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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
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Many times I have wished I could weld! I am thinking about buying a Miller 135 MIG as a beginning machine (I don't want to go to a 220V due to my shop limitations). So help me justify buying one! What projects have you done (or repairs) that could be done with a welder of this size? Give me some ideas of projects that could be accomplished with one. Don't limit these to tractor related things. Projects that my wife would appreciate would help sell this idea to her (to keep me out of trouble for buying a new toy ) I realize that I need to take some classes and practice, so assume that I gain some skills.
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Here are some links to a few of my MIG welded projects:

Dump Trailer Project

Skid Steer Boom Pole

Landscape Rake built from scratch

Grapple from scratch

Look through the pictures in the threads and you'll find some decent close ups of my MIG welds. If you have to "justify" a new welder beforehand, forget it, just go buy one and say your sorry later :eek: If you can pull it off go BIG and get a 220 volt model with at least 200 amps. I also highly recommend using solid wire with shield gas vs flux core. Since the budget and justification are somewhat limited then you have little choice but to go with a 120 volt model and flux core wire. It will work quite well for light duty and ornamental / artwork projects. Either way your first MIG is going to be fun to use.

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done with a MM251 (a smig larger than your 135 ;) )
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not certified no. ive just spent a few hrs welding thats all ;)
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Well, I've got a few pics here. Some projects are complete, some not. Also, a pic of "the machine".



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This is not a project, it just gives an idea what to expect from a MIG at different amperage settings. These are my very first MIG welds after getting a 250 amp model. I took the ugliest rusty chunk of 3/8" angle I could find, no prep and just went for it to see what happened:

Wholly smokes schmism those are awesome! One day I hope to be that good. OK what's the trick? U pattern with a large jump between U's?

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LOL, well here is my first ever real mig weld project...
from start to well almost finished. The truck is on hold for, well, several years.
Bought a a sears little mig welder with a tank, have done countless projects with it. would like a bigger one, but am satisfied with this one also- the 110v makes it handy to cart to others housed for projects


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I would say the possiblities are limited only by your budget. Here are some photo's of my bigger projects with the miller 135. The shed is 24x33 build in 2 sections so it's portable all welded with 110v miller hooked to a generator. The back hoe bucket was done with the little mig & a stick welder as the quick attachment plates are 3/8" thick and the mig would not weld that. I use 25/75 mix most of the time. The trailer was a rebuild that I put new fenders on and painted. I do have a larger mig that I have been looking @ but I the guys @ IL-MO got me to try a plasma & I purchased it first, as I have a stick & 110v mig. I got a miller plasma that will run on 110v or 220v. Being able to run on 110v is a real plus as you can plug them anywhere.


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