Bx25D Tie Down Attach Points For Trailering?

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Just think if you were towing your unsecured BX at 50 MPH and someone pulled in front of you. You and your truck / trailer come to a dead stop. Do you think the BX would stay on the trailer or do a flip over onto the top of your truck.
I saw 4 accidents this past summer of landscape guys that haul their zero turns on trailers without securing them. People in a hurry pulled out in front of them, they couldn't stop and hit the offender stopping their truck / trailer. At one of these accidents a zero turn did fly off the trailer and into the pick up bed crushing the cab. Fortunately the driver wasn't hurt. I saw that accident happen, called 911 and stopped to assist. That accident happened on a 40 MPH road. The others I came upon after the fact. I cringe and keep my distance everytime I see an unsecured load on a trailer. Be safe and secure that BX.
Many people hurry to turn in front of a trailer so they don't get stuck behind them. It is those folks that cause the trailer driver to break maybe unexpectedly. You can drive slow and gentle only to have someone mess you up. This is normally the case.
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Looks like your front straps are not doing anything to hold the machine down but rather keeping it from rolling backwards. Even pulling it forward if something happened to chains in the rear. I have chains and straps but feel totally confident that my straps will hold mine DOWN.:)
Did you add those hooks on the rear, like those. Welded or bolted on? More pics of them, please.
Looked again at rear hooks and noticed you also have back being pulled back with chains instead of DOWN. If front straps were to break then you'd have a loose tractor with lots of rolling potential also assuming the brakes that should be locked on are not able to hold the tires on that wood deck. My:2cents: is you need to strap it DOWN instead of being pulled front to back or back to front.

His tie down points on his trailer are below the points on his tractor. He is strapped down as well as stopping front to back. IMO it's a good job .02