Who doesn't despise trolls?

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Jul 31, 2017
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Amongst the worst of trolls are those who post then edit after responses have been posted and even worse are OPs that delete their original post and wipe out entire thread along with all replies. How long do you feel is reasonable for editing a post before it can't be edited? Same question for time allowed to delete a post? One always has the option of posting an explanation in the event they poorly word a post. The question is if the majority is in favor of asking Muhammad to take measures that limit time allowed to delete or edit.
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:ROFLMAO: still lmao ! When I first saw your thread heading I thought this was going to be about those that live south of the big bridge in Michigan's LP .
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I edit my posts a) when I notice a typo or grammar error b) when someone points out a factual error - those would also credit the source
Most people do make typo and grammar mistakes and edit to correct them but if not discovered and corrected before replys are made,a comment can be used to correct it.
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Never thought much about this at all, but do use the edit function when I goof utilizing my less than superior typing skills....

Hence, not in favor of a minimum time period before one is allowed to edit their own post.
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