1. J

    Home electrical question

    I'm bringing home a Craftsman planer/molder which was my father's. It runs on 220/15 or 20 amp, I don't remember which. Eventually I will build my garage and set it up in there but for now need to hook up a temporary power supply. My place is wired for an electric range but I use propane. I am...
  2. C

    Need ct445 electrical schematic

    I have the manual but there is no schematic. if anyone has a pdf of the schematic can you send it to me.
  3. R

    Iseki TS-1610 Alternator Electrical Connector

    I am trying to put a new alternator on my TS-1610 tractor. New alternator I have is a WAI P/N 14129N ( Autozone Duralast 14129N). The clearance for the body of the 3 pin electrical connector is a little smaller in the WAI alternator. But a bigger issue is the pin out is different. Does...
  4. L

    CK3510se Won't Start - Electrical(?)

    I have a pre-DEF CK3510se with ~100hrs on it. Last week, I put a new battery in it. In the process, the bolt on the + battery terminal clamp (which was a little corroded) broke. I didn't have a bolt that would fit at the time, so I put the clamp on w/o a bolt, started it and used it for less...
  5. 1

    MF135 Alternator Conversion

    Has anyone carried out a dynamo to alternator conversion on an MF135 ? I'm in the middle of the job and have come against a problem - The original dynamo tensioning arm does not fit with the alternator, it sits on the wrong side of the alternator casting and fouls on the pulley fan. Looks like...
  6. C

    Kubota G18 G21…..Electrical circuit diagrams

    Hello greetings from across the water here in Scotland… I‘m looking for some help please. My Kubota G18 Garden tractor / mower has. given me great service over the years but of late has developed various electrical issues which are really taxing me. Whilst my fault finding ability is Ok it...
  7. C

    Max 26 XL electrical / glow plug controller issue

    My tractor has started giving me trouble after 8 yrs of no problems. The glow plug controller buzzes, dash go dim, then go out, results in a no start. Disconnect battery and re- connect, power comes back and starts, most of the time. Anyone else has these symptoms?
  8. timbatrader

    Electrical Problems with a chinese loader

    Using my chinese loader in a riverbed yesterday loading gravel very bumpy and getting bounced about a lot which seems to have caused an electrical problem the machine would not start after I had shut it down a small click but not enough juice to turn the starter after a bit of testing seemed to...
  9. dj1701

    More electrical woes

    So, the power in my home is fluctuating. The UPS says 114v and sometimes 139v and everything in between. The lights are constantly dimming then getting bright again. The UPS in the computer room just decided to shut itself off at random after running fine for a year. I swapped it out for...
  10. C

    2022 Z-Force SX 54 Electrical issues Dead Battery Resistance between red & ground cables

    I recently purchased a Cub Cadet Zero turn mower from the dealer last spring. It was a new mower previous years stock carry over. I only put on about 10 or 15 engine hours on it last year. It has the24 H.P. Kawasaki FR 730V Engine. When I was at the dealer it wouldn't start & the battery had...
  11. U

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    Got a call the operating room corridor hallway lights went dark... this is one of the circuits on the life safety panel. This wing was built in 1995 and circuit is lighting only... no outlets ruling out something like a heater being plugged in and overtaxing the 20amp circuit. Reset the...
  12. D

    TC45DA Electrical Plugs

    I don’t know what these two electrical plugs are for in the first two attached pictures of my TC45DA. Also, in the last picture which one is the flasher for the hazard lights?
  13. T

    Electrical Fun and Schematic help with a Mahindra 4550

    Hi there Gents, Helping my elderly neighbor out with his 4550. Bought a service manual, but the electrical schematic page is illegible as it's tiny. Can anyone help me out with that? That being said... Tractor does not charge. Alternator is good, but my experience tells me there is an issue...
  14. 2Old2Worry

    2014 Jinma 254 Electrical Problems

    Dear Forum, My Jinma is basically dead. I get nothing. No lights, no start. The battery tests at 12.6 volts. I get the same voltage reading at the main fuse supply side. The battery is five months old I just replaced the iginition switch because I had panel light issues before and that...
  15. 2Old2Worry

    2014 Jinma 254 Electrical Problem.

    Dear Forum, My Jinma has basically no electrical power. The battery tests at 12.64 volts. The same voltage reading to the 30 amp main fuse. I had trouble with dash lights before so I replaced the ignition switch (being careful to replace one terminal at a time onto the new switch). Didn't...
  16. D

    John Deer 770 electrical start problems

    We have a JD 770, The tractor was idling to warm it up, and died. Then when we tried to start, the headlights come on as well as the lights on the instrument panel come on, nothing else. We found the fuse we believe is associate with the safety switches to be blown and replaced it. With new...
  17. J

    What's this wire for?

    L3560HSTC Limited Edition. I had the dealer install the light kit and a third function valve (and they installed the radio even though I didn't ask for it). I noticed this little guy sticking out of the plastic above my left rear wheel (My Left if I'm sitting in the seat). What's it for? I know...
  18. Kendrick

    remove crimped fuse holder from block.

    I need to replace a line in the fuse box. I cannot figure out how in the world to get that terminal out of the fuse block with out cutting it out. I am talking about the part that contacts with the automotive fuse.
  19. B

    CT440 electrical arc

    While operating ct440 died, not even a click to re-start. Removed and charged battery, cleaned connections, re-installed pos side first and when connecting neg (gnd), massive arc. Something not fused (+12vdc) is apparently grounded - anyone have a similar scenario? I guess I'll start with the...
  20. G

    Needing some help with the electrical system. Long 2460DTC

    Hello, I have a Long 2460DTC 4x4 tractor. My late father in law owned it before me. Sometime in its life the alternator was replaced with a standard old school chevy alternator from a late 80's Camaro or similar. It has a built in voltage regulator from what I can tell. The factory regulator is...
  21. H

    Adding wired remote to winch - is this dumb?

    My Kawasaki Mule has a Warn 2500 lb winch, no remote just the switch on the dash. I've gotten hold of a never-installed Warn wired remote add-on (https://www.warn.com/atv-remote-control-kit-64259) which will help in particular when I'm done winching and winding the rope back in. Alone. Now I...
  22. kjeremyjohnson

    Wiring diagram for John Deere 2030 diesel tractor

    Hello everyone...first day here in the forum. I have a 1973 John Deere 2030 with diesel engine, 8 fwd 4 rev Hi/Lol transmission, and I'm looking for a wiring diagram for it. Does anyone have anything I could possibly download or look at? I have the OEM tech manual but it's not much help. Hoping...
  23. J

    Ford 1700 starting problem

    Hi All, I have a 1979 Ford 1700 4wd. Was bush-hogging and tractor began to lose power and eventually stopped. I was low on diesel and may have run out, but not sure. I did refill, but when i turn the key i have no lights, no action on the starter. Battery is 12.8 v. Last year i had a similar...
  24. J

    Ford 1700 won't start - electrical

    Hi All, I have a 1979 Ford 1700 4wd. Was bush-hogging and tractor began to lose power and eventually stopped. I was low on diesel and may have run out, but not sure. I did refill, but when i turn the key i have no lights, no action on the starter. Battery is 12.8 v. Last year i had a...
  25. Torvy

    Replacing regular with GFCI. - Solved Thanks All

    I have two electric outlets near our Master Bathroom sinks. No power from either one, so I was going to replace them. Yes, I checked the breakers. :) I've done this before with regular outlets. I think those by the sinks should be upgraded to GFCI. Is this something I should be able to...
  26. C

    JD6110 PTO Problems

    Hi all. I have a JD 6110 that the PTO has just quite on. It was working intermittently the last day or so but now nothing. No power at the solenoid and the control switch tests ok. There is power to the control switch… Any ideas? The shaft doesn’t even try and turn so I don’t believe it’ll be...
  27. KilroyJC

    6v/12v dual system and maintaining batteries with a solar panel question

    Good morning. Our 1960 Case 430 diesel has two 6v batteries, apparently it is 6v running 12v starting. It lives out in a shed on a lot with no power. I would like to keep the batteries up, but am unsure how to go about it. I use the little 1.5 watt solar maintainers from Horrible Fright on...
  28. N

    JD5425 no electric power

    Tried to start it the other day about 25 degrees outside, but after turning switch on there was no dash lights, no radio, would not turn over, etc. However the 4 way flashers still work and the work lights are working. Battery is good, but the 20 amp (ignition fuse) F1 was blown. So I put...
  29. lgnxytr

    TYM T353 HST Won't Turn Over

    hey there folks, first post so lets try and make this simple as possible. So, i know it is winter and freezing temps so already conditions aren't on my side. well i went to start the tractor a week or so ago and it started up just fine. Ran inside to grab some tools to take with me and i come...
  30. F

    Ignition switch fault tracing - HELP!

    Hi everyone. My first post here. I've got a 1970 IH McCormick 434 tractor. Went out to start it the other day. After the glow plug indicator began burning bright, I went to turn the key fully and nothing. When I went back to glow plug warm-up position, also nothing. Checked the headlights and...
  31. TYM394HST

    Rodents Chewed Main Engine Harness 🐁⚠️😫

    Hello everyone, The other day I went out to start the tractor and noticed multiple check engine lights on dash. I immediately shut it down and begin to inspect the engine. Well to my horror I found a giant rodent nest. So after cleaning everything out and inspecting I found a few spots where...
  32. tc40da-rg

    TC40DA electric (over hydraulic?) anomaly. No joystick functions!

    I have an FEL mounted brush cutter (Lane Shark — “LS”) that intermittently began losing power, I.e., would randomly stop spinning. it progressed to the point that it would not “power up” at all. The LS is electrically connected to the same circuit as the hydraulic system for my root grapple...
  33. S

    Ford 3910 Main Harness, Cluster and Key Switch Replacement

    Hey everybody. I have a well used 3910 that I have completely replaced the main wire harness on... I have questions about the main connections on the Key Switch. My old setup was so chopped together that I need help making the connections from the new harness to the switch. I need to connect...