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Sep 17, 2021
YM2500 now YT 359c
Well, it finally happened. I've only got about 100 hours on my yanmar YT 359 tractor. Just long enough to feel comfortable and try and do something I probably shouldn't have.
I was adding a run for my meat pigs to have access to the pond for water. I got a little too aggressive on how far I could drive out and scrape backwards with the bucket. My pond has a lot of that super sticky, gross, squishy, black muck, and I sure enough got stuck.
I tried all of the tricks with pushing the bucket down and lifting the front and going backwards and everything I could possibly do. I had it in four-wheel drive and the diff lock engaged, everything to no avail.
I ended up getting my farm truck out with a long chain to help move the tractor backwards. The wife was kind enough to steer the truck while I worked the tractor backwards.
Moral of the story, don't bite off more than you can chew, or dig!!


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Yup.... Thankfully, there's a large plate underneath the oil pan that stopped me from going any deeper... It was not my finest hour for sure.
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At least that lesson was more embarrassing than it was painful.
I'm glad that I've never done anything like that. I'm even more thankful that when TBN format changed a few years ago it destroyed any evidence, including pictures, of my tractor being stuck in the mud for 2 weeks.
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I don't recommend that way to wash your tractor :unsure:

Glad you got unstuck!

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I think probably most of us with tractors/equipment have “been there/done that”…….

That kind of mud is like driving on ice.

As long as you have another vehicle and tow strap like you did, then it’s just an issue of taking the time to pull it out.

If you had had more weight on your 3 pt (and therefore the rear tires), you possibly could have had a better chance, but hindsight is 20/20…….
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Ag tires and even tracks won't help in some types of mud. Ask me how I know...
You are correct about that but if he had ag tires I don't think that tractor would have ever stuck. Of course all that depends on just how far into the pond he was planning on driving in the first place.