1. W

    Shibaura SD2243D charging system

    Hey folks, I have a Shibaura SD2243D that wouldn't start this morning. It sounded like the battery was very weak. I was able to jump start it with a battery block, but even with the tractor running, I see only 12 volts at the battery. I'm thinking my alternator may be shot. My plan is to...
  2. G

    Older PT-1425 with parasitic battery draw - not sure where to look

    I have an older PT-1425, with 25hp Kohler, whose battery loses voltage when turned off and at rest slowly from a full charge. I can read about 23 milliamps current draw with the key removed. I disconnected the rectifier in case a diode or something caused it, but that didn't change the current...
  3. bdhsfz6

    Booster Battery Packs That Last ??

    During my lifetime, I've gone through almost a dozen of these booster battery packs. None have lasted more than a few years before the internal lead acid battery fails. I've replaced a couple of these dead batteries but the cost is so close to buying a new pack that it doesn't seem worth it...
  4. N

    Kubota MX5400 Battery - AGM or Flooded?

    Is the Kubota MX5400 battery an AGM or flooded/wet-cell battery? There is nothing identifying which it is on the label or in the manual. A parts look-up doesn't mention which it is.