kubota l3400

  1. A

    Kubota L3400 SSQA pin problems

    Hey, folks. Wondering if anyone has any insights regarding a problem I'm suddenly having with my SSQA pins. While pushing some snow around the other day, I noticed that my bucket had a bit more "freedom of movement" on my loader's QA. Upon further inspection, I noticed that neither of the 2...
  2. R

    Kubota L3400 Blue Smoke

    I have a 2004 Kubota L3400DT that started smoking when I start it and when I accelerate. If I push the throttle it will puff out blue smoke, I know it’s burning oil, I can smell it. i bought this tractor new, it has about 900 hours. Have always changed the oil at 200 hours. Could I have...
  3. B

    Easy Rear Remotes for Kubota L3400

    Earlier this spring I acquired a flail mower with a hydraulic side shift kit for a price I could not pass up, But my L3400 did not have rear remotes. I did have to option of removing the side shift kit, or modifying it for manual shifting, but after some thought I figured I could get a lot of...
  4. jedwa1216

    kubota l3400 start issue

    My Kubota has been having starting issues for a year or so. It finally has got so bad (wont start 80 percent of the time) that I have to figure it out. I have replaced the battery and ignition switch but neither fixed it. The start relay tests good. I have been searching for bad...
  5. O

    Adding remotes for a snow blower on a L3400HST

    I just bought a used 60" snowblower that had hydraulics for the rotation and angle on the shoot. There are no existing remotes on my tractor but I'll need to get this sorted before the snow arrives. I'm a newbie on the hydraulics side so I could use some expert advice. What do I need and where...
  6. G

    Kubota L3400 3 point hitch

    I'm having problems with my 3 point hitch picking up substantial weight after it was recently fully serviced, all filters changed, greased, engine oil changed, hydraulic filter changed and fluid checked. The front end loader works fine and has no problem picking up weight. I have a hay fork...
  7. I

    Electrical ??? Kubota L3400

    Okay, I'll give this a shot. I've owned my 3400 Kubota since early 2008, a few days ago I finally bought a new battery and replaced the OEM one. After replacing I have zero electrical to the machine, I've checked all of the fuses that I could find, have positive continuity with the ground. I'm...
  8. C

    L3400 pto frozen in gear

    How do I get my PTO to work again? Seems to be stuck in gear - gears grind if try to engage the yellow PTO handle. Background: My Kubota L3400 had sat unused for 2 years. Once running again (started on first crank once battery recharged - this little engine is so strong), I had to first get the...
  9. J

    l3400 pto won't disengage

    I have a 2007 manual transmission l3400. I left the pto engaged when I turned it off about a month ago. It wouldn't start now. I jumped the starter. and moved it. the pto lever clicks up and own in the on and off position, but stays engaged the whole time. So the safety switch was working, which...
  10. M

    Kubota l3400 front end loader mount's

    Hello everyone, This forum has been a great help in the past so I thought it might be a good place to pose this question. I have a pretty good front end loader already, and I need to mount it to my Kubota l3400… I need to make the mount's myself for a few reasons. The genuine ones are...
  11. T

    Selling Kubota L3400 - low hours - SOLD

    I am getting a new Kioti DK4510. I am not satisfied with what the dealer offered my for my trade ( the L3400) so I am looking to sell it privately. You can search the specs, but the basics are: 34 net HP, 29 at the pto, (pre-regen ) standard transmission with Low, High, Reverse. Open station...
  12. S

    kubota L3400 HST Wont Start

    Tractor Turns over Will Not Start.Keeps Blowing 5amp Fuse.Any Ideas? Thank You. number 5 fuse.
  13. C

    Kubota L3400 rear hydraulics and 3rd function mods

    Got most of my 3rd function and rear hydraulics plumbed and working. Only need to make brackets for the Quick Disconnects. I used as much of the original plumbing to reduce cost. The original PWR Beyond hose from FEL became the PB for the new valve and a new hose runs from the FEL to new rear...
  14. W

    Price Check  2009 Kubota L3400 TLB price check

    I am looking for a price check on a 2009 Kubota L3400 TLB with 3 point hitch. 560Hours. Asking $20250. Tractor is very clean and well cared for. Looks like mainly the FEL was used. I had a hard time finding anything similar to compare to. Located in Western PA. Thanks.
  15. B

    Buying Advice  Buying 2006 Kubota L3400 with under 300 hours

    Hey guys quick question here .... someone is selling an 06 (garage kept) Kubota L3400 Hydro about 3 hours from me. It has the backhoe and ag tires. It's essentially the perfect tractor IMO however it's 13 years old. He has 275hrs on it and is asking 21k. Is there any potential downside to...
  16. E

    Cam Superline 5CAM20CHS for Kubota L3400 TLB

    I am a novice to the trailering and would like opinions on this selection, I am pretty close to pulling the trigger on a trailer. Proposed Trailer: Cam Superline 5CAM20CHS (Car Hauler) 20 foot steel deck with beavertail Payload = 7,350 LBS GVWR = 9,900 LBS Tractor: Kubota L3400 HST (2,600...
  17. A

    Buying Advice  Kubota L3400HST vs L2800HST

    Hi, folks. Writing to you all from Minnesota's North Shore along Lake Superior. I'm new to the website but have been reading and enjoying a lot of the reviews left by other users. This website is extremely helpful! I'm headed to Northern WI on Tuesday to look at a 2007 Kubota L3400HST w/ 595...
  18. P

    Kubota L3400 HST in Sand

    Hello all. I have a Kubota L3400 HST 4x4 with R1 tires. I have 10 feet deep pure sand washed in the river side of my property for hundreds of yards. Anyone have experience in pure, loose sand with this setup or one like it? I need to get out there and move some around but don't have a way to...
  19. D

    Kubota L3400 Seat Belt Buckle

    Hi I bought a used L3400 and the seatbelt buckle that has the red release does not work. I sprayed penetrating oil but it still is in rough shape. I priced the part and it is over $200 dollars. Does anyone know of a quick fix or where I can purchase one. Thanks for your help in advance. I...
  20. C

    Price Check  Kubota L3400 DT Price Advice

    Hi All, I'm interested in a used Kubota L3400 DT (gear) I saw online and I'm trying to gauge pricing. It is a 2011 with around 500 hours. Comes with R4 tires, a loader and bucket, a used back blade and drag harrow, and new condition Woods 5' brush cutter, and a new Land Pride quick hitch. It...
  21. bobsphotos

    Kubota L3400 remote

    I have bought a New To Me L3400 with FEL and want to add a 2 spool remote valve. I have a pretty good idea where and how I will mount it, but I need help with the plumbing. I would appreciate help from anyone out there there that has installed the OEM remotes or has done an aftermarket install...
  22. R

    kubota L3400 fuel problems

    Tractor will run OK up to about 2500 RPM under light load. Under higher RPM and heavier load RPM slows to almost idle and will pick up some after a min. or 2 this cycle will start over again. Have no water in water separator bowl and fuel fills bowl fine when I replaced the filter in it.
  23. D

    Kubota L3400. HST ,Steering and bucket is jerking

    I have a 2007 L3400 HST Kubota. 154hrs. I just started having problems with my steering and bucket. Trying to steer , but it’s not smooth, it’s difficult to turn. The bucket is very slow to rise, jerking motion. Even when empty. The fluid is normal. Wondering what the problem is, the...
  24. jenrow33

    Rear Blade  L3400 rear remotes

    Anyone put rear remotes on a L3400? I had grand thoughts of a newer larger tractor this year, but my budget review committee (wife) had other ideas. So, I’ve spent a few bucks this year adding some implements to the arsenal and a few mods to the L3400 to get me through another decade. Would...
  25. J

    Kubota L3400 keeps dying

    I have a kubota L3400 that is 2005 year model and it only runs about 30 seconds then dies. I have changed the fuel filter and had no luck, i have changed the engine fuel solenoid that turns the fuel off if a safety device trips. I can turn the key on and not start the tractor and in about 30...
  26. M

    2009 Kubota L3400 HST Start issues

    New to this forum so I hope I am in the right place. Have had a 2009 L3400 HST tractor since it was new. Used it this Sat to till some ground with a power tiller with no problem. Sunday tried to start it and nothing happen. Tested all the safety interlock Switches (PTO, Clutch and Seat) and...
  27. swampvol

    L3400HST oil drain plug size.

    Needing to change the oil in the old '3400 tomorrow and need to know the drain plug size so I can pick up a couple of gaskets. The tractor is at my property 30 miles away, and while I think I have some spare crush washers there, I don't want to take the chance. Thanks guys. Edit: It's a 2006 btw.
  28. N

    L3400 PTO possible grind?

    I own a 2008 L3400 that I bought recently. The PTO spins great and activates without issue and shuts off no problem. When I have an implement attached the PTO kicks on great, no noises, and runs solid. The odd thing is when I throttle down and push in the clutch I get a grinding noise until I...
  29. M

    kubota l3400 dt no start

    hello new member here hope someone can help me im at a loss right now. tractor will not start
  30. F

    L3400 PTO grind

    When engaging the PTO on my Kubota L3400, I get a grinding sound. It does not matter if the attachment (mower) is attached or not, it still grinds. Can you help me figure out what to do? After doing a little research, I did this and: I adjusted the freeplay of the clutch pedal. I can get the...
  31. F

    L3400 PTO grind

    When engaging the PTO on my Kubota L3400, I get a grinding sound. It does not matter if the attachment (mower) is attached or not, it still grinds. Can you help me figure out what to do? After doing a little research, I did this and: I adjusted the freeplay of the clutch pedal. I can get the...
  32. T

    Kubota L3400 Safety Switch Issue

    I have an L3400 Tractor with Manual Transmission. I have an issue somewhere in the "safety switch" system. I thought I isolated the problem as one of the neutral switches on the Low/High/Reverse gear shift box had one of the metal tabs broken off. I replaced both switches to be safe and the...
  33. Lobanz

    Replace Kubota L3400 Fuel Filter with Racor?

    [FYI: I searched the forums and found several threads about installing Racor water separators, but none on replacing existing fuel filter housing with a Racor.] So, I got some water in my tank and had to drain it and tractor still isn't running 100% (will post the issue in a separate thread)...
  34. vulcancowboy

    L3400 Hydro Leak found, advice on fixing

    So, I think I finally found the source of my hydro leak. Initially thought it was coming from the vent under the seat, but upon further exploration it appears to be coming from the joint where the hydraulic case cover is bolted onto the transmission (see breakdown). My question is what type...
  35. P

    Dirt Moving  Top n Tilt Kubota L3400 2007 model

    Any know where I can get parts to install myself? I already have Top just need to replace older single controller for a double.
  36. G

    Kubota L3400 died/won't start. I have a lead. Am I right?

    Hey guys. I'm smart and relatively mechanically inclined, but I don't have a lot of experience with diesel or tractors, much less diesel tractors. Nonetheless, I'm the man of the farm, so this repair falls on me. I was bush hogging up against the tree line yesterday in my Kubota L3400. The...
  37. C

    Kubota L3400 Service Manual

    A while back i saw a thread on here where some people had mentioned having scanned copies of the service manual. I already have the operators manual. Im looking to replace the clutch (two stage) sometime in the near future and wanted to have a copy of the service manual so i can read about it...
  38. N

    Which is the right L3400 shop manual?

    I have the L3400DT, and am looking for the shop manual. I see two at Messick's, not sure which one to pick. Kubota: L2800 / L3400 Shop Manual, Part # 97897-13190 Kubota: L2800, L3400, L3700SU Shop Manual, Part # 9Y011-13194 Also, is it worth purchasing the parts manual? Lastly, does...
  39. T

    Oil & Fuel  KUBOTA L3400 Model LA463 maintenance

    I am performing a routine maintenance on a KUBOTA L3400 for a city. I have the maintenance manual. Besides the basic maintenance is there anything else I should do or look for to keep this tractor in good running condition? Thank you in advance!
  40. J

    Buying Advice  Kubota L3400 HST Tractor Review (9 Years and 506 Hours):

    In 2007, an L3400 HST with FEL, BB, RFM and Rotary Cutter was purchased for about $21k in Middle Tennessee. The tractor is used on a 50 acre parcel that has been left in timber for about 40 acres. Parcel is hilly, with 300 feet of elevation from lowest to highest points. The attachments are...
  41. F

    2007 l3400 hst transmission leak.

    Leakage is in the HST valve area. It is not severe yet but starting to drip on the garage floor after usage. I am now trying to locate the cause. I have taken the bodywork around the area off and will clean the transmission case. The area in question is basically under the floorboards. The valve...
  42. B

    Buying Advice  Just bought a L3400 HST

    After a year long search, I just brought home a 2005 L3400. We (the boss/wife/cfo/etc) had been looking for a tractor ever since we moved in to our 40 acre chunk of paradise. I'd been watching the classifieds and visiting the local tractor dealers, and it was really starting to look like new...
  43. B

    Kubota L3400DT 4wd gear replacement.

    Replacing a stripped 4wd gear and the gear it meshes with. Have a question if anyone can tell me the proper procedure for removing the pinion shaft from the mid case. I have removed the nut and the six bolts but the shaft appears to be pressed into the bearing. Do you press the shaft out of...
  44. T

    Grapple question for Kubota L3400?

    My bucket is pinned on to the arms of the FEL, it does not have a quick bucket change system. The whole FEL unit comes off fast but not the bucket it self. It is a 60" bucket, the tractor is 35 HP or close. I would need some kind of hydraulic control and a way to mount the grapple. I have looked...
  45. R

    3-Point Hitch  Kubota l3400 pto continues running after selected off on switch

    I have a kubota l3400 HST. When I use my 3 point post hole auger and I press in my clutch and turn the PTO lever to disengage the pto and take my foot off the clutch the PTO continues to run. In order to get it to stop I have to play with the bucket hydraulics and only then will it stop. It...
  46. J

    Kubota L3400 electrical problem

    I've had a Kubota L3400 for 10 years and its been a great tractor! But has recently begun to shut off after starting. When it shuts off I hear a clicking sound. If I turn the key off and on and I hear a solenoid click it will start but then usually shutdown again in a few minutes, sometimes...
  47. C

    Rattle noise from pto kubota l3400

    Today I hooked up my tiller and as soon as I engaged the pto and lowered it to the ground it started making a loud rattling noice.so I turned off pto and tried adjusting the pto cable. I hooked up the shredder and it cuts fine,the noise is coming from under the seat,any ideas gentlemen thank...
  48. L

    my kubota L3400 lost power

    i need some help we thought maybe gas was put into tractor so I drained and put new fuel. now tractor wants to start but will not. I also changed the oil but no start. does anybody have any idea what I can do?
  49. D

    Kubota L3400 --Water in Hydraulics

    Greetings! New member to this forum from Maine with a recurring Kubota problem. I have been wrestling with water in my trans/hydraulic lines for the last two winters. I own a 2007 L3400 manual transmission-- always kept outdoors. Two winters ago, my hydraulics (steering, bucket) began to get...
  50. W

    Buying Advice  2008 Kubota L3400 vs 2008 John Deere 3203

    Need to purchase something in 30+ HP range, with FEL & 4wd, Hydrostatic. Hours on both machines are low for age (below 300). Please let me know your thoughts and experiences on either (or both) of these. Thanks for your help.
  51. M

    Kubota L3400 turn signal switch lever

    The lever of my turn signal switch broke off. How do I replace that switch?
  52. R

    Buying Advice  Buy used Kubota L3400 or new Mahindra 3016?

    I have a couple of tractors in mind and would like to get a sense of their values. The Kubota has more hp (35 vs 28), but is a little smaller. Specs are mostly similar. I'm mostly doing gravel driveway maintenance. The used Kubota L3400 is a 2009 with 1000 hrs for $14,500 Canadian dollars...
  53. F

    Fixing Reinforcing Kubota L3400 Bucket

    Made a quick little video showing how I reinforced my tractor bucket. I decided to add a piece of 2.5"x2.5"x1/4" square tube to the top of the bucket to keep it from flexing under loads. All commercial bucket or bobcat buckets are similar. Thanks for watching...
  54. J

    L3400 won't start

    My L3400 won't start
  55. H

    Ignition switch or wiring harness - Kubota L3400 HST

    I have done enough checking step by step to trouble shoot the non-run problem of my Kubota L3400HST. At this point I think either the main ignition switch or the wiring harness is faulty. How do I test the ignition switch and determine its condition? Many thanks in advance. Pertinent info/test...
  56. F

    Hydraulic blunder on Kubota L3400

    I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the front end loader/3 point hitch on my Kubota L3400 were a bit slow to respond. In addition, my power steering seemed a little weak. I continued to run the tractor despite these issues and eventually the hydraulic system failed (the bucket and hitch...
  57. H

    Kubota L3400 HST did not start after stalling

    I turned off the tractor, went to do some other chores, came back and could not restart the tractor. One click sound. My neighbor, who has a Kubota L3130, checked the safety switch under the seat but that was not it. The switch has been disabled by the previous owner. Finally he tapped on the...
  58. B

    Buying Advice  mx5100 purchase to replace L3400dt

    I am signing papers in the morning for a new 2013 mx5100 gear model with 844 loader. Paying 26,500 with rim gaurd filled rears and bale spear for the front. They are giving me 11k for my 2006 l3400dt with la463 loader with 330hrs. The l3400 has done everything I have asked except lift wet 4x5...
  59. vulcancowboy

    L3400 HST top link question

    What length is the standard top link? My tractor didn't come with one and it appears there are different lengths available for CAT 1 set ups.
  60. vulcancowboy

    Picked up my L3400HST today w/pics

    I finally got her home! So far I am very happy. I was wondering if I would have any trouble starting it because it got down to 0ー last night and the tractor is sitting outside. She cranked a little slow, but fired right up. I need to pick up a standard top link for the 3PH, but otherwise...
  61. M

    Need Weight of the 2008 L3400HST

    Hi all, I'll be posting a number of questions on the 2008 L3400HST, but I've decided to try a bunch of separate posts, as I feel sometimes folks tire of reading long posts. Due to Kubota.com's failure to list all the specs on the older models, I'm forced to bother you all with this. The...
  62. vulcancowboy

    Just bought an L3400HST

    I bought an '05 L3400HST with 4wd, FEL & a BL4690B backoe. It has just 312 hours and seems to be in good shape. The dealer just replaced all of the filters and fluids. I got him down to $12,250, based on my research and some input from members of this forum, I feel I did OK. Got to dig out...
  63. vulcancowboy

    Opinons on an L3400HST w/backhoe

    I'm looking for a backhoe to use on my 15 acre property. I like the idea of being able to remove the hoe and use standard 3pt attachments, i.e. 5' bush hog & 6' finish mower in case my 464 IH utility tractor breaks down. I found a 2005 L3400HST with a BL4690B backhoe, FEL, good tires and only...
  64. Chilly807

    Building an L3400 hydraulic filter shield

    I've often thought the hydraulic filter was in a bad place for accidental damage under the right floorboard. I recently switched to the larger filter from the Grand L series and it's even more of a target for rocks and sticks. A bit of leftover steel and some welder and grinding time and it has...
  65. K

    Kubota L3400 parts?

    Hi I have a Kubota L3400 4x4 the 4 will drive went out I'm in need of Transmission parts Gears, I can not fined any parts can any one help?
  66. Northeastern

    Snow Blade  Kubota L3400 - get a 5' or 6' snow plow

    I need some advice...the owners manual for my L3400 recommends a 5' snow blade. Would I have problems with the loader arms (short or long-term) or lack of power to push the snow if I bought a 6' snow plow. Right now, I am just using the FEL, but it would be quicker to run a plow up and down the...
  67. Northeastern

    Snow  L3400 HST starts but won't run in cold weather

    My L3400 HST runs perfectly when the temp is above freezing. When below 30 degrees, the tractor starts easily, but stalls when I try to move it forward or in reverse. (It will slowly inch forward, but if try to give it more gas, it stalls.) Have changed the fuel filter, added winter blend disel...
  68. T

    How to use a post-hole digger with L3400 DT

    How is this done on these tractors? Is it easy to remain stationary while drilling, with the clutch pedal halfway out, so that PTO is driven but wheels don't turn? Any pointers?
  69. O

    Kubota L3400 rear hydraulic questions

    Hi all. New to this site. I'm looking to add rear hydraulics to my L3400 to run a 3 point wood splitter. Can anyone point me in the right direction to make this happen? Thanks in advance. Dave
  70. R

    Kubota L3400 won't start

    Went to start my tractor today and it would not start! I checked the battery, fuel filter and fuses and seems that is all ok. I read were the solenoid can sometimes cause this issue. Removed the solenoid and checked it by starting the tractor and the solenoid rod did not move. I disconnected the...
  71. K

    Kubota L3400DT PTO not working

    Just a little FYI i let my neighbor barrow my tractor to brushhog at his deer lease "Mistake" after running out of shear pins he installed a Grade 8 bolt Well i pulled shifter cover off gear box and pulled PTO lever gears are meshing well & turning BUT output shaft is not turning. Pulled output...
  72. K

    Kubota L3400DT PTO not working

    Just a little FYI i let my neighbor barrow my tractor to brushhog at his deer lease "Mistake" after running out of shear pins he installed a Grade 8 bolt :eek: Well i pulled shifter cover off gear box and pulled PTO lever gears are meshing well & turning BUT output shaft is not turning. Pulled...
  73. J

    '04 Kubota L3400DT - Need to replace a front tire

    The current tire is a Goodyear DuraTorque DT22 6-ply (7-16 R-1). I think the Kubota part number is TD020-43740, but not 100% sure. Anyway, can anyone point me to a good source for a replacement tire? Thanks
  74. T

    hydraulic filter for Kubota L3400

    can sombody please tell me what filter will enter change with it. kubota HYD filter # is HH3A0-82623 I cant find a cross reference. please HELP lol
  75. B

    kubota l3400

    hello to all kubota guys
  76. A

    Canopy  Adding a Canopy to a Kubota L3400 DT

    I just put a Wells Ag powder coated steel canopy on my Kubota. I chose the Well Ag (paid $400 at Kubota dealer)because I have had one on my Mahindra since new and it has survived many tree trimmings and 80 mph tows. I put the about 80 lb canopy on by myself using the Mahindra loader to do most...
  77. K

    L3400 PTO safety switch issues.

    My Kubota shuts off when I engage the PTO, the revs are correct. How many safety switches are there on this thing? I'm replacing the two safety switches on the gear drive (N L H R ) and it looks like the seat switch might need to be done also. Is there another switch just for the PTO because I...
  78. AaronS

    L3400 hydro slow in reverse

    Hi all. The last time I used my L3400 it was VERY slow in reverse (barely creeping), but normal speed going forward. It was the first time I'd used it since last fall. I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  79. R

    L3400 PTO Won't disengage

    My L400HST PTO Sometimes will not disengage (stop spinning) with the lever move to PTO OFF. After cleaning, tightening, and lubricating both the mechanisms at both ends of the cable, I thought I had fixed it. A real knuckle-scrapper on both ends; with tight clearances. It worked fine for 5 more...
  80. M

    Oil Change for Kubota L3400

    I have a Kubota L3400 Hydrostatic Drive with a front loader. I have used my dealer for service oil changes till now. I want to change my own oil and eliminate a trip hauling my tractor to the dealer. What is the recommended engine oil that I should use and where can I get a compatible oil...
  81. A

    Kubota L3400 operator manual

    Does anyone have an Opertors manual for a Kubota L3400 in a PDF file? I would like to get it or a service/shop manual in pdf. Thanks, Andy
  82. TheGoose

    Correct setting for middle buster Kubota L3400

    I have a middle buster bought from TSC (Country Line brand) CountyLine® Middle Buster - Tractor Supply Online Store . It has the plow head on, not a shank. I have also heard it referred to as a subsoiler. I have tried to rip the ground with this attachment several times with not much luck...
  83. ccsial

    L3400 HST question

    I've had my 2005 since new and never really noticed that the HST pedal has play in it. I noticed the pedal is loose on the HST control arm bracket, but It does not tighten up. It may have been this way since new. So, are your pedals loose or tight to the HST control arm?
  84. swampvol

    Oil & Fuel  L3400 oil filter

    Does anyone know the cross reference # for a mobile 1 or any other easy to find, decent, oil filter? Thanks.
  85. S

    Found a Kubota L3400!

    So I've gone from buying huge, to renting, to buying small and old, and now I've been debating buying a newer compact. I found this package deal nearby and it is getting my attention. Comes with everything I would need for my up and coming trip to clear and properly fence my 40 flat acres...
  86. kootenai

    New L3400 owner!

    Well, thanks to the forum I have joined the Kubota community. I have posted many questions and spent many hours searching for the right tractor. I have gone from believing the BX would suit me, to the B series, and now to the L series (and really, I still covet the Grand L's). I have 12 acres...
  87. kootenai

    Price Check  L3400 price check.

    Kubota L3400 FEL, Woods BH, Box scraper, Rear Blade, Tiller Tractor model L3400HST-F / Serial # 68271 / 161hrs Front Loader LA463FL / Serial # 28791 Backhoe BH70X-1 / Serial #1066220 Box Scraper GB65 / Serial # 1023122 Rear Blade RB84 / Serial #11527618 Roto Tiller GTC60/2 /...
  88. S

    Pallet Fork fab for Kubota L3400 LA463 Loader

    I have a set of forks from a fork lift and am looking to build a budget pallet fork assembly to pin on my LA463 FEL. I have looked at and priced the options to go to quick-attached and just cant justify it at this time. I am an OK welder, but have limited machine tools. So my question is this...
  89. A

    wiper repair on curtis cab on kubota L3400

    I can't figure out how to get the wiper arm off. There is no plastic cap, and the arm is loose but still partially functional. The part that is on the motor shaft is heavily sprung to the arm. There is a pin in the side but can't figure out how to loosen the grip onto the shaft to get it off...
  90. A

    Backhow for Kubota L3400 '05 experience or comments

    I am considering getting a backhow for my L3400. Does anyone have any track record with the BH 77 which is supposed to have replaced by the BH 75. Also comments/experience on having dealer install vs. doing it myself. I am mechanically inclined, not an expert with tractors, but I can figure...
  91. A

    drain plug for Kubota L3400 4 WDR '05

    Would someone point me to where the drain plugs are for the gear box and the fill plug? The 50 hour service calls for replacing this gear oil,(80W 90) but I kind of can't locate them. ( don't have a service/repair manual) I have changed the engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and the filters...
  92. P

    Kubota L3400 Setting Up a Garden

    I have a Kubota L3400 4wd. Last year we planted a small garden and had lots of fun with it. The weeds are terrible where we live and became a huge problem. We tried to manage it by hand but simply did not have the time to work it to make it look good and produced like it should have. I would...
  93. P

    Kubota L3400 Garden Advice

    I have a Kubota L3400 4wd. Last year we planted a small garden and had lots of fun with it. The weeds are terrible where we live and became a huge problem. We tried to manage it by hand but simply did not have the time to work it to make it look good and produced like it should have. I would...
  94. T

    Kubota L3400 seat cutoff switch

    I have a kubota L3400 HST. When I get up off the seat the tractor shuts off. I know this will happen if the PTO is on or if the forward/reverse pedal is pushed, but my tractor is doing it with the tractor in neutral, PTO is off, and I have wiggled the forward/reverse pedal to make sure it is...
  95. J

    Kubota L3400 3PH

    The 3PH on my L3400 jerks when lifting. No matter how slow I move the lever it does nothing then jerks up 2 or 3 inches. Goes down smoothly. I've tried adjusting the knob under the front of the seat but that only affects lowering speed . Anyone else have this problem? I'm not too impressed with...
  96. Gem99ultra

    Wheel Spacers - L3400 HST

    I have a Kubota L3400 HST w/FEL 4WD, R4 tires. It seems a little unstable on slopes. Actually - more than a little! So, I was thinking about adding 2" spacers on back. Anyone had experience with this and added spacers? And drawbacks to that? Any advice would be appreciated. Jim
  97. O

    Knocking noise from rearend while in high range of transmission on 2005 kubota l3400

    My kubota l3400 has a knocking noise from the rear while in high range of the transmission, it started within the first six months of use and when it started it was very low, now it is quite loud and increases with speed. It sounds as if a bolt is hitting something inside the rearend with every...
  98. L

    Newbie with a new used Kubota L3400

    Just want to say hi to All here at this site. Yesterday i bought my first tractor. It is a Used Kubota L3400 with 115 hours on it. I have been told that this amount of hours is just barely broke in. I will say thanks to this site before hand as i know i'll be reading around...Good Day!
  99. B

    Kubota L3400DT Hydraulic problem.

    I have a problem with my 2007 Kubota L3400 with std transmission. Occasionally, when operating front end loader under heavy load, I cannot get the transmission to shift out of gear after depressing the clutch without first lifting a rear wheel off the ground. The wheel turns and de-torques the...
  100. T

    Wanted L3400 shop manual , new or used

    Bought a used (150hrs) L3400 HST 4wd w/ fel. mstevenson0863@gmail.com
  101. T

    lookiing for L3400 shop manual - serial 57809, HST, FEL

    Lookin for pdf manual. new or used....
  102. B

    3-Point Hitch  want to add tilt control to 3 point hitch 0n Kubota L3400

    I am wanting to add tilt control to 3 point hitch on L 3400; definitely handy for many attachments, especially cutting long drainage swales - plan to moung my laser level sensor in blade to monitor/control grade along 700 ft cut. Looking for suggested cylinder size, control valve, mounting...
  103. deadmoose

    Price Check  Trading L3400hst for M7040SUHD

    I am looking at trading in my 2007 l3400 hst 4wd fel 2 scd's with 315 hours. Trade in offer $13k. This is to trade up to new M7040SUHD. Two sets of 164# weights, canopy, block heater, down exhaust, fel, hydraulic shuttle, dual rear scd's, and rops. I love the l but have outgrown it. I...
  104. gatordog

    Buying Advice  Massey 2605 vs Kumota L3400 vs New Holland vs Deere

    I am looking at new tractors that I can afford, and it looks like the 40 hp and under is what I need and can afford. I was wondering if the Kumota L3400 would hold up to the Massey 2605. They are both about the same on power, but the Massey is not a compact tractor and is built heavier. The main...
  105. 300UGUY

    8 GPM valve ok for a Kubota L3400?

    I am thinking of adding on a couple of remotes to my bota, and I am wondering if I could use these valves for a top and tilt operation.
  106. TheGoose

    Woods BH80X for Kubota L3400

    Looking into this BH for my '09 Kubota. My dealer just told me that Woods is no longer offering the sub-frame for the L3400 and is steering me towards the 3-pt, which I don't want. Can anybody give me a part # for the subframe mount so I can look it up? I will try and call Woods tomorrow and...
  107. K

    High Gear Power Loss L3400 HST

    Can't remember using the H gear in my L3400 before a few days ago. Noticed going up the driveway the tractor would nearly stop and the pressure on the pedal would drop. Then it would build up power and keep going. Thought I would ask if this was normal before calling the dealer?
  108. C

    Comparison  l3200 vs l3400

    Can anyone tell me which is the better tractor of the 2? what does one have that the other doesnt? my computer wont let me bring up the specs on kubotas site.
  109. J

    Comparison  Kubota L3400 DT vs Kubota L4310GST

    Just wondering what everyone else would do...what would you buy for mowing paths, tilling up gardens, light loader use on somewhat hilly terrian in SE Minnesota....a 2005 L3400DT with 608 hours on it with a L463 Quick attach Loader, good shape or a 2001 L4310GST with 1,400 hours with a loader...
  110. RDSEILE

    Kubota l3400 hydrulic question

    I have an l3400 HST, and when the tractor is sitting on level ground the sight glass is full. But when I run it using the bucket sometimes the fluid totally disappears out of the sight glass and it takes awhile to come back. Does that mean it is ok?
  111. F

    Comparison  JD 3032E or Kubota L3400

    Hey everyone, new member to the site but have been reading on it for a long time. Figured I'm ready to buy so I'd ask the questions now, hopefully I can get some good guidance. We're looking at buying a tractor for about 7 acres of cutting grass and misc stuff around the farm. Mainly the...
  112. eagle107

    2011 Kubota L3400 Tractor For Sale

    Just in case anyone is interested. My JD dealer has this tractor on his lot now. Most likely it will not last. Only 3 hours on it. BTW, I have no idea how much this tractor costs new, so I do not know if this is a good deal or not.
  113. G

    kubota l3400hst

    I was looking at used tractor today for my 20 acre. the property is mostly wooded. the purpose of the tractor would to be maintain 300ft gravel drive way and parking area. to bush hog the 1 acre field. Move a little bit of dirt with a fel. I do have a compact track loader for bigger things it...
  114. J

    L3400 hst leak

    I have a L3400 hst and it is leaking transmission\hydraulic fluid from under it. Looks to to where the front and back bolt together. Any idea's. Thanks
  115. A

    Jerky hydraulics on L3400HST

    My L3400HST has shown some jerkyness in the steering and bucket hydraulics since the last service I performed. It has around 850 hours and this was the third full hydraulics change I have done. It was fine until I did this service, any ideas? Most of the symptoms go away after a full warm up...
  116. K

    L3400 PTO Leak

    2008 Kubota L3400 Pto leaking. Is the seal able to be reached from outside of the tractor or am I going to have to crack open the rear end? Just recently started leaking from the pto and I saw where there are 4 botls around the pto. Anyone else had this problem.
  117. O

    Tires  L3400 Rear Wheel Bolts - Left or Right Thread?

    I'm taking off the loaded rear wheels for the first time and I've a plan to get them back on again (I hope). The bolt/nut head size is strange (15/16"). 24mm does'nt seem to fit so well. (?) I took of the lug nuts which were very tight. I started on the bolts but they seemed impossible to...
  118. F

    L3400 Shop Manual

    I'm looking high and low to find the front to rear gear ratio for my L3400 HST. If anyone has the manual indicating this, I would appreciate if they could post it. Thanks. C.
  119. WalkerTreeFarms

    Kubota L3400 Grill Guard

    One of the first things that I "improved" on our Kubota L3400 was the front grill guard, or Lack of. Now I would highly recommend doing this to any tractor even if it isn't going to be used in the woods. First off, I wanted something that was going to be strong, but would also let the headlights...
  120. WalkerTreeFarms

    3-Point Hitch  Kubota L3400 3pt arms strange.

    Has anyone else had trouble trying to hook up rear implements on a Kubota L2800/L3400 tractor? For some reason, Kubota bent the end of the 3pt arms in just a little and it makes hooking up anything heavy, like are Bushhog a pain in the butt. You can't just back up to it and slip the arms on the...
  121. J

    L3400HST moving slow in Forward

    My L3400HST is not moving in the forward direction as fast as it used to. It seems to be moving in the reverse direction just as before, but going forward is slower. The tractor only has 85 hours on it and the fluids/filters were changed at 50 hours. I have looked at the linkage to the...
  122. J

    Kubota L3400HST slowing down in Forward

    My L3400HST is not moving in the forward direction as fast as it used to. It seems to be moving in the reverse direction just as before, but going forward is slower. The tractor only has 85 hours on it and the fluids/filters were changed at 50 hours. I have looked at the linkage to the...
  123. O

    Kubota L3400 vs MF3350

    Wrong title.....L3200 vs MF1533 New member, soon to be first time tractor owner. I've searched various forums but no recent threads in regards to what I'm looking for. I have about 12 acres around a 13 acre pond with a 1.5 acre gravel parking lot I need to keep graded. I need to do some...
  124. extrakt0r

    L3400 Price Check

    Hello all, been lurking for a while. I am in the market for a my first tractor. Wife and I purchased 10 acres of land and will be building our house next year. Long story short I have been looking for about 6 months and believe I have settled on a B2620 with loader, 4 foot brush hog, blade...
  125. C

    L3400 HST brake light switch & other misc.

    Just replaced both tail light lens and in checking things found brake lights not working. Easy - check brake light switch. Except I can't find it. even looked at brake peddle and brake parts pic's and parts lists - no see em? I am sure I will be embarassed when I find out where it is. Also...
  126. C

    L3400HST Steering problem

    We are having problems with our L3400, the power steering has started to get jerky ( power seems to drop in and out). I think I have identified the cause, the picture below shows a ruptured hose I found. Can someone identify the part number? It looks pretty simple just to replace the hose is...
  127. canoetrpr

    Prices for new L3400 HST in Canada?

    If anyone has been pricing out new L3400s in Canada, can you let me know what you are being quoted for cash prices please. I might be putting mine up for sale and want to know what to list it at. I've got remotes, sunshade, QA, worklights, toothbar and a hydraulic top link (if it does not...
  128. I

    Comparison  L3400 vs L3200

    I'm in the market for one of these tractors, but can't decide. I like the PTO in the 3400, but I see the 3800 replaced it. So I guess the 3400 is obsolete now. I can get either one from my dealer. The prices are within 1200.00 of each. Any suggestions?
  129. G

    L3400 hst pedal adjustment

    05 l3400 hst with about 200 hours on it. The hst peddle seems to need adjustment but cant seem to find anywhere to do so. Its sticking in forward and reverse. Does not want to "spring back" to neutral. No grease zerks to be found either. I see like a damper rod but doesnt seem to do anything?
  130. T

    L3400DT W/LA463 FEL for $10K???

    I am looking at an L3400DT with a LA463 FEL and a 60" Brush Hog, it has 171 hours on it. Shows a little bit of wear on the body like dings and scratches but runs great. He wants $10,000.00. Is this a good deal? Also the S/N is 55088. is it possible to find out the year based off of this...
  131. A

    L3400 won't start - what might be wrong?

    Two weeks ago is the last time I used my L3400. It was fine then. Today it won't start. It doesn't even attempt to start. Here are the symptoms: Lights/blinkers won't turn on With the key in, turning it to the left does nothing (no lights on dash, etc) Turning the key to start does absolutely...
  132. T

    L3400 won't start -- interlocks, other look-here's?

    We went to crank the tractor for the first time in 3-4 months today and got no response. The machine is a gear-tranny and PTO was disengaged, all gears in neutral. Being in a hurry, we pulled the battery and headed back home (50 miles) almost immediately, just assuming it was dead. Well the...
  133. T

    kubota l3400 problem

    my tractor wont remain running :(. crank it over it fires and dies . is there a fuel cut off valve somewhere? has always been reliable so havent really looked at it :ashamed:. any advice would be most welcome , cheers from up north down under Bob
  134. D

    New L3400 Owner with praise for a dealer!

    Hello all, I'm a proud new owner of my first big tractor (only had old Cub Cadets before) and couldn't be happier with this beast. Only put a couple of hours seat time in so far but I'm amazed how I've lived without it this long. I accomplished more in about 2 hours on some overgrown land than I...
  135. F

    Two questions about a L3400 HST

    Can this tractor handle a 6' bush hog? Is this tractor smaller than a New Holland TC40 ? I have been looking at Kubotas and New Hollands and want to make sure I am comparing apples to apples. Thanks!
  136. T

    Price Check  L3400HST

    I have a customer of mine trying to sell a L3400HST 4wd with 340 hours on it. It has FEL, 5 ft Bush Hog brand cutter, 5 ft King Cutter grooming mower and a 16ft trailor to go with it. He wants to sell the whole package for 15k. Does that sound like a fair buy or a good buy?
  137. B

    Kubota L3400HST 3-Point Lift Issues

    Good Morning, I have a L3400HST, 170 hrs, that is giving me some trouble...the FEL is working great, but the 3-Point lift only raises under high RMP's. If I bump the FEL control at low RPM the 3-point lift will come up a little each time. I have changed the filter, and fluid (8 gallons). I'm...
  138. B

    Comparison  L3400HST Versus JD 3320 - help!!

    New to the forum - sorry if this is a repeat - I have been shopping for a tractor and have ruled out the Sub compacts like the B3200 Kobuta and the JD 2720 - So I am raising the bar and have two dealers quoting and L3400 versus JD3320 - I think both tractors are built well enough for my uses...
  139. H

    Why do the gears grind on my new L3400

    I just bought a new 2010 L3400 FEL 4WD PS Standard trans and the trans gears grind when shifting in a range or FWD/Reverse. I have pushed the clutch in partially, fully, half way etc and nothing works. I know the dealer will fix it but I was wondering what can cause this on a new unit. Anyone...
  140. BoFuller

    New L3400 broken in

    I had my new to me (2008 with 65 hours) Kubota L3400 delivered to my 40 acres on the 10th. I had a great 12 days getting it broken in. I had to pull out trees, knock down trees, and use my back scraper to make a drive about 1/4 mile long. I'm impressed. I got a lot of hints beforehand about...
  141. D

    Need advice/help with kubota L3400

    The 4 wd on our kubota l3400 no longer works. It has been suggested to me that the pilot shaft on this tractor has a couple of splined couplings that can be replaced. I would like to know how to at least check, and possibly replace these couplings. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  142. I

    L3400 Rear Hydraulics

    I recently purchased a 2008 Kubota L3400DT and discovered it didn't have rear hydraulics. Didn't know it was an option I guess. So, if i take it to a dealer, can that be added? Any idea how much? Thanks for any info
  143. K

    L3400 HST 4 wheel drive engagement

    Is it necessary to depress the clutch pedal before engaging the the 4WD on a L3400 HST? Second question is can you take the tractor in or out of 4WD while moving? I always stopped with my BX but was not sure. Thanks
  144. G

    2009 L3400 VS Ford 3000

    I have a 40 yr old Ford 3000 with power steering , very strong old tractor . 2x4 no loader . 42 hp ? with 6 ft equipment . With bald back tires . so it spins alittle under heavy load . Looking to buy a used 2009 kubota L3400 , 4x4 , FEL , R4 tires , like new , with all new 5 ft...
  145. D

    Buying Advice  B3200 vs L3400 or Kioti CK30?

    I have 40 acres in NC mountains with about 8-10 acres grass to cut, food plots to maintain, and a 1/4 mile gravel driveway to maintain. most of the grass to cut is flat land but the food plots require a trip up some pretty steep logging roads with either a mower or a tiller. Also plan on using a...
  146. sltretired

    looking at Cub7532 and Kubota L3400HST

    I'm shopping for a tractor to maintain our 150 property. We have about 1/2 mile of gravel drive on a good slope, 70 wooded acres also on a fairly steep slope, and 100 acres of fields presently being cut and tended by a neighbor farmer. We are building our home on the site this year and need...
  147. W

    JD 3032E VS Kubota L3400

    Hi All, Can anyone give me the scoop on these two tractors Walter
  148. C

    Is a L3400HST enough?

    We recently bought a 50 acre hobby farm (~10 acres workable, 8 pasture, 2 orchard and rest woodland, creeks, pond, etc). The land is rolling and quite varied (on the edge of a valley). The workable land was operated as a small organic vegetable farm working ~5 acres at a time in relatively...
  149. jenrow33

    Tires  Kubota L3400 Tire chains/clearance

    I am looking at installing tire chains on my rear R4s. Anyone install chains on a L3400? If so, was there enough clearance or were wheel spacers required? Any info is appreciated. -MJ
  150. ctgoldwing

    L3400 oil change question(s)

    Today I did my 1st engine oil / filter change. After almost pulling the wrong plug, the oil drained terribly slowly out of both drains. So slow in fact I though I my have been very low in oil. Not so tho. After evrything drained there was plenty of oil in my waste pan. But why so slow? I did...
  151. Chilly807

    Adding rear remote to Kubota L3400

    Those of you who own a 3400 may already know that Kubota doesn't sell a "kit" for adding a rear hydraulic remote for this tractor. I needed rear hydraulics for my back blade, and with any luck a hydraulic winch in time. I sourced the parts locally, used a Prince single spool mono-bloc valve...
  152. swampvol

    l3400 oil capacity! !

    No matter how warm I let her get before dropping the plugs, no matter how long I let her drain, I still can only get 5 quarts in! The manual says 6 qts., but either the manual is wrong or my dipstick is.:mad:
  153. V

    used l3400dt

    I am going to look at it sunday afternoon. any thoughts? problem areas to look? at does any remaining warranty transfer when sold he says he needs to pay off the tractor I am thinking a certified check to the finance company for payoff and cash to him for any differance or contacting the...
  154. M

    l3400 rear tread width change (r4) question

    A follow-up question to the one I posted earlier about getting rear wheel spacers for my l3400 (which appear to be an elusive myth thus far). I've been reading about being able to switch the tires around (so the valve is on the inside) to get a wider tread width. Has anyone done this on an...
  155. B

    kubota L3400

  156. K

    snowblower kubota l3400hst

    any idea on what snowblower to buy for rear of my tractor.wondering if i should buy a foot wider than normal being that i might get bigger model in year or 2?
  157. K

    L3400 hydraulic question

    i have a 2008 l 3400 tractor with quick attach setup. i was told i could run hydraulic attachments from the front quick attavh set up. or am i better running three point attachments. i want to run a post hole digger. thanks for any input
  158. H

    Comparison  Kubota L3400 OR NH T1520 Can't Decide Help

    I'm getting real close to making a purchase but I can't decide between two tractors. I have it narrowed down to either a Kubota L3400 or a New Holland T1520, both brands have excellent dealer suport in my area and I have drove both machines on the dealer lot. (I like them both). The NH is a...
  159. bjess8

    L3400 DT what's it worth??

    I have a chance to buy a L3400 DT 4wd and a 463 loader (i think that's the number of the loader) it's a 2007 with 230 hrs on it and dirt teeth on the bucket.I am not buying it to use just to resell and was wondering what it should be worth.It is in very nice shape and the man wants to sell it...
  160. G

    l2800 l3400 l4400 pricing

    Hello, we are looking for a tractor to help in creating a farm and home from wooded land.we're looking for about 25 to 30 acres and are going to need a tractor to do it. We priced a l2800 with hst and loader for 18500, the 3400 was 20000 and the l4400 was 24500. All with 4wd and ag tires.its...
  161. K

    buying a kubota l3400

    hi i am new to the post. this weekend i am going to look at a 2008 l3400 hst tractor with 26 hrs. is there anything i should be concerened with?
  162. B

    Buying Advice  Looking at Kubota L3400 TLB

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a small tractor for use on my 30 acres with a loader and backhoe and there is one I am going to look at nearby that seems to fit the bill. It is a 2006 Kubota L3400 with LA463 loader and BH75 backhoe. It has the shuttle shift and industrial tires. It only has 75...
  163. R

    Kubota L3400 or Bobcat CT235?

    L3400 vs. CT235. Both comparable tractors and both priced very close to each other. Only options will be FEL w/quick attach, R4's, Adj.seat and a ballast box. Which would you choose and why?
  164. D

    Kubota L3400 tire trade

    I have a set of rear AG tires off of my Kubota L3400 that I would love to trade for some R4 Industrial tires. We just got the tractor and for what I use it for the AG tires are just too aggressive. They have approx 220 hours on them, hardly any realy wear. Thanks! Located near Bloomington, IN
  165. ehchvac

    Selling the L3400 HST

    O.k.,... here's the deal. I am going to sell my 2008 L3400 hst, with 25 hours, LA463 loader, with quick attach bucket, quick attach pallet forks, R-4 tires with stop leak, heavy duty rear tire chains, rear wheel spacers, arm rests on the seat, 1100 lbs counter weight, all the manuals. Whats it...
  166. firefighter jim

    Kubota L3400HST

    Selling our Kubota L3400HST with FEL. Purchased new in January 09. 87 hours and in pristine condition. Stored indoors since new. $14,000. Cambridge, Ohio. 740-439-4175.
  167. L

    Got my New L3400HSt from Barlows

    My new tractor arrived and it was exactly what I ordered.What a great buying experience no bull,straight forward no hassle buying. Barlow's price beat everyone by alot .If anyone has doubt check them out for yourself.I would absolutely recommend them for any Kubota tractor purchase.I even got a...
  168. M

    Buying Advice  KUBOTA L3400 OR L3700

    Hello everyone. I think I have narrowed my purchase down to the Kubota.Here is the deal. I can purchase a new L3700 with FEL with R4 tires out the door for a total of $18124. plus 124 for the hitch.This seems to be the best deal I have found and also getting 0% for 60 months.The L3400 that I...
  169. S

    L3400 vs CK30

    I've been looking at these 2 tractors and can't decide which one. I was wondering if the 5-6Hp difference makes that much of a difference. The CK30 is rated 30hp, and L3400 is 35.7HP. The CK dimensions make it a little bit bigger, and heavier by 500lbs. Which is what got me worried. The CK...
  170. westbrooklawn

    L3400 Hydro Pedal Uncomfortable

    I recently traded my gear L3400 for a HST L3400. I finally made the change after using my friends John Deere Hydro, and realizing how much better the Hydro was for loader work. The JD has 2 pedals side by side... one for forward, and one for reverse... both are operated with the "toe" end of...
  171. K

    new L3400 owner

    I have been reading this site the past several weeks as I made my decision to purchase a Kubota L3400 and wanted to express my thanks for the vast amount of information on this site. I know I will have many questions in the coming months and feel confident you will be able to provide guidance...
  172. C

    Zerk Fittings- Kubota L3400

    I need to replace two zerk fittings on my FEL. Can someone advise what size the fittings are? Thanks in advance,
  173. D

    Buying Advice  Kubota L3400 HST or Mahindra 3316 HST

    Torn on decision to buy either the 2010 Kubota L3400 HST with FEL or 2010 Mahindra 3316 HST with FEL. The Mahindra certainly has the better price point but I'm concerned about re-sell value, cost and availability of parts in the future, seems like every other week one tractor dealer or another...
  174. T

    L2800 L3400 3ph question...

    I just "picked up" a used finishing mower... since I really actually *had* to pick it up since the 3ph on the guy's L3400 would not lift it. I looked up the weight, 588 lbs. It was out on a boompole. I have an L2800 with a boompole that lifts (quite often) a King Kutter II tiller at 690 lbs with...
  175. K

    Loader  L3400 HST Hydraulic Filters

    Hi Have an L3400 that has been acting jerky when steering and the loader is not operating as fast as usual. The jerky just started but loader has been slow for awhile. Is there a hydraulic fluid screen I need to change or just the filters. I can see small amount of fluid on lines on the right...
  176. W

    Kubota L3400 bucket size

    Hi, Well here is my first post. I just purchased a 2010 L3400 with a LA463 front loader. My dealer gave me the option of a 72" or 66" bucket. The machine that I test drove had a 72" and it looked like the perfect size so I decided on that bucket. I have not yet received my tractor and could...
  177. S

    L3400DT v B2320DT

    I have considerable farm boy experience with farm tractors with loaders and have 2 now, but no mini tractors. I want one just because... LOL... well I think I can use it with the small backhoe attachment, but mostly just want one. The packages both come with a trailer, mower, loader and...
  178. westbrooklawn

    Price Check  Price to trade from L3400 gear to L3400 HST

    I have a 2005 L3400 gear tractor with 274 hours, R4 tires, LA463 loader... excellent condition. It has been well maintained, and had the three point hitch valve changed out when new to eliminate the "jerky" three point hitch problem on the early L3400's. I want to trade it on a new L3400...
  179. L

    Price Check  Kubota L3400hst best price

    I'm buying a tractor by the end of April for my land in South eastern Ohio and I 'm just like everyone else looking the best buy for my dollar.The Kubota l3400hst with loader and quick attach bucket,Rotary cutter and box blade with quick attach for 3 pt implements, also valve for future grappler...
  180. F

    L3400 HST Question

    Probably a dumb question but on an L3400 HST does the tractor coast or free wheel at all going down hill ? What I mean is like on a gear tractor , if I am going down hill in 1st gear there is enough braking action or resistance from the engine to keep the speed slow. Do you get the same on...
  181. F

    Price Check  Kubota L3400 Price Check

    My Dad and I took a look at a Kubota L3400 Hydro with a LA463 loader today. Dealer gave me a quick price of right at $18K with industrial tires. He priced a backhoe attachement at around $ 7K. Does this sound pretty close to average ? We are also looking at some John Deere tractors of...
  182. StrangeRanger

    Chains  L3400 HST tire chains - anybody found some that fit?

    I've heard quite a few horror stories of folks trying to fit chains on their L3400 HST. Has anyone had any success in fitting some chains? Please provide a link or other info if you have. Thanks, j
  183. D

    bh850 and l3400dt

    Has anyone ran the Bushhog BH850 on the L3400DT? Do you think it will work?
  184. TheGoose

    Kubota L3400

    How do you like your L3400? Looking at buying one this week. Supposed to take a test drive Monday. I have used/driven a Kubota TLB and liked it. I know the L3400 is a CUT but it seems to fit my needs perfectly. What kind of prices are the L3400's going for? I got a quote for 18.5.
  185. mike69440

    LA 463 Loader valve surge on L3400HST

    Surging, pulsing and chatter with LA463 loader on a Kubota L3400HST. This problem just recently developed. I believe fluid levels are where they are supposed to be. I'm not sure where to check fluid level on the L3400HST This is my neighbor痴 tractor. I am a mechanical engineer and was asked...
  186. T

    Kubota L3400 tool box

    I have in mind building a toolbox for my L3400 and bolting it on the front where the bumper/weight rack would normally go. It would be about 12x12x40 and would function as toolbox, front-end weight, and bumper/brush pusher. Plan on using 2x treated lumber, internally reinforced with angle iron...
  187. LD1

    L3400 hydraulic filter cross reference??

    Getting ready to do the 200hr service on my l3400dt and was wondering if anyone has been able to cross reference the kubota hyd filter to a hastings, wix, baldwin, or anything else??? The oil filters are easy to cross reference but I am not having any luck with the hydraulic filter.
  188. Rice Rider

    Oil & Fuel  Fuel leak on L3400 HST

    While digging on the property the other day I noticed a strong smell of fuel.:( I shut off the tractor and did a quick walk around and found fuel pouring from the engine conpartment.:eek: I ran down to the shed to grab the fire extinguisher and when I got back, I opened the hood. I could see...
  189. Rice Rider

    L3400 HST Hydraulic View Window Must Read

    After spending several days last week-end digging and hauling the tailings to another part of the property, I noticed some dark spots on the gravel leading up the drive. At first light I was up and looking over the tractor along the bottom side for possible leaks with none found. I looked at the...
  190. C

    KUBOTA L3400 hydraulic/steerig issues

    I was moving round bales this weekend when I started to have steering difficulties, I added some hydraulic fluid ( but I think it needs more) now my loader arms are almost impossible to lift. I only have 175hrs on it over 2 years,.....Oh by the way my PTO shifter has been fixed twice and once...
  191. swampvol

    Oil & Fuel  L3400 oil capacity?

    The manual says 6 quarts of motor oil, but I have yet to get more than 5 in. Prior to draining I run the motor 'till warm, then drain the fluid for 30 minutes...still 5 quarts and its touching the top hole on the stick. Anybody else?
  192. P

    Oil & Fuel  L3400 oil leak...

    Have had my L3400 for about two weeks, have done some mowing and some tilling with it and it has worked very well. Garaged it for the first time last weekend and I looked under it yesterday and there was a small puddle of oil. The puddle is located approximately under the seat of the tractor...
  193. H

    L3400 HST stopped moving

    Today, while doing some brush hogging, my L3400 hst just stopped moving. The engine works, the fel works, the pto works. It just stopped moving (PTO was off at the time). I'm not a handy guy, but somehow this seems like it should be easy enough to diagnose (not by me) and fix (by me) to avoid...
  194. Rice Rider

    Kubota L3400 ROP lights

    I just had a BH76A Backhoe installed last week and as soon as I got back to the property I started putting it through its paces. My daylight soon faded and before long I turned on my rear facing spot mounted low on the left side of my ROPs. The light does not provide much light down in the hole...
  195. H

    L3400 HST/Hydraulic Filter Change, 200 hr.

    OK, I've just passed the 200 hour mark and per the manual I'm supposed to drain all the hydraulic fluid, replace the filters and put the drained fluid back in. The manual does not call for new fluid and I'm not looking to spend more than I need to. Has anyone done this on an L3400? Is it...
  196. P

    L3400 vs. L3240

    I must admit that when it comes to tractors, I know very little. The little that I do know comes from the research that I have done over the past couple months in searching for a new tractor and from being an errand boy at a Kubota dealership when I was in high school. I thought that I had...
  197. P

    Kubota L3400

    Hi everybody, I'm looking to buy my first tractor. I have about 13.5 acres and plan to do some heavy clean up work. What are your thoughts on the Kubota L3400? Specifically, I'm wondering if this is a good price: $20350 L3400-1 HST w/LA463 loader That includes all freight in, assembly, rear...
  198. firefighter jim

    Kubota L3400 Owners, How do you like?

    Just curious how you fellow L3400 owners like your tractor. Recently purchased one and so far so good. Thanks.
  199. H

    Oil & Fuel  l3400 oil change

    Oil change question on l3400. I drained all of the old oil opening the 2 drain plugs and removed old filter and installed a new filter. The book said 6qrts with filter. I used 6 qrts exactly but the oil level is an inch over the top fill mark???I am positive I drained all the old oil I let it...
  200. D

    kubota L3400 4x4 hydrastat

    I was about to buy a Kubota L3400 and when you push the clutch in while the PTO is on it makes a clicking noise up under the seat, It has a mark on the right outside axle that lets you know that the some Orc has been replaced, i dont know nothing about tractors I have never worked on a...