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What loader do you have on the XG3140? If you have the LL3112 I suspect it would perform similar to the LL3106 or the LL3116 on the XR3100 series tractors. If you have the LL3111 the cylinders are a little smaller and I could see the speed being a concern. Like you said though, you could always just run it at a lower RPM if it moves too fast.
How has your experience been since you installed this pump? Pros/cons or concerns? You've had it on longer than I so your feedback would be good.
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I looked up the loader and remote valves and they are rated at 12 GPM.
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How has your experience been since you installed this pump? Pros/cons or concerns? You've had it on longer than I so your feedback would be good.

I haven't had any issues, been supper happy with it so far. Aside from the loader speed the higher flow rate opens up your attachment options a bit. I just built a hydraulic auger for the quick attach to do some fence posts. So far so good.
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I plan to upgrade the pump on my MT345he. The pump from deplorable is just way too expensive though. Seems like we should be able to find an off the shelf pump for this. The mount for the pump is a standard size, but I'm not sure the spline count is standard. I think I count 12 splines on the deplorable pump. Anybody know how many splines I should be looking for on the shaft? If nobody knows, I'll check when I do my 50hr service. The pump on my tractor is a Hema brand, but Hema doesn't have pumps on their website that match the numbers on my pump. They also don't appear to have any pumps at all with a 12 spline shaft. I suspect LS has had Hema make their pumps "special" so that we can't buy aftermarket pumps.
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you sure it's 12? I thought I saw 13 spline pumps sae B at surplus center that look similar, just not sure about the rotation & fit & max psi specs all seem to be 3625 @ SC. Figured I'd wait till I have a project that would benefit from a 2.07 inch^3 size pump before I waste $200+.
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I'm not sure it's 12. I'm asking at this point. The best I have to go off so far is the pic of the pump on deplorable's website. It's looks like 12 spline to me.

I agree it looks like an sae A or sae B pump. Rotation would probably have to be determined by removing the pump and turning the engine over. I think anything 3000+ max psi would be fine.

I was really hoping I could just find the stock pump on Hema's website. Then we'd know everything. No luck though. The numbers are really hard to read on my stock pump though. I can only read a few letters and numbers of the model #.

I just really hate having to take stuff apart to determine which parts I need.
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Unfortunately, tractor manufacturers like to use proprietary pumps on their tractors. Even though it may totally look like an off the shelf pump, you may find later that the manufacturer decided to use 1 more or less spline on their pumps or just changing the mounting flange dimensions for something odd and specific to their use.

Even on Deplorable's website, they say: "High quality 10.6gpm pump custom manufactured exclusively for us."

That's why you often find crazy absurd prices on simple replacement pumps for tractors.
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That "custom manufactured exclusively for us" is what tipped me off. I know I won't pay Deplorable's price. It's not even a nice pump. I'd buy it in an off count spline and machine it to what I need before I paid that price. It's less likely to be something odd and specific for their use and more likely to be so they can gouge you on the back end when you need parts. It's immoral. It's also a concern that people should have when buying a tractor like this. What happens when LS stops supplying this part? The tractor becomes a paperweight. When that happens, the LS name will be in the gutter. I smell greed.

I'll find out and report back.

It's possible that the pumps off the MT4 series tractors would work. They are a 9.9 gpm pump, which would probably help quite a bit. The suction side might be a different size though.
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Looking at the parts list on the LS site, it looks like the high side connection on the mt4 series pump is a banjo style connection and the mt3 series has a threaded connection. Suction side looks the same though, but it probably wouldn't work.
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Very good PCABE5👍

This is what makes tbn so great. Good write-up on the upgrade hydraulic Pump and install, plus a link provided to the outfit providing the pump and other useful items aimed at LS built tractors.....good stuff all around.

I was wondering about heat being an issue with the new high output pump but Looks like it may not be an issue.