Welding brackets on tractor frame

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I was chicken and disconnected the battery, just in case. That effort was going to be less than any issue that may be caused. Plus, it’s a tractor*. There isn’t even a click to have to reset.

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Its quick to disconnect the battery so may as well. I use double grounds. 1 on each side of the weld area. Not sure I need to but never had an issue.
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I have welded on units with all that electronic crap----NOT a good thing to do but can be done---as already stated remove battery cables and ground very close to weld site.
As a side note---do not weld anything to frames themselves----always drill and bolt. Welding will weaken the frame and make things a pita on down the road for you or someone else to remove!
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Won't the hole(s) for the bolt(s) weaken the frame? That's a reason not to drill in a ROP post so I would think the same applies to the frame.
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Typically, holes drilled into the center 1/3 of a 'beam' will minimize loss of strength if all forces on it are linear. They are not in a frame or ROPS. I wouldn't drill or weld on either.

Brackets may be attached under existing bolts, say that hold on a loader tower etc. Two-pc brackets can be designed that wrap/clamp around something, frame or ROPS, loader arms, etc.
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Thanks for all the feedback. I should have been more specific. I want to weld brackets onto the supports for the FEL that are bolted onto the frame of the tractor. I can drill and tap and bolt on the brackets and it appears that that is safer although will take a lot more time.
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Welding on your tractor should be a while down the road. Lots of hood time is needed before the real work begins.
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Not trying to be an a$$ but this is the first good reason not to weld to a frame of any kind:
I'm new to welding and just got an arc welder.

Second reason is why weld to a frame unless you're repairing a break/crack. Once you start welding to a frame you're setting yourself up to cracking, whatever you're mounting, use bolts you'd be far better off, my two cents worth.......Mike