Quickie log-drag, (paper-thin MIG weld)

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Apr 21, 2012
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Heres a quickie logdrag I made because the log was too big for my log-arch. Already had the rear dolly.

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Looks like that will get'er done :)

Doesn't look OSHA approved, watch out for the black drone helicopters ;) lol
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Quick, low cost & looks like it works great.
But you have to work on the marketing.
You call it "paper thin weld".
We call it "tripple redundancy saftey welded for your protection - think of the children!".
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Heres a quickie logdrag I made because the log was too big for my log-arch. Already had the rear dolly. <img src="http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/welding/395670-quickie-log-drag-paper-thin-logdrag1-jpg"/><img src="http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/welding/395671-quickie-log-drag-paper-thin-logdrag2-jpg"/><img src="http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/welding/395672-quickie-log-drag-paper-thin-logdrag3-jpg"/><img src="http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/welding/395673-quickie-log-drag-paper-thin-logdrag4-jpg"/>

Nice job Sodo. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with the rest of the Hyundai. :)

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All this just to save scraping up my picturesque driveway by a log dragging. Log arch maxes out at 16", sawmill maxes at 21", this log is 23" so I'll have to skin it a little to get it into the sawmill, but it's a nice log and I wanted to get it to my pile before the firewood cutters spotted it.

Yup 3x = children are safer for miles around! :laughing:

I'll send a pic of the Hyundai when I get the hood banged out and reinstalled. Wife hasn't noticed it gone yet. :cool:
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I'm too lazy to 'skid' them. This oak was cut down in my neighbourhood. It was on property slated for a Habitat For Humanity project. They'd throw anyone else in jail if they even asked about cutting it down in this area.


image-3422436055.jpg Terry
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Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, as I haven't had much experience dragging large logs yet. I've got a biggie I need to move, but just haven't tackled it yet. So here goes....

Couldn't your 3-point just lift up one end of the log? If there is a reason not to do it this way, please educate me! If your 3-point can't lift it, then how did you get the other end onto the dolly? And where can I get a similar dolly?

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I would much prefer that method, but at the time, didn't have a 3-pt attchmt that could lift it. All I have is a back-blade attachment, which extends about 4 feet back. Three-point lift capacity for B2710 is 1,655 lbs, certainly sufficient, I need to build something for that, thanks for the note. Not sure why I haven't built one, it sure would have been useful in this example.

I built the log dolly to be lightweight, to be carried up & down steep hills by hand. I never expected it to have such weight on it. This is a "wet" log, cut a few days prior.

I got it onto the dolly by dragging/rolling the log onto another log. So the log counterweighted itself and I was able to raise the rear half high enough to slide the dolly under the raised log end. Other times I've strapped the dolly onto the log with wheels-up, then carefully rolled the log+dolly over until the dolly was wheels-down. All this is far far beyond the intended capacity of that dolly. It's made with 1.5 x 1.5 x .062 sq. tube steel (16ga). Notice the V-cradle is not even braced. I'm amazed. Harbor freight tires have been the only disappointment, they crack after one year then explode under weight.

More info on the ( Lightweight log Dolly) is here, posted back when emotions ran high :D whenever 120volt MIGS were mentioned.
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Sodo, I built this one from an abandoned trailer and a few pieces of 2"x2"x 1/4" tube. The log is white Oak and 8.5' It held up quite well although I need a better lifting winch.
(p.s. And I used a 120 volt mig welder to do it)


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I bet it was a pretty hard pull to lift that big fella with a foot-long lever!

That arch looks good; I need both lightweight and heavyweight log arches. I'll build one when I run across wheels & spindles. Got far more projects on the list than I have time, but it's good to get some done.

And good to have the tools!:D. And no drones, but they may be more lenient than TBN cops. :D
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