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Lookin good. It’s going to be a shame to get it dirty. But fun.
Refreshing mine is #2 on my big projects list. After my 54 jeep.
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Jeep, now there’s a money pit. Just Empty Every Pocket.

Drove an ‘89 Wrangler with a ‘93 Chevy TBI motor for 15 years.
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The original twin stick.
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That is awesome.
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It has been a minute since I was here. I have made a little more progress on the project with a radiator rebuild, installation of new gauges, and starting the reassembly of the front sheetmetal.

I now am faced with getting everything wired back up and honestly am at a loss. As you can guess, all of the wiring has been hacked up over the past 55 years with most everything spliced or disconnected altogether. It now has an alternator with built in regulator, so the regulator was disconnected, the rectifier was disconnected, and most everything else was broken and dangling.

Thus far I have run new wiring to the headlights and installed all of the gauges and a new light switch. I need help understanding what needs to be connected, rewired, bypassed, etc. so I can get my gauges and lights working. I have the wiring schematic for guidance as needed.

Who out there can give me a quick tutorial on what to connect and where? Thank you in advance.

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You can buy a complete wiring harness from places like Steiner or even Ebay for less than $100. Just another option.
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Thank you both. This will help chase down existing. I have plenty of wire and can run any replacement as needed. The confusion for me is understanding the current flow and how power gets downstream for the various components. If I am taking the original external regulator out of the equation, what gets bypassed and connected directly.

I also found the following which looks to provide a decent diagram and may be exactly what I need to build from. Just unsure and don't want to release smoke if I can help it.

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Back at it after another pause and trying to get this thing up and running. One item I do not see in these drawings but in the factory wiring diagrams is the inverter. Can someone explain what the inverter does exactly?
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I think it is for the lights on the gages