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If I had a small lawn, I'd consider one. Less hassle for sure. However one consideration is still battery replacement over time. In 5-10 years am I buying $3000 worth of batteries? Are those batteries still available? Or is the mower now a throw away? Battery tech moves so fast, Id worry it would be obsolete.
At least motors have standard bolt patterns. Batteries are proprietary.
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I actually like some battery equipment. I just bought a new FlowZone Typhoon for lawn treatments. It'll pump 100 gallons on a charge, capable of up to 115psi. I can walk a typical residential lawn in under 10 minutes with it. Easily 10+ lawns on a charge. On two batteries I can do a full day of work. But it wasn't $6000. It'll pay for itself in short order.
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I think Arly got some great answer to his questions...It's too bad he dismissed all of them.
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As soon as you bring up hillside or slope in conjunction with the word mower, I don't think anyone likes the answers, especially at the prices they are asking now.