Land plane/ grading scraper

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Do you have any detailed plans of this build as far as dimensions and angle placement? Would like to build one just like the one you have fabricated. Thanks
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Garrett2006- see post #18 in this thread. I pretty much followed his plan.
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I have a mile long - mostly gravel - driveway. Unfortunately, there are spots with exposed bedrock and rocks the size of a house. I have a LPGS, ROBB and a big heavy Rhino 950 rear blade. The Rhino @ 96" and weighing 1100 pounds is my go to implement for driveway maintenance.

I can offset and safely clean my driveway ditches, grub out and repair my potholes, do crowning and clear snow in the winter. It's even fair at moving dirt from here to there. If I need to move quantities - it's the ROBB.

An interesting side note - I had a contractor build my driveway when we moved here in '82. It's straight as an arrow and was smooth as a babies butt. Folks visiting would brag on how very fast they were able to come down the driveway. Dust and volcanic ash( Mt St Helens - 1980 ) would rise up like the Devil himself. The solution - after several pleadings to SLOW DOWN fell on deaf ears - I have left just enough pot holes down its length that hyper speeds are no longer a problem

Folks will now say - "you have the equipment - why don't you repair those potholes" - - I just smile. Almost as effective as those speed bumps in big parking lots.