Backhoe Setting the bucket in "dig" mode vs "load" mode

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
I was reading our JD 310B user manual (dangerous thing I know :D) and came across the power dig link set up vs the typical load set up.

Since the bushings are worn though in the load mode hole but had a new like pin I just changed it to the power dig holes (never used in 27 years). It really did make cutting through the roots go better.

The factory service manual stated that setting gives you 4600 psi of digging force which is twice of the pump max PSI of direct force. I think it is 4000 PSI when pinned in the "load" so you dump onto a truck from the hoe. Sure the bucket is moving slower but that is not an issue. Dumping the dirt is faster too.

Has anyone tried both settings if you have that option?