kubota b3030

  1. dnw64

    B3030 engine cutting out for no apparent reason

    Last time I blew snow, twice, while backing up on level ground (PTO engaged, PTO RPM) the engine quit for maybe a half second then kept going. Today, blowing 20" of snow, the engine just plain quit. There were no warning symbols, wasn't close to Hot. Opened the hood, looked for something...
  2. D

    Kubota B3030 just stopped running

    I was driving back up my driveway from spreading some gravel when my Kubota B3030 just stopped running. I checked and replaced the fuel filter, no water in the filter bowl, the glow plug light comes on, and the engine turns over okay but it just won't fire up. Where do I look next?
  3. T

    Kubota B3030 HSTC

    Plowing snow today noticed a clunking noise. forward or reverse. 4 wheel drive only. all three transmission ranges. sounds like a cog missing off a large gear. 10 years old, 500 hours. light use. proper maintenance. no incidents that would have caused damage to drive line.
  4. Sodo

    B3030 gets it done! (backhoe carry 22’ log on side)

    Was a little tippy but I got it on the car trailer. Redwood, 22 feet long, headed for my bandsaw mill... I didn't like the tongue weight so I had to cut it in half, (dangit). Ready to roll
  5. K

    LX Series Cab vs B3030 Cab

    Does anyone have any information on the noise level in the LX series cab in comparison to the B3030 cab?
  6. G

    New to me B3030 Loader Control Issue

    Short back story. I purchased property in Florida and have been finding all kinds of stuff on it. The previous owner said that there were two tractors on the property that he would leave if I thought that I could get them running. When I finally moved to the property I found the Massey 1533...
  7. BigBoyToys

    40 Amp Alternator Upgrade...B3030

    I decided to purchase and install the 40 Amp Alternator Upgrade Kit (B7324) in my 2006 B3030. I recently sold my Jeep which had a winch that I used to pull equipment out of my basement, nothing weighing more than probably 400-500 lbs. I decided to install a Badlands ZXR 5000 winch on the...
  8. BigBoyToys

    B3030 Total Weight?

    Hey everyone, I have a B3030 with a LA403 and BH75, and I'm looking to get the total weight to spec a new trailer. I know the tractor alone is roughly 1900#, and the LA403 with the bucket is just under 500#, but I can find the weight of the BH75 anywhere. I was thinking 700-800# would be a safe...
  9. Ovo Pearson

    Kubota B3030 72" mid-mount mower

    Cutting grass the other day with Kubota B3030 72" mid-mount mower. While cutting, the tractor died. Turned mower lever off, restarted tractor. Engaged mower, tractor died. Disconnected drive shaft to mower deck and turned blades by hand. Attempted to turn drive shaft by hand, cannot turn it...
  10. B

    B3030 starting charging problem

    I have a B3030 and about a month ago I was using it and shut it off to talk to my wife. When I went to start it it would do nothing. I thought the neutral safety switch or one of the PTO safety switches was not engaged. I checked them and they seemed fine. I had to jump the starter solenoid to...
  11. J

    B3030 Stalling Problem Solved

    for the past six months I have had a problem with my Kubota B3030 stalling. The problem started with the tractor randomly stalling maybe once every week or two and got progressively worse. When the tractor stalled it would always re-start right away and would operate normally. Recently the...
  12. A

    Kubota B3030 HST peddle not returning to neutral and creeping

    Just wanted to post this as I had not found another post with this information. My B3030 HST peddle had stopped returning to neutral and it would fall forward and back engaging the transmission causing it to creep forward or back. The issue turned out to be a bearing in the “neutral holder”...
  13. mykubota4x4

    Kubota B3030 RPM needle stuck at max on the dial ...

    Hey Folks My B3030 RPM needle got stuck at max on dial & never came back down while i tried cold starting in frigid minus 20c, It does run fine & accelerate fine & have been using it that way for over a year now. If anyone had this issue or knew whats the cause would love to get it fixed.
  14. J

    B3030 Fuel Lift Pump Information

    I'm trying to find information on how to remove and replace the fuel lift pump on a B3030HSD tractor. I have a service manual but I don't see any specific information on how to remove and replace the lift pump. It looks like it's fairly simple to change out the pump but I'm not sure if there...
  15. M

    b3030 lifting capacity

    will a b3030 lift 1500 lb big bag of soil ????????
  16. T

    Bucket Regen Position - B3350 vs B3030/B3000

    I would really like to get away from the regen position as the first function on the bucket dump portion of the loader valve. I see that the B3030 and possibly the B3000 use a loader valve that physically looks like it could fit but not sure if it functions any differently than what I have now...
  17. S

    B3030 No Pressure After Hydro Fluid Change - Resolved

    The B3030 has been running issue free since 2006 and I just did the 900 hr Hydraulic Fluid and Filter change. Using standard UDT and Baldwin Filters. Now, when I start up I have zero hydraulic pressure for first three minutes then it slowly starts to come back. Pump sounds a bit noisy. After 5...
  18. D

    Kubota b3030 stops running

    Had my Kubota B3030 out mowing and all of a sudden the RPMs dropped, then the engine died. Tried restarting but got nothing when I turned the key. Went out next day and got the tractor to start and drive a short distance but again, RPMs dropped and engine died. Any thoughts?
  19. T

    b3030 hydraulics

    Hi , I have a b3030 with cab that had no hydraulic provisions for operating front end equipment. I bought the b2325 hydraulic kit , having trouble figuring out how to mount the unit to the tractor. I have the joy stick mounted in the cab , but the main unit is giving me mounting problems. Not...
  20. D

    B3030 with Industrial tires - switch to turf?

    My B3030 is ok in the snow but could be better. We use it for mowing 2 acres also so now that my tires are leaking in the rear, thinking of switching to turf or something better suited for our usage. I have a front loader but it's not on the tractor often. Mostly mower or blower. I tried Ginops...
  21. K

    B3030 Rear tire chains

    I have a B3030 and I知 considering putting tire chains on it, has anyone successfully put rear chains on R4 tires, does it need wheel spacers, if so what size, what type of chain are you using? I値l be on black top all the time.
  22. M

    Snow  B3030HSDC joystick freezing up in bitter cold

    I'm having an issue with the cable to raise and lower my front snowblower freezing up and not allowing the joystick raise and lower to function. When I used it last weekend, it was a little stiff but loosened up as I used it. I always clean off the tractor and blower and sweep off the snow after...
  23. T

    B3030 side glass windows in a B3000 ?

    The B3030 and B3000 are nearly identical tractors. The B3030 had side glass windows that opened (although not a lot), but the B3000 has stationary side glass. Has anyone with a B3000 ever tried changing out the windows on the B3000 to allow them to open like the 3030? Pricing out the side...
  24. R

    B3030 Wheel Spacers

    Anyone run wheel spacers on a Kubota B3030 with a 72" mid-mount mower? I wonder if it would be worth the cost for stability. If so, what size and what tires do you have? I have industrial tires and not sure the 2" ones I found online will work.
  25. Granite Tractor

    B3030 cab lighting upgrades?

    Has anyone upgraded the headlights or cab mounted lights on a 3030? I've seen several threads for other brands/models here, but am looking for something that ideal is a direct replacement for stock (either bulbs or entire light). Thanks
  26. dnw64

    Power Steering on B3030

    Quite often (but not always) I have very high effort and a bit of noise (but not "typical" belt squeal) when turning the wheel with a load on the front. Is this "normal" or otherwise? Revving the engine seems to make little-to-no difference.
  27. Steve_Miller

    B3030 Loader (LA403)

    Loader has no down pressure, lots of lift pressure. Float position works. Swapped hoses with curl function and loader lifts in both directions, only drops when lever is put into fast dump position. Have heard someone say that you cant swap to troubleshoot this way as there are different pressure...
  28. T

    kubota b3030 ag tyres on turf rims?

    Hi from Romania,i just bought a kubota b3030 with turf tires, front 26-8-r12 they are like atv tires...and rear 13.6 r16. On internet i found that tyres should be: Ag front: 7-12 Ag rear: 12.4-16 Lawn/turf front: 24x8.5014 Lawn/turf rear: 13.6-16 My question is can i put ag tires on turf rims?
  29. B

    2007 Kubota B3030

    Recently had an incident where a fitting on the cooling system leaked out. Tractor overheated and seized. I was in a very dusty environment and just didnt see the temp rise. Kubota dealer says new engine is more than the value of the tractor, which they estimated around $7500. A top rebuild...
  30. John White

    B3030 with FEL brace?

    I have had two previous B3030 with FEL, Both had a cross brace that run under the pan making it messy to change the oil. I recently got a 2011 and I notice that it does not have that cross brace. At first I thought it maybe had been removed but upon looking closer there is no indication it...
  31. S

    72" MMM From B3030 For B3350

    I believe it will fit without modifications or different brackets. Anyone know with certainty? SDT
  32. T

    B3000/B3030 LED Headlight BUlb ?

    Hi All ! Has anyone with a B3000 or B3030 replaced the OEM Headlight bulb with a LED bulb? I don't know the exact bulb number of the OEM Bulb, but hope someone has replaced theirs already. THANKS !
  33. M

    B3030 cab heat/defrost fan wont work below 32 degrees

    The fan in the cab of my B3030 for the heat and defrost does not work when the outside temperature is below freezing. The fan worked fine last winter. I also notice the radio goes out when I turn on the heater fan which is odd as they should be on their own fuse. Anyone ever see anything like...
  34. C

    B3030 Front End Locking Up (Video)

    The front end started locking up this afternoon and intermittently comes to a halt. Here is a video to show behavior (tractor is in 2 wheel drive):Kubota B33 Front End Locking Up - YouTube It wanted to limp it back to the garage, but couldn't only manage to get it moved a few feet. I was...
  35. John White

    B3030 hstdc, wont crank over,

    Need some suggestions before I start checking. Just bought a B3030, after a long trip home went to unload it off the trailer and it wont crank over. Battery and connections are all right. (full voltage) I didn't have time to really check it over as it was late. It acts as lock out switch in...
  36. John White

    B3030,HSDC what did you pay for yours, used.

    If any one has purchased a B3030hsdc used, what did you pay for it and how many hours. I have a 2006 , 720 hrs, with a FDR 1672 Land Pride mower that I am thinking about selling. Reason for selling is that I ran on to what I thought was a good deal on a 2008 B3030 so I don't need two tractors...
  37. dnw64

    B3030 Pricing

    As you may note from my profile, I am located in SE Vermont. I am looking at a 2007 B3030HSDC, factory cab with heat/AC. Includes Kubota FEL, Woods GH80-X backhoe with full frame mount and a Kubota 63" Front mounted blower with hydraulic rotation and deflection. 411 hours, stored inside...
  38. John White

    B3030 parts brakedown picture

    I need several parts for a B3030 I just purchased. Grill, headlight asy, tie rod ends, mirror. A few weeks ago I was looking and found a place that had parts listed and picture. (I didn't book mark it) I tried finding pictures on Messicks web site and Colemans, but I must be doing something...
  39. John White

    B3030 power steering trouble, advice fast

    I am going to look at a Kubota b3030 this week. It is a estate sale and they cant tell much about the tractor, except it is very hard to steer. It has 450 hrs. on it and they don't know if the fluids have ever been changed. (probably not) I know it cant be diagnosed on here with out further...
  40. John White

    B3030 FEL bucket wearing on one side>???

    I bought a B3030 some time ago and trying to tackle all the problems. I noticed right away that the cutting edge was wore back on one side. First thing I did was take the bucket off and square it up and run beads with my welder. I have been too busy with other projects to check out why. I...
  41. John White

    B3030 Looking to purchase

    Any one have a lead on a good B3030 (with cab) 2010 or newer. I just purchases one a few months ago (2006) I love it. Have a friend that offered me a reasonable profit if I can find a newer one. I told him I would shake the bushes and see if I could find something. I know most people who...
  42. John White

    B3030 gear selector control indicator.

    My gear shift selector (speed) is off about halfway. How can I adjust it so it reads right? I looked underneath and saw no adjustment. The only way I see is to peel off the selector label and reattach it or order a new one.
  43. B

    B3030 help needed

    Was trying to hook up my rough cut and tried to turn the pto a bit to align. Forgot I had to be in seat. Safety switch worked as advertised and shot tractor off. Now I cant get tractor restarted. Battery not dead. Can稚 get it to turnover or even engage. Anybody have any ideas?
  44. John White

    B3030 might be re4placeing a New Holland 1720???

    I have a New Holland 1720 with FEL, no complaints, has been a excellent problem free tractor. I ran on to what I thought was a great deal on a B3030, 750 hours. The enclosed cab with heat and AC was a great motivator. Question is will the Kubota do ever the NH did. NH seems to be built a...
  45. R

    Kubota b3030 hazard and head light problem

    Hello all. Forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I am having problems with my lights. The headlights wont work and the flashers/hazards wont shut off. Everything else seems ok. Switch on dash does nothing. Hazards keep flashing, lights dont work. I pulled the wiring for the switch on...
  46. D

    Price Check  2005 B3030 Tractor

    I recently passed on an L3130 without a FEL. I just found a 2005 B3030 (433hrs) with FEL(LA403), mmm, bush hog,box blade, rake,disc,spreader other little extras I have 7 acres that is a little hilly. I want to clean up 3 acres of woods, maintain 700’ driveway... He is asking 16500. 1. Any...
  47. M

    Block Heater Installation on B3030 Cab Tractor

    Installed Kubota Block Heater 7000-73274 on a B3030 Cab tractor and thought I would document in the event it helps anyone. The installation was very straight forward requiring minimal skills. Before attempting to remove the pipe plug, applied penetrating fluid to threads starting 24 hours in...
  48. M

    B3030 mower lockup stops motor

    Hello all. I have a B3030 with a 72" belly mower and my father was using it when the mower gear box froze when something gave. Have not opened the mower gear box yet to see what happened. He said that he was mowing along and heard a bang below then the motor stopped. I disconnected the mower...
  49. Granite Tractor

    Mowing  B3030 rear PTO slipping

    I've had my B3030HSDCC for about 7 years now (about 325 hours). This summer I've noticed that my rear PTO is starting to slip/stall when I'm using my brush-mower in high grass (there is no loss of engine RPM on the tractor when this happens). I've read about PTO clutches on some tractors and...
  50. M

    B3030 vs. B3300SU

    Just found this forum...wow! Very nice. So I'm looking at buying a tractor for "light farming". Meaning some tilling, discing, mowing on less than 10 acres of fields. I want a minimum of 30 hp. I'm looking at a couple of used Kubotas: B3030 and B3300SU Without boring you with details, the...
  51. areid

    B3030 three point hitch weakness

    I have a B3030. Twice I have had the bolts loosen in the rear diff that hold the three point hitch on. The first time I missed the issue until it was too late. That meant an entire new rear cast aluminum piece and a 2000 grand bill for the repair. This time I have been trying to keep these bolts...
  52. N

    Difficulty mounting Front quick hitch on Kubota B3030

    I have problems getting rear locking pin into the hitch. Cannot get rear hole to align right on right side. Have had some difficulty in the past but could eventually get the pin in place. Anyone have any tips on how to get this to line up right.
  53. torrin

    Snow  B3030 with front mount Snowblower

    Good evening; I am currently investigating purchasing a B3030 cab. it has rear and mid pto. I want a front snowblower (2+ miles of trails to clear) the model that I have seen is B2782a. I can not find any oyher information then that. Is that a quick attach? What is the sub-frame part...
  54. BizDoc

    B3030 fly wheel

    Top of my B3030 engine there is what looks like a pump of some sort. The belt moves constantly, but the flywheel attached to the pump only runs periodically. Is this an issue of is that correctly operating ?
  55. F

    Adding extra (LED) lights on my B3030 - need help!

    Hello, I bought a set of LED working lights together with my new wood chipper. I want to attach them at the back beside the flasher lights. I see that there is a connector 'for something' on both sides. I have now idea for what these have been used before but after measuring I do know that...
  56. F

    Kubota B3030 hydraulics backside

    Hi all, I own a Kubota B3030 HST and i'm thinking about to buy a wood chipper with hydraulic feed. The wood chipper I'm looking at is a BX42R which needs hydraulic feed from the tracor. I have 2 hydraulic sockets at the backside of my B3030. The question is: are those sockets ment for continuos...
  57. jodebg

    Questions about buying a B3030 with 63" snowblower

    Looking at a Kubota B3030 and wondering what the feedback is on this model? It comes with a 63" snowblower. Can someone tell me if it has a hydraulic rotation kit that is listed on the Kubota site? Any idea as to resale value on this blower?Has been used and has some rust and some chipped...
  58. F

    Kubota B3030 with cab

    Looking for the air conditioning evaporator and/or cabin air filter(s)? No owner's manual. Can't find them and would appreciate the help.
  59. S

    B3030 replacement seat

    Anyone have a really good...relatively low costs replacement seat for the Kubota B3030 tractor? As time goes on I find I dislike the standard seat more and more and would like to replace it. Part numbers and price if you have them. Thanks a lot guys sully
  60. C

    Kubota B3030 FEL Issues (with video)

    I purchased this 2005 B3030HSDC with 800 hours from Barlows in December. The tractor has an LA403 FEL with the YW248 control valve. Issues: (1) FROZEN: When it was cold, the boom control seemed to be frozen. After running for 20 minutes or so, it would free up. I assume there is water...
  61. von-mil

    B3030 / B2630 /B3000 Rear Hydraulic Remote Question

    I am thinking of adding a second rear hydraulic remote to my B3030. I would be ordering the Kubota-made remote kit and float detent valve which stacks onto the base remote valve. The Kubota wholegoods part numbers are B7307 for the second lever kit and B7305 for the second valve. My question...
  62. B

    B3030 owners.......H E L P!

    My mom broke her feedback rod on her B3030 so I replaced it but its broke now also. I think I didn't have it adjusted the right length....duh. So I have one more feedback rod to try out. If anyone could tell me or better yet post a picture of their feedback rod on the 3 pt hitch I would be very...
  63. S

    Mid Mount Mower from a B7800 on a B3030 (RC72-27B vs RC72-30B) MMM

    I am in the market for a mower for my B3030 and have come across a few reasonable offers for mid mount mowing decks off of B7800s (I think the model # is RC72-27B). I could get these for less than a decent used RFM. Has anyone tried hooking up a RC72-27B in place of an RC72-30B? Sales guy at...
  64. C

    Putting B3030 Style deck on B2920?

    Been a while since I've been on here but I figured this was as good a place to start as any. Two years ago I bought a nice B2920 with the 5' deck, loader and the whole nine yards, super solid tractor just as I have come to expect from Kubota. I collectively mow about 12 acres with it but the...
  65. C

    Putting B3030 Style deck on B2920?

    Been a while since I've been on here but I figured this was as good a place to start as any. Two years ago I bought a nice B2920 with the 5' deck, loader and the whole nine yards, super solid tractor just as I have come to expect from Kubota. I collectively mow about 12 acres with it but the...
  66. N

    B3030 Front Axle pivot adjustment

    Howdy:About a month ago I decided it was time to make the 400 hour front axle pivot adjustment on our B3030 tractor. So,I followed the operators manual procedure which calls for loosening the pivot adjusting screw locknut(17mm wrench),tighten the adjusting screw to 15 lb/ft(14mm socket),back...
  67. S

    Buying Advice  2007 Kubota B3030

    Hello! I am very close to purchasing my first tractor. It is a 2007 B3030HSD that has under 400 hours, industrial tires (60-70%), and a loader. The hydraulic pump was recently replaced by the dealer. I can get it for just under $13,000. I have 13 acres, mostly open/flat land, with a tree grove...
  68. J


    hey, ive been doing some quick research about replacing my 2007 kubota b3030 seat with the f3680 seat and it seems like it is an expensive but worthwile option. has anybody done this themself? does it bolt on easily? ive read about messick's posts but cannot seem to find them. if anybody could...
  69. AStanton

    Kubota B3030 Moving New Picnic Table

    I took advantage of the nice weather to construct a new picnic table today. It was sure nice having the Kubota to move it by the fire pit.
  70. M

    Kubota B3030 Good Deal?

    http://www.marketbook.ca/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=9955169&LP=TH What do you guys think? The blower looks a little worn same with the tires possibly. Do you think that is the 63inch blower by kubota? I am looking at using this to clear residential driveways in my town. Some small some...
  71. Hay Dude

    Kubota B3030 question

    Can a B3030 with a Kubota FEL lift an 800-850 lb round bale 6' high and dump into a round bale feeder? I figure bale spear weighs about 125lbs so total weight would be 925-975lbs. This model would have a cab, so it's got a little more weight to it.
  72. Popb1949

    B3030 Kubota won't start fixed

    My B3030 Kubotas starter would not turn over after shutting it off and trying to restart it. Checked the HST neutral start switch And found that it had fallen from the bracket and was hanging by the wires. Looks like a common problem for all B series Kubotas for this switch to get loose! Same...
  73. Popb1949

    Wanted Kubota B3030 grill gaurd #B2335

    Does any one have or know of a Kubota part # B2335 grill gaurd for a b3030 for sale?
  74. M

    Can Someone I.D. This Quick Hitch, on a B3030, for Me ?

    Hi all, This quick hitch is unfamiliar to me, but I'm sure I'll go "Duh! :duh: when someone tells me. Hitch Pic: http://www.tractorhouse.com/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=9637491 And here is the Tractorhouse listing for the tractor itself: 2008 KUBOTA B3030...
  75. W

    willie here, working on a Kubota B3030

    have a great day
  76. M

    Any Links to "Buyer's Checklists" for B3000's? (Or B3030's?)

    Hi all, I know "Search" is my friend, but unfortunately, right now, Time is not--LOL. So I wanted to ask if a few people could direct me to their favorite "Things to Check Out When Buying a Used Tractor" CHECKLISTS, ideally. Or to threads, if no such Checklists exist. I'm looking at a...
  77. M

    Difference B/w the B3030HSDCC and B3000HSDCC?

    Hi all, I'm confused. I would like to know the difference(s), if any, between the last of the B3030HSDCC's "Premier Plus B Series" and the B3000HSDCC "Premier Plus B Series." I've been seeking a late model, low-hour B3030HDCC. It is my understanding that the first "C" denotes the "Cold Cab"...
  78. C

    Price Check  B3030 HSDC

    I have a chance to purchase a 2008 model with only 301 hours. Garage kept , comes with loader and 72" Landpride finishing mower. The firmprice he wants is $19000.00. Should I jump on it?
  79. H

    some B3030 woes. need advice

    I run a private horse ranch. We have a b3030 that we use for basic stuff around the property. The other day I was going a little too fast over some rough ground and gave the tractor a good bounce. Nothing real bad, but enough to get my attention. Right after that, if I depress the 'forward'...
  80. R

    B3030 Wiring Diagram?

    Does anyone know where to find a wiring or schematic diagram for a B3030HSD?
  81. R

    Kubota b3030 lifting arms won't lift

    I have been using my b3030 with a back to move soil, done approx 15 loads when all of a sudden while driving with back box up and fully laden the arms with the box dropped. The lever won't lift, there is no power to the lifting arms. Could I have overloaded the lifting arms? Please can...
  82. K

    B3030HSDC Upgrade???

    I have a 2005 B3030HSDC whic has a relatively noisy cab. I was wondering if any of the newer year B3030HSDC tractors had any factory modifications to make a quieter cab? I love my B3030HSDC but wish it was quieter. The new B3350 is supposed to be quieter but from what I have read there seam...
  83. ainsley

    B3030 turns over, but will not start. Help? :)

    HI all! I have a 2008 B3030 and this winter it decided to not start. The glow plug light indicator lights when the key is turned. I cleaned the fuel filter and put it back in; the globe filled up will fuel just fine. The work shop manual says to properly bleed the fuel lines after cleaning...
  84. D

    Massachusetts  b3030 hood kubota

    Must be in good condition call or email me gph3142@gmail.com thx
  85. Z

    Wanted Kubota B3030, L3240 or L3540

    Looking for a B3030 or an L3240 or an L3540 with cab and front end loader preferably somewhere in the Northeast. I will be shipping to Canada. Please let me know if you have one you would like to sell.
  86. C

    3-Point Hitch  plow ? on b3030

    Was in the Market for a double bottom plow and wondered what others were using with a kubota b 330 or simular sized unit. Not hooked up to any yet but looked at a few and most seem a little tall for the 3 pt hookups. I'm running turf tires on my unit. Thanks for any opinions or experience. Or if...
  87. M

    WTB: Kubota B2630 or B3030 OPEN-STATION

    Hi all, I'm looking for OPEN-STATION, Kubota B3030 OR a B2630. I need a foldable ROPS (or the open-station machine won't fit into some of my buildings, either) but I'd be willing to consider a non-folding ROPS, once I researched the costs/PITA involved in switching the ROPS out to to folding...
  88. M

    WTB: Kubota B3030HSDCC, Which is a "Cold Cab" Model

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cabbed, Kubota B3030--but not just any cabbed B3030. I need the one with the defroster wires embedded into the rear glass. (I want this feature for enhanced, rearward visibility, as I live in snow country. I know there are plenty of B3030 regular cab owners who...
  89. J

    Three point hitch, Kubota B3030

    Missing a piece from hydraulic linkage(fell off) between operators control lever and where it connects to the hydraulic valve. Looking for exploded drawing of said connection. Have Apple/Safari, Kubota web site not compatible yet. Anybody?
  90. F

    moving up from B3030

    Have had a B3030 for about 9 years, been a great tractor but always seemed a bit too light/small. Originally got that model due to hp at PTO with small, maneuverable size. Current main/ most important use is clearing my 1/2 mile drive and my neighbors offshoots. For this its been ok but we...
  91. O

    B3030 or B3000 Rear wiper kit source

    I would like to buy a rear mounted wiper kit for my B3030 HSC. I went to my local Kubota Dealer and they priced the kit at $400.00 installed. I told them I wanted to install it myself and they then said $310.00 for the kit only. I told them to forget it. I have spent a couple of hours...
  92. A

    b3030 front axle oil leak

    my b3030 has developed a pretty significant oil leak at the steering pivot (see attached pictures). is there a how-to for replacing whatever seal has failed? some searching indicates this is a pretty common problem, but i didn't find any step-by-step instructions. local dealer quoted me $500...
  93. R

    Price Check  Kubota b3030 hst cab

  94. K

    Rotary Cutter  Right size rotary cutter for Kabota B3030

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a rotary cutter for my Kabota B3030 tractor. I'm thinking of either a Woods or Landpride 5' medium duty. I have a front end loader for front weight on the tractor. I will be cutting grass/weeds on a sloped (10-15% grade). All the rocks/stumps have been cleared...
  95. poosniffer

    Tractor Supply 3 point Hitch Wood Splitter on Kubota B3030

    I was able to hook up this wood splitter to my B3030 without power beyond by using the hydraulic connections serving the FEL.It's not lightning quick but definitely fast enough for me.I have about $850 invested in this setup including a 10% coupon for Tractor Supply.All hydraulic fittings and...
  96. poosniffer

    Can I use FEL hydraulics on B3030 for 3pt hitch wood splitter?

    I really would like to get a 3 point hitch wood splitter.I do not have rear remotes on my B3030 and the cost to add them is more than I want to pay.My question is,can I use the hydraulic connections located at the front of the tractor to run hoses to the splitter.If so,which would be best to...
  97. N

    Buying Advice  2032R vs Kubota B3030 & choice of flail

    Hi All, Firstly would like to say a quick thanks to all you posters, this is my first post apart from an introduction but I have read a great deal of good advice already. I have never owned a tractor and recently no more land than a 1/5 acre but recently bought a badly maintained (land...
  98. K

    B3030 RCK-b30 mower deck

    I've been looking for a mower deck for my b3030 and have found other models that I'm thinking of making fit .So my question is does anyone have a RCK 60 or 72 -B30 that they could give me measurements and possibly pics of mounting points and linkedges
  99. von-mil

    About to install rear hydraulic remote on B3030

    Yesterday I received the rear remote valve and all the associated hardware that I will be installing on my B3030. The picture shows everything that came in the kits (Kub. wholegoods part number B7306 and B7304). Instructions were also included. The parts look to be of very good quality...
  100. B

    Mid mount for B3030

    I'm looking for a slightly used 72 inch mid-mount mower for a B3030. There seemed to be a number of them last fall. Now I'm having a hard time finding one. I guess the saying is correct, " you snooze you loose". Any leads appreciated.
  101. I

    Kubota b2920 or b3030

    Ok. Here we go. I have it narrowed down to two tractors. First is a kubota b2920 hydro and fel 54 hrs. $12000. Next is a kubota b3030 hydro and fel 50 hrs. $13500. Which do I go with. The cu in is larger on the. 3030 and it has position control. The b2920 has less cu in. And has quartering inch...
  102. F

    How much weight on B3030 tow bar?

    Hello! I am thinking about towing my 3.5 meter trailer to transport a load of fire wood. I can mount a ball on the standard tow bar I have found under the PTO, but how much weight can I pull with this tow bar? Kind regards, Edward
  103. B

    Sun Shade Options B3030

    Dermotologist orders. Need a sunshade for my B3030. Looking for options. 1) Saw a diamondplate on a new Kubota at my dealer. $475.00. The good is that it would be pretty solid so if I hit branches etc..., which with my application I often do, it just bends a a bit where fiberglass would...
  104. C

    Minnesota  WTB Kubota tractor (B7800,B2910,B3030,B2920)

    Looking for a decent used Kubota tractor in the 30hp range, must be HST. Strong preference for 4 cylinder engine. No loader is preferred, but will consider. R4 tires best, then turf. 500 hours or less? (I will consider any hours) Garage queen not necessary, but no worn out junk either. 500...
  105. AStanton

    B3030 Anti-Freeze Change was a Joy

    I have never seen such fine engineering to change the anti-freeze on a vehicle/machine as the B3030. There is a dedicated petcock that is easily accessible to drain the fluid. The overflow tank simply slides off a bracket for removal. Well done Kubota!
  106. M

    Is the "5hp. per Mower-foot" Rule Inviolate? Want a 6' MMM on a B2630 vs. B3030

    Is the "5hp. per Mower-foot" Rule Inviolate? Want a 6' MMM on a B2630 vs. B3030 Hi all, I have read that one should have 5hp. for every foot of mower-span--but I'm not sure if this applies just to THP mowers, or to MMM, as well? I am a fan of the "old" (discontinued in, I believe, 2012)...
  107. F

    My 'as new' Kubota B3030 HST cab

    As promised... Kind regards, Edward
  108. F

    B3030 Key question

    Hello! I've got only one key with my B3030. this one works fine to start the engine, but I have not been able to lock the doors of the cab with it. Do I need a different key to lock the doors or am I just a silly pig...:pig: If there should be a different key for the doors, what is the part no...
  109. F

    New B3030 owner in need of instructions...

    Hello! My name is Edward and I live in Norway. I have had a Jonsered hydrostatic lawnmower for several years but this machine is to small for our property. Last week I have bought a realy nice second hand (65 hours on the clock!) Kubota B3030 HST (hydrostat) with cab, which will arrive at my...
  110. A

    Kubota B3030 Snowblower Parts

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum world and I have a question about my B3030. I use a snow blower during the winter and I'm looking for part that fastens Hydraulic Lift Implement to the front of the tractor, it fastens with a block and screw on the top. I have the rest of the assembly as seen here...
  111. S

    Pulled the trigger on a new to me 2008 B3030!!

    Had to go to AL to get her back to MN, but it was just too good of a deal to pass up. She's got 318 hrs, 72 MMM, R4s, but I'm also looking to add a FEL. I asked my local dealer to quote me a LA403 (loader, loader value, and 60" bucket) and he came back at $4100. That's slightly higher than I...
  112. M


    Oh, the endless joys of Kubota products.....I sure miss my Kioti, shoulda never sold it. I have a B3030. The 4x4 doesn't work. When shifting, I can feel the gears shift in to each other. So I'm assuming the problem is after the transmission. Maybe a busted driveshaft, broken gear etc in the...
  113. D

    Buying Advice  Brand new Kioti CK27 or 2008 Kubota B3030 with Cab

    I've been working with my local Kioti dealer on a new floor model CK27 HST with FEL for just over 13,000. Would have 5 year warranty. Today's Craigslist turned up a Kubota B3030 HSDC cab model without a FEL for 11,800. I would really like a cab to stay out of the sun here during the summer...
  114. M

    Mahindra MAX28 vs Kubota B3030 vs Kubota B7800

    Looking at some used compact tractors (Mahindra MAX 28, Kubota B3030 and B7800, they all have loaders and backhoes, all hydro's, and around the same hours and price. I have both Mahindra and Kubota dealers near by. How do they compare? How's the loader lift weight compare? How do the backhoes...
  115. R

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Kubota b3030 with B2782 and BH80

    I have a b3030 with a cab. It has a loader and backhoe and R4 tires. It was OK in the snow, not great but usable. To get ready for the dealer to pick it up we took off the FEL and now it is horrible. The front wheels are in the air almost all the time. I don't want to take the backhoe off...
  116. smfcpacfp

    Anyone have LED lights for a B3030 HSDCC?

    I was looking to replace the 4 exterior cab lights with powerful LED lights. Has anyone done this and where, or what lights did you buy?
  117. P

    B3030 blowing fuse for OPC

    I have a Kubota B3030. I live on 3 acres and wouldn't want to be without it. I bought the tractor new but if I had to do it over again I would have bought one that is a little bigger & more powerful. I have had it for 8 years and it has been very dependable. The minor issues I have had I have...
  118. C

    Posthole Digger  Will Land Pride PD25 fit B3030?

    Found a used PD25 post hole digger close by. Looked up the specs and it is only slightly large in dimensions than a PD15 which was recomended by the dealer.Says it fits Cat. 1 & 2. But before I go to take a look at it has anyone used one on a B3030 and will it fit without modification? Thank you.
  119. P

    Buying Advice  2010 Kubota b3030

    I'm considering buying a b3030 with loader, cab & 124 hours. Is that a good deal?
  120. AStanton

    Tightening B3030 Compressor Belt

    I need some advice. I noticed a little slop in the compressor belt for the AC on my Kubota B3030. Manual recommends about 1/2 " play. When I went to adjust it, I saw a set up that I never saw before. Looks like two nuts and a bolt. I'm assuming that the interior nut is a jam nut, the...
  121. BizDoc

    B3030 HSDC - NO START

    What is a tractor for, if not GRIEF! Every year I get a no start. What a pain. This time I mowed for a couple hours and when parking I shut the engine off prior to pulling my PTO lever to disengage. No big deal, that happens periodically, atleast I thought no big deal. I went back to start...
  122. B

    Loader  B3030 with LA 403 loader

    I have been trying to replace the controller for my LA 403 (B2325) I cant seem to operate the bucket properly. I have moved the cables to no avail. The left to right lever control seems to sometimes raise and lower but the tilt functionality doesn't work any which way. Is there a trick to...
  123. B

    Using smaller rear AG tires on Kubota B3030

    I have a Kubota B3030, which is specified to use 12.4-16 rear ag tires, and 7-12 ag front tires. Do you see issues with using 11.2-16 rear ag tires/wheels with 7-12 ag front tires/wheels. Bolt holes matching. Thanks, Dan
  124. WaxMan

    WaxMan's Grand L 3240 cab 30 + day review over the B3030

    26.6 hrs with 6 hrs not mine. Today is the first day I did some grading with the tractor. On my B3030 I put 690 hrs on it and five years mostly grading. I got pretty good with that bucket. I could scoop a rock up, throw it out of my way, and keep on going. I could grade an area like a pro. Back...
  125. Bigtwin

    Compact Drill for Kubota B3030?

    Has anyone with a Kubota B3030 found a compact drill that this tractor can handle? (30 hp) thanks
  126. R

    Does anyone have Wallenstein BXM42 Chipper/Shredder on a Kubota B3030?

    I am wanting to buy a Wallenstein BXM42 chipper/shredder for my B3030 but I am concerned that it might be too big. It weighs 800lbs and requires a 30-90hp tractor. The B3030 is only rated at 23hp on the PTO. I want the 4 inch chipper capacity of the BXM42. Is anyone running a BXM42...
  127. AStanton

    My B3030 Gave Me a Lift Today

    Actually I used it to buggy-lug a rental lift around my property today for some maintenance.
  128. B

    Downsized from L4630 to B3030: expensive mistake!

    My wife never liked the larger tractor, and had hit the house, carport, garage and several trees with it. In a moment of weakness I agreed to downsize from the tractor of my dreams to the much smaller B3030. Within a week she had managed to take out the carport supports again. I'm sure the B3030...
  129. T

    Buying Advice  kubota b3030

    I'm looking at a 2008 kubota b3030 with cab, loader, and rear snowblower. I'm looking for a ballpark figure on what to pay. New to tractors and looki ng for help. thanks
  130. L

    2008 b3030 hsdc, loader, land pride shredder, 76 hrs. 21k fair price?

    Any thoughts guys? I was looking at a new l3800hst for the same price, but the cab sounds very nice for the winter.
  131. B

    B3030 vs. B3000

    Could anybody please advise me on meaningful differences between these two models? I am considering buying a used B3030 with cab that is currently available but I noticed on the current thread re cab noise in the B3030 that someone said that this problem had been improved on in the B3000. I...
  132. B

    B3030 vs. B3000

    Could anybody please advise me on meaningful differences between these two models? I am considering buying a used B3030 with cab that is currently available but I noticed on the current thread re cab noise in the B3030 that someone said that this problem had been improved on in the B3000. I...
  133. D

    B3030 horsepower question

    The Kubota website no longer shows the B3030 model. There is one available locally but before I pursue the seller, I would like to know what Kubota showed on their spec sheet for horsepower factory ratings. Thank you for your efforts.
  134. WaxMan

    Soundproofing the B3030 Cab and found something interesting

    Since I wanted to change the bushing on the Hydro pedal on the floor anyway, I figured it was a good time to think about sealing up and sound proofing the floor of my cab. After some disassembly what I found was the whole weight of the Seat, Operator, Floor and Fenders rests on top of the...
  135. WaxMan

    Warning, potential hydraulic leak on metal line on the B3030 LA-403 loader

    Sorry for the title but I thought others should check the lines on their B3030. Cleaning the grease off the FEL today I noticed the fold up stand wore a groove in the metal hydraulic line in the loader arm. I never would have notice it if the loader wasn't all the way up. Not only in the arm but...
  136. kootenai

    Price Check  '05 Kubota B3030 price check?

    Hey gang, 1st post here. Thanks for all the info. I am looking at a B3030 with <300 hours. It has: FEL, Woods BH70X BH with thumb, Land Pride 60" field mower, and GB65 60" Box scraper. All seem to be in nice shape from pictures. It's just a lot to spend without the 0% financing. Is this a...
  137. E

    B3030 HSDCC Finally Paid Off!

    After 6 loooooong years I finally got my B3030HSDCC paid off! I sent the last payment coupon & check today! What a GOOOOD FEELING!! Think I'll celebrate this weekend & maybe drink some beer!:D It has about 650 some hours on it, so it's barely broken in. It's been an almost excellent tractor so...
  138. workinallthetime

    b3030 tlb, adding LED lights w/o the upgraded alternator

    I want to add a couple work lights to my ROPS, i have found quite a few "low amp draw" LED lights but I am curious if anyone knows just how much the little b3030 can handle. i would shut off the rest of the lights while operating the work light(s), I found a 4 pack of 27 watt 1300 lum. LED's i...
  139. AStanton

    The B3030 Does It All!

    I cleared the driveway today with the B3030 and took out the trash. Heck, it might even replace me.
  140. workinallthetime

    B3030 tlb bh75, blown dipper hose inside boom

    Has anyone had to replace the dipper stick hydrolic hose? The cylinder is inside the dipper stick and the fitting has no access from outside the arm. All i can figure is i am going to have to pull the cylinder out if there is enough room or seperate the entire boom assembly to pull the cylinder...
  141. Machold

    B3030 Glow Plug and Cold Start

    I have a 2007, B3030. When I start it, I turn the key clockwise until the orange glow plug light comes on. If it's not winter, I hold it in the glow position for 5 - 10 seconds. In winter, longer, as long as 40 seconds; it all depends on the outside temperature. No block heaters etc. My...
  142. F

    Kubota B3030 Hydaulics non functional when cold

    My mechanic changed the Hydro fluid. I put the tractor away and everything was working fine. Next time I started it up, FEL and 3ph wouldn't budge. I figured air in the system so I worked the steering for a few minutes and everything worked though more slowly than usual. After everything was...
  143. J

    Kubota B3030 Wheel Spacers

    Who is the best and most trusted manufacture of Kubota Wheel spacers for a Kubota B3030 tractor? What company sells them?
  144. Bigtwin

    B3030 lift weight

    My Kubota B3030 has a lift capacity of approx 1600 lbs at 24 inches behind the lift point. Can you explain what I can actually lift with this rating? Could I expect to lift a 3 point 800 lb cultipacker? thanks
  145. Teikas Dad

    B3200/B3000/B3030 vibration update anyone?

    In my tractor research (considering a B3200) I've read a bunch of posts about engine vibration with the 4 cyl engines. Several people indicated that the timing was set differently at the factory to meet emissions requirements and when correctly set the vibration was no longer a problem. All of...
  146. AStanton

    B3030 Moving Trailer

    Still playing with firewood around here. Used the B3030 to move its trailer away from the firewood to get more room. Moving the trailer it's suppose to ride on is like: "Man bites dog."
  147. P

    Will B3030 factory rear remotes and levers fit on a B3200

    Like the clean install of the B3030 setup does anyone know if it will work on a B3200? Are they enough alike? thanks
  148. JJZ 109

    Which hoe for a B3030 cab?

    I've got my Kubota B3030 HSCC for sale. I have an interested party, but he's got a BH77 that neither of us knows will work on the tractor or not. Maybe Ductape or someone experienced with these models can give an idea of what will go on the cabbed model? He tried to contact a dealer, but they're...
  149. AStanton

    Will This Fit My B3030?

    Just got back from the Goshen Fair and saw this 9-ft snow blower on a red tractor. I wonder if it will fit my B3030?
  150. P

    B2630 vs B3030?

    Do the owners of either wish they had bought the other? If I save some and buy the B2630 will I wish I had spent the extra for the B3030? I have 80 acres of recreational property that is hilly, rocky and mostly wooded, less than 5 acres that need brush hogged. There is 400ft of elevation...
  151. JJZ 109

    Used B3030 Value?

    I'm in the earliest of the preliminary stages of thinking about a couple of Bobcat S185's that are for sale locally. Links to both Bobcats can be seen in my post under the Bobcat construction equipment forum. If (and that's a large if) I decided to buy one I'd most likely put my 2009 B3030 HSDCC...
  152. Bigtwin

    Is this disc too big for Kubota B3030?

    Looking at 5 ft tandem disc for my B3030 (30 hp). Land Pride has two 5 ft models, DH1060 and DH1560. The DH1060 weights 533 lbs while the DH1560 is 629 lbs. On the land pride site, you can filter the "B" series to select attachments and only the DH1060 appears. Do you think the extra 100 lbs...
  153. P

    Kubota B3030 with a Woods Heritage HC 54 rotary cutter

    After owning a King Kutter 48" mower and a Land Pride model 1860 60" mower, I was not satisfied with either one (the 48" was too small & the 60" was too heavy for my Kubota B3030 tractor). After finding that Woods builds a 4.5' model, I called my local dealers. I located one about an hour...
  154. M

    Price Check  Need Opinions on a B3030 Price, Please?

    Hey all, I am interested in a B3030HSDCC, and found one at a dealer. It was put in service in 2010. They are asking like $23,000., with the following equipment: Front snow blower, with Hydraulic Chute Rotation Subframe, etc, for the blower, obviously. Rear defogger which, in this case...
  155. poosniffer

    Kubota B3030 HSDC Tire Chains Without Spacers???

    Hello fellow members. Two winters ago I purchased some double ring tire chains for my B3030 cab tractor.Unfortunately they rubbed on the inner part of the fender and I returned them.Problem is,I have a steep grade that requires traction in the winter.It's almost impossible to get traction...
  156. Mounted Madness


    Help. Any ideas. I just finished a job digging post holes with a 9 inch auger. No issues, a couple of sheer pins on rocks. No issues with the tractor, the job was done without incident. Customer was happy with the job, got paid, and I packed up my things to go. Before doing so, I noted...
  157. Granite Tractor

    B3030 access to fuel tank

    Some neighborhood mice decided to take up residence in my 3030 over the winter behind my dashboard. Fortunately they didn't do any damage aside from ripping up the foam insulation behind the panel holding the key/parking brake and stinking up the tractor. I've managed to remove the dash and...
  158. D

    Used B3030

    May sell a b3030 Kubota it is a 2007 with 240 hours on it it has work lights front and rear with a/c stero FEL and turf tires what does anyone think a fair asking price would be?
  159. J

    Selling my B3030 pricing opinions????

    I have an 05 Kubota B3030 with about 248 hours on it and I am wanting to possibly sell it outright and was wanting opinions and input on what a fair asking price would be. It has a front loader with a quick attach 60inch bucket and toothbar. I have the Kubota quick attach pallet forks, 60inch...
  160. M

    securing a Kubota B3030 with hoe on trailer

    I've owned the tractor for 6 years but will be first time i need to haul myself. should i get 4 come a long chains , one for each wheel . Or two longer chains? What should the chain be rated at. any other suggestions? its a 4 wheel trailer.
  161. V

    Rotary Cutter for a B3030

    I've been lurking for several months now and about 2 months ago I pulled the trigger on a Kubota B3030HSD (the cabless version) along with a Woods TSG50 stump grinder and a Woods GHT60 rotary tiller. I'm now looking for a rotary cutter. My dealer carries Land Pride and Woods. I'm leaning...
  162. B

    replacing the A/C compressor on a B3030

    Hi, I lost my compressor on my B3030 and after pricing at the dealer want to get an aftermarket on. A friend is setup to install this for me but says I need to know how much oil to put in it. He says he can charge it but needs to load it with oil first. Does anyone know the answer to this...
  163. B

    B3030 Hyds

    I'm not a farmer but use my NAA frequently for anything that having acreage demands - front loader, rear scraper, mowing, and 3 point auger. I bought the 3030 primarily for snow blowing since it has the mid/front PTO and came with the blower attached. I'm in the process of changing out the...
  164. T

    Kubota B3030 opc

    can someone help? I have replaced wire harness, OPC controller, changed out one PTO safety switch. All switches check okay. Tractor will start, will run tiller until I put tiller in ground, then it blows the 5 amp fuse even after changing all this stuff.
  165. R

    3-Point Hitch  B3030 3pt hitch quit working.

    My Lift arm broke off of the plate on the control valve. I bought a new plate and put it back together, but nothing will work on the 3 pt. hitch. I checked the fluid and it is full. I didn't have any problems until the lift arm broke while I was cutting grass. Any advise would be...
  166. areid

    PTO switch on B3030

    My tractor shut off and will not even turn over now. I believe it is a safety switch on the PTO lever. I have lots of power as the starter turns the tractor over if it is shorted across but the fuel pump must also be dead as it still will not start. I located the two switches over the rear diff...
  167. J

    Differences between B3200 and B3030 - Buying comparison?

    Differences between B3200, B3030 & L3200 - Buying comparison? Note: I just edited this post - I went to the dealer today and sat on an L3800 (same size as the L3200) , and the L has me interested. It doesn't actually seem all that much bigger than the B3200 and the FEL capacity is a little bit...
  168. WaxMan

    Floating a Tree Stump with a B3030

    I don't know if this is commonly known on removing a tree stump, but last year a storm knocked down a large tree right across our pool yard, fence and all. It was a big old maple tree with a big A**stump. About a month later, one Friday afternoon, I figured I'd just dig the stump out that day...
  169. alaept

    B3030 Hydraulic power

    Hi, I have a Kubota B3030 with 168 hours on it. The hydraulics just don't seem to be as strong lately as I remember them to be. I noticed it last time I was digging with the BH (or was it just hard ground?). Yesterday, I was digging a post hole on a slope and raised the front end with the...
  170. tazzboy4life

    Security & Theft  Kubota B3030 ignition

    I am wanting to change out my B3030 ignition with a real tumbler does anyone know a replacement that will work without a bunch of revamping? My dad had his B1750 stolen last year so I dont want to take any chances. I noticed I can buy keys on ebay for my tractor for $5. I cant believe they put...
  171. C

    Need B3030 Operator manual

    Greetings! I'm a new member, signed up looking for an operator's manual for our Kubota B3030HSDC. We use it to mow our tower fields, we're a broadcasting company. I'm new, never operated a tractor like this. It would be nice to know how to make it go instead of guessing! If you can guide me to a...
  172. S

    Grading  B3030 Rake Width

    I'm curious as to what width rake would work best with my B3030. My primary use would be maintaining my 300' gravel drive with occasional spot work on our 1 mile gravel road. Once my drive dries out in the spring it holds up very well with just a little washing throughout the year. I probably...
  173. M

    Does a B3030HSDCC Have Wires in Glass?

    Hi all, I am looking at a B3030HSDC that I'm told is a B3030HSDCC, the first "C" standing for "Cold" as in "Cold Cab." But I don't think it is--I think it's a B3030HSDC that someone added the REAR wiper kit to, but that there is ZERO provision for rear or side defrost. However, when I...
  174. D

    Buying Advice  BX25 vs B3030

    I posted a thread yesterday concerning used vs new pricing on BX24 and 25 units. Another option presented itself today. Located a very clean nice looking B3030, 2006 and 243 hours, pictures make it look very clean also includes 60" woods bush hog, asking 16k. What is a fair price on a tractor...
  175. K

    Buying Advice  Backhoe for Kubota B3030

    Hello Everyone, I'm not exactly a new member (I've been reading discussions and advice since 2007) but I have not had much time to get involved since I purchased my Kubota B3030 HSD back then. My attachments include: LA403 FEL 60" MMM Land Pride 60" landscape rake Balast Box I live on 7+...
  176. smfcpacfp

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Movie of Kubota B3030 HSDC snowblowing

    The movie is pretty self explanatory. There is about 8" of fairly dry snow to be moved in this movie. I know some areas are below average in snowfall this year. We are about 90% of normal - about 8 feet so far with not too much melting. Kubota B3030 HSDC snowblowing Jan 2012 (HD) - YouTube...
  177. teeravis1

    3-Point Hitch  B3030 3 pt not lifting as much as hoped...........

    Hey guys, it's been a while for me but am getting settled again so have some time again for tbn! A few months ago I bought a king kutter pallet mover (2000 lb capacity). Intentions were to use it for moving my pallets of wood pellets (50 bags at 40 lbs per pallet) so I don't Have to handle them...
  178. NH-Rob

    ? for b3030 or b3000 cab tractor owners

    I am looking for information on where kubota hooked the cab heater hoses on these tractors. I am installing a heater on my b3200 and bought a kit but it requires you to cut the radiator hoses and insert adapters. I am not real fond of this. I would think the cab tractors should have a similar...
  179. T

    B3030 Factory Radio/CD Player

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if a B3030 w/Cab can be fitted with a OEM Radio/CD Player ? Is the wiring already run into the Cab location and I can simply install it and plug it right in ? Thanks.
  180. poosniffer

    B3030 HSDC Tire Chains Clearance Issues

    Hey guys.New member here.I have a Cab tractor with very little fender clearance for tire chains but I need them for getting up my driveway while snowblowing.I would like to avoid going the wheel spacer route since I really don't want to spend the expense of the chains AND spacers.Not sure if the...
  181. F

    rops bolt size for B3030?

    Howdy, hoping someone knows the diameter and thread pitch of the bolts that secure the folding rops in the up or down position I am thinking of using the empty nut to mount a rear facing led worklight. Many Thanks
  182. F

    B3030 steering problem: do I really need a new steering controller??

    Hi fellas. I wonder if anyone can help? I have a B3030 which has done about 350 hours. A while ago it started intermitantly becoming very hard to steer i.e. lots of effort required to turn the steering wheel. Recently it's become a permanent feature. It's a little easier to turn if you swing...
  183. PSDStu

    B3030 Cab WSM?

    I was wondering if anyone had a WSM for a B3030 Cab model? If anyone has one, does it cover how to access A/C Evap coil? I know how to remove the cab ceiling.....but not clear how to get access to clean the evap coil. Thanks, Stu
  184. smfcpacfp

    Electric chute deflector for Kubota B3030

    My Kubota B3030 HSDC tractor came with a B2782 snowblower with a manual chute deflector pictured below: Although I live in the boondocks, it is still nice to change the angle of the chute periodically. Getting out of the tractor and doing it manually is a pain so most of the time when I...
  185. smfcpacfp

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  B3030 HSDC tractor movie on YouTube

    I made this short movie of my tractor using my new camera (Nikon D7000) using the high definition mode of a foot of new snow over the last day. Like much of the country we are way behind our normal snow total. Kubota B3030 Snowblowing on 1/02/2012 - YouTube
  186. J

    Kubota B3030 - 2008 - Auxiliary Control Valve

    I have a Kubota B3030 -2008 - With one Auxiliary Control Valve at the back. I wonder if somebody out there would have the second auxiliary control valve for sale . Or does someone know the price to add this option . Thanks . Jack .
  187. hazmat

    B3030 difficulty steering under load

    Back for a visit after 3 years of mostly MIA Work has been rather insane for me since Jan 2009, plus with the 2 kids growing up fast, I've spent very little time on tbn in the last 3 years. Back for a visit to search for answers since my B3030 is having steering issues with a heavy load...
  188. D

    Front snowblower for B3030 Kubota

    Any ideas on what kind of snowblowers are available and prices for a front mount snowblower for a B3030 and is it easy to put on and off?
  189. amg280

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Snow Plowing with Kubota 72" plow on B3000 Cab (B3030)

    This is my first winter with this tractor. I bought the kubota QA with the 72" Kubota blade, all hydraulic angling. My question is, should I have my 500# rear ballast on when I snow plow, or will that work against me? I have R4 tires. I have skid shoes on it for my long gravel driveway to the...
  190. J

    Snowblower  B3030

    will my kubota b3030 handle a 72" 3pt hitch snowblower???
  191. D

    Backhoe prices for B3030

    Has anyone priced a backhoe for a B3030 with cab I am getting quotes of between 9300 and 10200 sounds high but they all say steel prices r way up any thoughts thanks
  192. S

    Price Check  B3030 Cab with 92 hours

    Greetings everyone from a newbie in New Hampshire. I'm looking at taking the plunge and buying a tractor, and like almost everyone else buying their first, I need some advice. I have been offered a 2009 B3030 cab with LA403 FEL with hyd brush grapple, Woods BH70X backhoe, B2782A 63" front...
  193. D

    Loader  New B3030, loader+mmm question

    Hello all - am enjoying my new B3030. It came with an LA403 loader and RCK60-30B mowing deck. I'm a Kubota newbie and trying to understand why the mowing deck lowers when I lower the 3-point hitch. According to the mower manual I should be resetting the loader stopper pin to hold the mowing deck...
  194. M

    b3030 rear hydraulics's

    i think alot of people have asked about how to add rear remotes to kubota b's but i need to ask for advice . i have a 2009 B3030 with 403 Ldr and BH75 backhoe there is a hyd hook up for the backhoe there already can someone suggest to me what or where to buy i check the factory route its ok but...
  195. A

    New owner of a used B3030HSDC

    I want to say thanks for all the great information on this forum. I am awaiting the arrival of a 2006 B3030HSDC that I just purchased. I previously purchased a new Jinma that had been sitting on the dealer's lot for a few years and was out of warranty. It was an absolute nightmare as it was...
  196. Machold

    B3030 Position Control for 3ph

    Just got my machine back from dealer for a service call. I also told them my 3ph did not move up until the no.4 position. OK, they would adjust it. Now it goes up when it gets to no.3. Some adjustment! How can I get it to work properly from 1 to 8?
  197. BizDoc

    B3030 HSDC Wont Start

    :mad: finished mowing last week pulled into the usual spot, shut it off, nothing out of the ordinary. Got in it today, nothing! It acts like the PTO gear is engaged, but I fussed with that back and forth watching the safety leaver go in and out, checked the seat, unplugged the seat, held the...
  198. G

    B3030 Rear Remotes

    I am ready to pull the trigger and put rear remotes on my B3030, that is the easy part. The problem is that I cannot decide if I should go with talking to the Kubota dealer about ordering the kit for the 2 remotes or to go another route. I know what the remotes look like and where they go on a...
  199. K

    Kubota b3030 flat tire help

    Ok so my dad let some idiots borrow our tractor for a few days to get some work done while i was gone, and now one of the tires is flat (not sure which one yet). Im going to check it out tomorrow, but not sure what i should do. Can you fill them with that green goo stuff? Or will i have to buy a...
  200. K

    Kubota b3030 dipstick issues

    Hey guys, im needing some help with my kubota b3030 cab. The cheap dip stick snapped off from the top. By that i mean the actual stick that goes in the oil disconected some how from the cap? I dont know if i should just leave it and buy a new one or try and get it out some how? thanks