Snow Tractor won’t start tonight.

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I had an issue with my 3550 with the key switch, which would allow crank, but intermittent start - because it would lose power to the middle pin when you rotated the key further to the start position. So sometimes right as you let go to stop cranking, it would fire up as it made contact again.

Not the exact same symptoms, but you have definitely narrowed it down to an electrical issue. Whether that's a relay, bad key switch (like mine, just broken in a different way), broken wire, corroded contact - you can find by checking one part at a time with a meter.
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Do you have a starter relay? The one on my 2538 failed and had to be replaced. Mine is on the left hand side just behind the battery. Edit: it bench tested fine but would not engage the starter.View attachment 775731
I have three or four of those behind the battery but up high enuf to reach. They’re basically right in front of the radiator. I dont know which one is which because the elderly widow who I bought the tractor from did not know where the manual was.
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Put in a new battery. Plugged in a battery tender to keep the battery up during the cold weather. Went out this morning and it cranked right up WITH THE KEY! This cold snap must have really screwed with some switches and the ignition…

After she started this morning I noticed she was puking fluid all over the ground! It’s not radiator fluid, and its not engine oil… It appears to be coming from the cooler directly behind the radiator. Is this the hydraulic fluid cooler…? I have a message into Bills Tractor for a shop manual but I have not heard back from them….
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If the oil cooler has no steel tubing connected to it you are stuck with
a very bad oil leak and they need to come and pick it up.

I know that is not what you want to hear but unless you have a very
warm tractor shed to work with you need to have them pick it up today
and see about a getting a loaner mule.
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I’m fairly certain it’s hydraulic because when it was running and puking I could not raise the bucket. Anyway, I’ll know more after Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for all your knowledge and help.

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This sounds like a hydraulic cooler that has either split or a line has failed. If your machine was out in the cold, possibly the oil was too cold? Cam
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Oh my, sounds like you have two unrelated issues with only the cold weather being a common factor. Hoping it just a loose hose that can be fixed easily.

I hope your Christmas improves!
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Anyone have any schematics they could share with me…? 2016 Mahindra 2555HST (diesel) Cab
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400 hours, I have 12.9 volts at the battery and the starter, I cycled the HST pedals several times, there is no Seat Safety switch (I’ve started it from standing outside the cab), PTO handle was cycled several times and it would not start in any of the 3 positions. I don’t know how to ‘Block the full solenoid closed. I can put my Jump Pack on the starter but I dont know about fuel solenoid….
i had similar erractic starting issues for months and found that a $6 ground cable fixed it .... I found that as the ground cable *looks* good, it is not...
the engine will not start as it cant pull enough amps [due to rotting ground wire]

- also at times engine power would drop or surge for no apparent reason...

good luck !!!!