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Take valves off head and polish exhaust, intake scratch off all bumps with 220 sand paper, cool trick is place your carb boot on head and sand it even with port. threw the valve holes.

Take a spark plug and gently grind the tip till its even with shaft, so the fire does not hit a wall.

I like a 91 compression ratio
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I have a pickup for going to work and to the store. Tractors for mowing, lifting and snow removal. I just bought a Kawasaki Mule Pro-Mx because I always wanted a SXS. It goes places none of the above will think about.


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Yep these are great but I refuse to pay current prices for new ones (and I don't do used on this type of equipment unless I know the owner personally very well). My 2003 Toyota Tundra 4X4 will do more work than any mule without burning up the transmission and I don't care about scratches anymore. It burns more gas but it was never a very economical engine but it runs like new 21 years later (I took delivery in 2002). I have several ATV's and I'm amazed at how much tires are for them now. Not much difference between them and the tires I just bought for the Tundra. FJB and this crazy inflation.
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I always place auto motive oil in my atvs because its slipperier, the trick is let your motor warm up and it will not slip. plus a clutch is alot cheaper than a full rebuild, plus more hp

Bet this is going to open a can of worms :)
Do the worms go into the engine, the transmission, or the differentials?


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I have a Polaris 800 sxs a four seater and a polaris 800 atv as well as a Ford F250.
Like I read earlier, two totally different vehicles.