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I tend to stay away from the old glass windows for
anything as the glass is brittle and too easy for an
accident! You can get the polycarbonite panels in
different sizes and widths and they are 2 inches thick
and they make excellent green houses!

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All great suggestions. Thank you.

However, I am working against an even great force of nature... my wife.

This is actually a project for her. She wants a cute little greenhouse to grow flowers in that she can take pictures of and post. This is less of a productive, efficient project and more of a building something my wife wants project lol.
I have convened my husband to build a small greenhouse for me. He build a shed last year and this would be pretty simple to add to the side of it. Of course we are down sizing a bit. The solid clear panels would be great to use but not on our budget. We will be using the plastic greenhouse panels with the squares I believe they are called polycarbonate sheets. I don't know how big you are planning but this would be cute with used window.

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The free part is a big deal. So far, all the window are free and I bought most of the corrugated clear roofing on sale already. Lumber prices are not as bad as they were either.
It will be 10x12 and I do plan on making the overhangs for the roof more than a foot. Probably go 24" on center for the rafters but use 2x6. Have not decided yet how many windows I want to put on hinges for ventilation. I have even considered putting the roof on hinges since it will just be shed style. Maybe 8' tall on front and 6'6" on the back side.
She did want the windows all spaced out randomly but I think I have her talked out of that. Just a pain to frame that in an then finish it our nice.
For ventilation, how about an exhaust fan?
For $169 this one is automatic, programmable and talks to your phone.

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Most of greenhouse roof and window walls made from 3/8” tempered glass. They were from a company that used glass for forms to make optical grade plexiglass. Greenhouse framing 2” pipe with welded flat bar.
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Looks like you get some heating help from your ground depth and the stone. Great ideas.
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Finished the front and back walls. I am priming everything before I put it up. I plan on getting my 2x6s for the rafters this afternoon if the rain stops and spending the day tomorrow cutting and painting them.


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Did this the first time I lucked up and found a house getting new windows and they were all the same size. I used treated wood. The smaller on was all sorts of windows framing it sorta sucked