1. S

    Trying to mount a York rake to a Kubota bucket. Any bucket to 3 point adaptors?

    Hello, Does anyone know of a way to get a 3 point hitch adaptor of some sort mounted to this bucket? Do they even exist? Before I start welding and drilling a bunch of nonsense to make this work, I wanted to make sure there's not some kit that'll attach to the bucket. I have a JD2155 for the...
  2. J

    converting 4n1 bucket to ssqa, adding hydraulic QC couplers. What is standard?

    Title says it all. Converting a Kubota B21 mounted WR Long 4n1 bucket to SSQA but there are no QC couplers, it is all "hard connected". Obviously time for QC and new hoses. I was going to just use the Kubota style AG couplers, but I've been told Flat Face is standard and should I rent any...
  3. dkmc

    Bucket hooks

    There are 'companies' selling these bucket hook attachments on Facebook with 'fab shop/ weld shop' sounding names. What they sell look identical to the product sold on Vevor, made in China...
  4. S

    Good bucket manufacturers for a heavy-duty front end loader bucket?

    My MF-5711D has a high-capacity bucket really meant for silage movement and similar "soft" loads. What I need is something that won't bend or break if it sees a big tree root or hits a rock! I have an FL3819 loader of that matters in terms of FEL bucket options! TIA, Sid
  5. E

    Stump bucket to remove sod?

    Has anyone used a stump bucket to remove sod, and how did it turn out? I have about 500 square feet of sod to remove and using me FEL bucket with something like a Piranha tooth bar would make the strip too wide. I need more precise control and was wondering if it can be done with a stump...
  6. D

    3710A Trenching Bucket

    I have a 2005 2615HST with a 3710A backhoe with a 16 inch bucket. I am looking for a trenching bucket in the 8 inch range and haven't been able to find anything. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks in advance.
  7. O

    Bucket lock release lever

    I have a JD 790 with bucket 70. 2007 model. My question is the arm release supposed to have a curl in it or be straight? One was damaged from trying to lift tree off trailer. The other arm has a curl. Which is correct?
  8. Forest_Man

    Add-on Bucket Grapple for a Kubota 3200 - DIY or Dealer install?

    I would like to understand what would take to install a grapple to my bucket, similar to this Kubota B3030: I suspect I'd need to install front hydraulics and buy the grapple? Is this correct? And should this be done by the dealer or possibly a DIY project? My end goal is to be able to...
  9. O

    Dump Trailer - Rock Question

    Noobie here, literally have maybe 1-2 hours on our new to us tractor. We've had a dump trailer for hauling stone, firewood, mulch, etc. but we need to replenish some of our landscaping stone around the house. We have black granite, so it's a bit bigger than your normal 3/4" rock. What's my best...
  10. WranglerX

    Bucket Pivot Won't Take Grease

    Sort of baffled here, have a lower pivot pin on FEL that wont take grease, have had pivot pin out, and zerk is good, channel through pin is good (clear), exit port in chanel/pin is good (clear) but won't take grease.... Seems that the eye on loader frame is hard pressed against the pin and...
  11. Husaberger

    Loader  Repair vs replace bucket links

    My 2000 hr L4740 has seen some pretty heavy use and the bucket has a fair amount of slop 6 replacement links will cost me about $600 Has anyone out there repaired them? 060, 070, and 080 in the drawing
  12. 4

    Backhoe  Looking for a 36" ish Ditching Bucket for LB1100 series Backhoe

    I have an XG3135 with 1100 series backhoe. Looking to replace bucket with a 36"ish wide Ditching bucket...essentially to clear off sod. Anybody know where to source one or Pin size and spacing for the LS backhoe buckets. Thank much
  13. S

    Bucket Hooks  Tine Bucket opinions

    Good Morning All, I am looking for a cost effective way to pick up lots of brush and limbs/trees on the ground and move them to another area on the property (I have 20 acres). The obvious choice is a grapple hook but the finances are not there at the moment. My tractor dealer quoted me a Tine...
  14. bdhsfz6

    Tooth Bar or Toothed Bucket?

    On average, a toothed QA FEL bucket is 4 times the price of a tooth bar, but is it worth the extra $$? I do a lot of road grading this time of year. Presently, I use the scarifier on my 8' York Rake to break up packed gravel, but it's very slow. I was hoping to speed up the process using a...
  15. IH3444

    1971 International 3444 2000 loader bucket cylinders

    Have the 1971 International 3444 Industrial TLB which is an absolute beast of a machine for its age. The front loader cylinders are leaking. I have the kits to repack the seals. Was wondering if anyone has found replacement bolt on cylinders in case the seal kits don't work. I've searched...
  16. M

    Bucket quick connect handle replacement

    I'm looking for recommendations for the handle replacement of the bucket quick attach. I replaced one of the original handles with an OEM part but it had a pretty sorry weld job on it and it snapped off. So after taking a look at the other handle I found the weld on it to be cracked so now I've...
  17. J

    Dirt Moving  Bucket hydraulic line change.

    Well today I blew my first hydraulic line. Happens to be one of the four that operate the bucket. So I decided not to waste time and instead have lunch and reach out to you guys. I briefly followed the lines and they go up into the dark area about where the seat is. Fluid was still dripping...
  18. F

    New Holland 16 LA bucket

    Hello, I own a new Holland tractor with a 16LA front loader. The current bucket is old and worn out and I need to replace it. Where is a good place to look for these buckets? Thanks.
  19. W

    Backhoe  Grading bucket on a bh76?

    I have a Kubota B3200 with a bh76 and I would like to put a grading bucket on it. Is that possible? Has anyone one here done that and if so where did you find the grading bucket? Im thinking maybe a 30”?
  20. 1

    Bucket replacement

    Can someone tell me the narrowest bucket attachment available for my bh77 backhoe and where to find other than paying dealer costs? I’m in need of a trenching bucket but I’ve read they load up easy so your off the tractor more than on Thank you
  21. C

    Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

    Hello, I was digging up a stump and just as I finished I noticed this backhoe pin hanging out half way. I tried putting downward pressure on the other side to line things up again but still couldn't get it line dup enough to go back in. I think the bracket on the side still pinned might be bent...
  22. J

    Convert pin on bucket to quick attach SSQA and build pallet fork quick attach frame

    Just converted my Ford 1710 with 770B loader from pin on to quick attach. Also built a quick attach pallet fork frame. Build your own Quick Attach pallet fork frame Build your own Quick Attach pallet fork frame https://youtu.be/iEWQNHtc2SQ Link to adapter specs in the video description
  23. TN8Man

    Will a Stump Bucket damage my FEL?

    Was thinking of getting a backhoe for my Kioti NX5010 but the dealer told me I might consider a stump bucket and save some money. Has anyone damaged their tractor using a stump bucket?
  24. LittleBill21

    Mahindra Max26 WR Long Bolt On Grapple

    Finally finished, barely fit even with their smallest option the Single BOGL, will test it in a bit Used a diverter kit from Artilian.
  25. Nuckles405

    Yanmar 425 yl210 Fel bucket problems

    So, today my bucket is giving me issues. When I move the joystick to tilt the bucket down I have the following issues. If I move the joystick all the way over the bucket will curl up and not tilt down. If I move it slowly the hydraulic pressure decreases and gravity moves the bucket down...
  26. bearthebruce

    LS MT125 - Bucket Curl

    Our Lil Blue has less 50 hours on him as we also have a Massy 1533. Blue was purchased to do stumpin... Yesterday while carrying wood to our fire pit to burn, the bucket curl would not hold position - like there was a leak from a cylinder. No leaks were discovered but there were loose...
  27. Bansil

    Need help finding a tooth bar for my bucket

    When I had my Ford 5000, I made a tooth bar out of a 6x6x5/8 angle iron, I used a grinder and cut off wheel to make the teeth on both edges. It slipped over the bottom lip of the bucket, and straps around bucket held it on. So I had teeth to the front and down under the bucket I used it to...
  28. Bob Rooks

    Wanted SV40 bucket

    Looking for a 6 or 8 inch bucket.
  29. B

    Can I grease too much?

    I have read a lot about greasing the bucket on my tractor… I have been told you can’t grease it too much when using the bucket pretty much exclusively with my current project - what are others thoughts?
  30. R

    Bobcat Ct2025 fl7 aftermarket bucket curl cylinder size?

    Let's just say things happened, just can't have nice things and now I need a new bucket curl cylinder for a bobcat ct2025 with the fl7. I'm not sure how to measure to get an aftermarket but if I can figure it out I know it would be about 1/4 the price of bobcat, also my local dealer isn't great...
  31. B

    Stump bucket build for compact tractor

    Hey everyone. Here is a stump bucket I built mostly for DIGGING purposes, and not stump removal. part 1 part 2
  32. S

    GC1700 DL95 / CB65 Bucket CAD help

    BLUF: Does anyone have CAD files of the buckets on the DL95 or CB65? Or can I get the pin sizes and spacing for each bucket? I don‘t have access to my tractor to measure it myself. I moved to S.Korea for a few years on an assignment and am separated from my GC1710. The onset of withdrawals...
  33. sparker133

    John Deere 485 backhoe for sale

    2013 John Deere 485 backhoe for sale. In great condition, not used much. The backhoe pry has about 30 to 40 hours on it. Works great, pin are tight, some scratches on the paint as expected. Bought a Deere 4320 back in 2016 and the backhoe came with the machine. We bought a mini excavator and no...
  34. P


    Hi! Does anybody have any tips, techniques, or ideas on how to keep horse manure from freezing to the bucket on a backhoe? Wicked hard to chop it out if it gets frozen….(and it usually happens EXACTLY when you need the backhoe for something else, right!?!?) 😉😂 I’ve tried putting a layer of...
  35. Ishkatan

    Chain hooks and tooth bar for RK37 bucket?

    What kind of chain hooks work well with the RK37 bucket? Recommended Tooth Bar for RK37 bucket? ( The web site says the bucket is 61".) The RK37 bucket seems a bit light weight so I am wondering if a particular brand/model chain hook works really well with it or if it needs reinforcing. I...