Is Availability Coming Back?

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Mar 29, 2010
I work close enough to a Deere dealer that I can see the back of the building through the trees, but I rarely turn down the road that goes past the entrance. When I did last week, I noticed probably 2 dozen new compacts - probably 1 to 3 series in two neat rows, plus a few more scattered around the yard. Back before snow I swear they had less than half a dozen on the lot.
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Here's hoping!
I noticed TSC had 2.5 Gallon jugs of T6 on sale recently.
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I hope so too. OTOH I'd think late Winter would be the time of peak inventory on lots.
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Always a possibility. However, i cannot say i have seen the same, getting worse where i am at
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Drove past a HUGE Deere dealer in Eastern WV. They were packed full of Green paint. Last October was a different story.
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I was at my JD dealer this morning. He had a lot more steel on his lot than I’ve seen in a long time!

I mentioned it when I chatted with “my” salesman. He laughed and said everything I see outside and everything he has in their huge shops right now is all sold. Except for two 1025’s.

When I brought up the price of used machines, he looked up the all-in price I paid for my 2020 4066R. Laughed again and said he could give me more than what I paid, mark it up, and sell it in a heartbeat. I would then order a new one

That’s an actual program they have going on with existing customers now, on tractors far older than mine.

crazy times #LGB
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Local JD places around here are stocked with machines. Prices have skyrocketed over the past two years as well.
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I dont know about production, but I believe inventory will increase because interest rates have risen 1-2% and shipping prices have risen because of diesel fuel prices.
Net result is higher prices and a smaller swath of the population being able to afford existing and incoming inventory.