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That sure is a nice barn now Kenny great job !! You'll sure enjoy the space.
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Great job Kenny, pics of the project were appreciated. Love my barn, but it can't hold a candle to yours.
My two favorite places to hang out are my barn and any hardware store.
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My two favorite places to hang out are my barn and any hardware store.

We've got a new Harbor Freight store coming soon. Could be dangerous (Shh, don't tell my wife.)
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Nice job and great looking shop. I am planning on putting a wood stove in mine now that it is complete. Your shop looks a lot bigger than mine, what is the sq ft, how much insulation do you have?

I may look for a wood furnace like I have in my basement if I can find one at a good price.
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40 x 48 so about 2000 ft2 with a 12 foot ceiling. The walls have about 5 inches of polyiso foam and the ceiling has about 6 inches of cellulose blown in.

I only heat it when I'm working. If I don't heat it for a week with outside temperatures down to single digits outside, it will get below freezing in the building. Heat up with the wood stove is a little slow because of all the mass inside the building. I usually run a 70k BTU torpedo heater for 15 minutes or so while I start the wood fire and get it hot. Then I will be over 40 degrees and it creeps on up from there with the wood stove.
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Great job Kenny. That kind of work is extremely good for a man's Soul. :)

As to the wiring, yep, conduit is much easier. When I built mine I wired it for less money using steel conduit than it would have cost using normal wiring procedures.

Remodeling the interior of a building you've already moved into sucks doesn't it...... ;)

I think over time you will see that you need to blow in more ceiling insulation. At least 80% of your heat loss is thru the ceiling. 6" is marginal. My building is wrap insulated during construction with 6" faced fiberglass. Then I added a ceiling with another 8" of blow in. I added the blow in early this Winter. Made an instant difference. Should have done it during initial construction 5 years ago.

I heat with wood primarily. I have a fire every day that's needed. I feed the stove at 9p.m. and then start it again around 8a.m. I have a 100K btu propane furnace also. It's thermostat is set on 62 degrees. Last Winter I burned 70 gallons of propane. My shop never got below 62. I understand that you might not need a constant temp like that now. But in time you might. That is when the insulation will become a critical issue.

My building is 42x50 with a 12ft (at the peak) vaulted ceiling (10'5" at the eave). I light it with eight 4ft long 4 bulb T-8 fixtures. They are awesome and in 5 years I've not replaced any bulbs. I paid $97 each for the lights w/bulbs. If you ever decide to add light, check them out.

Great job Kenny. Thanks for posting this thread. Hard to not come away from a thread like this without picking up an idea or two!!!! :)