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  • Muhammad,
    Thanks for your catch. I hit that link yesterday which caused my anti-virus to go nuts, so I'm not sure what's up, but I appreciate your vigilance!
    I just placed an ad to sell an articulated boom cutter in the "Items" section before realizing it belongs in the "Attachments" section. How do I move the ad from Items to Attachments?
    Think about Heavy Equipment by net. Many of us are interested in or own other equipment.

    Also why not a drop-down of "sister sites". You have done a great job with this site!
    Any chance you could add a “solved” status click book in the titles of threads.

    The JDM mini-truck forum I follow has that as an option for the OP. So folks don’t continue to answer questions after the problem is solved, and so you can filter for solved questions when you are searching fro solutions to your own problems. Certainly keeps threads cleaner.
    I posted in wanted steering parts and got a answer very soon. Good price but wants payment by pay-pal family and friends opt. Payment before shiping. Member is very new so is there a list of members that have been scammed or had trouble?
    Don't do it. If it's a scam, you will be screwed
    i've been involved with social media since the dial up BBS days. You are giving a great service. Don't let cancel culture bother your moderation. The moderation is necessary. I say this, in the voice of an old man. :)
    Problem I have is with PM's.
    -I don't get emails advising me of new PM's as I used to.
    -PM link (in the blue band) are hidden behind (on my 'puter) behind ( a red 'box' that has '12' showing)
    -the 12 messages are all very old ones and not even the newest showing when I click that box.
    -also how can I delete those old 12 messages? no delete button that I could find.
    Noticed problem today. All post menu items are greyed out, only preview icon is black
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