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Mar 18, 2016
Houghton MI (the Lake Superior snow belt) USA
Polaris Boss 6x6 with pods (tracks) Center actuating lawn mower by Husky
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From a Garage Journal forum:
I bought the Ego 52" ZTR in June 2022. So it's been almost a year. I was the first person to buy one from my local Ace Hardware. So I knew I'd be a local guinea pig.

My property is 16+ acres. Of that, I mow about 3 acres including the lawn around the house, paths, and a woodlot. For about 15 years, I mowed with a 1949 Ford 8n tractor pulling a 3-blade mowing deck. Then I bought a New Holland 33HP compact utility tractor and 60" flail mower, which I've had for another 15 years or so. The flail mower has 40 pairs of cutting knives; maintaining them was an ordeal even when I was 10 years younger. I wanted something more compact and maneuverable, with less smell, noise, and pollution. The Ego machine checks all those boxes. It has nearly replaced the flail mower except for brush cutting and very tall weeds.

The Ego is a fun little machine, very easy to operate, and surprisingly powerful. The biggest drawback for me (aside from the upfront cost) is that it has no real suspension system (other than what's in the seat). This makes it less than ideal for my bumpy terrain, but if it lasts more than 5 years or so, I don't think I'll regret the purchase. 5 years is a pretty low bar compared to a small farm tractor, which I'd expect to last for decades if properly maintained and operated. With the Ego, about half the cost seems to be tied up in the batteries and controls. So you're not really getting a $6500 lawn mower, you're getting more like a $3500 lawn mower and paying another $3000 or so up front for the fuel. So I don't expect much more service life than I'd get from a box store lawnmower. Then again, for a commercial grade ZTR (which is really what a property like mine needs), I'd probably pay double to triple the Ego price (or more, for one of the few available commercial grade rechargeable machines).

By the way, the Ego batteries can be used to power a range of household electricity back-up devices. Very handy when we lose power in a thunderstorm. Ego even makes a small battery-powered generator, which can be used *indoors* to power a TV, appliances, etc. So far I've only purchased a small, relatively inexpensive device that holds a single battery. Good for charging a laptop or smart phone, or maybe for powering a lamp.
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Elon has the power source on his cars working pretty well. They are efficient compared to other manufacturers on the use of the power delivery to the wheels and comfort for the users. Everyone else has battery power issues. IMO when this will all get better is when we can come up with a better power source. Individual cells made into giant battery packs isn't it. Some kind of better source is needed.
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He says it would cost him 3x more for a COMMERCIAL ZTR. Yeah, it would, because you bought a homeowner grade mower from EGO. Not sure how that is relevant
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Gas and diesel powered ZT mowers have a PUMP on each rear wheel. I fail to see the benefit related to mowing hills due to having a MOTOR on each rear wheel.

For hills, you can't really beat a Cub Cadet ZT with steering wheel. Essentially gives you 4-wheel steering.

I saw a guy looking at the EGO 42" mower in front of Lowes last week when I was walking in. My first thought was "Wonder how much of the yard that would mow before it needed to be charged?" My immediate second thought was "Why in the world would anyone consider a lawn mower that required you to . . . wonder how much of the yard that would mow before . . . ?"

I don't get it. You can run ANY gas or diesel mower all day long. Why would anyone want a plug-in mower?

Plus -- Electric mowers run on coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, etc. . . . and a tiny drop of wind and solar. So what's the point?
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I've found that heavier mowers, hold hills better. I'll have to see what an EGO weighs

410 pounds

A commercial mower that will hold hills, weighs about 1300 pounds 🤣
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I agree. My two zero turns show that too. The ZT2500 is 1/2 the weight of the Simplicity Citation XT and the first one slides all over the hills. The XT is sure footed no matter what (except if I cut in the rain of course then all bets are off).
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Batteries are about $3k.... And won't last as long as an ICE. That's a tough pill to swallow
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I've found that heavier mowers, hold hills better. I'll have to see what an EGO weighs

410 pounds

A commercial mower that will hold hills, weighs about 1300 pounds 🤣

WOW! That's light -- obviously built as light as possible to maximize battery run-time. But that's barely twice the weight of the average operator.

My Cub ZT weighs 1424 pounds. Add 200# to that for the operator. BIG difference. (Of course, the Cub has a 60" deck -- so wider.) I'd estimate that the Cub will mow flat-out for 6+ hours before it needs a shot of energy. "Recharging" takes about 5 minutes.
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I will say I've never seen a Ego self combust yet but there is always a first time..

All high end ZTR's have individual wheel motors btw and they are hydrostat. The cheapo ones don't.

I would never even consider buying an Ego because they are made in China. Big no for me. Same applies to the battery powered tools as well.

If we don't start weaning ourselves off of China made stuff, at some point we will be eating raw fish with chopsticks I fear.