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What you guys find to be the better way of fuel transfer to get away from lifting 5 gal jugs to fill tractor
Don’t use enough for 50 gal drum with pump
I bought a 100Gal tank on a tower and feed by gravity. When I need more fuel I go with a 200 plastic tank and go to the bulk station (red diesel), get me 100 gallons and transfer to the gravity 100 gal tank that is mounted on a tower...for this I use an electric (battery) pump from Tractor Supply ...I don't use that much diesel so I only have to fill tank every year or year and a 1/2...
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What you guys find to be the better way of fuel transfer to get away from lifting 5 gal jugs to fill tractor
Don’t use enough for 50 gal drum with pump
I use a 15 gallon EmilCaddy. Often I fill the tractor next to the truck so that I don’t have to lift the tank out of the truck full.


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This is what I use. I also purchased the "Ideaworks JB5684 JB4840 Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump, red, blue, black" but even though it is less then $20. I don't like it.
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I didn't read the entire thread, but this is what I bought since I have the 15gal versions of that jug pictured

Fuel Pump.JPG
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I did 5 gallon cans for a while - really a pain and the wife doesn't appreciate my #2 diesel cologne.

So, I got a 100 gallon transfer tank with a 12v pump off of craigslist. Put it on a skid of 2x8's and would lift it in and out of the truck with pallet forks. Then one day I had it good and full and it developed a crack. Decided those things don't like being moved, so I arranged fuel deliver. Then, last year, they said 150 gallon minimum delivery.

So, that got finished up and sleepy joe makes me wonder what is going to happen, so I picked up a cheap, used 500 gallon overhead gravity feed (and I was tired of having to go get the 12v garden battery from the charger all the time when I needed to fuel).

I put the 100 gallon tank in the truck - went down and filled it and pumped it into the tank (didn't want to do a full delivery till I tested the new setup for leaks). Well, turns out that, with only 80 gallons in it, it wouldn't gravity flow through a filter to my tractor fuelling (up on hood - mx5800).

So, I picked up a 115v pump and built a skid for the tank and took it off the stand (after emptying back to the transfer tank). Besides, I wanted to continue to use an auto-shutoff which you cannot do with gravity flow.

So, those are my experiences and evolution. Most of this saga is to warn of my learning experiences - particularly on moving a transfer tank and the requirements of gravity flow.

I had purchased off-road diesel, but will be getting clear in the 500 so I can use it in my truck as well (keep it fresh and convenient and buy when prices dip)
Thats me but 1000 gallon and my fuel supplier fill is when I call.

Fuels my standby Diesel genset too. 30 KW Generac with a turbo JD diesel.

Diesel will never go down until we get a new President with a brain...lol
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I use the same kind of cheap siphon/pump that fruitcakesa posted. It was all I could find at the time, but it has worked well for a couple of years - one or two D-cell batteries iirc. I balance the jug on the quick hitch to start, then raise it higher as it empties. It's pretty much a siphon by the end, and very easy. I'm 77 now, alas.
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Interesting item from Wish. My wife buys a lot of stuff from them, but sometimes shipping is a bit slow.


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YES, great pump, have used one for 3 years now and love it.
Actually bought a spare just in case but all signs are I'll never need it.
I even set up an Anderson connector on my CUT for fast easy connecting.
For my fuel hose I used 5/8" radiator hose** and 1/2" copper fittings to DIY a nozzle of sorts*

*nozzle is merely a short length 1/2" copper + 90 +.another short bit. This frees me from holding while pumping but mainly directs the flow downwards.
** rad hose as it is designed for oily environments and wont stiffen from fuel or/and cold.
Get silicone hose if U can.