Fueling tractor

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Flofast 10 gallon and the rotary hand crank. I can still lift full jugs into and out of wife’s SUV.

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Pretty hard to set diesel on fire, unless you manage to compress it just a little.
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I built a 12v system for under $100 dollars that fills my tractor in about 1 minute. This describes it:
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The small electric pumps are great. Don't buy the cheap ones though. Terea pump makes a higher quality product that will last. I bough 2 cheap one and they are crap. The Terapump is faster, better built and has an auto shutoff so you can just clip the nozzle on and hit the go button.
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For my gas-guzzlers, I still use 5-gallon cans. But I have a 4 AA battery powered pump with auto shutoff. I only have to get the can there, not lift it anymore. Most often I wheel the gas can around on a dolly. The pump will screw onto the gas can. It came with three adapters to fit many different cans.

For my diesels, I use 30-gallon closed top barrel. I have it strapped to a dedicated dolly with a 12v pump, filter and standard fuel pump nozzle. I added a flow/gallon sensor inline. For 12v power, I use one of those rechargeable auto battery jump packs. I can still handle the 30-gallon barrel on a dolly and I have a way to load and unload the barrel to/from the truck with a barrel lift chain.
Any photos? Screw on Pump sounds interesting.
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No need to post photos....I think I just saw them on Amazon. Great idea.Thanks.
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I got tired of 5 gal cans so got this 100 gal transfer tank and put it on a pallet. The pallet is reinforced with plywood for stiffness. The tank is mounted on rubber bumpers that allow the pallet to flex without stressing the tank. To avoid cracks.

I put it in back of the truck to take to the gas station, and then put it wherever it is out of the way when not in use. The fill-rite pump runs off the tractor battery. Works fine.

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I modified two caps on the drum so that I can apply some compressed air from my compressor.
After buying a "compressed air pump" from Northern Tool and having made one on my own for a 30 gallon gas caddy, you definitely need a real fuel nozzle and hose, but they are inexpensive. I would also recommend a clear filter (goldenrod?) and a drain. In my barrel, I just drilled a 1/8" hole near the bottom and put a sheet metal screw in it. This year I had to drain about 2" of water out of the bottom of my barrel.
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Wow!! Interesting methods.

A 5 gal diesel can once or three times a month works for me. Only 15 miles to the diesel pumping station.

At 82, can still lift it to the tractor hood fill point, but when that time comes that I cannot, simply will just put fewer gallons than 5 in the diesel can.
Original plan was to get 30 gal at a time in 30 gal barrel, then just lift it with the FEL and gravity flow to the tractor tank. But turned out to be way too much extra horsing around, so went to the few gal at a time when needed.
Have the two Yanmar diesels in the 455 and the 4300. Frequency of fills has not been a big problem, the Yanmar's sip fuel.