Zerk/grease nipple fix

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They are british thread and my dealer charges 39 cents a piece so I bought 10.
I believe they are British tapered thread and they are not expensive once you find them.
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Ordered from Zoro along with nipple covers.
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Hmmm. Is that them pasty things with the tassels on 'em??

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I did all my service work today, cleaned all the grease fittings and replaced some broken/missing zerks. Anyone else have trouble getting grease in the fittings in the front end underneath the tractor? I removed every fitting, tested them to make sure they took grease, replaced them, and couldn't get grease in it. I even took it back out, took a screwdriver in and cleared out the grease in there to make sure there wasn't any dried grease blocking it, put it all together and it won't take grease. I have a new grease fitting on order for my grease guns, so maybe that is the issue. Do i need to raise the front end with the loader to get the grease in there? Has to be something wrong.
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If grease won't go in, yeah, you might try changing or preferably removing the loading on whatever you are trying to grease to see if that helps.