Stuck in the pond

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Not all of us have that second tractor to fall back on. However, you are right; knowing when to stop can make a big difference in retrieval. So far I've always managed to get myself out of any mess I've gotten myself into. 🤞

Sure, many don’t have a second tractor. If you don’t, get to know a neighbor who does and offer to help each other. I have found the best retrieval “vehicle” is a backhoe. Not the best traction vehicle for sure, but the backhoe arm with the stabilizers down is simply amazing and it can be quickly driven locally without a trailer. I have one on my bucket list.

Always try to have a backup plan.
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Sure, many don’t have a second tractor. If you don’t, get to know a neighbor who does and offer to help each other.
Always try to have a backup plan.
As I said before, I have always been able to get out of anything I've gotten myself into.
A lot of it is knowing the limitations of your tractor or vehicle... a lot easier for those of us who stay on our own land and know where the bad places are.
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I got stuck in the pond (actually a swamp) today!
Tried to get too close.

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Good thing I had the R-1 equipped tractor there, too.

Got stuck 3 more times after this picture. I figure its better than weed wacking.

My aversion to weed whacking has gotten me stuck several times on my stream bank... Just have to get that last couple of feet!
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A story.

I have a Ferris 61" ZT mower with the 26 hp HD Briggs V twin that was a couple of years old at the time. i had studded snow tires on the rears to help in holding on slopes and wet grass.

One day I was mowing the grass along the pond and I got too close to the water. The mower started sliding and I couldn't pull out of the problem. I wound up going front end first into the pond and completely submerging the whole machine (and most of myself) except for the top of the ROPS and the air cleaner.

I got a tractor out and pulled it out of the pond and took it immediately to the shop. I did the things you do when something is submerged and when finished with new gas, it fired right up. I didn't remove any compression related or other parts in the process other than spark plugs and air cleaner so that I could access the air intake.

That was at least 10 years ago and the only side effect of that occurrence was that the Bendix on my starter started hanging up recently. A little lube and that problem disappeared. I was extremely lucky, attribute most of that to getting on it immediately and I now use a smaller, lighter, tractor when mowing pond banks and I keep my distance...use had held weed eater instead.
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I remember the day when my dad got his tractor stuck. He had me walk about a half mile to a home and ask for help. It turns out the guy drove a road grader for the county and brought the grader to get my dad out. Pretty cool!
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I stuck my SS with a brush hog attachment in the creek. Thought I could cross but I was wrong! I chained it to my tractor but had to go next door to get another operator. Took longer to clean the SS than to retrieve it.