1948 CO-OP Lime Sower.

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Dec 13, 2022
Allis Chalmers C
I have just bought a Vintage CO-OP Lime Sower. The Box where you dump the Lime into is made of Wood and is Orange in Color. This is all Original. It also has a Lid that is made of Wood to cover the Top of the Box. Also Orange. On the back of the Box it says CO-OP LIME SOWER. It's Stenciled on the Box in Black. This too is all Original. The Rims are 6 Hole and the Tires say CO-OP on them. Rims are also Orange. The Hitch is wooden. My Question is... Is this for a CO-OP Tractor?
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Welcome to TBN. My guess it was made by CO-OP
BTW, a picture is worth a thousand words!