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Apr 30, 2010
Mahindra 2816 HST, Super M farmall, J5 bombardier, 230 timber jack skidder
The grass is relatively tall. I don’t have a mower. How will this fair out if I take a plow to it. It use to be a hay field


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   / Plowing tall grass
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Single bottom plow. Mahindra 2816hst. Colter
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That tractor is 28 hp, with 21 hp at the PTO. That grass looks thick and coarse. You have a lot to do.
Since all you want to do is cut the grass, I would not consider, this late in the season for Newfoundland, plowing. Find a bush hog and expect to cut with 3 foot bites. I don't think the tractor can handle any more, even in low range.
Other posts speak to how to set up the bush hog for most efficiency.
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Depending on how well the coulter works and how tangled the grass is it might plow just fine or it might be a tangled mess. Try a pass or two and you will know. Just note there is no way all of that cover will be turned under.
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It will not plow properly without being mowed first.
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Ok. Thanks fellows. There is a guy not far from there that usually has a garden. But he had gardens there for several years do not sure if he moves it much.
Problem is I don’t have a Bush hog. And around these parts most never did.
I wonder if they didn’t just plow in the spring when everything is flattened?
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Burn it. It's wide open so no real hazard. All you need is a fire break. If all I had was a plow, I'd section it off in a couple squares with 10 foot plowed edges for a fire break to keep it under control.