I just got carded

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I would just show them my ID.....and then say...."How about my senior's discount?"
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Isn't it an invasion of privacy to demand/request someones age.
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It is the dumbing down of cashier jobs. Instead of allowing judgement of who is young looking to check IDs they are required to check all IDs.
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I usually just holler at whoever is manning the self checkouts that I have contraband before I start checking out.

I do remember the day my son and myself checked out. He was buying a can of carb cleaner for his dirt bike and I was getting something.
Checkout lady told him he was too young to purchase the carb cleaner. No problem I told her I would buy it.
I paid for it all then turned and gave my son the bag with the cleaner in it.
The check out lady started yelling I couldnt do that. I told her I was a bad parent and to mind her own business.
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If a retail establishment sells liquor to a minor, they have broken the law. If your friend is the cashier, you might be able to finaggle a six pack at age 16 maybe, without an ID, or maybe you look older than you are. If you are a retail establishment, if you require everyone to show ID and they scan it in the register, you have proof that you tried to comply with the law. Any violation would tend to implicate the checker, if he/she accepted a fake or someone else's ID. I understand red tape. I'm well past 75, and still get carded almost every where.
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I'd like to know what vitamins people taking that makes them look under 21 and if they make a person feel 21 I want in..................
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I don't know why they just don't sell it to them, If you want to smoke pot or cigs, lick calcium chloride off of the break down lane on the turnpike in winter or suck on a can of paint, have at it dummy's...

It would cut back on future welfare claims...
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I have decided to stay out of any political conversations from now on, all I see in it is a bunch of people getting upset over politicians that aren't worth the time of day.. BUT I will sit back and watch the blood pressure go up, hope you guys are healthy... :punch:
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