kubota b2920

  1. J

    Kubota B2920 rear drive problems

    My B2920 has rear chains on Ag tires. Using with a blade and bucket to move some snow. I am noticing a dramatic decline in the ability of the rear wheels to provide any help with moving the machine. It is in "4 wheel" and I am using the differential lock. The fronts are spinning like mad and...
  2. D

    is a standard gate enough for B2920 TLB?

    I need a trailer and it seems to be the worst time on history to buy one. I think I need the HD rear gate...the trailer will be general use so not too much time w tractor but i dont want ot to fall apart. anyone have any experience w the standard flimsy gate and a 3k lb tractor? I am thinking...
  3. M

    B2920 WR Long 3rd function install for FEL and 3pt

    Hi everyone, I received my wr long true 3rd function kit yesterday for my B2920 / LA364. So far, it seems pretty simple but I haven't started the install yet, just scouted things out. I got it from everything attachments along with "EA Compact Wicked Root Grapple 50" for my pin on FEL, as well...
  4. D

    B2920 bogs and stalls

    last night i was pushing some leaf piles back a little - zero load on the tractor and the rpms fell off , it barely ran then it stalled. i let it sit, it turned over slowly but wouldn't start. i let it sit longer and it slowly started then ran close to normal , then it was fine. scared the crap...
  5. bama7

    Kubota B2920

    I just can't make my mind up as to what I want to do. I am talking with a guy who has a B2920 with FEL, finish mower and a couple of other small attachments. I may be able to get it for $12,000. Are they heavy enough to do lifting and moving of dirt? I think the big problem may be turf tires. I...
  6. K

    Kubota B2920 Bucket

    Kubota 50” pin on bucket with a new B1658 quick attach. Bucket is in great condition. QA is brand new. Mt Sterling, Ky. Text 606-336-6587.
  7. M

    Kubota B2920 Rims/Tires

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum! I've learned a lot over the last year reading on here. I have a B2920 I bought with my house last year. It has Turf tires, 33x12.50-15 on the rear and 23x8.50-12 on the front. They are great for mowing the yard with the belly finish mower but almost...
  8. D


    I would like the longer lower tines or teeth. what is a well made unit? i have the front loader QA - I think from a b3200? i have forks for really heavy stuff so for this i would prefer not too heavy or expensive. i will post a pic of the loader connections - i dont know what it is called
  9. W

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota B2920 - Sputtering and Dying

    I have a Kubota B2920 with 90 hours. Has always run fine. Now, at random times, under PTO or not, it will start sputtering and possibly even die. I just changed the fuel filter and that didn't help. Someone told me to blow out the fuel line and I'm pretty sure I can figure that out...
  10. N

    B2920 HST first time using 3 point hitch

    I sucessfully removed my backhoe. I recently installed my three point hitch. But for some reason the 3pt hitch goes up but won't go down. Any ideas ? Any help would be appreciated. Jim Connecticut
  11. J

    Tires  B2920 WHEELS AND TIRES

    I have had my b2920 for about 6-7 years now. It has been a great tractor for me mowing 3-4 acres and general light dirt work. Tonight I found a screw in my front tire and will hopefully get it patched tomorrow at a local garage. This brings me to another question. I currently have the...
  12. T

    Hauling Kubota B2920

    My question is about hauling a Kubota B2920 tractor on a Rice 6'x12' single axle trailer. The trailer manufacturer says the trailer is rated up to 1700 lbs. The Kubota B2929 is 1550 lbs. according to Google. We have a front end loader on and that is probably not considered in the 1550 lb...
  13. T

    Spool broke in Kubota B2920 loader valve - any options besides new $900 loader valve?

    I have a 2013 Kubota B2920 with LA364 loader. Last fall the dump and curl function of the bucket suddenly became very erratic, particularly curl. Also, hydraulic fluid would leak out of the associated spool valve mounted on the side of the tractor. Dealer sold me a $90 seal kit. I parked the...
  14. B

    Can a KUBOTA B2920 handle a JD 350 7' sickle bar mower?

    I just got a good deal on a nice JD 350 7' sickle bar mower. I just dont know if it's too much for my B2920 Kubota. the mounting width of the pins for the lift arms as the same as my other attachments (26"). any issues? advice?
  15. M

    B2920 won’t start

    Hey guys Used tractor a couple weeks ago to bushhog. Has not been used since. Seemed to run fine then. When I went to start it yesterday it won’t turn over at all. Lights work, makes clicking noise when turning key. But won’t turn over at all. Tried to jump and nothing so not battery...
  16. O

    Backhoe  B2920 Rear PTO/ seat safety

    I知 new to the forum so let me know if I知 doing anything wrong. Ok so I have a little B2920 and I知 looking for the logic of the electrical control box. I have the wiring diagrams and it just shows the connections. Reason I知 asking is running the rear PTO with seat safety systems operational...
  17. D

    Replacing B2920 seat with a suspension seat

    Has anyone replaced their stock seat with a suspension seat. When running rotary cutter on pasture I get bounced around all over the place so I wanted to change my seat to something that would make for a more comfortable ride. Thanks for the help.
  18. D

    B2920 cranks and cranks but won't start after sitting for 6 months

    B2920HSD Tractor is in good shape and was used until winter. Parked it in the barn and when I went out to start it, it cranks and cranks but won't turn over. I charged up the battery again, removed the fuel filter and emptied it out, tried starting again to no avail. Removed fuel filter again...
  19. O

    My Kubota B2920 has a criminal past

    Hi everyone, I just posted a Youtube video of my B2920 restored back to it's former glory after it was completely trashed in a prison riot. Kubota B292 Tractor With A Criminal History - YouTube Seven News. Exclusive Government Footage Of Detention Riot In Victoria. - YouTube
  20. M

    new lever grips for my b2920

    i have a b2920 sub compact tractor. i am looking to make it look nicer. where can i purchase new lever grips with the factory colors? thank you! mark turik :cool2:
  21. K

    Mower deck stuck Kubota B2920

    Mowing yard with belly mower on low. Heavy grass, so I raised deck with black lever on right side. Deck came up but will not go back down. Mowing with deck up is great for pasture but I'd like it down for the yard. Neighbor has been mowing for me. Tractor has about 100 hours, mows great...
  22. H

    B2920 - How to grease PTO Shaft

    I have 4' Land Pride rotary mower and a 5' Land Pride finish mower I pull with our B2920. Can someone point me to a video or thread that shows me how to grease to pto shaft and u-joints. I have googled all around, but have not found anything that shows me how to remove the Italian made PTO...
  23. M

    B2920 Overheated?

    So I was running the tractor....mostly mowing (PTO RPM) for maybe 3-4 hours in ~90 degree heat yesterday. When I pulled it into the barn, and turned it off....I heard a noise continuing in the front of the tractor... Turns out the...coolant? was at hard rolling boil for about 5+ minutes, some...
  24. H

    B2920 - Changing Hydraulic Filter

    When I was installing the sub-frame for my new BH65 back hoe, I noticed that the hydraulic filter (filter on the right side) was bent up pretty badly. Apparently I had done this bush hogging some rough mtn land we own. I had chopped off a lot of locust, sassafras and buckthorn trees with a...
  25. L

    3-Point Hitch  New to me Kubota B2920 3pt question

    I picked up a low-hour(59) 2013 B2920 TLB from a private sale over the weekend and I'm trying to get to know it. The tractor did not come with a 3pt hitch and I'd like to purchase one. The local dealer is telling me I can't purchase a factory 3pt hitch kit and instead need to buy all the parts...
  26. L

    Loader mount front snowblower for Kubota B2920

    My house has a 1000' driveway and clearing snow with the FEL and back blade just wasn't cutting it. Being that the driveway is that long, I really didn't want a 3-point snowblower. I kept my eye out last year for snowblower attachments but the right one never turned up. I'm an engineer by day...
  27. J

    Backhoe  Backhoe loader hydraulic for Kubota B2920

    I recently purchased an ALO backhoe for my Kubota B2920. I am looking for advice and parts sources for hydraulic hook-up. My tractor currently has a Front End Loader. Any help would be appreciated!
  28. H

    Towing a Broken B2920 HST

    Hasn't happened yet, but I use my tractor way back in the woods and sooner or later I know I'm going to break something I can't easily fix. Can I put the tranny in neutral and tow it back to civilization with a tow strap behind my jeep without tearing something up? It would get towed about 2...
  29. C

    Putting B3030 Style deck on B2920?

    Been a while since I've been on here but I figured this was as good a place to start as any. Two years ago I bought a nice B2920 with the 5' deck, loader and the whole nine yards, super solid tractor just as I have come to expect from Kubota. I collectively mow about 12 acres with it but the...
  30. C

    Putting B3030 Style deck on B2920?

    Been a while since I've been on here but I figured this was as good a place to start as any. Two years ago I bought a nice B2920 with the 5' deck, loader and the whole nine yards, super solid tractor just as I have come to expect from Kubota. I collectively mow about 12 acres with it but the...
  31. H

    Limiting Chain Ideas on a B2920??

    I guess my B2920 was designed to operate this way, but it is really annoying to have to keeping looking back there to see how far the front of my rotary cutter has sagged and them bump it back up to the correct height. Seems like I have to bump it back up every few minutes. Anyone put limiting...
  32. B

    Snowblower for Kubota B2920 questions

    I am looking to buy a snowblower for my Kubota B2920. I went to my dealer and got prices. He gave me prices on a B2781B blower with hydraulic chute rotation and a BX5455HD. Does anybody have experience with these 2 blowers? Which one is more rugged for lasting longer? If you have one, how does...
  33. H

    3-Point Hitch  B2920 Telescopic Stabilizers

  34. F

    Pricing New B2920 vs L2501

    Have been researching, reading, and calling around for the last week. Decided for my needs a B2920, B3200/B3350, L2501 would suite Dealer has a New 2013 B2920 w/FEL Unit has 1 hour on it Unit is faded from sitting on the lot for a few years? Shows weather wear. Asking price is around...
  35. H

    3-Point Hitch  Telescopic Stabilizers for B2920 - Where to Buy?

    I would like to replace the turnbuckles on my B2920 with telescopic stabilizers. Where have people bought those recently? I read quite a few posts about the ones M Hodges made, but his web site is down. Also read a few posts about some from Tractorsmart.com, but I couldn't find them on their...
  36. I

    B2920 Snow Blower

    Looking for a Snowblower for my B2920 Michigan.
  37. H

    Kubota B2920 Power Beyond Port

    I'm trying to hook up a third function valve to a Kubota B2920, and I'm trying to determine where the power beyond port is This is a picture I got off the net, not mine but same valve Here is a valve diagram and where the hoses appear to go
  38. M

    TSC fixed drawbar for B2920

    I needed a fixed drawbar quick. The local Kubota dealer said he could get me one in three days for ~ $70. I needed one before then so went to TSC to see what they had. They had one that looked like it might work for $45. It worked like a charm. I think I like it better than the Kubota...
  39. D

    B2920 3ph not lowering at first 'stop'

    Recently my 3ph is not lowering until I move the lever to the bottom 'stop' (the fast lowering position). It won't lower at all at the first 'stop' (the "inch it down" position) It raises fine. I've tried turning the flow control knob all the way on and off and it has made no difference. Any...
  40. T

    Disabling safety switch on B2920 Hydro Pedal

    I've seen lots of posts about people having issues with B2x20 series hydro pedals sticking or not centering. Mine has been doing this since new, though not badly and when lubed it was fine. Recently it's starting to do it MUCH more and badly enough that even if I stand by the tractor and move...
  41. D

    Kubota B2920 won't start

    My tractor started making a short grinding noise when I started it, got worse throughout the day as I stopped and started to the point of a click, grind and a quarter turn, now when I turn on the ignition I get nothing, will not start. Anyone have some insight?
  42. D

    Kubota B2920 won't start

    My tractor started making a short grinding noise when I started it, got worse throughout the day as I stopped and started to the point of a click, grind and a quarter turn, now when I turn on the ignition I get nothing, will not start. Anyone have some insight?
  43. D

    Kubota B2920 won't start

    My tractor started making a short grinding noise when I started it, got worse throughout the day as I stopped and started to the point of a click, grind and a quarter turn, now when I turn on the ignition I get nothing, will not start. Anyone have some insight?
  44. B

    B2920 - could no jump start

    Hi, The other day my B2920's wouldn't start. The symptoms were clicking sounds, sounds as if some gear didn't fully engage, and the occasional attempt turn over. Suspecting the battery we tried jump starting with a car battery, but that didn't work either. So we feared something worse and...
  45. M

    Tires  Loaded tires on B2920

    I loaded the rear tires of the B2920 with rv/marine antifreeze and water this past weekend. I could tell a difference just driving it out of the carport. It just felt more solid/stable. With some ballast on the back I bogged the engine a little driving in to a pile of composted manure. Prior...
  46. M

    B2920 starter will not turn over

    The tractor hasn't been cranked in 2 months. Lack of dry weather and opportunity just had not allowed me to get on it. I loaded the tires then was going to crank it up to let it warm up a little before changing the oil. The dash lights come on but nothing happens. I have jiggled every lever...
  47. R

    B2920 Hydraulic cap issues

    Good evening I have a B2920 with a FEL. Pretty much since the tractor was delivered bran new the hydraulic caps will not stay on the ends. This is turn cause hydraulic oil to leak down on to the tractor and the cutting deck when the FEL is off the tractor. Any suggestions on what I can do to...
  48. H


    Does this tractor have a transmission screen? If so, where is it?
  49. H

    just bought a b2920

    this is a 2008 w/415 hrs. came with la364 loader, back hoe, rork rake and plow. Paid 18.000. Fair deal??
  50. H

    Backhoe  Adding a New Kubota Factory Backhoe to a 2-Year-Old B2920

    I bought a new B2920 w/FEL about 2 years ago. At the time I planned on getting it with the Kubota backhoe, but got talked out of it. I have regretted that decision ever since. What would it take for me to add the Kubota backhoe at this point? I understand a sub-frame is required. Is this...
  51. M

    Oil & Fuel  B2920 front axle dipstick stuck?

    From the manual and what I can gather by searching here, this yellow dipstick in the picture (front axle) is just supposed to pull out. I have pried on it with a screwdriver. It just does not want to give. I feel like I am about to break something. I am going to spray a little Liquid Wrench...
  52. jambx

    B2920 and Curis Snow Front Blade

    Just finished my plow set up - pick of a brand new (2003 vintage) Curtis 72 inch manual blade off of Craigslist (sat in a barn never used) - purchased new hydraulic cylinders and cross over relief valve. I wanted to post this since I agonized during my purchase if the 72 inch blade was too...
  53. H

    B2920, 3pt Hitch and 4 Rotary Cutter Operation

    This is my first tractor and I thought I knew how the 3pt hitch worked, but now I'm beginning to think I don't. When I use the rotary cutter, I lift the front of the deck up with the hand control lever to almost level with the back of the deck. It seems to work fine like that except that the...
  54. H

    3-Point Hitch  B2920 and Single Row Disc Harrow Opperation

    I came across a good deal ($100) on an old 4 angle iron single row disc harrow. All I want it for is to rough up the ground a bit to plant grass or whatever for some small food plots. I tried it out in my backyard and have a few questions. 1) I guess I'm not exactly sure how my 3 point lift...
  55. tpflyer

    Kubota B2920 with BX5455HD Snowblower

    Here are some pictures of my B2920 with the new BX5455HD snowblower.
  56. M

    B2920 "arroooogahh" Sound

    Hello guys I am posting this as a unpdate to a thread from last winter. I have a 2010 B2920 with only about 130 hours on it. Last winter I had noticed an odd sound during times of plowing snow with the rear blade. It sounded a bit like sucking the last few drops of drink out of a cup with a...
  57. M

    Loader  B2920 48" FEL vs 50" FEL?

    I'm wondering if I can get the 48" bucket on a B2920 instead of the standard 50". The reason being that I want to be able to unload my pickup bed which is 48" between the wheel wells. How hard would it be to swap them If I had both?
  58. T

    B2920 HST strainer? Is there one?

    Just saw the video 4shorts put up about a full service on the Kubota bx. I noticed that he checked the HST strainer. Was wandering if the B2920 has this or not. I haven't seen anything about it it the owner's manual nor has it been mentioned in 50 hr services people have posted about for the...
  59. W

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2920 - good tractor?

    Hello!New to the site. I'm looking at 2011 kubota b2920 HST with 140 hrs. Tractor has FEL, BH65 with thumb and 60" MMM. Price is $21,000. Like new condition. Would like to know if this is a fair price and if it is a good tractor. Any issues with this tractor? Going to check it out /...
  60. C

    B2920 Idle

    Does anyone know the correct idle speed for this engine? I have googled and checked the manual and didn't see it. I use the tractor regularly but it only has 120 hours after 4 years. I never took notice early on what the idle speed was but I have a sense that it is creeping up. It idles at...
  61. D

    B2920 cut battery cable

    working in the woods and a sharp branch worked its way up and sliced my positive battery cable. It may have touched the frame - the motor shut off immediately and everything was dead. I put some electrical tape on the cable and got everything connected but it won't start. It now has power when I...
  62. H

    Kubota B2920 3 point hitch and FEL issue with hydraulic operation

    I have a Kubota B2920. I am having an issue the the FEL only raising part way and to lower it i have to push the level the whole way to float. At the same time the 3 point hitch will not raise or lower. I have read some other older posts and these two issues seem to be realted. I have tried...
  63. K

    WSM for B2320, B2620 and B2920 no longer needed.

    I have sold my B2620 and still have the Work Shop Manual that I purchased from my Kubota dealer new for $80+. Seeing I no longer need this I figured I would offer it here for sale for $50 plus shipping in the lower 48 states only. Not sure if I can list this here, as I have sent several PM's...
  64. T

    Transmission drain plug size Kubota b2920

    Does anyone know the size of the transmission drain plug on the B2920? It came off while mowing along with all the hydraulic fluid and now the tractor will not move. I think I will have to retap and larger drain plug. I had a thread about this a while ago and thought I had fixed it with a new...
  65. ericher69

    Price Check  2008 b2920

    Anyone know what my b2920 is worth? 535hrs Industrial tires Sims cab with heater No loader but harness for front mount plow/blower Thanks Sent from my iPhone 5s 64Gb using TractorByNet
  66. ericher69

    parts schematic for b2920 60" MMM

    Does anyone have the parts schematic for the b series mid mount mower? Specifically the linkage that connects to the 3pt hitch to the mower. Thanks
  67. T

    Will a RCK54-24B mid mount mower fit a b2920?

    Thinking of getting a mmm for my b2920 and am looking at used a new. I don't mow a lot, so am leaning towards a used one. I'm not sure what models will fit the b2920. Anyone know if the 54" RCK54-24B kubota mmm would fit it? Anyone know how the mmm's do in tall grass? I have a big field to mow...
  68. I

    Kubota b2920 or b3030

    Ok. Here we go. I have it narrowed down to two tractors. First is a kubota b2920 hydro and fel 54 hrs. $12000. Next is a kubota b3030 hydro and fel 50 hrs. $13500. Which do I go with. The cu in is larger on the. 3030 and it has position control. The b2920 has less cu in. And has quartering inch...
  69. B

    200 HR service on B2920

    Hi everybody! I'm preparing for a 200 hr service on my B2920. I did performed the 50 hr service with no problems at all. In fact it was much easier than expected. My question is, Kubota says to replace the inner air filter. Why? I have carefully blown out the outer air filter three or four...
  70. H

    mid mount mower linkage issue B2920 Kubota

    I think I broke something on the mid mount mower on my B2920 Kubota. I took the mower off to do some bush hogging and I saw this bar bent down afterwards, its on the linkage for the mower but not sure where it attaches. It looks like there may be a bracket on the bottom part of one of the 3pt...
  71. bruski


    I've been looking for a B2920 w/FEL for my daughter and son in law. Noticed a lot of low hour ones for sale. Why? Problems with them?
  72. M

    B2920 mmm wont raise

    Hey guys Went to attach the mmm today, get it installed but the deck will not raise all the way, only a small amount. Took mmm back off, arms seem to raise and lower fine. Put mmm back in an nothing. 3 point appear to be working fine. Have also had difficulty getting arms to lock into top...
  73. J

    $50 Ballast Box for My B2920

    After years of using either my finish mower or my scoop as a counterweight and not wanting to spend $275-$350 on a steel ballast box for my Kubota B7510, I decided to fabricate one for my 2013 Kubota B2920. I looked at a number of homemade versions and included some of the features that I liked...
  74. H

    B2920 Wheel Slip

    So The wheel is slipping in the tire, no air or rim guard is leaking.. how do I fix this?
  75. C

    Minnesota  WTB Kubota tractor (B7800,B2910,B3030,B2920)

    Looking for a decent used Kubota tractor in the 30hp range, must be HST. Strong preference for 4 cylinder engine. No loader is preferred, but will consider. R4 tires best, then turf. 500 hours or less? (I will consider any hours) Garage queen not necessary, but no worn out junk either. 500...
  76. S

    Which to keep? B2920 and (BX2660 or ZTM)

    Don't ask how, but we own both of these Kubota models. We need to do the following chores: 1. Mow the lawn (using the BX2660 for this) 2. Drag a 70x110 indoor equine arena (have a 5.5', 400lb dedicated drag for this using B2920) 3. Brush hog 3-4 acres of pasture (have a dedicated 48 in brush...
  77. D

    Trading a Kubota B2920 for JD 2032R

    So I've been looking to get a slightly bigger tractor so I can run a 72" vs 60" mower without bogging down and have a few extra hp for anything else I might want to do. Here's the deal I'm looking at and would like to know if it sounds fair. Trading in my 2011 Kubota B2920 which I paid...
  78. T

    B2920 suitcase weights

    I would like to get some suitcase weights for the B2920. The front of the tractor comes with the loader bracket. Can you attach the weights directly to this or is there another bracket you have to buy to attach them too? Wasn't able to take pictures at this time to show the loader bracket
  79. jambx

    Cutis Cab on B2920 First Impressions

    I wanted to give some feedback on my Curtis Cab install. I finally unearthed a Curtis Cab off Craigslist - it only took 5 years as I have been looking since 2009 for a used one in like new condition. Initial take-a-ways; Quality - I actually was skeptical on the build quality of these cabs...
  80. Merrillgna

    Mowing  Anyone using an 84" finish mower on a B2920?

    Im looking to step up to the woods PRD8400 finish mower. It says the rating of the tractor needs to be 25-40HP. With the B2920 rated at 29HP do you think it could handle it mowing 5 flat acres of your average type grass or would it constantly be overworking? Curious if anyone is using a mower...
  81. H

    Filled My B2920 Tires With Windshield Washer Fluid

    Siphoned 12 gallons of 0 degree Walmart windshield washer fluid from a 5-gallon bucket into each rear tire. Lifted the rear tires slightly with a floor jack and deflated them. The tires seemed to be a little above the level of the axle. I believe 15 gallons would have put them at the 3/4 mark...
  82. J

    Snow  My version of FEL mounted snowplow on B2920

    Here's what I came up with for my B2920 for plowing snow. I bought a used 6.5 meyer moldboard off of craigslist. I made a mount to pin it to Kubota quick attach. I just use the lower pins. Then I welded a grab hook to the cross member on the loader and ran the chain up to it. Since I don't...
  83. M

    B2920 Sound

    Hey guys I posted on this a few weeks ago. I have continued to have an odd noise coming from the front of my tractor lately while plowing snow. It seems to be only when tractor is moving, never when idle. Happens in forward and reverse. Tractor has been in 4wd. The sound immediately stops...
  84. A

    snowblower for B2920

    what is the experience between the 50 inch and 51 inch blowers, for $1000 extra is 51 inch that much better? Have 400+ feet of paved driveway and running out of space to put snow with loader.
  85. J

    Buying Advice  First Tractor Purchase. JD 1025r filb vs Kubota b2920....Help!!

    I am in the immediate market for my first tractor. I recently bought a new house with 2.5 acres with about 1.75 acres to mow, a 1000ft paved driveway to maintain, and a lot of landscaping to do and maintain. I also have a small stump or 2 to remove. I will be building a garage in the next year...
  86. T

    B2920 Chains rubbing

    I have a B2920 with turf tires and I decided to get some chains for plowing and for work in the woods / on a steep hill in the snow. There is very little clearance on the inner front side of the rear tires and the frame. The chains do clear, but they rub very slightly (just enough to scratch the...
  87. G

    b2920 price check

    Looking for b2920 with loader and 54" MMM. Have got cash quotes of $20,564 and $20,022 including taxes out the door. Do these seem like reasonable quotes. Thanks in advance for any help.
  88. H

    Bro-Tek 2" Wheel Spacers for our B2920 Kubota

    Received our 2" wheel spacers from Bro-Tek a few days ago and finished installing them on our B2920 Kubota this morning. As others have said, Richard at Bro-Tek was very easy to deal with and shipping was fast. I had a few of concerns before ordering the wheel spacers. Concern 1 was the...
  89. T

    fuel filter clean/change for b2920

    I haven't seen a lot about how to change the fuel filter for the B2920. It seems to be one that would require a little more skill since you might have to bleed the fuel line afterwards. The owner's manual also suggests to perform this when the tank is less than 1/2 full. Any advice or tips...
  90. D

    Could a B2920 handle this flail... (conflicting opinions)

    Being on the West Coast of Canada, my options for purchasing implements are limited. The main regional supplier sells two brands of light duty flail mower, Caroni (Italian) and AGRIEase (Chinese rebrand?). The best options for my situation cost $1900 for the AGRIEase and $3700 for the Caroni...
  91. ericher69

    Fresh 8-12" of snow blowing with b2920

    Took this an hour ago. Fresh snowfall overnight; good test for the new blower. All I can say is WOW!! http://youtu.be/Lf0whm0B_3Q
  92. ericher69

    Oil & Fuel  Kubota b2920 hydro oil capacity

    I changed the hydro oil and filters. Added 15L of super UDT ran it at 2000RPM for a few minutes and shut down. Next day checked cold. Way over full!! Ran again and drove it around the yard. Parked and rechecked the next day. Way over full!! Is the capacity less than 15L or did I not get...
  93. T

    B2920 radiator hose clamps

    Anyone know how to loosen or take off the hose clamps on the radiator hose on the top. What tool would be right for this? Also would it be hard to reconnect the clamps on the hoses if taken off?
  94. W

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2920 vs Deere 2032R vs Massey 1526

    I will start by introducing myself. I am Casey, and in my 20s, and ready to buy a new tractor to last my lifetime. I am heavy into the old Farmall tractors and have a Farmall Cub, and three project Farmalls being an A, B, and 200. However, I will not be buying a new Farmall, because there are...
  95. T

    Will a b-2660 fit a kubota b2920?

    I'm in the market for a used 3 pt blower, but came across a B-2660 front mount blower. I'm having trouble finding what tractors it fits. Anyone know if it will fit a B series, or can be modified to fit it?
  96. T

    B2920 plastic part

    There is a plastic rectangular piece located on the right fender behind the 3 p.t lifting and lowering control. It basically looks like there could be a cup holder there like there is on the left side. I was looking at it an pressed on it and it actually came off but luckily I was able to put...
  97. N

    Do these prices seem High B2920 or about right for New England?

    Price check for a B2920 do these prices seem high or about right for the northeast? I have talked to several dealers and they are all with in a few hundred dollars of each other on price. Some have a lower tractor price to start but once you add on all the implements the prices even out. What...
  98. T

    Price Check  Kubota B2920 with FEL in New England

    Was quoted $16,500 OTD for a B2920 with FEL. That includes the 0% financing for 60 months and 0% down (free money!). That sound like a decent price? Was also considering the Kioti CK30HST, but I can't "build" one on their website. Nearest dealer is quite a haul from my house. Are they...
  99. N

    Question for B2920 owners.

    I'm in the process of looking for a good all around tractor. I'm trying to close the gap and make my decision. I would like to have a tractor by the end of the month. I need a tractor to Snow blow a 1000 ft driveway, mow 2 acres, and haul cut wood out of the forest. ( Not looking to haul logs...
  100. S

    Comparison  2011 kubota B2920 vs 2010 kubota B26

    Is the B26 TLB much bigger and better than a B2920 TLB ? It is hard to judge by just looking at a picture . The B26 has 800 hrs and was a rental unit . The B2920 has 600 hrs .
  101. M

    B2920 wont start

    Hey guys Need help with a dumb question. B2920 has run like a champ since I had it. Only 115 hours on it. I ran it for an hour or so yesterday not problem. I then hosed off the dirt and gravel dust and put it back in the barn. Now it wont start. All electrical elements work ok. Tractor...
  102. T

    trailer ball/hitch for b2920

    Can you put a trailer ball directly onto the drawbar of the b2920? Have seen other ways of doing this that use some kind of adaption to use the 3 pt. Is it better to get a adaption that uses the 3 pt? Where do you buy that kind of thing
  103. H

    Mirror Ideas for B2920

    Searched around and found some ideas/photos. Seems that CJ mirrors are the most popular option, but some have commented that they shake/vibrate. Anyone added mirrors which they are very happy with the results? My main need for them is to see behind the bush hog when I'm backing up in the...
  104. T

    Kubota b2920 clutching

    I am new to compact tractors so was hoping someone knew the answer to this. I am able to change from High, medium, low without depressing the clutch although the owner's manual says to depress clutch and then change to High, medium, low. Also the owner's manual says to depress clutch when...
  105. J

    B2920 50 hour service

    Had a great summer with my new B2920. Thanks again for all the help leading up to my decision to purchase a new tractor. Just about ready to do 50 hour service a couple of quick questions 1. I am going to use Kubota 10w30 oil but in the future can I use any high quality 10w30? what about...
  106. T

    pulling force of a B2920

    I was wondering if anyone ever estimated the pulling force of their tractor. I'm trying to size some rope / chain / cable for pulling trees (i.e. putting pressure on them as they are cut to get them to fall in the right direction). I have 5/16" chain now, which is labelled as having a working...
  107. H

    Factory Wheel Spacers for a B2920 (Again)

    Tried to buy these at the Huntsville Kubota dealer the other day but could not find anyone "working" there who knew what they were or what they cost. After about 20 minutes of discussion among 3 or 4 people, they determinded that they were $300 each and I needed one for each wheel (total...
  108. deathtoblackberries

    Destroy all weeds!! B2920/Landpride RTR1250

    I have been focusing on clearing the rear of my new construction house and planting the yard back there but got sick of looking at this weed patch out front today. Think clay baked dry in slabs filled with cobble stones, think thick stalk prairie grass the builder threw down to control erosion...
  109. X

    Rear wheel spacers on a B2920?

    I have a B2920 and it feels tipsy even on a slight incline. I checked with Kubota about rear wheel spacers and was told they are not recommended because they may interfere with the 60" MMM deck. I checked with Richard at Bro-Tek (who seems like a great guy by the way) and he said he has sold a...
  110. D

    Wanted Kubota b2920

    Posted in wrong section earlier. Looking for a kubota b2920.
  111. D

    Wanted Kubota b2920

    looking for the above listed Kubota B2920. If you or someone is selling or looking to get rid of please post some info. Thanks
  112. M

    Used B2920

    Hey guys Need some opinions on price on a used B2920. I purchased this tractor in 2010 new. It has FEL, MMM, Woods box blade on it. It has 100 hours on it and is in fantastic condition. All routine care has been done. What would be a fair price to put on this for private sale? Thanks...
  113. gjock

    B2920 hydrostatic transmission

    I traded in my bx2660 for a b2920. The transmission vibrates and rattles a lot more than my bx. Anyone else find the b2920 hydro rough compared to a bx? The fluid levels are fine. I havent talked to dealer yet, just wanted some feedback from actual tractor user first. Thanks, Greg
  114. ericher69

    Price Check  Used 60" b2920 mower deck price

    Have the chance to buy a like new (never used) 60" deck for a b2920. $1800 Canadian funds Good price or pass? Thanks
  115. H

    Loader  B2920 Tooth Bar w/Photos

    Order this add-on tooth bar from Stella (she was very helpful) at North American Implements a few months ago. I have found it very useful while digging with the fel. Its also very helpful in dragging down blackerry patches and also carrying downed trees/logs (some +30' long). Installion was...
  116. ericher69

    La504fl adapted to a b2920?

    Have a chance at a good used la504fl Could this made to fit a b2920? Thanks
  117. ericher69

    Will a LA504fl fit a b2920?

    Have a chance at a good used la504fl Could this made to fit a b2920? Thanks
  118. chriscos

    Tires  Are the B7610 rims the same bolt pattern as the B2920 rims?

    I believe the B2620 replaced the B7610. Are the bolt patterns for the rims the same between the two models? I'm looking for some used rims to try out some different tires.
  119. J F

    Will the new 2013 BX25D seat install on a new 2013 B2920?

    Anyone checked into this? I'm just curious, as it looks like the new BX seat would be more comfortable and supportive, especially with the arm rests.
  120. I

    Rotary Cutter  Countyline Sub Compact Rotary Cutter on a Kubota B2920?

    Does anybody use the sub compact Rotary cutter from TSC? It's a cat. 1 so I assume it will fit my B2920? Looks better built that the other 4 footer they sell? Os would i be better off with the heavy duty Countyline...
  121. J

    Out with the old and in with the new, my B2920 Has Arrived!

    What started out as a search for R4's to replace my turf tires turned into trading in my 2005 B7510 w/FEL with 400hrs for a new B2920 w/FEL. I've actually been contemplating the upgrade for 3 years and finally decided I deserved it. Plus I got a great deal on the trade in. I'm not sure I'll...
  122. deathtoblackberries

    The B2920 chronicles

    Thought I would start a thread for B2920 owners, here's my opening salvo at the 15 hour mark! 1. No backhoe required I pushed this over with the FEL then got under it with the FEL teeth and ripped it out of the ground :punch: 2. Here's the new FEL tooth bar, no holes it pinches on the bucket...
  123. T

    Grapple  Grapple on a Kubota B2920

    I want to get a grapple for my 1.5 year old, 300 hours Kubota B2920. I have made a tentative plan and would like to have it checked. I'm hoping for and am open to all comments, advice, criticisms, alternatives, corrections on any part of the plan big or small. For me, this is a very large...
  124. J

    Price Check New B2920 w/FEL

    I'm looking at trading in my very clean 2005 Kubota B7510HSD w/FEL 400 hours for a new B2920HSD with LA364 FEL and would like to know if this is a decent deal. Its always tough on a trade in as you are basically working 2 deals, but the bottom line cash outlay would be $6,460. They are quoting...
  125. J

    Mid mount mower for Kubota b2320/b2620/b2920

    I am picking up a "new to me" Kubota B2320 tomorrow morning. It only has 30 hours. It does not have a mid mount mower and I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what it should cost to have one installed at a dealer. I done a little research and apparently the same mid mount mower is used on...
  126. K

    Kubota b2920 rear remote

    Just had a thought for adding a rear remote but not sure if it will work. I have a valve off of an old stone picker that works to change the flow from one cylinder to another using a single remote tractor valve. I.E. pop it down would run picker table , pull it up would run the dump bucket. If I...
  127. K

    My B2920 Modification At The Reverse Pedal

    I had seen a post somewhere about the reverse pedal being a little awkward on the B2920. When I traded my BX2660 for a new B2920 TLB, it was awkward for me. I kept hitting the front loader lock in place lever. That was my biggest problem. I did a small modification and it made a major difference...
  128. deathtoblackberries

    I'm freaked my B2920 will tip over sideways

    How far can you lean one of these sideways before it tips over? You sit so high up even a marginal side slope seems dicey. I spent a lot of time jogging around today trying to keep it flat on slopes I'd just burn across with a riding lawn mower. To the point I'm now wondering if I made the right...
  129. J

    Price Check  B2920 with FEL Pricing

    What started out as replacing my 2005 B7510 turf tires with R4's has now turned into a possible trade in for a new B2920. I've gotten over the first hurdle which was to convince my wife that it made more sense to trade in the tractor than pay $1085 for 4 tires and rims! My B7510 with FEL and...
  130. deathtoblackberries

    BH65 first impressions (B2920)

    I hacked the first big bush down to size and went at it today with the BH65. This thing was about 20' tall, that's the debris pile off to the left. Branches up to about 3.5" in diameter. I started digging right next to the bush, it ripped most of those roots right out but I hit a deep one that...
  131. M

    Kubota B2920 Oil change

    Hey guys I decided to change the oil on my Kubota B2920 the other day. I had the original 50 hour service done at the dealer but decided to begin to do some of this myself. I am relatively new to the tractor world and am learning as I go. Anyway, the process seemed pretty straightforward...
  132. deathtoblackberries

    B2920 nut falls off the brand new tractor

    So I pulled the brand new B2920 into the garage tonight after about 5 minutes practicing with the FEL, I have about 8 minutes of actual use on the tractor so far. I pulled in stopped and this nut falls off and rolls across the floor :censored: 8mm It's had a wrench on it the corners are a little...
  133. deathtoblackberries

    New B2920 just landed! 29 pics FEL, BH, Thumb, MMM

    My first ever new tractor day, awesome! I took some detailed pictures for anyone else who might be considering this tractor, enjoy!
  134. K

    Backhoe  B2920 BH65 Install and Removal ?

    I traded my BX2660 in on a new B2920 TLB so I had the backhoe for some home projects. I took the backhoe off for the first time a couple weeks ago. I have about 8 hrs on it now. When I started to remove it, the pin on the left side came out with no problem at all. The one one the right would not...
  135. J

    Step on a B2920?

    I'm getting a little older and my hip doen't move as it once did. Has anyone ever installed a step on a B2920? Kubota doesn't offer one for this model. Has anyone every used a step from a different model without much modification? I'm not a welder so I can't fabricate one. I weigh about...
  136. deathtoblackberries

    New B2920 is now inbound!!

    I did a deal this afternoon on a new B2920, ETA Friday whoohoo! I got the loader, BH65 with mech thumb, 16" bucket, street shoes, 60" MMM, beat juice in the rears. Thanks for all the input from you guys over the last week or so, very helpful.
  137. J

    Pallet Fork Build on Kubota b2920 FEL

    Well I moved my nissan forklift down to the farm so we could use it to load stuff in the barn. I didn't want to bring it back to my house for the basic stuff I do here in town so I decided it was time to add some forks to the FEL. I had some spare 36" forks in the scrap file @ the farm so I...
  138. H

    B2920 Wheel Spacers vs Tire Ballast

    Bought a new B2920 w/R4 tires, FEL, 4' bush hog and 5' finish mower last Fall. It's my first tractor and I've been very happy with it. I mainly use it to mow our 2 acre yard and to clear and maintain some very rugged mountain land we own. I knew before I bought it that I would probably want...
  139. J

    Just Ordered New B2920 from Barlow's

    After lurking here for some time and visiting just about every tractor dealer within a 100 mile radius of my house, I finally decided to pull the trigger on a new B2920 from Barlow's outfitted as follows: B2920 with loader and BH65 backhoe. 3 Welded Bucket Hooks Tooth Bar 5' Box Blade WR Long...
  140. X

    B2920 going in reverse?

    I brought a new B2920 this fall and love this machine. My first tractor with a FEL and I moved tons of gravel repairing my 600' driveway. Looking forward to using the MMM this spring. My problem is going long distances in reverse. The amount of pressure required to hold down the HST pedal in...
  141. I

    Oil & Fuel  B2920 Low Fuel Shut Off And Won't Even Crank?

    Hi guys, warm weather here today so I thought I would start my B2920 that I haven't run for a month or so to warm it up and charge the battery. Anyway the fuel was getting pretty low, all of a sudden it shut off after running for 10 min or so just like the key was shut off. Now the key doesn't...
  142. H

    Getting off B2920 without the engine stalling

    I put the HST in "N" and then set the brake and when I rise off the seat the engine stalls. I want to get off the tractor to put on a chain on a log or change the direction of my rake on the back. How do I get off the tractor and not have to have the engine stall?
  143. TigerfaninAR

    B2320 to a B2920/3200

    How noticeable is the difference in power when going up. Have the 2320 and like so many before the needs didn't quite match what I thought when purchased almost 2 years ago. Initially thought light loader work with mostly mowing 3-4 acres. I way underestimated the loader work in moving dirt...
  144. G

    B2920 Safety Interlocks?

    We just purchased a B2920 for my wife (I have a NH TC45DA). The question I have is there any safety interlocks on the B2920 that must be engaged before you can start it. I went to the dealer and the guy wasn't really sure so he went out to a 2620 and sure enough it just cranked right up while...
  145. S

    HP differance between B2620 and B2920

    There is 3hp differance motor and PTO on these two tractors, is it a noticable differance when finish mowing and snow blowing? I know everyone says go bigger but its around 2500-3000 differance at the dealer I checked at.
  146. tc18ny

    Buying Advice  B2920 vs B3200HSD vs Max28XL - I'm stuck

    The good news - been tractor shopping and have the green light from the other half. The problem if you want to call it one - a big price difference. The Bota's are from a local dealer who has been around for years and known for their good customer support. The Max from a dealer about 35 minutes...
  147. K

    Remove loader valve and lines from a B2920

    Just received our new B2920, and while looking through the parts manual and WSM, I see that the B2320 narrow has a straight pipe that does not go into the loader valve body. Does anybody know the part number of the straight pipe. My parts manual does not have the part, but the WSM shows the...
  148. ericher69

    Float function b2920 and b2763 front blade

    Is there a float function when using the quick hitch and front blade on a b2920? If so how do you activate this? I can lift the front wheels off the ground and it digs into the black top (yes I have skid shoes) Thanks
  149. ericher69

    Float function b2920 with b2763 blade?

    Is there a float function when using the quick hitch and front blade on a b2920? If so how do you activate this? I can lift the front wheels off the ground and it digs into the black top (yes I have skid shoes) Thanks
  150. Kytractor

    Mowing  Kubota Cousins/B2920/L45 bush hogging the farm

    Had a great weekend cleaning up the farm about 5 hrs from where we live. I had the L45 and my cousin who volunteered his services had a B 2920. It amazed me what a work horse his B2920 was. He was plowing thru stuff that I just shook my head as if no way. Took around 2 and a half days. In the...
  151. K

    B2920 not a popular tractor

    I was looking at a B2920 and was told that it was a poor seller, and probably not a good buy. Spare parts scarce and so forth.... What does TBN think.... I am in Central Florida and was looking at the B series, I have a B7100 and a L4200 DT, and I want to take some of the load off the B7100...
  152. ericher69

    B2920 loader interferance with subframe?

    Does anyone know if I can mount the la364fl while not having to totally remove my front mount quick hitch for blower/blade? Did a quick search but no immediate threads covering my query! Thanks
  153. S

    B2920 Hourmeter

    Hello all! Just finally decided to register after over a year and a half of "researching" on the forum. First I would like to thank everyone who has posted in this forum. Your posts helped me weed through the different brands. This info allowed me to have some insight and "experience" as I was...
  154. J

    Kubota B2920 TLB

    Hi folks ,I'm new to this forum and have been searching for the right tractor for me for about 6 months now checking pricing, options capacities etc. on various makes of tractors. John Deere ,Bobcat, Kioti, New Holland, Kubota, Case, Mahindra .It seems like all makes have some good features and...
  155. B

    Kubota B2920 how to make 12v connection

    I just purchased a Kubota B2920 tractor. How do I establish a 12V plugin connection for my sprayer attachment?
  156. H

    Talk Me Out of Buying a Backhoe with My New B2920

    Other than the cost of the backhoe, are there any other reasons I should not get a BH on the B2920 I'm buying? I know they are some trouble to install/uninstall, but I will normally be doing that on a level concrete slab with the BH on a roll-a-round cart I will build. I will likely only be...
  157. H

    B2920 scraper box

    Im in the process of buying a b2920 with a 48" scraper box. I'm looking at the bb05, bb12 and bb15. It will mainly be used on very rough forest roads. Any suggestion on which one I need?
  158. G

    What size rear rake for Kubota B2920

    Hello, I know that tractor width should be taken into consideration when choosing rear implements. Should a 50" wide tractor use a 60" or 72" rear attachment such as a blade or tine rake? I'm sure most will say that it depends upon what the implement is being used for and operating space, but...
  159. H

    Buying Advice  B2920 - Newbie Planned Purchase Help

    B2920 - Newbie Planned Purchase Help I guess I am in the market for my first tractor. Been lurking on this forum for several months and have learned a lot of things that I had not even considered. Thanks for all the information and contributions you folks add to this forum. We recently...
  160. s219

    B2920: cruise control mechanism causing HST pedal to stick in neutral sometimes

    I have been noticing this off and on annoyance over the last couple weeks, where the HST pedal occasionally won't go into forward or reverse unless I really stomp it. I lubed everything really well at the 50 hr service, but no change. Today it happened so I shut the tractor off, crawled...
  161. mattoct3003

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2920 or Mahindra Max 28XL HST

    Guys, Im kinda torn between a Kubota B2920 with an FEL and MMM or a Mahindra Max 28XL HST with FEL and MMM. I was leaning Mahindra but the only thing holding me back is the mid mount mower. The dealer is dead set against me buying a mid mount mower due to difficulty of on/off capabilities...
  162. G

    Mahindra Max 28XL or Kubota B2920?

    What does everyone think? I know the Max 28 is new as of this year and just hitting the marketplace... I priced out a Max 28 XL TLB and it comes in at $20,000 through my local dealer. A B2920 TLB is $23,250 through my local dealer. Which is the better machine overall as far as quality...
  163. G

    Very close to purchasing a B2920 TLB!

    Hey Guys, Well, I'm VERY close to pulling the trigger on a brand new B2920 with FEL, BH, and 3PH. The dealer that I have been working with (local) has extended what seems to be a great price on this machine/setup at $23,250. What do you guys think? The machine is still in the crate and they...
  164. C

    B2920 Rotary Cutter

    I'm looking to rent a rotary cutter for my B2920. The rental place only has a Woods BB72X, which has a 72" cutting width and recommended tractor HP of 30-50 HP. I've heard 5hp for every foot of cutting. Will I be biting off more than the B2920 can chew if I go with the BB72X? I don't want to...
  165. M

    Price Check  Price for B2920 in New England area? or other B series...

    What have people payed recently in ME and NH? I'm looking at the 2920 now, but would be interested in other B series. I've been quoted 16,700, 16,800, and 16,900 at two Maine and one NH dealer for tractor and loader. Any dealer suggestions would be welcome as well. Thanks for your help!
  166. G

    Mowing  Need B2920 60" mmm adjustment expert!

    I have new B2920 with 60" mmm. Just putting on tractor to mow this week and cannot get it level. Now manual says to have front link pivot pins on turnbuckles to front pivot arm at 19.9", Lower link arms set to .7" of threads showing on top and rear connector link to 2 point arm set to 26.2" with...
  167. D

    Comparison  Massey 1526 or kubota b2920

    I was quoted the Massey 1526 with a front end loader and 60 inch mmm for $21000. The kubota 2920 with the same came in at $19200. Both have 5 years 0% financing. I have 9 acres 2 of which will be grass the rest is woods, the Massey weighs almost 400 pounds more and looks like a beefier tractor...
  168. D

    B2920 - Must have taken it's vitamins

    I am not sure what happened to my B2920 today, but good grief it was like it was on steroids or something! I was digging up stumps most of the day and it was just doing it with ease. Maybe it was because they were different types than I had been working on before, I don't know. Maybe it had...
  169. D

    B2920 Versus Lots of Roots

    I have been clearing trees and stuff for a garden, it is going pretty well. However, after I get the stumps up, there are still plenty of roots all over the place:mad: I am not sure the best tool or method to get the job done. I am thinking just get a plow and maybe plowing will rip up some of...
  170. G

    Adding fluid to B2920 rear tires?

    B2920 with bar turfs on rear. Using around the yard moving things, dragging and sweeping up dead debris noticed the bar turfs would slip once in awhile with loader on. Take in mind loader will be off for mowing. My question is filling the rears with fluid will stop this problem and help with...
  171. D

    B2920 Hydrualic Pressure Test Kit

    Does anyone know or have used the bxpanded pressure tester on a B2920? I would think they are all the same, but perhaps not.
  172. G

    B2920 1/4" positioning hands on

    I used my new B2920 with quick hitch moving trailers, boats and putting snowblower away in back of shed. Did quite a bit with 3 point and either mine is setup perfectly or that is how they work. It was smooth as silk and cannot tell the difference from my old NH TZ25DA that had position control...
  173. T

    Towing boat with B2920

    When buying my tractor one of the 'jobs' I was hoping I could do with it was to move large trailers around my yard, the biggest being my boat. I store it in a very tight spot by the garage where the ground is soft and its very difficult to get in. To pull it out you're pulling on soft ground and...
  174. K

    Price Check  B2920 Kubota price check

    Called and stopped at two dealers in TN. $15,990 and $16,100 for a Kubota B2920, 60" belly mower but no front loader. Based on what I have seen from other posts this seems high but maybe the price increase in Feb. and its the "season" is making this price seem high.
  175. G

    B2920 mmm brackets locking in up position

    I know when the mmm is attached that you can pin it in the up position with bracket on mmm when using the 3 point to keep it up. My question is when mmm is off the brackets are still there and rise and lower with 3 point, Would a guy just need to remove the link and secure them up with tie strap...
  176. G

    Soft Cab for B2920 recommendations?

    I have been googling for a softcab and seems that they are about 1500 - 1600.00 but seem to be designed well. Does anyone know of another softcab that would be little less money but still good quality?
  177. G

    New B2920 diesel fuel question

    I have the new B2920 about 4 hours on from blowing snow last week to clean up Blizzard. Question is low sulfur hwy fuel. I live in midwest and can buy ag fuel no problem vs hwy diesel which is cheaper. Is ag diesel better on engine as is higher sulfur or should I use the Hwy diesel and possibily...
  178. s219

    Greasing FEL control lever on B2920

    My FEL manual says to grease the control lever when I grease the pivot points on the loader every 10 hours. I couldn't see a fitting or an effective way to grease the lever, unless I am missing something. Anyone know how it should be done?
  179. D

    B2920 slow

    I have a new b2920 only about six hours on it. I tend to keep it in medium range. Yesterday I went to go down the driveway for the first time and wow was it slow going up hills. It seemed to be under a load. I pushed the rpm lever up to the orange mark on the gauge and that helped some at least...
  180. G

    Rear working light location on B2920?

    OK have my new B29020 and kept the 55w flood off old tractor to put on this one. Is there wires in rear that run off light switch that I can just plug into and where are they located?
  181. G

    Took new B2920 home at noon

    Finally dropped off New Holland TZ25da, said my good byes and loaded up new B2920. Dealer came through big time. On agreed price for standard B2920, FEL, 60" MMM and standard turfs came away with bonus bar turfs, grill guard, rear hydrolics & block heater. Need to wash off this weekend and put...
  182. G

    B2920 different size turfs and gearing???

    :confused:I orderd new B2920 requested standard turfs and ended up coming with the bar turfs. Now my question standard turfs/r4'S are 23" front and 33" rear wheras bar turfs are 22" front and 31" back. Does anyone know if Kubota at the factory changes the front/rear gear ratio for the smaller...
  183. ericher69

    B2920 with bx2760a blade

    Here is a pic the tractor with bx2760a blade with hydraulic angle and skid shoe kit
  184. T

    Wallenstein Bx42 on B2920

    I have been reading threads about chippers and trying to decide what to get for my b2920. I've got a lot of hardwood with big branches at right angles all over the place, so wanted something that could handle that with a minimal of cutting up, but needed something that would fit my tractor...
  185. T

    Installing 3 Point hitch on b2920 with backhoe subframe

    I got a new trailer hitch setup today that connects to the 3 point hitch arms. In trying to set it up I realized that I can't figure out how to get the 3 point lower arms mounted to the tractor with the backhoe subframe on. The subframe has holes in it and it looks like the metal rod that holds...
  186. D

    Finally used my new B2920 - Good impressions

    I had to use the B2920 I purchased late last fall for the first real task yesterday. We had to put down an aging and sick pet, so I had to dig it's final resting place. I could tell a really big difference from my BX25. While using the backhoe on the B2920, it seems to have much more power (I am...
  187. T

    Best Chipper for B2920

    I've just recently bought a Kubota B2920 and want to get a PTO wood chipper for it. I've done a lot of searching and haven't found a ton of information. I'm wondering if anyone is running this machine (or similar) with a chipper and how its working. I'd like to try to get the largest capacity...
  188. G

    Cab for B2920

    Ordered B2920 should be here in month. One question I have is is there a reasonable/economical cab for this unit for winter work just to keep the cold wind and snow off me. I would want to take on and off easily so not a hard permanent cab.
  189. T

    Price Check  B2920 price check

    Posted this in the general pricing discussion, but thought i might get more feedback here. I'm wondering what folks think is a fair price on a lightly used 2920 with a fel and bh65 backhoe. Im looking at 3 right now, all are '09 or newer with under 100 hrs. List prices are from 19900 - 21900...
  190. T

    Price check b2920

    I'm wondering what folks think is a fair price on a lightly used 2920 with a fel and bh65 backhoe. Im looking at 3 right now, all are '09 or newer with under 100 hrs. List prices are from 19900 - 21900. New msrp if i order is around 24750 and with the current programs i think i could get a new...
  191. G

    Kubota B2920 2011 - 2012 Price difference?

    I had opportunity to purchase a 2011 Kubota B2920 which dealer stated was new for a certain price but had 24 hours on it but quoted me new price for it. I requested a new one with 0 hours and they have to go back and check what the 2012's if there is a price increase as that was the only one in...
  192. G

    Kubota B2920 tire size - turfs

    Decided on Turf for my Kubota B2920 now they offer two sizes to make more decisions on like I said 60% mowing 40% blowing/pushing snow, loader work and garden tilling Kubota offers FRONT - 22.0 x 8.5-12 /REAR - 31 x 15.5-15 FRONT - 23.0 x 8.5-12 /REAR - 33.0 x 12.5-15. My initial thought is get...
  193. s219

    B2920 work lights

    Let me add yet another work light thread... See attached pics. I got two 1000 lumen LED lights, Soundoff Signal brand. Very nice lights, cost about $100 each with shipping. Each draws 1.4 amps at 12V. Mounted one facing forward, attached to the threaded boss on the right ROPS upright, near...
  194. E

    Kubota B2920 FEL problem

    I don't know if this is operator error or I have a problem. I have a 1 year old Kubota B2920. When I use the control lever to lift the FEL it will only go up 1/2 way. In order to make it drop I have to push the shift lever down (like it drops into another slot) and lower it. When I do this...
  195. G

    Thumb control for hydro on B2920????

    I was coming across "thumb controls". Is this a hand operated lever or switch option of somesort to run the hydro as option vs the foot pedals which where located on the B2920 eliminates the use of the left/right brakes to assist in steering. I would also love that if available for moving yard...
  196. S

    B2920 Front Hitch & Snow Balde NEEDED

    Anyone have a used hitch and blade for a B2920 they want to sell or either or? Thank you.
  197. G

    B2920 1/4" 3pt positioning

    I am planning/leaning toward a B2920 but would like to question the 1/4" positioning. I have a metorite 51" 3 pt snowblower, woods 52" tiller and woods 5' scraper blade which is why I am leaning toward the b2920 for the 49" width. b3200 is 54" wide main reason but little bigger and more hp...
  198. G

    Buying Advice  Kubota B2920 or B3200 have TZ25DA

    I have opportunity to trade the New Holland TZ25DA wit 60" mmm, 48" quicktach loader on either a B2920 or B3200. Last winter blowing snow told wife could use another 5 hp under the hood. Have already a Metorite 51" snowblower, woods 52" tiller, woods 60" blade, 25 gal trailer sprayer and John...
  199. W

    Kubota b2920 toolbox mounting?

    Can't seem to find a place to do this. Is there a good place to mount a toolbox/chain box on a b-series?
  200. W

    Quick Hitches  Kubota B2920

    Already considering a three-point quick hitch. Any recommendations? Thanks.