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I rented a small unit years ago that had no designated parking in the back where the overhead doors were. The body shop next door would always park in front of our overhead door blocking our access. After a few weeks I got sick of asking them go move and hooked my truck to our 20 trailer and blocked four of their cars in. They asked me multiple times to move but I refused

I hitched a ride home with one of my employees and got a ride back in the morning. The body shop owner came over as soon as I walked in and said they will never park vehicles in our space again
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If there were even a possibility of getting the 20.00... I may consider it. But's a waste of time. I'm done asking nicely..if it happens again,I'm going to tie a chain to whatever is there and drag it out into the parking lot.

You'll get charged with something if you do that kind of thing. I know it's fun to fantasize, but reality says don't do it.

What does the condo management say?
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Dragging his vehicle is probably a bad idea, blocking it in or having it towed isn’t.
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Like the guy that ran a front load garbage truck and got sick of cars parking in front of the dumpsters. Used the front loader to pick an offending car and set it on a stone wall ! Turned out to be his last day though !
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The thing with situations like this is to NOT let everyone know you have a problem. When something bad does happen, they'll come straight to you.
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You could install a parking meter. Or a more aggressive approach would be to install parking spikes with a remote to lower them when you pull in.
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So I recently bought a new unit in a 12 condo building. All spaces are owned by different contractors of different trades. Each unit is 30' wide, and has a 16' wide door with a man door next to it. Basically giving you a single parking spot in front of your man door to park and keep access in and out of your overhead door. .. without exaggeration, my neighbor has had vehicles parked in my spot no less than 6x in the last month. I'm sick of asking..telling them to move. Today, I pull in and again..there is one of their cars in front of my door. So I pull my truck right up in the middle of his overhead door, put it in park and leave in another one of my vehicles. .. I'm not trying to be a dick but maybe they will finally get the hint.

I think I see the problem. Right there in the first sentence. :D

...cause people suck. But seriously, don't feel bad when you park in front of his door if he's parking in front of yours.
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Dragging his vehicle is probably a bad idea, blocking it in or having it towed isn’t.

X2 on this advise. Dragging or damaging their vehicle will make you the bad guy. I am with you on wanting to drag the vehicle out of the way but remember that cool heads prevail.
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Get to know someone who has a fork lift truck and a pallet of heavy concrete blocks. Late Friday might be a good time. And don`t leave the wrong phone number on the notice on the door.
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You mentioned vehicles.....maybe your neighbor has not gotten the word out to all his employees?

Maybe a sign on his door for respecting designated parking is warranted?