1. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I have a stand-alone 6KW generator powered by a Yanmar engine model L100V6EA1C1AA (Engine Number: M29254). It has worked fine since 2013, but now the 15-amp fuse between the battery and the ignition switch and regulator blows instantly when the key is turned to Ignition. I traced-out the wiring...
  2. viktor6755676

    Mahindra tractor problem when driving at low rpm?

    I have Mahindra 475 DI and when driving below 900 rpm it starts to have problems, the rpm is unstable and the tractor have uneven power, the tractor shakes forward-backwards forward-backwards, but the engine works fine when tractor is not moving( it sounds like problem with delivering fuel when...
  3. steveneashcraft

    NorTrac 25hp tractor - need to pull the engine

    I have a 2006 NorTrac 25 HP tractor with a YangDang 385 engine. I need to replace the freeze plug on the rear of the engine on the block. It seems like I have a coolant leak coming from between the block and the clutch housing (I think) I need some advice. Is there any "easy" way to replace...
  4. landruma

    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    My 2019 M5-111 (tier 4) last month had catastrophic engine failure, 1,200 hours, from the diesel high pressure fuel pump. I only use gas station diesel in 5 gallon containers used only for diesel. Cost estimated $17,000. I wonder how many other Kubotas are having this issue. KTAC, Kubota...
  5. landruma

    Kubota M5-111 Engine lock up

    My 1,200 hour Kubota M5-111 engine locked-up while raking hay. Has anyone else had any engine issues with a new (3 year old) Kubota? Of course the warranty expired about 4 months back! Thanks in advance for your input. / Tony, Texas
  6. V

    Valve adjustment at 800 hour service for Kioti DK45S

    My DK45S is due for 800 hour service. I'm able to change fluids and filters myself, but the owners manual states the engine valve clearance should be adjusted at 800 hours and that I should consult my dealer. Adjusting the valves is beyond my DYI skills. I bought the tractor new in 2008 and it's...
  7. cgsmiley

    Need Advice - Shibaura S773L Rebuild

    I'm doing a complete rebuild of the engine for my New Holland T1030. The engine is a Shibaura S773L. The block is cracked in several places and also has a hole in it (threw a rod), so I'm replacing the entire block. I'm not a diesel mechanic by any means but I am willing to tinker and learn. I...
  8. M

    Iseki TX2160 K3A Engine starting issues

    Hi All, I am hoping there maybe someone that had a similar issue or some expert wisdom out there to help with diagnosis. When I try to start the engine it turns over slowly and I get grey / black smoke from the exhaust. It does eventually start but struggles. This happens even after it has...
  9. M

    Deere 110TLB Engine Problem

    I’m wondering if I can some initial thoughts on what might be wrong with our Deere 110TLB engine. Engine has about 1500 hrs. on it - it has always sounded terrible but never had a performance problem. I was going up a steep hill when it suddenly lost power and it conked out. When I tried to...