1. D

    Kawasaki Mule Clunking issue after being used pulling a mower out of the mud.

    I was out of town and my friend used my 2010 Kawasaki mule to pull a stuck zero turn out of the mud. It now has a loud clunking noise coming from somewhere and I'm not really seeing where. The clunk happens in every gear, as well as neutral and speeds up and slows down with the throttle. Any...
  2. Bansil

    R14 mini review in mud and other terrain PSA on durability 05/06/2024..not happy!

    So, I made this post in my project area, and figured I'd move it here because some folks have asked me about the tires, I really like them so far. I have about 15 hours on them so far. It has been wet this past 3 weeks, they work awesome in the field on bush hogged hay surfaces, they seem to...
  3. rockinbbar

    Quick Sand!

    I found some! Literally. Had over 8 inches of rain recently, and I know enough about this area to use an overabundance of caution before venturing forth. But even so, I get taught better by Mother Nature every couple of years. :LOL: You can tell by the mud mark on the rear tire that I didn't...
  4. Pearlsnaps

    Stuck in the pond

    Well, it finally happened. I've only got about 100 hours on my yanmar YT 359 tractor. Just long enough to feel comfortable and try and do something I probably shouldn't have. I was adding a run for my meat pigs to have access to the pond for water. I got a little too aggressive on how far I...
  5. jakenh

    Boggy Muddy Lawn

    I have a portion of my lawn that turns into thick nasty mud when it rains. I'm wondering if throwing some pelletized lime on it to try to firm up the soil is a good solution or not. Anybody have any opinions?