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Thanks redman, I will additionally check the control linkage boot per your recommendation. I plan to replace all of the wiring once I get it all mapped out. I have located all of the zerks and fortunately the remote zerk for the front axle pivot is already installed.

It appears the safety switch is disconnected from the top of the case and wired together to bypass.

I am enjoying repairing the classic and look forward to getting it out in the fields this spring. Thanks again.
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I’ve made some pretty good progress over the last few days.


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Hahaha, yeah a chrome brush guard would really set it off with chrome front wheels and the rear center pans as well. Now to figure out where to mount the 8 track and 6x9 speakers. I am no painter but I cranked up the air and the paint delivery wide open on my HF gun, did not thin the Rustoleum Farm & Implement paint at all, and let it fly. I was surprised at how well it levels out on its own. I even brushed a small section and there are no brush marks.

I got all of the body panels primed today and will likely shoot them next weekend. I've got the chassis back in the garage and up on stands again. The paint has been removed from the front wheels and they are rusted out around the valve stems. I realize they are tubed but I may end up replacing both front wheels.

I now need to find a '66 schematic and chase down/replace the wiring...
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You’re on a roll :giggle:. Keep it up. The safety switch on the shifters is definitely worthwhile. Mine requires both be in neutral. My dad wasn’t the best at maintaining equipment and I have a growing list that needs attention. Brakes, loose steering, rusty fuel tank, wiring. One day....
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Got busy for a while but slowly making progress.




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Looking good. Can mine be next? New tires too. (y)
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Yeah, I figured I would buy once cry once. Replacing everything I can at this time so I won’t have to revisit for a long time.
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Starting to go back together.