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Jeeze. Hard news. Not sure what they did one time. But then again it was mostly hay and gardens were probably fine closer to home and ground was probably tore up previously.
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Curious. It would look nicer. Probably prevent the grass and weeds from standing up and growing again , but what difference do it make? I was thinking mostly to plow to lift up the hard sod so I could till it in the spring. This would chew any remaining weeds wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking a spring burn and plow might be only option. No one had a mower around here.
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Your answer has been covered by all the previous members who offered advice.
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Cut,spray with glyphosate and plow;there are no short-cuts.
Having a thick mat of cut material lying on top of short stubble then spraying with herbicide that requires contact with actively growing plants is a waste of money. If you are going to use glyphosohate that is Step 1.
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I wonder if they didn’t just plow in the spring when everything is flattened?

Traditionally northern soils are plowed in the Fall prior to first frost. Then early Spring thaw/freeze/thaw cycles deconstruct the clay soil and clods.
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You fellows in ns plow this early or later in fall egon? Getting many ticks your way?
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Ahh, just go ahead and plow it. Next spring it will be perfect for a disc.

The tractor should handle a two bottom plow with ease.

More like the two bottom plow will plug up with ease, lift itself out of the ground as high as the three point lift arms will allow and drag along behind the tractor.
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You fellows in ns plow this early or later in fall egon? Getting many ticks your way?

lots of ticks.

Plowing seems to have gone out of style with the advent of the much higher HP tractors.

My expieriences come from many years ago in western Canada At a time when a WD9 was one of the higher HP tractors in use. The plow were also the pull type. Only three point you’d see was an 8N.