/- less than local dealers. Are there any Kioti dealers in the northeast that are fair to deal with? Spoke with one and it was a...
  50. J

    Adjust clutch pedal on kioti ck30

    Adjusted freeplay on my kioti ck30 clutch pedal to an 1” of freeplay , now when I press clutch it feels like a second engagement about an 1”from the floor , tractor goes in gear alright and when I release pedal , seems like it engages in gear at the 1” from floor and goes ahead , more aggressive...
  51. CoenJC

    Wrong oil in Kioti?

    Ive only just learnt that you need to use special oil for diesel after I've changed my engine oil. The one I've used isn't specified as as SAE and recommends not for heavy duty diesel Is this a problem? Should I change it? Nulon Apex+ Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil 5L - APX5W30D1-5
  52. blastborn

    Kioti CS2220 broken hydraulics

    My 2nd time out after the unit was returned from the dealer following a rebuild of the hydraulic system (new valves and pump all warranty work). I was using the front loader to scoop wood chips and lost pressure on my bucket curl. Could hear a hiss when trying to adjust curl and immediately...
  53. M

    Kioti CK3510 IMV Valve Replacement

    My 2017 Kioti CK3510 would not start. A dealer diagnosed the problem as a bad IMV Valve. The OEM valve (EH15-0016A) was quoted at over $800, and that was only for the part. Online research verified that that was indeed the case. My question is, with so many IMV valves available for well...
  54. BaznastyDave

    Tractor backhoe digs up some pavement and blows a tire

    Small job here, I was asked to dig up some asphalt to find a busted waterline. They had it marked where the water was leaking. Also had the valve stem blow out and spray me with Rim Guard.
  55. L

    CK3520 Range select lever disconnected

    Hi Everyone, just joined this forum and looking for a little guidance. My new (12 hour use) CK3520SE HST, had the range select level disconnect when I tried to put it back into neutral. I took of the housing an managed to get it back in and drive back to the barn. At the barn I was poking...

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  58. T

    Question for existing dealers

    I am a dealer in the Northeast. Currently I am a Yanmar dealer (great machines, but not great dealer surport from Yanmar). I also have my Bad Boy mower dealer pestering to bring on their tractors. I am opening a new store around 30 miles away in which I would have access to bring in a new...
  59. Futterman

    Kioti K9 2400 CVT belt squeal (similar to Mechron)

    Hello, new member here. I've got a Kioti K9 2400 bought new in Spring of 2022 that has 35 hours on it. When I start it up cold and back it out of the barn, the CVT belt often squeals loudly. Once underway, it stops making noise after a moment. If I stop and shut down for a minute, upon starting...
  60. OrangeAgain

    Kioti RX7320 Hood Latch / Release Mechanism

    The hood latch/release mechanism isn't engaging. I.E. When I close the hood, the latch doesn't work to keep the hood closed. I've lubricated but the issue doesn't resolve. Advice?
  61. Up to the Axles

    Hydraulic return port location

    nx5510 hst Got a deal on a 3-point fencepost driver. You raise it hydraulically, when you release, it goes down as fast as possible. To vent that fluid ASAP, it's got a 1" dia return line. Wondering if there's a place on the 5510 to add a port to dump directly into the hydraulic reservoir?
  62. S

    TB-Max 2 on Kioti DK4710SE HST

    looking at adding a TB-Max to my tractor. Dealer says I can use existing hydraulics and dump the fluid straight back into the return, no pto pump needed. I don't know enough about the hydraulics to know if it will cause issues in the long run (foaming, overheating, etc.) to be worth not...
  63. R

    Bobcat Ct2025 fl7 aftermarket bucket curl cylinder size?

    Let's just say things happened, just can't have nice things and now I need a new bucket curl cylinder for a bobcat ct2025 with the fl7. I'm not sure how to measure to get an aftermarket but if I can figure it out I know it would be about 1/4 the price of bobcat, also my local dealer isn't great...

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  65. OhioCowboy

    KIOTI CK3510se PTO Output Shaft Not Free Wheeling/Free Spinning

    This is the first tractor I've owned with the electric PTO engagement. HST (no clutch), no mid PTO just rear and no neutral or disengagement lever for PTO. Just the round yellow engage/disengage switch. Is it something I've missed or is it no longer possible to turn the tractor PTO output shaft...
  66. 27acres_BernieIII

    New to tractors and trailering them

    I'm considering buying a used (27hrs) Kioti CS2210 with the SB2410L and a backhoe. It also has the cab enclosure with heater. I looked up weight and with the loader its almost 2000lbs but couldn't find the weight for one with the backhoe and enclosure. First question is will my 2012 Ram 1500...
  67. CoenJC

    New EX5310 Observations (AUS)

    Just taken ownership of a new EX5310 tractor in Tasmania First impressions were generally positive however i have a slight issue with the gear shifts being very finnicky/stiff/tight to change. Similarly the shuttle shift and accelerator lever are very tight and don't seamlessly glide or move...
  68. W

    Kioti DK 45 Parts

    I have a 2006 Kioti DK 45 with 1,000 hours. It is currently in the shop due to a broken gear in the front axle. The specific part is: T4682-43441, Gear 16 Bevel. This part is listed as obsolete when I try to order it from my dealer. I went directly to Customer Relations at Kioti Corporate in...

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  70. T

    LK 3054 clutch replacement

    In the process of replacing the clutch in my LK 3054. The hour meter reads 430.0. My buddy gave it to me because it would lose forward power while going up hill and he is not a mechanic. When i got it, the situation got even worse and the tractor got to the point where it could not move while...
  71. joefromga

    Kioti NX4510HST CAB Backhoe 2014 118 hrs

    Time to sell my lovely tractor. Barely used, mostly for the Backhoe and forks. 118 Hours - Excellent condition, fully loaded, runs and starts perfectly. Cab, AC /HEAT, lights, turn signals, radio, wipers/washers. Factory BACKHOE. Comes with forks and loader bucket and tooth bar rake. PTO never...
  72. B

    Expected Depreciation in Used Tractors?

    Seeing the post this morning about the decline of the new tractor market made me think. What is the expected deprecation of used tractors? How much per year or per hour can you expect your equipment to lose in sale value on the used market? I'm sure it matters if you are picking up a JD or...
  73. bseagraves

    DK4510 cold weather start issue

    Hi, I have a 3 1/2 year old Kioti DK2510 with about 120 hrs and been having cold weather starting issues for about a year. I used the tractor all summer and no problems, but now that the temp dropped below 25 deg and the symptoms are back. Symptom: When attempting to crank, get only "click...
  74. A

    New/ Never Used 66" Kioti KS66-220FM Snowblower, Front Mount Hitch, & Mid PTO

    I purchased this 66" snowblower last fall ( Oct 2021) when I bought my Kioti CK4010HST tractor and loader. (copy of invoice attached) It was never hooked up & used last winter due to other projects requiring the bucket loader, so we didnt mount it on tractor. We decided this summer that we are...
  75. EverythingAttachments

    EA COUPON thru July 4th!! #Merica

    We almost never have any discounts/coupons/sales, but heeeere we go! www.(Temporarily blocked due to reports of company closure) Travis
  76. H

    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    We have a Kioti CK30HST with a KB2375 backhoe. The other day, the bottom pin for the boom fell out, and lots of damage occurred. Right/left swing hydraulic pistons busted (and have since been repaired), but the current damage is the bent upper pin. I'm looking for some advice as to how to...
  77. L

    What would these 2 parts be called?

    I just discovered this after doing some heavy bush hogging with my 2610 - this is the left stabilizer arm, and both that U-shaped joint was bent and the pin was snapped off. Any idea what these parts are called so I can order them? I looked at Michigan Iron's website under the hitch section, but...
  78. F

    Best aftermarket backhoe for 2021 Kioti DK6010

    I am most likely buying a used 2021 Kioti DK6010. I can get a new Kioti backhoe with a $1000 rebate bringing the price down to $9000. I am wondering, is this the best way to go? Is there a really good aftermarket backhoe that I should consider that will save me a decent chunk of change? The 2021...
  79. L

    New RC1060 leaking oil from gearbox plug

    I'm still relatively new to tractors and implements, and my dealer is closed till Monday so I figured hey, I'd ask here in case this is a serious thing. The dealer got my RC1060 in Wednesday, delivered it yesterday. I ran it for ~30 minutes yesterday, then an hour today. When I got it out...
  80. Torvy


    The last couple of weeks I have heard quite a few radio ads by Bobcat of North Texas (DFW area) specifically about their tractor line. Got me wondering if they have inventory. For those outside north Texas, they have 9 dealerships from Longview (about an hour west of Shreveport,LA) to...
  81. MailManX

    Backhoe  Need Fitment Advice For A Narrow Backhoe Bucket

    I have a Kioti Compact Tractor With a KB2475L backhoe. It came with a pretty wide bucket. I want to buy a narrow bucket, about 8” wide. Do they all fit the same? This is my first Tractor, so I’m still learning. Unfortunately, I did not get the backhoe manual with my tractor. I just want to make...
  82. C

    DK10SE HST Cab, which engine

    Hi everyone, newbie here. Thought a 1025R is all the tractor I ever need but want to get a new and reasonably priced heated/AC cab, bigger size for bigger root grapple (66-72"), and more lifting capacity to move a 2500 lb scissor lift over lawn/gravel. Was ready to buy a DK4210SE HST Cab but a...
  83. C

    CK2610 stalling: fuel cap vent

    I've never owned a tractor before, and it's been a learning curve. Got this thing less than a year ago, and put about 65 hours on it, mostly mowing with a flail. Yesterday, I had occasion to fire it up to rescue the 4x4 pickup my son managed to get buried in the mud. I didn't mind--figured it...
  84. K

    Bobcat / Kioti Controller, Cruise/Preheat

    I have a new in box Bobcat / Kioti Controller for the Cruise and Tractor Preheat. Fits CT335, CT440, CT445 and CT450 Kioti DK50SE and many others. Bobcat PN is 7009214. Kioti PN is T4157-68604. New from Bobcat is $325. I will take $225 which will include express shipping.
  85. R

    newbie kioti backhoe

    new proud owner of d45 with kb2085 backhoe found other threads that said was same as 85, but found lots of differences any help with sourcing parts and manuals for this old girl? thanks in advance
  86. O

    oem-kioti -vs- WRLong 3rd function kit (CKA162)?

    I am 90% going to buy a grapple next spring. So am considering adding the factory 3rd function before the tractor is delivered. It's about $1200 installed (2/3 parts, 1/3 labor). I'm pretty mechanical and can install my own (although given reviews of the CKA162 instructions its worth the...
  87. B

    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Hey guys, just bought my first tractor, KIOTI CK3510 HST and wanted to see if anyone has any better ideas to resolve problems with KIOTI. I bought it brand new off the dealer lot. Started it up for just a minute and drove it on my trailer. Got it home and the unit shut off and check engine light...
  88. O

    ck2610 mid-pto cka113 install question

    Just bought (due in November :( ) a new ck2610 (woot). I will use a snow blower, but haven't decided front or rear, yet, and since i won't take delivery until winter, I probably won't be able to make up my mind this year. Rear leaves the bucket (helpful) but requires taking off the backhoe...
  89. J

    2013 Kioti RC6010 curl function doesn't work

    I have a co-worker that ows a 2013 Kioti RC 6010, 59 Horsepower tractor. I was using it and the curl function on the stick seemed to just lose pressure and function. Even with the tractor off, when I push it to the left, it feels like there is nothing there. No resistance and won't come back...
  90. O

    clamp on pallet forks (& no qd) - vs qd bucket + qd forks on kl4030/ck2610

    Just bought a ck2610; thanks for all the TBN threads that helped me make the call on that. Haven't "owned" a tractor since using my dad's in the woods growing up, couldn't be more excited :) anyway ... I ordered it with the kl4030 (standard loader on the ck2610) with the quick-release 66"...
  91. C

    Dk4510 Turn buckles

    Just bout a slightly used kioti. I got my hands on a nice Woods PRD8400. I’ve got it all hooked up and even when my stabilizers are shortened all the way I still have tons of slop. Probably 6-8 inches each way. I’m beating my head against the wall trying to figure this out. Help!
  92. U

    2021 Kubota MX6000 HSTC $51,000

    Looking to sell my Kubota. I would like to down size. Kubota MX6000 Cab Tractor 2021 4x4 60 HP Turbocharged Kubota Engine 51.7 PTO Horsepower 3 Range Hydrostatic Transmission Kubota LA1065 Quick Connect Front Loader with Skid Steer Coupler Heavy Duty Bucket with Bolt on Cutting Edge Dual Front...