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Maybe they used the carne asada trick- fry it up in lard.
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I think one of the things they do is double grind the meat so the spices coat more evenly.
Have seem lime and salt used too.

Once, when I worked down south, the place got caught with uninspected CoatiMundi hanging in the kitchen. They got closed down, but only temporarily.
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Reminds me of the guy who said he used to eat tacos at a place in Mexico, until one day he found a dog tooth in his "hamburger" meat.
I've been bitten by lots of dogs but never a taco.
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Years ago Dad was bitten by a dog when he was on a Sears service call so he went to the doctor who asked Dad where did he get bit?
"Halfway between Rustburg and Concord" Dad replied.
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Maid Rite restaurant in Quincy IL I think double grinds their beef. Rumor has it they mix in a little liver. I've ate at another Maid Rite and it wasn't the same. Alton Brown did a show on that location.
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This afternoon my wife and I had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and as usual had their beef nachos for an appetizer. I don't know what they do to prep their ground beef, but it is to die for. I've tried numerous recipes I've found online and nothing even comes close.

Anyone here have a favorite they'd like to share?
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I know what you mean. For me, this adobo paste works great. Slather some on a wrap or put it in some meat sauce. More flavor than just heat.
Someone else mentioned adobo seasoning too. Never heard of it before, I'll have to look around and see if anyone here carries it.
Probably either taco seasoning in a paper packet. Or some great New Mexico red chile powder mixed with garlic powder, cumin, salt, and coriander. Where I live, the latter seasoning is pretty standard.
Tried most of that stuff already except for the coriander. I'll give it a shot.
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Adobe seasoning is the bomb !! I use it on pork and chicken and hamburger. and sometimes steak . I was raised on it.