Plowing Snow in VA

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Feb 10, 2011
I know some of you remember my posts about FEL snow plows and how they don't work well on a gravel driveway. Here Monday it was over 70 degrees and the weather man said we were going to get snow on Wednesday. Well Wednesday it did snow and it was in the mid to high 30's throughout the day. Of course the ground was not frozen and when the snow hit the ground it started melting making things a little muddy. We did end up with a little accumulation (maybe 4''). I did not bother plowing this snow because I knew it was going to be warm today (Thursday) and it would melt most of the snow away. Anyway it is not uncommon for us to get a snow without the ground being frozen which makes things difficult. The ground here freezes and thaw several times a year, we don't have a spring thaw like up north.
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Yah we had 60's Tuesday and 10 inches of snow Wednesday. Had to take off the plow and tilt the bucket. It was ripping up the grass.
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Our weather was the same this week. Almost 70 on Monday and started to snow Wednesday. As of right now we have accumulated about 4-5" of snow. This snow is on my deck and railings. What fell in the driveway was soaked right in so didn't get any seat time today.
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I adjusted plow bottom slides/disc so cutting edge 1"so from ground,very little gravel driveway damage yesterday when plowing.
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We got about 6" here in the valley. I plowed it with my front mounted plow. Have the skids set so that I move very little gravel. About half of it is still here.
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Unfrozen ground does make it a bear. Even my grader blade with a rubber edge ripped up my grass.