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Mar 19, 2008
I'm new with a question NOT addressed in the manual on my 2305.

I see the indicator on the tachometer for 540 rpm rear PTO; my question is -- and forgive me if it seems an odd question -- how many RPMs do I need to "give 'er" to run the mid mount mower? Is it the same as the indication for the rear PTO -- 2900 rpms?

Thanks for any comments, suggestions, or laughs ....

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You run the RPM's up to the indicated "540" mark on the tachometer, that equates to 2100 RPM's at the mid-pto which the MMM is designed to run at.
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I was just schooled on this in the past month. The rated RPM makes the lawn look great and the hydro has an instant reaction to your commands. It is amazing what that manual can teach you if it is followed.
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Thanks for the help / information!

I think I'll clean my glasses -- again -- because I sure did miss that part in the manual; and, I really do read it! Just need to keep those glasses clean!!!