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My state is getting shut down tomorrow per the Gov. We deserve the real facts, not "alternative" facts.

Dr Anthony Fauci counters ***** claims amid crisis: 'I just want to get the facts out' | World news | The Guardian

That's a very good article that confirms the great working relationship with the POTUS and his Staff. Confirms that they have a strong, good working relationship and are effectively dispersing to the American people the situation.
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Need a bit of humor.

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Good friend called me this morning to report the Bunn Coffee Machine factory where he works sent everyone home this morning. A employee reported testing positive. I'm guessing they have 350 employees per shift, two shifts. Pretty dramatic in a town of 15,000. Chaos until Bunn gets guidance on what to do.
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I guess the question is why did you post this with no opinion either way, then take counter opinions to the first comments? My guess is you just enjoy stirring the pot, but don't want to take responsibility when the soup starts to taste bad and we have to throw it out. You enjoy conflict.

Funny how "we" only targets certain people with certain "leanings"...
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I'd like to see a thread started here for those that have tested positive. Narrative about how they think they contracted it. What they are being told to do to defend themselves and others. Etc.

I'm sure the holier ones would try to trash it. But maybe before they did we could get some solid, first hand information.

If you are reading this and have tested positive will you consider starting a thread?

I really like your idea. It is bound to happen that some of us will get this.

Maybe have it started by one of the Moderators with a stern warning. "Anyone posting anything negative is suspended for 10 days" And allow those of us who wish to pray for those affected to do so.
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